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Alone with Treatable Pain [OPEN]

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Alone with Treatable Pain [OPEN] Empty Alone with Treatable Pain [OPEN]

Post by Eric Zarathos on Sat Sep 28, 2013 7:50 am

Eric Zarathos the demon known as Zenotic Amon has finally taken control of a human named Chris Seiger taking his body and his life. This was eternal battle and the human was strong willed but in the end the demon gained 100% total dominance and locked the human away winning the war and the body. Eric was sleeping in the human's bed thinking of an plan of action now that his eternal struggles are over the demon should start looking towards of future. No Demon, Human or Gypsy should know that he'd survived Haggis's attempt to rid the world of his demonic evil existence the witch was smart though but not smart enough. Another thing to consider is Heaven and the angelic warriors they maybe on to him as well thinking an innocent soul maybe trapped if the demon wasn't careful it could lead to a major problem.

[6:15 a.m.]
Some weird alarm clock wakes the demon up, Eric didn't know what it was so the guy grabs it and throws it out the window. Eric didn't like getting up but the thoughts of this human well telling him to act accordingly so the demon wakes up from his slumber. The new human was very slow getting up but really taking control of a human will drain a demon a little maybe the guy should plan something right now. The first day of him being a human, Eric should maybe do some human things after searching throught the memories of Christopher Seiger the first thing should be going into a bathroom. "A bathroom????" Eric never seen a bathroom before but after looking at the memories of the human, he started cleaning up his body. The shower felt refreshing then finally after combing/brushing his hair, using a toothbrush and toothpaste brushing his teeth. He started looking at some weird dimension another person that looked like him but after recollecting himself it was just something called a mirror. These humans go through a daily process just for the desire to be clean and healthy but this demon needed to be more understanding of what humans do now to draw away enemies. He started going to dresser and putting on some clothing and they felt good too this human must have had a fashion sense of clothes the demon liked some of articles of clothing too.

Eric thought this wasn't the strength that he was hoping he'd get after absorbing the ancient book into his new body and still another question. He told his human counterpart that he would take over this world and yet this wasn't a good start at all the demon's strength has weakened ever since being removed from that book. Their had to be other ways of achieving even more power the demon felt weak and that wasn't a good thing either any smart ass fruitcake of a demon could kill him. If killed, Eric would get a one way ticket back with Hell and his human counterpart would be along for the ride so that was a troubling thought still what could the demon do. The most part the demon couldn't ask for help the moment that happens the demon would be asking for a lot of stuff really it would be a damn nuisance the demon been alone his whole life. Zenotic Amon was mostly a slave of that evil book doing whatever the humans wanted him to do really everything sucked about it having no free will or control to do what he wanted.

This was going to be hard to get over something like that. "Gaarrrragggghhhhhh, How long have I been gone? My strength has weaken ever since that damn witch separated me from the evil book but really it got rid of the other weaknesses I had before". Eric wasn't at all that mad about after thinking about some more before the demon could even think about getting his powers back. The demon should think about improving his body still the demon was united with a human so maybe if the human got stronger the demon would also become stronger. A training regiment needed to be done and still the demon had forget that after finally gaining control the guy has a back account to consider. He was rich perhaps it was time to use those funds to a certain advantage. He started looking around Christopher's house for a telephone so he could start getting some affairs into order the demon searches the kitchen. But then the demon started to hear a buzzing sound, Eric started using his nose scenting something of metal it gave a metallic scent and then the demon finds it. He was a little afraid and then started to pick the device opening it up hearing someone else's voice. "Um..H..He..Hello???" The bank was calling him about his account and how much money he wanted for today this was all too perfect the demon loved being rich. "I'm so sorry, I'm kind of forgetful here but uh...yeah yeah yeah that party getting drunk and having a good time too. Yes my bank account  um how much money do I have.......990 billion dollars. Thank you sir, I would like um 750,000 withdraw please. Oh your going to send someone to my place with the money??? Excellent, I'll be waiting thanks and have a good day". Eric couldn't believe it this was going to be the best day the demon ever had in a long damn time the demon has struck gold this time. Eric started laughing about all those times those bastards thinking he wouldn't become something great in life and now stealing the body of an rich human.

Zen can't go overboard on this maybe the demon should lay low the thought of losing an damn opportunity like this would be unbelievable. None of the other demons or demon females for that matter knows that he's still alive but keeping a low profile was going to be fucking difficult. Perhaps the demon will need to stay within his new human body before planning the next move on his agenda for power.
Eric Zarathos
Eric Zarathos

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