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#093 - Imoogi

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#093 - Imoogi Empty #093 - Imoogi

Post by Diogenes the Cynic on Mon May 20, 2013 12:12 pm


Name: Imoogi
Aliases: Great Serpent, Korean Dragon, Cobra Dragon, Hell Serpent

Sphere: Wanderers (primarily Black Sea island dwellers)
Tier: Regular (some may become Elite)

#093 - Imoogi Evilimoogi
#093 - Imoogi Imoogi
#093 - Imoogi L
#093 - Imoogi Goodimoogi-1

While the Dragokin and Lungkin continue their age-long truce as a result of the draw in their war, another force is hard at work in the darkest corners of Inferis. Here, as a result of a combination of Dragokin rage and Lungkin sadistic desires, an even darker creature has begun to form. They lurk in the shadows of the many islands dotting the Black Sea, and are occasionally sighted swimming amidst the tar of the Tarpit Enclaves, or crawling along the Entropic Chasm. They are true spawn of hell. They are the Imoogi, parodies of the Korean legend of the same name.

In ancient Korean folklore, the Imoogi is a powerful serpent, one of two born every turning of the world. These two must fight each other for the right to consume the soul of an immortal human girl, from which they gain the power to ascend into dragons and join the pantheon in heaven. That, of course, is what the Imoogi want you to believe. In truth, they are darker parodies of ancient Oriental folklore than even the Lungkin, for they are true beasts of destruction and pain. They exist only to absorb soul energy and seek out more, usually in the form of the easiest source available; Lungkin Soul Pearls, or Dragokin Jewels. If they absorb enough, they become the dragons as seen in Korean Folklore, though their hunger for soul energy continues long after they transform.

Abilities: Imoogi have an everlasting hunger to absorb soul energy. Almost all of their power is physical; they are incredibly strong and can grow to incredibly huge sizes. Of course, that strength only lasts for as long as their endurance can withstand; they can be outlasted in battle if they don't eat soul energy quickly enough. They attack very similarly to snakes, striking with their jaws and constricting prey.

Upon transforming, however, Imoogi change dramatically. They grow legs that give them heightened speed, and they can fly without the use of wings. They can also breathe fire like a Dragokin and use Divine Wind like a Lungkin upon reaching this stage. Any Imoogi can hold its own against a Lungkin or Dragokin in the event of this transformation, and still their hunger and desire for power grows. It is theorized that if one let an Imoogi grow for long enough, it could potentially outshine the Archdemons...luckily for us, none of the Archdemons are willing to let that happen.

Miscellaneous Notes: - They bear a bestial cunning, though not much in the way of sentience
- Bigger ones can grow smart enough to understand speech, but otherwise don't speak
- Though they can act together to bring down larger prey, they have no set leadership or unity; they can and will fight each other to consume prey
- They've been pretty much under the radar for the most part, though with Belphegor's stirring they've started to become more active
- An Imoogi can swallow an entire elephant whole...if it wanted to
- Allegedly the stars of one of the weirdest South Korean/American collab films yet to be made

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