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Ba'al, the Original King

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Ba'al, the Original King Empty Ba'al, the Original King

Post by Ba'al on Mon Apr 22, 2013 1:30 pm


Ba'al, the Original King Gil_A Ba'al, the Original King Gil_B Ba'al, the Original King Gil_C
”Please, sit! Eat, drink, be merry! Tomorrow you may die, but at least for tonight, you can dine like a King.



The Original King
The Lord
Lord of the High Place

Very little under seven billion years old. This current incarnation is 3,002,012 years old.

Male, through and through.

Darkroot Domain

Ba'al, the Original King Gilgamesh_full_1142467
Ba'al, the Original King Gilgamesh_full_1156953
Ba'al, the Original King Gilgamesh_full_1162124
Ba'al, the Original King Gilgamesh_full_1205911
Ba'al, the Original King Gilgamesh_full_1238086
Ba'al, the Original King Gilgamesh_full_1318461
Ba'al, the Original King Gilgamesh_full_1320846
Ba'al, the Original King Gilgamesh_full_1320896
Ba'al, the Original King Gilgamesh_full_1323099
Ba'al, the Original King Gilgamesh_full_1378578
Ba'al, the Original King Gilgamesh_full_1381716
Ba'al, the Original King Gilgamesh_full_1400192
Ba'al, the Original King Gilgamesh_full_1421163



What is the appearance that suits the king the most? Must the king be, as they say, 'kingly'? Must the king have great and wonderful armor, or must he look like his brethren? One says that there is no true appearance for the King--and that the King is truly an ideal. Generally, this is an accepted truth. The King that stands before you has skin that is golden-tanned, almost perfect and flawless with nothing out of place and no pockmarks to speak of. His face is shapely and masculine, with deep red eyes covered over by a well-kept head of blonde hair. On his chest are several long black tattoos--when in the Inferis dimension, these tattoos glow red with Soul Energy, apparently flowing through them. Ba'al has a plentiful wardrobe--not having a 'demon-like' demon form, he needs to at least shake up his appearance a little--but he'll usually greet people that come to meet him in a white, almost v-neck shirt, with gold jewellery and snake-skin pants.

When he goes into battle, his appearance will change completely--and one could assume that this is really his 'Demon Form'. Golden armor lines him; either from head-to-toe, or from the waist down. Either way, this won't change his defensive armaments--you could technically say that the armor is invisible when he is topless. But anyway, this golden armor will seem to take most hits with little damage to it.

It is widely regarded that out of the lesser Archdemons below Lucifer, Ba'al is easily the kindest and most jovial. It is unknown if this is just a general personality trait, or if this has something to do with the shared and varied experiences that each of his selves have all had. Either way, he will rarely have a negative word to say about those in front of him, and if he does it's for good reason. He will quite happily associate with those Demons below him, and will even kindly speak to humans and the like that enter his realm, no matter the reason. He doesn't appreciate attempts on his life, but if he can talk someone out of doing so without bloodshed, then what's the harm in trying? He knows that he's strong enough to stop most attempts in their tracks anyway.

At a first glance, Ba'al would appear to be a man of many different moods and mind-sets—much like any other being, but in a strange way. If one was to speak to him, they would see him possibly change personality several times throughout the conversation, depending on how he had been spoken to. A firm believer in equality and balance, he feels that if someone’s willing to do something to you, then they should be prepared to take what they gave. If one was to speak kindly to him, then he would speak kindly back - and vice versa. If someone was to attack him in a form of anger, then he would defend himself with some form of anger back, although most likely without the same strength and proper rage behind it - one who knows Ba'al personally knows him as a greatly benevolent individual, who rarely tries to harm others without very good reason. Upon meeting him for the first time, one’s first impressions can be quite good—Ba'al is easy to trust those he meets, but also quite quick to change his opinion on someone, depending on their actions. If he does not mind you, his face will be a kindly one, his lips turned up in a smile. Anything else will bring forth a neutral expression. He treats rebellion as an insect to be squashed, doing so without issue. He isn't content with performing mass murder like his brethren, because the King can't rule what doesn't exist anymore.

He regards himself as the weakest of the Archdemons, though whether this is actually true is certainly up for debate. He has a habit of refusing pointless fights, especially with those he thinks weaker than he; if only because he doesn't feel like it. This can be seen as quite arrogant and haughty, especially when against the more prideful opponents. He's also quite greedy and has a bit of a love for money. Because of this he's easily bribed.

What one presently sees as Ba'al, is really not the original. Ba'al was the first of Lucifer's creations; the Archangel created to show humility--to show that the self would always be fallible. Ba'al was taught only to show humility and modesty in every situation; no matter what, he would always be the kindest. He would show the greatest love for humanity--in fact, out of the nine created, it could only be said that Ba'al was the most human. The traits he showed, the most human-like. He associated more closely with humans than the other Archangels. He was willing to travel the Earth, looking over the humans and showing them only kindness.

Of course, this was before that day. Before the day that Lucifer finally chose to betray his father, his creator. The day that the weakness that God had imparted was finally shown; the day that they descended to the Hellfire below. Their angelic status was ripped from them, and Ba'al could only watch their life that they had known fall to pieces. You could say that they all lost something that eve. Lucifer, the other Archangels, even Ba'al lost something--yet none knew what had quite happened. None knew what had changed, especially within the psyche of Ba'al himself.

Humility, humanity, they remained--in fact, that may have been the most unusual part of Ba'al's fall. Some say that Ba'al wept out of pity, not only for Lucifer, but also for God--for that being who had lost his most favored son in one fell swoop. Few say that Ba'al vowed to reunite them; though those few may be correct. Little is recalled about Ba'al I. Or any other, for that matter--only the story of his creation and fall has been truly recorded.

But this was the most unusual piece of Ba'al. As the first, he was also... incomplete. His body was not immortal, his form imperfect. Maybe it was because the humanity, but every billion years, Ba'al required a new vessel--he chose not a Demon, but a man from the Sodom above. And as the roots of his domain grew around his castle, he took notion in the fact that he was King. And he would always be King. And the King had to be just--a wise ruler. Kind, willing, but also heavy of hand. The Original King. The Only King.

Over the years, Ba'al has taken many forms. Eight, in fact. Each of these forms kept their pasts to themselves, but were approached by the previous incarnation of Ba'al with the offer of greatness and power. Few refused, and the ones who did were executed on the spot. This incarnation of Ba'al was known as Gilgamesh--a man with a powerful will, who had been raised in slavery. He was approached by a kind-faced man in silver armor, and told of the great things he had the potential to become. He was told that he could break the shackles that he'd been raised in, but he simply had to give up his life. That was all that it required. One. Simple. Death.

Gilgamesh refused. No, it wasn't so easy to say that he refused. He asked for a single condition upon acceptance. He asked that his master be executed first. He asked that he be given the tools to do so, as a vision of trust. The previous Ba'al took no issue with that, and gave Gilgamesh a power that belonged to one of the previous Ba'als to so.

"Hold, slave!" The slaver was quick to notice the man standing out of place--the shackles around his wrists broken. He raised his right arm up into the air in order to bring down the whip in his hand. Gilgamesh's own was raised right away, almost reaching the throat of the slaver with outstretched fingers. "Get out of my way." The slaver felt his breath leave his body, collapsing to the Earth.

As Gilgamesh continued towards the room that his 'master' stayed within, he watched several other slavers fall to his hand. He heard the cheers of the other slaves, shouting at him to "Kill the bastard! Destroy them!" He took this gladly, dropping every slaver he came across with cruel and simple actions. Unbeknownst to him, the previous Ba'al was taking the slaves for his own, granting them forms that were akin to great Demons in Inferis. Not that it would've bothered him right now--his only target was that slaver.

The last of his guard dropping before him, the slavemaster could only feel fear and confusion about what was transpiring before him. "Take everything! Take my slaves! Just spare me!" At this moment, Gilgamesh realized the folly and weakness of man--and how easily it could be crushed. The next moment, the slavemaster fell to the ground, dead. It took three million years of training before Ba'al was passed on, but now he stands on his own two feet, ruling Darkroot Domain.


Weeping Angels:
Ba'al, the Original King Series5weepingangels

Ah, yes, the Weeping Angels. They are mere legends among the other spheres; a race of statue-like demons--weak-willed Angels that have fallen from favor--turned greedy and prideful by the very nature of Ba'al himself. This fall has changed them completely. All reason has been thrown out of the window by these beings, and replaced by complete and utter instinct. All they desire is to feed--no man can order them around, no man can stop them once they have started going in for the kill. Some say that these Angels were dragged down with Ba'al in the original days, upon the entrance to Inferis. Nobody knows for sure, but everyone knows that they're something to be feared.

There are only ever six Weeping Angels in existence, and they all seem to share a link between them; communicating telepatically whenever a threat comes into their scope of vision. As soon as one is to approach the central palace of the Darkroot Domain, a message is sent between the six Angels from the centre: 'Threat Detected.' That said, it only rouses them from their sleep--they're still unable to do anything but stay still. It is not until the large reflective domes that are placed before each of the Angels are opened up that they are given free reign to do as they wish with the target(s).

In appearance, the Angels are about the height of your average female human, with supposedly human-looking faces that are almost always covered by their hands--this gives them the appearance of crying. Their bodies, when they are seen, are completely made of an unbreakable marble--it can be eroded by the elements over time, but striking it with any sort of object will do nothing but emit a powerful ringing noise that can actually attract the other Angels to your position. What makes these 'Angel Statues' unique, however, are their two fundamental powers.

Firstly, not even Ba'al knows what form they take. That is because as long as they are perceived by any being, the Angels' automatic defense mechanism kicks in, and they take the form of statues, crying into their hands. This defense mechanism automatically locks them into the statue form the moment they realize they're being looked at. Although this makes them completely invulnerable, it also leaves them unable to move. This also invites what is quite possibly the easiest--and maybe even only--way to beat the Angels completely. If exposed to either a reflection of themselves, or the gaze of another Angel, they will be locked into their statue forms until either the reflection is shattered, or something is placed between the two Angels that blocks any and all vision. This also makes their grip nigh-impossible to escape from.

Secondly, they have an ability that can make even the simplest trips into Inferis extremely complicated within moments. If they get their hands on you, you will suddenly find yourself in another place in Inferis. Not just another part of the Darkroot Domain--you could find yourself in a completely different sphere entirely. With enough bad luck, you could find yourself sitting right in front of Lucifer's throne, on one of his... bad days. The energy produced by your body teleporting such a distance is what they feed upon, and what they so gloriously seek.

Their sight range is limited to short distances, but they have a 'sixth sense' that alerts them to someone watching them. They are far less likely to try and take on a group of Demon Hunters, instead watching and waiting for one of them to be separated from the group; whittling them down to nothing with a patience that can only be seen coming from a statue.

- His gravitational abilities mean that he can effectively fight in any environment without having to change tactics.
- He is very skilled at coming up with battle tactics.
- Is widely regarded as the weakest of the Archdemons, due to his lack of a demonic form and a lesser Soul Energy aura. This causes some guys to underestimate him. Do not be those guys. He perpetuates this rumor by frequently letting the other Archdemons beat him in battle.
- His powers are probably the most generally destructive of the Archdemons, and he tries to limit himself because of that.
- He has a very high defensive stat due to his natural armor.
- He's not as weak to the icons of Christianity as most demons.
- Ranged combat against him is suicide.

- His love for money makes him dead easy to bribe.
- He doesn't appreciate senseless killing. As such, his willingness to be merciful can be taken advantage of.
- He's not really a hand-to-hand or weaponized-combat specialist. As such, getting up-close and personal with him can be dangerous to his health.
- He has a tendency to underestimate his opponents and their abilities.
- He doesn't go all out unless he feels the need to.
- Although he isn't as weak to Christian icons, he takes extra damage from Sumerian icons--that said, hitting him in the face with a Bible works wonders for some reason.
- For some reason, he has an unusual weakness to metallic kitchen utensils that aren't made for eating with. He was once bested with merely a spatula.

English (red) | Sumerian (gold) | Demonic (yellow) | Arabic (orange)


- His personal wealth seems to be indirectly tied to the wealth of the banks on Earth. Therefore, his wealth is effectively limitless, and he couldn't care what anyone else thinks.
- As such, his loss of a good 50% of his treasures in an accident caused the Great Depression.
- Is the individual that every country on the planet owes money to.
- Owns Ireland and Cyprus, by way of debt.
- Should be noted to not own any of Belial's gold stocks--and hating every moment of it.
- Is the eighth being to hold the title of Ba'al.
- Was the first created Archangel.
- Prefers human forms.
- Is labelled as a false God in both the Bible and Quran. He finds this quite amusing.
- When within Inferis, the tattoos on his torso appear to flow with Soul Energy as if it were blood.
- Each of the incarnations of Ba'al have to develop their own Apparatus to pass on in order to succeed the title. The knowledge of Ba'al is passed on through a special seal that every incarnation has in a place of their choice. This incarnation has his on the roof of his mouth.




Sofia Petrovin

A good seven years now.

[b]FATE/ZERO[/b] :: [b]ARCHER[/b]


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Ba'al, the Original King Empty Re: Ba'al, the Original King

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sun Apr 28, 2013 9:32 pm

Your archive date is May 6th.


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Ba'al, the Original King Empty Re: Ba'al, the Original King

Post by Lazarus Carter on Thu May 09, 2013 8:50 pm

Archive date extended to May 13th at Dai's behest.


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Ba'al, the Original King Empty Re: Ba'al, the Original King

Post by Lazarus Carter on Fri May 17, 2013 10:14 pm


An excellent read. You're good to go.


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Ba'al, the Original King Empty Re: Ba'al, the Original King

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