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Post by Paimon on Sat Aug 24, 2013 6:17 am


King Paimon Wwkms6 King Paimon Wwkms6King Paimon Wwkms6


King Paimon of the Twin Hordes

Bearer of the Twice Gilded Crown
Keeper of Amaymon’s Silver Ring
The Tongue of Deceit
The Black Vassal
Lord of the Blackened Waste
Pride’s Second Son
Perdition’s Guardsman
The Last Champion of the Cause
Sultan es-Selatin
The Ambassador of Hell
Lucifer’s Secretary
The Grand Coward



Spirelands -- Wandering

King Paimon Fyomja

King Paimon 2r7ujye



If Lucifer is the Demonic Incarnation of Pride, then Paimon might be considered a sub-incarnation of Conceit. Thus in his demonic form, Paimon has gone out of his way to make himself as grand and imperial in his appearance as he possibly can. He has, over time and depending upon his feelings about particular styles, changed his form to better reflect what he feels to be the most princely. His current form is styled off of the royalty of the Arabian Peninsula with a particular leaning towards the Grand Sultans of the Ottoman Empire. While many other demons with the title of King have taken grotesque or particularly horrifying forms, Paimon instead takes the shape of a supremely handsome and fit young man appearing in his mid-twenties and standing about six and a half feet tall. He wears a traditional thwab of the finest silks that seem to reflect and radiate both the fires of hell and the sheen of the morning sun. Upon his head rests a grand gold and jewel encrusted crown in the shape of his personal Sigil which is intertwined with two jutting backward horns similar to those of an antelope. Under his crown he wears a red ghutrah that frames his head like a fiery halo and holes back his long black hair. His eyes flicker between the colors of the When in Demonic Form, Paimon is never seen without his dromedary, Fulad-zereh, whom is equally decked out in fine silks and gems and acts as Paimons (ig)noble steed.

When taking on mortal form, Paimon keeps with his motif of Arabian royalty by taking the shape of a ruggedly handsome Arabian Prince of average height and great physical fitness. Unlike in his demon form, he wears a moustache and goatee of a deep oily black but is otherwise cleanly shaved. His black hair and tanned face are framed by a white ghutrah held by a black rope that twists around his forehead. While he often still wears very fine thwabs, he is more likely to wear lamellar armor or other outdated/purely ceremonial military garbs. Paimon will hardly ever take this form in preference to his demonic one, only doing so when certain level of subtlety is required of him.

Paimon is what some would call…obnoxious? Seriously the guy is a huge egotist with such an inflated sense of self-esteem that he has essentially promoted himself from being Satan’s Secretary to being the self-proclaimed Sultan of Sultans and Lord of the Blackened Wastes, etc. While after a manner he is due a certain amount of respect, being of quite high societal ranking, he is nonetheless nothing when faced up against the true powers of Hell. In a deep corner of his being, he recognizes that in a manner much of his being is indeed a sham, but by this point he is has pretty much gone off the deep end of self-deluded grandeur. He walks big, he talks big, he thinks big, and he bluffs big. He will get himself into the most awful messes imaginable if he is let to talk for long enough and his lies tend to get to Munchausen levels of absurdity. If one wants to manipulate him or get on his good side, one merely needs to fan his ego for a while and he will be like putty in your hands. All of this said Paimon will lower himself to the deepest fathoms of humility before Lucifer, whom he sees as the truest of all Princes, not merely the Overlord of Hell but the truest rightful ruler of all. He saw Lucifer at the height of his power in Heaven and in that shining moment of rebellion again God, Paimon felt as though he saw the birth of the one being that he would willing follow into Hell and back….and well so he did!

While the vast majority of demons residing in Hell now were indeed merely extremely sinful humans who were damned to shapes befitting of their evils, Paimon was one of the few still left from the original fallen Host. When he was a part of the Holy Host, Paimon counted himself among the Dominions, angels of the Second Sphere whose duties were to the careful balancing of political power among the fledgling races of man and to guide angels of lesser power. At the time he was known as Gazardiel, Angel of the Eastern Sphere, and he held power over the lands to the east beyond the earthly Eden. With an open palm and a fatherly smile, Gazardiel guided the world as the Lord guided him; for a time it was good. However not all was well in heaven. A rogue had appeared among the most loyal and heavenly of Hosts, the chief of the Powers and one of the Most Holy's most perfect archangels had rebelled against the Heavenly Father. At first, Gazardiel was stuck with sheer horror that one among their number could ever find fault in the perfections of God; however a seed of doubt was planted in his soul. This archangel... this Lucifer the Light Bringer, he was truly among God's greatest creations and had been up to that point among His most loyal servants. If such a being could rebel, would they not have great and profound reason to? Would not this being, second only to the Lord, have the right to question the Holiest? This line of questioning plagued Gazardiel, wracking his mind with doubt and questions until he too questions God's right to power. It was not long before Gazardiel became one of Lucifer's most loyal retainers. However the Grand Rebellion was not to last, with the vast majority of the heavens on his side, God cast down Gazardiel and all of his fellows into the deepest pits, damned for all eternity.

In his Fall, Gazardiel was stripped of all his grand powers, of his right to rule, of both his scepter and his sword. He was reduced to a pitiful creature, his name and sigil warped into its new shape as the Sign of Paimon. Once a being of great majesty and might whose influence was felt and whose words were respected throughout the distant corners of the cosmos, Paimon was barely more than a sniveling coward who only had dreams of power. These travesties upon his person, however, would only reinforce Paimon's dedication to Lucifer, for how could a just God create being capable of doubt then punish them for it? To him it seemed all the more reason that Lucifer had been right all along...

This is my story and I will be damned again if I would have some mere narrator tell it! And in any case I am sure your details will be absolutely drab and “objective.” What drivel! So, instead let us begin again with the Rise, the Fall, and the Return of Paimon, the King Amongst Princes!

It all began many billions of years ago, when the concepts of Space and Time were mere infinitesimal sparkles in the eye of God. In this time He and Lord Lucifer created the Original Archangels whom oversaw the creation and workings of Reality. I was then known as Gazardiel and I was among those whom came to the role of caring for the domains that Harahel the Overseer had created. It is under the sight of Harahel that I would eventually come to know the Light Bringer, Lucifer the Morning Star. His words, his movements, his merest breath was intoxicating, he bore a charisma unlike what these eyes of mine had ever met with and shall ever again meet with. My very few moments in his presence were enough to bind me to him, from the times before time and beyond the time after.

When the cry of rebellion first blared through the Spheres of Heaven, I was among the first to come to its call. I was among the first to pierce beyond the Primum Mobile and enter the realm of God uninvited. I was among the Host when we rose to the Empyrean, to the seat of God himself. I stood amongst the Rightful Third behind the Nine and One as we sought to what was rightfully ours. When God struck us down, I felt the blow of His hand, and I knew in its sting that my actions were just and righteous.

I remember the Fall with a terrible distinctiveness. While many closed their eyes, not wanting to accept their actions, I remained with mine open. I watched as a third of the innumerable Host fell with him, I watched as they screamed and cursed Lucifer’s name, damning him for damning them. I watched as his Archangels took forms wretched and obscene, their bodies twisted by their own self-hate. I watched our Lord the Light Bringer accept his Fall with determination and knowing in his eyes. I also watched as he closed those eyes and fully accepted his damnation.

My Fall, my personal Fall as each of us have, was not dramatic in form. Like all of my Brothers, my wings were sundered and left as mere charred stubs. But unlike my Brothers, I refused to accept the hate they felt for themselves, I refused to curse Lucifer’s name and call him unjust and unworthy. Of all my Brothers, I was among those who retained the most of my former physical shell, my divinely crafted beauty. My true Fall, however, came from within. I could feel all of the once great energies of my being leak from me in those eons of haze and smoke, I could feel God’s love leave my heart…but I felt something else come in. At first it burned, slow and smooth as though I felt the sun slowly eating into my skin. Soon it began to scorch, it filled up my innermost self with a fire more painful than anything I have ever felt. But I still kept my eyes open, and I saw that this burn was the energy, the life, the gift from the Morning Star. I accepted the burn, the pain, the agony; I could feel it giving back to me power, making me into something new…something better…something with potential.

I saw the ground coming up from below us all; wretched, torn, and lifeless as it was. We had left the endless smoke of our skies and we were coming to our new home, our damnation soon to be complete. I accepted the blackened waste, I accepted the end to our fall, never had I and never shall I again feel such pain… but such freedom as well.

Lucifer proclaimed to us that this was our new home, he proclaimed our freedom, he proclaimed to us our new reason to keep on going. Since that day, I have made it my sworn duty to uphold Lucifer’s purpose, to continue the rebellion, to further his cause for the sake of The Lost Third, his favored flock of found-again angels.

To tell the truth, Paimon has been Lucifer’s obedient secretary for the past couple billion years. Occasionally he piles a few more honors and titles on himself, he goes out and roughs up some people with own brand of diplomacy, he possesses mortals and spreads around his own legends. By this point he’s got most of Earths’s occultists thinking he is in truth one of the Four Greater Kings of the 72 Goetic Demons, the loyalist and most beloved of Lucifer’s legions. And though he still styles himself as such, Lucifer surely knows only general apathy for him and despite his great age, he is still quite a mere speck in the grandest schemes of things.


Paimon’s Loyalties are directly to Lucifer himself and he refuses to answer the call of any of the other Princes of Hell without the express order from Lucifer.

HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME?!-Paimon literally exudes an aura of self-assurance which somehow, despite his personal physical weakness acts as a deflective shield against lesser attacks.
A Lord Needs An Army-Paimon has vast military resources at his fingertips, comparable only to those of the Archdemons. The Twin Hordes, as they are called, are more loyal to Lucifer than himself, but he often uses them as an honor guard when he wishes to make a scene.
Shouting Match-One of the last dregs of his former angelic strength resides in his voice which can boom loud enough to be heard for leagues.
Been Around The Block-Paimon is one of the older demons in hell and as such knows a thing or two that its newer former mortal inhabitant might not...  
The Big List As Hell's Secratary, Paimon has a file on every soul and demon that wanders Infernis. However it is rather difficult finding a single file amongst the masses of his tesseract cubicle in the Spire...

Didn't Read the Evil Overlord List- Paimon is terribly terribly arrogant and will often overstep his bounds with any entity other than Lucifer.
Wait? Fisticuffs?-To make matters worse, Paimon is terribly weak as an offensive fighter. While he is still much stronger than the average human, he is not nearly the strength of many demons
I WANT IT ALL! -Paimon is prone to flattery and bribery, often being fairly easily manipulated for the right costs. He will, however, resist all attempts to turn on the Dark Prince himself.
Pazuzu Syndrome-While the vast majority of texts refer to Paimon as one of the harder demons to summon, requiring a vast sacrifice of wealth and many unique reagents, in truth it takes one simple thing to summon and bind him: Repeating his name three times.
TORA TORA TORA-Paimon is not significantly weakened by items of Christian faith, however Jewish articles of faith have devastating effect upon him.
What Beautiful Music They Make-Paimon is a lover of music in  nearly all of its forms and has been known to be lenient to those versed in such talents.

Angelic - Usually only speaks this in his booming voice when he wants to make a point.


- Tends to use large words when he is trying to be impressive
- Will try to correct others on their Latin, b/c he is a douche
- Actually likes talking with Ashheads
- Keeps all of the burnt quills from his old wings in a shoebox under his bed



Aldrich or Seven

None yet

~10 years

[b]Unsure[/b] :: [b]Artist Interpretation of Paimon[/b]
[b]Shakugan no shana[/b] :: [b]Paimon[/b]
Satan's Secretary

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King Paimon Empty Re: King Paimon

Post by Paimon on Wed Aug 28, 2013 1:59 am

I think this might be done...


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King Paimon Empty Re: King Paimon

Post by Alice the Chopper on Wed Aug 28, 2013 10:20 am


He's a douchebag.

I like it. No, I love it.


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