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Post by Surealis on Fri Sep 20, 2013 11:54 am


Surealis | Finished Wwkms6 Surealis | Finished Wwkms6Surealis | Finished Wwkms6
” Gazing towards an infinite universe...the remnants stain MY starlight!



Bearing little desire to actually be himself, Surealis accosts himself with many visages, and even more plentiful false names, taking literally any name that should befall him with ease. Following monikers include:

- Athena, by the early Greeks whom eventually styled a member of their pantheon after him, his androgyny leading them to model the for-mentioned goddess as a female rather than a male like himself.
- Commonly referred to as Surreal or shortened to Sur, the nickname is only referred to those who are close and have been given his divine word to call him such an abbreviation.

No definitive physical location can be given to his birth nor birthday, though it was very, very far from earth and a long long time ago.

Despite any mannerisms or appearances the being is male, framed with all the proper organs and appendages to fit the designated gender.

Station of Retribution
I claim all right to the art.
Surealis | Finished EC1YMDZ
Surealis | Finished XjkV32A

I claim all right to the art. Surealis | Finished SAHFAbt



Standing over near anyone around him, he is an imposing figure despite his obvious effeminacy. His most noteworthy or irregular features besides his height are the long thin elf like ears, the single horn on the right side of his head, (which is rather uncommon for an Angel), and the pale tone of his skin. His attire is also quite outlandish consisting of multiple form fit armor plates with aesthetically curved spines laid over a partial skintight bodysuit of unknown material, leaving his chest and midriff exposed. His wings are but nowhere to been seen by the mortal eyes as the two overarching appendages are but transparent holding a crystalized glass appearance.
The profile of this golem-esque figure is coated entirely in metallic plates much resembling a suit of western armor from the mid fifteen hundreds. The armor is seemingly heated from within, weighing in at six hundred and thirteen pounds. Through various tests, the plates seem to be made from hyper condensed carbon, tungsten, and a 3rd unknown element. It is scratch and acid resistant to an extremely high degree; the material has no atomic bonds but is instead held together by an unseen currently unexplainable force to humans. For some reason, the suit cannot be removed by any conventional means, and will vary in weight by almost thirty pounds annually.
Its figure is six feet five inches, with no determinable sex. It appears to exist in and of itself as the suit of armor, acting as an exoskeleton.
as a victim of dissociative identity disorder Surealis’s psyche exists in two different parts: himself, his more violent and aggressive persona. Together, these two parts form a whole, but Surealis remains the dominant facet of this psychological triumvirate, and as such, it is his personality that is dominant the majority of times; yet it is known that the internal conflict of the two identities clashing for control can be unbearable.

Surealis’s facet takes shape as a clinically antisocial being: a sociopath. Contrary to popular belief, this does not mean he’s a social recluse—rather, it means that he is incredibly sociable, but always has an ulterior motive. Surreal is superficially charming, amiable, and extremely intelligent, while displaying an extremely high capacity for manipulation and deception. Though outwardly pleasant, he remains detached and unemotional in most situations, going to great lengths to get his way with little regard for other people. Though there are some—namely the members of his family and closest friends that are exceptions to this — most people are simply reduced to objects in Surealis’s amoral world view.

Because of his lack of emotion, Surealis remains calm under duress, particularly when coupled with his methodical, objective-based approach to problems. He is brutally efficient, analytical and calculating, and his capacity for observation is unmatched: he often extrapolates and deduces from small details. He is no stranger to lying or falsifying information, and he frequently employs the use of aliases.

Outwardly, however, Surealis is pleasant, urbane, polite and relaxed, but this is simply a facade he maintains in order to more efficiently blend in and manipulate those around him. His burning desire to know what drives him, and his pursuit of knowledge is the core of his being. His one true passion, his raison d’être is just that: to learn as much as he possibly can through any means necessary. As such, he prefers to observe or discuss, opting to avoid direct physical confrontation. When he does find himself in a situation where physical force needs to be applied, he does so holding no quarter, bringing his full force to bear in order to achieve two basic objectives: one, to survive; and two, to get what it is he wants out of the situation.

Morally, Surreal is a highly selective utilitarian. he believes strongly in the idea that the ends justify the means, but while typical utilitarianism is based on the idea of the greatest benefit for the greatest amount of people, Surealis bases his twisted morality on what will benefit himself and those close to him the most. As such, there is no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in Surealis’s view of things—there is only ‘more practical’ and ‘less practical’.

A 350 word description of how your character’s come up to this point. Possibly talk about your angel’s experience working under the Divine or their Archangel commander. Perhaps their purpose and “use” in Heaven itself, or maybe their memories of Heaven prior to their descent into Inferis for the War.


"Ethereal Flame" - Through manipulation of special friction, (From what we can tell) will create extreme quantities of heat in the form of either a yellow flame or brighter plasmas. Actions that have been seen and noted suggest that this flame may be compacted and controlled into solid, or metaphysical, objects that he can use and dispose of leaving very little trace to their existence.

"Phoenix" - The body of the armour is coated in a paper thin layer of plasma-like energy hovering less than an inch above the form, its heat localized and released only towards a directed impact of force or otherwise. It would seem that during this metamorphic stage, the phoenix gains flight on four wings, two large, two small, that appear to be made from the same energy. The scenery touched by it quickly blackens and turns to ash, incinerating anomalous materials and forces at an exponential rate similar to that of which was described above.

”Constructs of the heart” – His heart is but of the purest kind, fascinated in humans he wishes to study how they live and work and would rather converse with them. If a human were to be harmed for whatever reason, Surealis will enter an emotional state becoming quite desperate and reckless to save his favourite creatures.

”Temptation of Mortals” – While in his mortal form, if you could call it that he is but prone to drinking and smoking however keeping in mind the orders and laws the angel lives by is still of the up-most importance thus he will only do so often and in the comforts of others who are partaking in the same acitives.


- Dissociative identity disorder—his mind fragmented into two separate entities that share the same body, there is Surealis and then there is the more aggressive, and bold Kairo which is but referred to as the ironclad phoenix.
- Diverges himself in old literature and thus has learnt a multitude of old languages.
- Surealis is feminising while Kairo is manlier.



Surreal, Ren.


On and off, a collective of three years.

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