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Gong Minji (Ready for Review)

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Gong Minji (Ready for Review) Empty Gong Minji (Ready for Review)

Post by Gong Minji on Sat Jul 13, 2013 8:04 am


Gong Minji (Ready for Review) Wwkms6 Gong Minji (Ready for Review) Wwkms6Gong Minji (Ready for Review) Wwkms6
”Never quit, always keep trying!”


Gong, Minji



1/4 English and 3/4 Korean

South Korea

April 21, 1999

Gong Minji (Ready for Review) Mato_zps32f239f8
Gong Minji (Ready for Review) Mato3_zps5e8bd7be
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Gong Minji (Ready for Review) 4785952668_ee76712598_o_zpsdf3c49f2
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Gong Minji (Ready for Review) Black_rock_shooter_8_by_ryoheihuke_zpsd08b1e28



Minji is a skinny girl, with no much fat on her body due to her various athletic activities. Her body type is currently a stick, since she is just entering the stages of adolescence. Her skin is pale (since all of her sports are inside ones, she isn't running around outside much) and always has a healthy helping of scrapes, bruises, and band-aids. Her black hair is a bit of a spiky mess, but has it's own style to it. Minji insists on doing her hair herself, so it is almost always in two uneven pigtails since she always rushes through it. Her eyes are a light blue, insisting that she has a bit of european in her blood. Her grandfather is, in fact, British, which is where she gets her eyes from. Her young face is plump and rosy, and isn't bad looking for a kid. When she isn't at school or doing sports, her attire is usually leisurely. A hoody and some shorts maybe, sweat pants. Whenever she's out and about she'll dress up a little, but usually she won't over-do it.

In Inferis, she changes quite a bit. Her hair becomes extremely long, and her eyes become an even lighter blue. White rings form in her irises as well. Her style of dress changes completely. Usually, Minji will wear white and blue colors. Only bright things for her. But in Inferis she adorns only black with white accents. The clothing is also abnormally revealing for her. She has a black bikini top with spaghetti straps, leather short shorts with a large belt, long black boots with white lining the flaps, and then a black long hoody with a big white star on the back. When fighting, a blue flame will sometimes appear over her left eye. This only appears when she goes into a bloodlust or becomes incredibly angry.

Minji is an incredibly friendly girl, and in no way whatsoever a shy person. She's nice to everyone right up front, and if you're a person she hasn't met and has an excuse to talk to, expect a warm greeting. But Minji is in no way a pushover! If you insult her, her family, or her friends she'll give it right back to you. Not many people like to pick fights with her though, besides a few boys in her class. Minji is also incredibly competitive, but a good sport as well. "What's the fun of a sport if you're going to get angry about it?" is what Menji always says. She always tries her hardest at her sports and school of course. When she gets older, she wants to go to the Olympics for gymnastics!  

All in all, Menji is a good girl who believes in always doing the right thing. She has a strong sense of justice, for a twelve year old girl. And though she is easily distracted, Minji does surprisingly well in school. Mostly because her parents said "No good grades, no sports". If Minji couldn't have her sports, well that would just break her poor little heart. So she always aims for the top when it comes to her studies, to please her parents and teachers and to be able to do what she loves. Hard working, intelligent, and a nice kid. It's almost as if she's every parent's dream child, yet she still has her flaws. Minji is a picky eater, and will complain if given something she dislikes. This results in her being sent to her room with no dinner quite often. She manages to sneak some toast though. Minji is also a little stubborn. Whenever she decides to do something, she'll see it through to the end! Even if people tell her no.

Minji also knows nothing of Inferis or demons. Her parents are not hunters. Her grandfather (on her father's side) is a demon hunter, but it seems the abilities have skipped a generation. Giving the powers to Minji and Minji alone.

Minji's life has always been a good one. Of course there have been hardships, and of course there have been tears. Whose life hasn't had some of those? But generally, it's been a good one. Nothing to truly complain about! She had a roof over her head, two loving parents, a good education, and plenty of friends. A lot of people don't have any of that, and Minji is often reminded to feel grateful for having all of them. Minji was also blessed with the ability to be a fast learner! School was no problem for her. Due to her superb grades and test scores, she even skipped a grade or two.

Boys? They're still a little gross. Cute, but a little gross. Sleepovers? They're still the funnest things to do with friends! And worshiping the sexy young men in k-pop bands is still the best way to spend your time. Life is simple, and sweet for a twelve year old girl. But as Minji grows, she's been noticing a few oddities. Things are getting harder, and people are difficult to understand. Friendships are becoming a little more difficult to maintain, and there is always an air of drama at the lunch table. It isn't as simple as: "We can share my toy! Let's be friends!" anymore. Minji has also noticed that her friends are becoming more daring as the days pass by. They want to do bad things, they want to go out and do things without their parents knowing. Swearing isn't even a big deal anymore. Everyone around her is growing up. Being an adult sounds scary though. So many responsibilities, all of these things weighing on you constantly. Minji wasn't sure if she was ready for that.

After thinking about it for a long time, Minji realized that maybe growing up wasn't such a bad thing. She couldn't depend on mother and father forever. They wouldn't always be there for her. They couldn't. Plus, a sense of independence sounded kind of nice too. Maybe Minji really needed to stop clinging to childish ways, and stop holding her parents' hands. But how could she go about this growing up thing? How could she find a way to become her own person, and gain new experiences on her own? Well, that opportunity came when her teacher mentioned the exchange program. Only the students with the best grades and test scores could get a chance to travel to a different country, and go to school there for the second semester! They'd get to live with a "host family", and learn all about the culture and people. Minji of course took up the chance on the spot! She begged and begged her parents, and eventually they caved. Her mother even mentioned that they had family where Minji was going, two twin cousins living in Washington D.C. Jinhong and Pulean Jangmi! After obtaining their mailing address, Minji wrote to them. She told them about herself and her relationship to them, and told them that she'd be coming to DC the next semester of school!

Now that Minji is in Washington D.C. and living with complete strangers, she's excited for the adventure that's set ahead for her. Little does she know, that it's going to be an even wilder ride than she expects.  


Always with Jinhong and Pulean in their demon hunting exploits, wherever their allegiance lies.
-Extremely flexible (Years and years of gymnastics)
-Better at hand to hand combat than most children her age
-A good sprinter for her age

-Can take a good amount of damage
-Increase of agility
-Can leap longer distances
-A little stronger (strong enough to carry her Gatling gun at the very least)
-Not tactical
-Aim is poor
-Hesitant in the fight
-Too empathetic

Minji speaks English and Korean


-Minji has a black belt in Tae Kwon Doe
-She's won a few Gymnastics competitions
-Pretty good at guitar, but prefers the electric
-Lactose intolerant
-Hates fish, deviled eggs, scrambled eggs, sausage, corn, cherries, and plums.




Yuuko and Veronika

Less than two years

[b]Black Rock Shooter[/b] :: [b]Kuroi Mato/Black Rock Shooter[/b]

Cutest Little Demon Killer

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Gong Minji
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Gong Minji (Ready for Review) Empty Re: Gong Minji (Ready for Review)

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sat Jul 13, 2013 9:33 pm


1] Age: April 2000 would make her 11 - in-site date is February 2012.

2] Real-Life Skills: One by one:

Skilled in hand to hand combat (Years and years of Tae Kwon Doe)

I kind of find this hard to believe given age constraints. Especially considering that the learning curve, even for a natural, is incredible steep for most martial arts irrespective of age, but for a preteen? This should be seriously dialed back.

A fast runner

Again; the speed aspect of the whole thing is... really kind of relative. Of course, she could be an apt sprinter for her age, but 12-year-olds aren't at their full growth capacity yet, their legs won't be longer - without the supernatural nature of Inferis, it won't be plausible to have her outrunning athletic adults, and even adults in full - I can still outrun my 12-year-old brother, and he's a skinny little bastard whereas my cardio's absolute shit.

Has a large amount of stamina

Again, this needs to be relative to her age.

Other than that, Pey, this is a great app. Good to get some real age range in here.


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Gong Minji (Ready for Review) Empty Re: Gong Minji (Ready for Review)

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sun Jul 14, 2013 4:31 am



"Wipe the blood from your halo."

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Lazarus Carter
Lazarus Carter

Posts : 979
Join date : 2013-04-18
Age : 23
Location : Washington D.C. or London

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Power Level: 3
Character Faction: Nephilim
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Gong Minji (Ready for Review) Empty Re: Gong Minji (Ready for Review)

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