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Taiwei Huangdi (FINISHED)

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Taiwei Huangdi (FINISHED) Empty Taiwei Huangdi (FINISHED)

Post by Taiwei Huangdi on Thu May 16, 2013 9:46 am


Taiwei Huangdi (FINISHED) Evt090921121300964 Taiwei Huangdi (FINISHED) Evt090921121300964 Taiwei Huangdi (FINISHED) Evt090921121300964
”While I watch the moon go down, a crow caws through the frost;
Under the shadows of maple-trees a fisherman moves with his torch;
And I hear, from beyond Suzhou, from the temple on Cold Mountain,
Ringing for me, here in my boat, the midnight bell.”


Zhu Yuanzhang, styled Taiwei 朱元璋(太尉)




Mount Kumgang, North Korea

October 21, 1990

Taiwei Huangdi (FINISHED) Diablo-3-Monk



Taiwei is a burly, disheveled devil of a man, with skin like a diaosi. His head is bald and shaped like a fierce lion, ready to rip out the entrails of its prey. His graceful eyebrows evoke enlightened thought, even a fenghuang could rest upon his squared forehead. He sports a Chinese style beard and moustache, black hair flowing down like churning rapids. The tips of his hair are singed as he often lights his beard on fire using secret wokou traditions to frighten his enemies. He wears a flame resistant hanfu embroidered with complex calligraphy as his common garment. This hanfu is a useful tool to help pull out arrows without tearing flesh. During combat he dons a traditional wokou jade-rattan hatangu degel, covering his torso, shoulders and thighs, affording maximum flexibility and the ability to stop arrows and blades, no matter how sharp. The fire resistant cloth stuffing of the hatangu also absorbs blunt weapon damage to a moderate extent. Taiwei wears boots of wokou jade-rattan, with pleated soles to increase traction on slippery surfaces. As a beggar, he wears a ragged tunic and straw hat, with a rattan basket over his back to carry his items.

Taiwei is an accomplished poet and often has great insight to share with his allies. Being a poet, he appreciates nature and is opposed to industrialization, instead relying on his shrewd guerrilla tactics to achieve piracy in the modern age. Taiwei is decisive and calm in the heat of battle, able to turn a ship full of commoners and slaves into a formidable force. He treats his wokou subjects with appropriate equality and is considered fair by his kingdom. Taiwei is a calculating strategist and negotiator, necessary skills in the profession of banditry. He is not prone to misjudging due to emotion, and never kills or mistreats hostages under his care. His archaic tribe has survived the scrutiny of the modern world thanks to him and his ancestors' strategies. He does not bow to authority and will give no quarter to threats. Taiwei does not care about the petty struggles of the many worldly factions and the dark forces of Inferis. However, if they should pose a threat to his wokou, he will move against them until they are pacified. Templars are especially suspicious, as the wokou have crossed swords with them in the past, refusing to join their new world order. There is no tolerance for demons among the wokou, and Taiwei shares this view, often going to great lengths to purge demonic influence from his kingdom. Taiwei lives only to serve his kingdom as wise emperor, and eventually lead them to greatness, restoring the glorious era of piracy.

Born in to the royal family of the Chuan Wokou kingdom hidden in the labyrinth of Mount Kumsang, Taiwei was raised to be a ruler from the age of six. The kingdom was formed by the wokou pirate Wang Zhi in the 15th century, and through cunning strategy it has managed to stay hidden from the modern world and its influences. Taiwei was very interested in classical Tang poetry, and gleaned what he could from the archives of plunder. From birth he was always involved with ships, becoming an experienced shipmason by the time of his ascension to the throne. His early years as crown prince were spent raiding passing fishing boats and North Korean military vessels with his personal bune. From this he became a respected pirate and moved on to command the wokou rear fleet, taking great plunder and glory. Taiwei took over at the age of eighteen when his father died, and propagated traditional values and lifestyles to his people. One of his first actions as Emperor of Chuan Wokou was to negotiate an agreement with North Korea to maintain the secrecy of the kingdom in exchange for raiding South Korean vessels and coastal villages. He initiated the reform of the kingdom's traditional infrastructure to its most effective configuration, while still maintaining the old technology. Taiwei also strengthened the government by improving education and setting up a meritocracy. The edict reorganizing the wokou military transformed the kingdom into a competent fighting force. Taiwei's reforms allowed further negotiation and even intimidation of North Korea, through carefully placed bribes and outposts near several ports. North Korea has since engaged in stable trade with the wokou, though only in traditional materials. With the kingdom stable and relatively prosperous, Taiwei yearned for the adventure of the high seas and longed to return to piracy. At the age of twenty-one Taiwei transferred power to his trustworthy younger brother Huangwu, who now rules over the kingdom as regent. Hoping to gain some knowledge of the outside world, Taiwei traveled to Honshu to become a simple beggar, roaming the countryside and writing poems. He keeps his armor and weapons in his sturdy rattan basket, and studies the influences of the many factions on the world in order to be ready when the wokou cross paths with them.


Kingdom of Chuan Wokou

- He is skilled in traditional asian melee weaponry and martial arts from his royal training, and can adapt to new melee weapons and unarmed systems quickly due to his sharp mind. The martial arts he is most familiar with are: Wokou Sea Wrestling, Chu Gar Mantis, Kobudo, and Taekkyeon.
- He is skilled in marine combat and raiding, splitting loot equally and keeping the loyalty of his crew, and fighting effectively on rough waters and while swimming. He has many traditional wokou raiding tricks up his sleeve. This stems from his wokou upbringing and his experience as a pirate.
- He is a master wokou shipmason, which encompasses smithing, textiles, and carpentry, capable of building bune fit for the high seas. His interest in ships and piracy coupled with his royal privilege facilitated his learning in the subject.
- He is a master strategist and tactician and can organize a raid of a modern military vessel while using traditional weapons with minimal casualties. His position as emperor and admiral requires great strategy, and by extension patience.

- He is vulnerable to modern weaponry in a direct conflict against more than five persons.
- He has no experience fighting against supernatural forces, and needs time to research and prepare before fighting them.
- He feels compelled to criticize bad poetry.
- He is quite bad at begging, as his pirate mannerisms do not exactly garner sympathy.

Wokou (white) -A mixture of Pirate Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.
Pirate Chinese (orange)
Pirate Korean (yellow)
Pirate Japanese (red)


- He has stolen at least two million won of South Korean goods.
- He had Kim Jong Il kowtow before him.
- He has written over nine thousand poems.
- His favorite food is sannakji.



Chyu Won Jang Bwi 츄 원 장 뷔
Shu Motochou Aki 朱元張秋
The Scourge of Korea
Flaming Beard Devil
The Negotiator


For some time

[b]Diablo 3[/b] :: [b]Monk[/b]

Emperor of Chuan Wokou

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Taiwei Huangdi (FINISHED) Empty Re: Taiwei Huangdi (FINISHED)

Post by Jinhong Jangmi on Thu May 16, 2013 12:50 pm


This is so AWESOME @_@!!!


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When in Inferis, they use italics with an appropriate color coding for the language when speaking telepathically to each other. :|
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Taiwei Huangdi (FINISHED) Empty Re: Taiwei Huangdi (FINISHED)

Post by Lucifer on Mon Jun 10, 2013 12:25 am

Is this done, Taiwei?


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Taiwei Huangdi (FINISHED) Empty Re: Taiwei Huangdi (FINISHED)

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