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Post by Bokor Daak on Thu Oct 03, 2013 6:12 am


Bokor D'aak- WIP 7152745_100Bokor D'aak- WIP 7152745_100Bokor D'aak- WIP 7152745_100
” I betcha five dollars he'll kill you dead
Jock-a-mo fee na-ne”


Christopher Edwards McTeer
Demon: Kalfu

Bokor D’aak

D’aak: 23
Kalfu: Born sometime around when fire was just starting to be harnessed by man.


Lowcountry, Born and Raised…dat doesn’t count? Fine- American

St. Helena Island, South Carolina, USA

September 10, 1989


Bokor D'aak- WIP Morning_latte_oct_d__aak_by_just_nith-d361lfj- The Big thing in the Background is Kalfu
Bokor D'aak- WIP Ex__Bokor_D__aak_by_LadyRiverlark-1
Bokor D'aak- WIP Dance_as_the_World_Burns_by_LadyRiverlark
Bokor D'aak- WIP WL__D__aak_by_IfChickensWasCandy



D'aak is a fellow who claims himself to be quite the looker, however if he is then it’s to a very specific and strange crowd indeed. He is tall and quite skinny, built with the shape of a marathon runner. Though very fit, he is not overly muscled, sporting a hairless lean torso instead of bulging abs or pecs. His posture is usually rather lacking, making him look slightly shorter and far less serious. A great deal of his height comes from his almost cartoonishly long legs, and while both are well toned, they come off more or less like he is walking with two disproportionally long toothpicks for legs. He has a strange preference to walk tiptoed most of the time, giving him a stride that appears more or less like some bizarre form of heron.

His body in fact sports a number of oddities that has, on more than one occasion, caused fellow ritualists to mistake him for tone fully possessed. His arms are long and wiry and he claims to be double jointed just about everywhere and then some, in fact it not an uncommon occurrence for his to dislocate both shoulders to get into places he really shouldn't be getting into. Each arm tappers to broad-palmed hands which both possess more fingers than your average humanoid. Although bizarre, this birth defect has given him an extra fully functional finger on each hand and an impressive amount of dexterity. Stopping right before the wrist of each hand and covering the whole of his arms and back is a complex collection of tattoos that form an irezumi coat. The motifs of the tattoos follow a wide variety of mythos and legend, from buddhist to voodoo, from greek myth to shinto.

His face, while not ugly, is not winning any beauty contests soon. Let’s just say that he ain’t getting through a metal detector with any ease. One of his ears have three piercings, two studs on the top and a gauge in his lobes. His left eyebrow has two rings in it. His tongue used to be pierced but is now instead split down the middle like a lizard’s. His bottom lip is pierced with a stud in the middle and a ring on each side. Under all of the metal, his face is rather angular and thin, often stretched out by his nigh constant grin of satisfaction. He has perpetually ruffled brown hair that makes him look like he either just woke up or just had crazy sex, mattering upon how long ago he last wore his hat.

Bokor D’aak’s preferred outfit is made primarily up of a funeral jacket that is a tad too big for him and opened wide displaying his lean form beneath and a pair of tattered black pants that go with the jacket. On the top of his head he wears a black beaver skin top hat, which is for some reason is never in a condition worse than the beautifully crafted state it is in now. He is never without his long ebony cane that is topped with an ivory carved head of some Lovecraftian beast.

Keep it chill and don't rock the boat more than you have to. At least if you are going to rock the boat, don't get caught dead being the one who rocked it...Well if you rocked it really really hard and it was going to make you come off looking life a badass for having rocked it then you might as well rock as hard as you can, flip the boat over, then stand on top of its washed ashore hull and proclaim what a huge fucking badass you are, because damn son you deserve it. D'aak is a man who lives life for himself first and foremost, its all about the pleasures that he can force into his mortal frame until it gives in and passes on to that happy hunting ground. Though D'aak admittedly doubts there is a fart's chance in hell that he is going to a happy anything once he dies, more likely his soul is going to be claimed by a bunch of Petro then gang-fucked for the rest of eternity. This means that while he is living he has to get in as much fun as he possibly can while he is around. The hedonism, however, is held in check by at least a few "morals" however. While he is willing to fuck, snort, drink, smoke, or otherwise imbibe just about anything, there is few if any reasons he has found to ever kill someone or force someone incapable of defending themselves to bend to his pleasures. Killing someone has a tendency to ruin the fun for most parties involved, and parties generally are a lot more fun when the music don't screech to a halt because someone is screaming bloody murder. Furthermore everyone else is entitled to have a good time, so those who have little enough of it as is won't have D'aak taking it away from them. This has not, of course, stopped D'aak from preforming his arts on upon those either deserving or those whom have had more than enough. Grease D'aaks's palm with enough green and he'll be there ruining some fucker's day, by woe to he that thinks D'aak is going to take some two faced fuck's vengeance out for him the the target is hardly at all deserving. More than one beaten wife has had D'aak lay the law down on a hateful husband, but so too has more than one asshole thinking he could get D'aak to put the Root on someone else out of sheer spite gotten the pain instead.

"Don't be fuck'n with D'aak. Fuck 'im, Pay 'im, Drink wit' 'im, Smoke wit' 'im, but don't you dare be fuck'n wit him!"

Bad as fuck and twice as mean, Kalfu is a demon who like to take charge and be the center of attention. Everything in his eyes are either black or white, not good or evil per se but it is either something that takes his interest or it is pointless. He is the incarnation of the Crossroads, the pathways that we all choose throughout life. He too is the incarnation of the shadows that lay on the edges of those roads, reaching out and grasping with ravenous hunger at those who travel. According to practitioners of Voodoo, Kalfu is the gatekeeper of those roads as well, the one who allows the souls of the dead and the spirits of the Loa and Petro to cross the worlds. While many of these beliefs are closer to mythical fiction than fact, Kalfu does little to push away these beliefs as he actively cultivates his presence on Earth. As an unbound Demon, Kalfu will jump into any host anywhere he can grab and immediately force it to his will. While at times this means charging off into the night to drink, hump, and kill to its heart's delight, more often than not Kalfu will act the part of the Voodoo Mount, pushing out the possessed chest and strutting while exclaiming his greatness. There is just something about having all those humans both scared shitlless yet still fully respecting of your power that makes the old demon happy. Perhaps he feels that their worship gives him strength or perhaps he feels that having all of those people willing to open themselves up to him at any moment makes for a lot of fun times Earthside. Not that it matters much now that he is bound to this imbecile, he hasn't been able to Mount another soul for months now and its starting to make him anxious as fuck. Even if the kid parties  and drinks and smokes like all get out, all things that Kalfu likes, he also likes being the one in goddamn charge and sometimes he likes to kill a motherfucker that looked at him crossways. Is that so much to fucking ask? Seriously, if he knew this shit was going to be this annoying he would have gone up and joined with the Hell Princes or something, at least those fucks know what hey are doing. But no, had to be a lone gun, had to pitch his tent to the Loa and the Petro, those all of those half-mad spirits who don't know Heaven from Hell. What do they know?

"I'm gonna fuck you, then I'm going to fuck the horse you rode in on, then I'm going to snort some angel dust, then I'm going to eat you."

A long time ago there was an early hominid who loved to fuck, eat fermented fruit, set fire to things, and generally be an asshole. This early hominid was such a huge fucking asshole that he would live on in the memories of man for many many thousands of years gaining mythological and eventually deific levels of legend associated with the sheer level of his fuckery. It helped out that when he had died all that time ago, he was first rate material for a demon and went immediately about possessing folks and spreading his legend. This, of course, was the birth of Kalfu, long before he would be absorbed as a part of the early West African beliefs that would go on to become Voudon, Voodoo, and Root.


Freelance for now

Master of the Crosstrade: D'aak has a silver tongue and a sly wit about him along with those dexterous fingers and a strong knowledge of all sorts of hoodoo and flimflam. Using this D'aak has made a fair living off of the ignorance of others conning them into all sorts of "cure-alls" and charms. Now while some of them actually have a little bit of power to them, the vast majority of gris-gris he is handing out is little more than placebos.

Speedy Sprinter: While he won’t be winning the Olympics any time soon, D’aak’s tendency to get himself into trouble has taught him the value of knowing when to get the fuck out of Dodge. As such he is surprisingly fast and agile with skills that could look like Parkour if it wasn’t for the fact most of his movements seem lucky and accidental at best.

Quadrupal Jointed: Ever seen one of those contortionists at the circus that can get their body to do all sorts of things that make your spine feel like it is crunching and grinding itself into dust? Yeah, imagine that but they first got drugged out on PCP and LSD first. Its just about impossible to grapple or bind D'aak as he'll contort until he is able to slip free. Combined with his unnatural manual dexterity, Houdini ain't got nothing on his shit.

Spiritually Sensitive: D’aak is highly spiritually attuned and is able to sense and differentiate between the Soul signatures of various entities be they human, demon, angel or otherwise. He is able to detect this in the form of auras that surround the individuals, although direct physical contact allows him to momentarily glimpse the Inferis forms of those not entirely civilian.

FUCK YOU: When D'aak actually gets angry he has a tendency to cl-AAAH MY SKULL! "I has da tendency to beat da fuck out o' da t'ing what is fuck'n with me with me goddamn cane until da fuck'n fuck is bleed'n on de damn ground... I say sorry later but I ain't putt'n up with dat shit." Yeah, when he is pissed that cane of his really hits a lot harder than it should, I think he's had so much PCP over the years that sometimes some chunk of it somehow reforms in his brain and gives him that scary drug-fueled rage strength....

Overdose? : Yup, D'aak cannot overdose unless its on some sort of really fucked up demon shit. He can still be poisoned and all that shit, but he has the constitution of goddamn Dionysus and its going to take a fair bit to knock him out. Did I mention he once snorted bullet ants?

Rebel Yell! : Fuck you, I know someone else took this, but D'aak is from the Goddamn southern United States and if he can't Rebel Yell then who the fuck else is allowed to? D'aak has sort of grossly powerful charisma when he needs it and has been known on more than one occasion to pump crowds into mobs, mobs into orgies, and orgies into religious experiences. He isn't however, much of a leader and once the riot starts he's just merely another angry face in the mob.

Let me tell ya da tale o' da tarbaby: D'aak is a surpisingly good stroyteller, even more so when he's well stoned.

Necro-Tongue: D'aak is able to speak to the dead with varying degrees of success, though usually th dead just complain a lot. It has helped him win trivia night at the bar several times though...

Cigaro: Enough said.


SNORT FUCK KILL EAT SHIT PARTY REPEAT: Kalfu has priorities and those priorities do not include sleep nor rest. While bound to Kalfu, D'aak has essentially endless stamina and can continue on his merry way as long as his body can hold out. That said, this doesn't really increase his physical or mental endurance at all. Stab him he bleeds, slap him he bruises, take enough cocaine and he passes the fuck out. He simply doesn't need to sleep. It was really bad that one time when Kalfu forced him to stay awake for two months and watch "Wild Wild West" on repeat the entire time.

All Paths are Open: Nothing can stay locked around D'aak while Kalfu is bound to him, as the demon passes to him a complex understanding of lockpicking and vault-cracking. Not even the Great Arsène Lupin can hold a torch to these skills.

You Shall Not Pass! : As Kalfu is the Master of the Crossroads he decides who gets to walk it or not. Just as other's locks are undone by D'aak, any locks actually placed by D'aak are almost impossible beyond magic or similar lock mastery as D'aak. This is due to that same lock mastery being used in reverse to specifically sabotague locks to become significantly more difficult to get open.

THIS IS MY BEATING STICK: Through Kalfu, D'aak essentially gains mastery of all bludgeoning weapons that he can reasonably heft. While this doesn't give him very much of a strength boost, he innately knows where and how to strike to make sure every hit counts.

What a rush! : D'aak's already impressive speed and agility are increased significantly under Kalfu's power, getting his speed to average olympiad levels and giving him superhuman enough agility that you could combine the "Fierce Five" of 2012 Summer Olympics Gymnastics Fame into a single Super-Gymnist, and D'aak would still do goddamn 1080 degree double backflip moocow whatevers around the Gym-Beast. Can possibly dodge a bullet, he's never tried and is usually too fog headed to see it coming anyways.

Possession Prone: The same innate abilities that make him highly spiritually sensative also cause him to be very prone to possession. Not only by a variety of other demons but by the one(s) currently living inside of him. Thus when they see they have the chance, D'aak's demons will "Mount" him and take his body on a joy ride of their own endevors. Luckily most of them are just a bunch of hedonistic party-mongers as well anyways.

Pact of the Crossroads: As a part of his binding to Kalfu, D'aak is forced to obey any deals he makes at a crossroads, lest his body be instantly ripped from this world and cast into Inferis where Kalfu will exact his torturous vengence.

Pact of the Good Host: If offered a cigar and a good stout drink by a person, D'aak may not through his own actions cause harm to that person while within an area considered personal sanctuary by that person (usually their home).

Smokes 40 Packs a-Day/"Why Did I wake up in a bathtub full of gin?": D'aak smokes like it is going out of style, drinks like he's fueled by alcohol, and has probably more illegal drugs floating through his body than the whole of the 60's and 70's combined. Probably the only reason why he hasn't died of an overdose yet is the influence of Kalfu. D'aak is willing to go far out of his way to experience something new, and will probably get addicted to it with a taste. It is very hard to find D'aak fully sober, and thus his mental acuity tends to be somewhat fogged at the very least.

Rituals Required: In order for D'aak to use his Inferis Morphs, he must preform a ritual and offer sacrifice to bind the demons more fully to his flesh. These will be gone into detail in their individual descriptions but generally require an incantation and either a libation of some sort of alcohol or a particular form of tobacco. Thus his morphs tend to take a little longer to prepare.

SHUT THE FUCK UP! : This one is a double. First of all, D'aak is constantly hearing either his own demons or the spirits of the dead talking, thus it is generally very hard to get him to pay attention to anything for very long an he's awful at following verbal instructions. Second, he personally doesn't know when to shut the fuck up and its probably not a good idea to trust him with any secrets because he is a terrible gossip.

Rebel Yalp! : Bad shit tends to happen to D'aak mostly because he gets himself into situations that he can't get himself out of. Where D'aak is, expect trouble to follow.

Gris-gris, Mojo, Juju, Fetish: Another double- First, D'aak is very supersticious and will go out of his way to avoid thigns such as walking under ladders, breaking mirrors, and not looking scary old women They be Boo-hags! in the eye. Second, his abilities are bound to his various charms and he cannot make use of any supernatural ability if he is stripped wholly naked. Luckily all of his piercings happen to be charms as well.

The Fuck do you want me to do with this?! : D'aak really has no "real" combat training outside of being a pretty good street fighter. He hasn't a clue how to properly use a gun and when given a sharp object any larger than a dagger or a broken beer bottle, he'll be pretty useless. He sticks to blunt objects, thank you.

Not Enough Blood: When this fellow is randy, and damn is he so ever easily aroused, there really isn'y enough blood to power both his head and his "head" at the same time and he will quickly become entirely distracted.

Circle of Salt: D'aak really really like salty food, so this weakness can be a nuisance when he accidently spills the salt. While salt does not actually hurt D'aak, he is unable to cross over an unbroken line of salt without Kalfu being immediately cast out of him. While this significantly weakens him anyways, it also causes an extreme psychic shock to him that leaves him in debilitating agony.

I be speak'n dishyuh english right bout now, 'an I dunkyuh if'n I be unda'stood. Limegreen
But if'n I need to speak more eloquently, I'll try my damnedest. green
Existimabam etiam aliquid Latine. white

fuck fuck fuck motha motha fuck motha motha fuck fuck motha fuck motha fuck Infernal - Red
If they speak it in Africa, then I speak it better. Any African language - Orange
Vous avez le corps d'un chien et le QI d'une durée de cinq ans. French - Blue


- D'aak and Kalfu can sometimes be fuckwits
- D'aak and Kalfu can also sometimes stun folks with their sudden intelligence
- D'aak is banned from the State of Wisconsin after an incident involving a lot of acid, a swiss cheese factory, and his penis.
- Kalfu is banned from the Province of The Great Undercroft after an incident involving a copiuous amount of Rum, a dare involving laxitives, and the hallways of The Tomb of Hollows...they are still trying to pry the resulting mess off of some of the walls.
- D'aak is followed by a veritable legion of restless spirits who have yet been able to cross over to either side of the boundry. While some of these spirits are of a wrathful sort wo blame Kalfu for their deaths, a much larger number of them are simply ones attracted to D'aak's spiritual sensitivity and "live" vicariously through his senses. They cannot, however, interact with the physical or spiritual world in any way as they are stuck in a Limbo state.
- D'aak plays a mean harmonica
- Kalfu is a master of bongos
- They happen to sort of hate each other's instrament of choice
-  Probably one of the few things they directly agree on is their favorite word: Fuck
- D'aak thinks condems are for people who are wusses and child support is for people who can't run fast enough
- Kalfu thinks its pretty awesome that D'aak can preform autofallacio, and hopes D'aak chokes himself to death on his own dick one day.
- D'aak thinks its pretty awesome that Kalfu has a bunch of tentacles
- On an unrelated note, D'aak hopes to one day travel to Japan.



Seven or Aldrich

Paimon, Lucifuge, Johannes


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