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Kira Unterberger Empty Kira Unterberger

Post by Kira on Fri Aug 30, 2013 8:38 am


Kira Unterberger Wwkms6 Kira Unterberger Wwkms6Kira Unterberger Wwkms6

”Whats this?! Whats this?!”


Kira Unterberger




Budhapesht, Hungary

September 12th, 1979

Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojinfull1561558_zps419ccf71
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeumlfull1573566_zpsb24a8cb8
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001579782_zps47563641
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Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001515007_zpsab411d96
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeumlfull1510455_zps562b124f
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeumlfull1513195_zps0337f360
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001512271_zpsd8e5604b
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Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001520578_zpsffd74f62
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojinfull1572828_zps3c12fdfc
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojinfull1580003_zps7eb42109
Kira Unterberger Tumblr_mpmvf1RGaW1qh6dlco1_500_zps0af1bb64
Kira Unterberger Tumblr_mqzq7oEKUf1qmhawfo1_r1_500_zps6aafd774
Kira Unterberger Tumblr_mqno0x3dAj1rfe3beo1_r1_500_zps9af499b1
Kira Unterberger Tumblr_mr123cd9hx1r0yzq9o1_500_zps0e441e78
Kira Unterberger Tumblr_mpbem8yBe01sunab7o3_500_zps72041f1f
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojinfull1550752_zps14353cf5
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojinfull1554497_zps723c4bae
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojinfull1502329_zps4af26249
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Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojinfull1567341_zpsd7203142
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojinfull1561842_zpsfe1a99b0
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojinfull1554876_zpsd62bc7f6
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojinfull1554871_zps6143e211
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeumlfull1530070_zpsf831a0dd
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001554856_zpsef3baf1c
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001577409_zpsb26e27a6
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojinfull1547465_zps89abf00d
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001578443_zps0f342e3a
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001561541_zpsb98b378f
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001572165_zps85492a70
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001519697_zps3fee5db4
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001559445_zps6f6c4aa1
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001567042_zps85c05f76
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001566342_zps5193e1b3
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001553022_zpscfb600b2
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001551488_zpsdd9caa1e
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001550647_zpse58d1243
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001548244_zps2e3ff355
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001551030_zps48fd6235
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001548583_zpsc848d3e0
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001536134_zpsafa2418c
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001547544_zps4883a00b
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001545121_zpsb01793e6
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001547445_zps3707851c
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001543214_zpsb6cfd7b1
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeumlfull1480952_zps4910a11c
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001541676_zps6bae788a
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001533522_zps66bdc244
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeumlfull1488557_zps0d875eda
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001519391_zps3c6ab4fc
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeumlfull1551215_zps202ee02f
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001515569_zpsac998d7b
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001480920_zps7e208036
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeumlfull1574913_zps65a902a6
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeumlfull1556774_zps2859d769
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeumlfull1554867_zpsa0685ed1
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeumlfull1554144_zpsafa400cd
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeumlfull1542363_zps42b36f05
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeumlfull1550607_zps096805d9
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeumlfull1517768_zps2362cc31
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeumlfull1520834_zps93b58434
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001568498_zps55041056
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeumlfull1480953_zpsb0a85ec7
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001552937_zps813f133c
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeumlfull1488442_zpsbbd55507
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001574444_zps3db922fc
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001576643_zpsf0b460bc
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001572802_zps4370a7da
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001559166_zps1f81a303
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001557863_zps2c72321b
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001568671_zps5f2eda11
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001550886_zps5c39f708
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001550692_zpsbb06c842
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001553737_zpscbb8766a
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001513318_zpsa6df6cf1
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001551485_zpse57cdd32
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001512676_zps06388a9b
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001536637_zpsab7839db
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001549470_zps56ab25a9
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001544866_zps5fc2cbb4
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001514234_zps336222df
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001531809_zps0de3c320
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001528475_zps59c4a0f8
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001512675_zps44ccbcb3
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001512482_zpsd2efb8f5
Kira Unterberger Cross-Over6001548364_zps89040869
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001506097_zps58d4a9c1
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001495010_zpsaca19d4f
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001502365_zps4fd8880e
Kira Unterberger 02cfa0ef36fff4346788f046d89250121377043859_full_zpsc475d51a
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001500287_zps47ea3223



Standing at 5'7", and weighing 132lbs (give or take a pound or two), Kira is a woman made entirely of lean muscle stretched across her slender frame.  It is Russia, so most aren't surprised to see a slightly taller than average woman walking around.  What makes her a little quirky is the fact that she has a slight tan to her skin that is rather subtle although it would be akin to how Italians have that olive nature to their skin.  She is still severely pale considering Russia gets so little sunlight.  Her long dark brown hair is always pulled back into a ponytail that hangs from the back-top of her head in tresses that extend to the bottom of her neck.  However, she has long bangs that hang on either side of her face offering a sort of frame to it.  Her eyes are hazel, often switching between a dark brown to forest-y green depending on the light and her surroundings.  She wears oval framed glasses upon the bridge of her nose otherwise she wouldn't be able to see.  So yes, she is nearsighted.  

Normally she can be seen wandering around in jeans, a t-shirt, and other relaxed wear.  Whether or not it all necessarily goes together is an entirely different story.  It's rather obvious that fashion is NOT a high priority on her list.  You can tell she sort of just grabs whatever clothes fit the weather for the day and runs out the door from there.  If she's at the lab, then she'll have a lab coat and will probably look nicer with a collared shirt and dress pants with dress shoes.  Instead of her glasses, she'll wear these square framed goggles of sorts, or at least they look similar to goggles in the frames appearance.  They are also strapped to her head akin to goggles and the glass is thicker than normal because, well, you can't have things breaking through easy to stab into your eyes!  Thats just amateurish!  And yes, the glass is prescription so she can still see.  

Now, when in Inferis, her outfit becomes something else entirely (except for the goggle-glasses thing.  She still wears those).  She wears deep crimson pants which cover those long legs of hers, matching the shirt she wears beneath a black coat.  On her feet are knee high black, military grade boots covering her legs up to just below her knee caps with a protective flap over the knee itself.  What looks like leather belts wraps around her legs to two straps about the top of her thighs, criss-crosses over her crotch and attaches to a belt about her waist that is also connected to her pants.  THen the belts come up at a diagonal about her chest to come together on a plate that has comes up in another, more spread out X through that plate, over her shoulders.  There is also a strap that comes together above her breasts as well.  All of the straps are connected together about her body to allow for her to use a particular set of equipment that she developed that-- Er.  Yes.  She won't go rambling off here.  

For reference:
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001558532_zps3c70f0c6
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001555105_zpscfdcb4c5
Kira Unterberger ShingekinoKyojin6001507832_zps8e4ec862

ENTHUSIASM!  Holy shit enthusiastic.  Kira goes all out, full speed ahead into whatever it is that has interested her.  Whether thats studying physics, fighting demons, or reading a book, it doesn't matter.  She won't sleep, won't stop unless she is basically forced to in her pursuit to learn or complete something.  It is because she has a huge passion and drive and if you aren't going to go full tilt, is it really worth it after that?  She's spent more than one all nighter either researching or perfecting something that she's working on.  Or else just reading a new book thats REALLY good.  Clearly she doesn't need a whole lot of sleep to function, and somehow manages to function enough off of what she does get.  In this way that she's so enthusiastic, she realizes it can be too intense for people to handle and is quite used to being branded as eccentric or insane.  She doesn't blame them for it.  They just don't understand.  They have their own mode of operating is all.  

But maybe its because of this that she is such a warm, kind-hearted person that is so damned ernest.  Or is she?  She normally seems like such a goofball because she's oftentimes zooming off to do whatever it is that she's doing, people generally don't take her seriously.  And she's well aware of that.  It's probably why she can get away with as many things as she does.  I guess this means that she can be sneaky if she needs to be, and knows when best to not open her mouth about certain subjects (people not being ready to know stuff, realizations about certain facts, talking with partners about strategy with a smart demon around, etc) until the appropriate time.  SHe wants to be sure about her hypothesis!  No half-baked guesses!  But back to the point at hand, she is undoubtedly a friendly person that highly values her comrades and friends.  Though her own well-being can be questioned considering the lengths she'll go to test hypothesis, those of her friends?  You threaten them.  You die.  You'll get to see the unexpectedly murderous and cruel side of her.  Trust me, she's a scientist, you DON'T want to end up there.  

Oh!  Oh! OH!  THERE IS A HUGE THING!!  She's lucky enough to be dating one of the MOST AMAZING MEN IN THE WORLD!  His name is Petri Ovaska and he's Finnish, and he's a genius in chemistry and--- Sorry, she gets REALLY excited.  But in all seriousness, she is head over heels for the guy, and will not tolerate anyone who fucks with him or threatens his life.  She realizes full well that they are on two opposing Demon Hunter teams, but as long as her teammates don't openly fight him and leave him alone?  No problem right?  She has a deal sort of worked out with the Four Blades on the off-chance facing off happens.  Cause they are her comrades too!  It'll be…. interesting when that day comes.  She's come up with various thoughts on what'll happen, though she doesn't know which one will end up happening.  RIGHT PETRI!  He's her dearest one, and he often helps her in her research and such (even if its just her bouncing ideas off of him).  

Speaking of other factions, that leaves… Templars and Demons.  Demons are something she wants to research and learn more about.  She has a scientific mind, she can't help it.  She wants to learn and understand how some of them function aside from what has already been written and told.  There has to be more as more types evolve over the years and more things happen!  And, well, she needs them when she's trying to figure out more effective equipment and weaponry.  Like this one-- GAH LATER.  IN EQUIPMENT APP.  But Demons are a thing she both hates, and wants to know more about.  Because the more they know about them, the better they can fight them and defend themselves right?  Right.  That is a fact that cannot be disputed.  You can't always be like BLARGH KILL THE HELLSPAWN!!!  Otherwise you end up dead.  D-E-D DEAD.

Templars.  They…. While she respects them for the tech that they have developed they are…. annoying  OH HOW SHE GETS IRKED BY THEM!  She almost thought about infiltrating their order you know.  JUST so she could end up at their tech.  But these Templar scientists she talked to?  WHAT SNOB ZEALOTS!  GAH!  She wanted to smack them, but she didn't.  Cause ain't nobody got time to run from them.  She won't attack them outright, but like hell will she let them have all of the pretty toys.  Not on her watch.  Demon Hunters will have some awesome shiny too!  

Er… Sorry, she's sort of all over the place and suuuuper energetic.  I'm sure more of this will come across in more sense when she's actually rped.  

Oh.  And for your enjoyment.  
Kira Unterberger HangeZoeuml6001523324_zps9f6ee7fd

You know you have a special child on your hands when after it is born, it stares at its mother with knowing eyes.  It actually stares with open eyes after coming out kicking and screaming as if to say, "Yes, I am here."  Sasha Unterberger was no exception when she gave birth to Kira on that cool autumn day in september.  It was actually rather unsettling for the pair of new parents as they stared at their newborn daughter.  That was all.  No other spectacular oddities of the birth, nothing else was out of the ordinary.  Just that stare that she gave her mother seconds after being born.  

In fact, the Unterberger family themselves were rather plain upon appearance.  Normal even, if a bit run down and nerdy with their glasses.  Both did research into cancer.  Or maybe it was fuel types.  At this point, Kira doesn't remember.  What she DOES remember is the fact that while they knew they were Demon Hunters, they didn't actively seek out their foes.  They studied them.  Or at least they did their best to.  It was probably the only reason they took family trips up to Irkutsk to examine the specimens of the Stygian Tundra.  If they went to give lectures on their particular subject in other cities near other tears, they gladly took it because it meant that they could further their research.  Or at least, thats what they did once Kira was old enough to come with them and had exhibited signs of carrying their Demon Hunter genes.  It had at least a 90% probability of showing up, they were fairly certain that she would be.  

But I'm getting ahead of things.  Growing up, it was obvious that she was a bright child.  Possibly even a prodigy.  For her, it was that she read earlier than other people, walked earlier than most kids, and was often bored by games that they wanted to play.  Puzzles… Now those were interesting to her.  She loved puzzles and problem solving, things that allowed her brain to go fully into what it wanted to, used it to its full capacity.  Her parents recognized this quickly, and they were certainly no idiots.  They made sure they got her into an appropriate school, and if she remained bored, THEY gave her new things to learn or talked to her about their research.  She was quite used to listening to dissertations and papers by the time she was thirteen.  Yeah, she didn't have a TON of friends, but her nature was so infectious and bright that people were still drawn to her despite her eccentricities.  It was also obvious to her rather early when to fully let lose on things that interested her, and when not to.  Usually it was a don't do it.  

She wasn't all brains either.  While growing up, her parents had her participate in a pole arms training center near their home where she showed an aptitude for ranged weapons.  When she was in middle school, she took up the bow.  Once she was in high school, adding to her repertoire.  Shad no illusions, she knew she would be joining her parents in their research on demons and how best to fight them.  She displayed signs of being just like them at fourteen, finishing up high school early so she could join them faster while also pursuing her college degree.  While they didn't always take her along on those business trips to conventions and whatnot, they did allow her to participate more in their research and general experimentation activities when she wasn't busy with schoolwork.  Aye, she was certainly an odd child and very free-spirited in her own way.  But her professors couldn't argue with her grades and results, so who were they to question her?  

She tried the dating game a little bit, but nothing ever really stuck so she never had a serious relationship.  You could say it had issues to do with keeping up with her and not getting irritated at her enthusiasm for the various sciences that she followed.  Or the enthusiasm overall.  She isn't always the easiest person to deal with, and she knows that.  It isn't like it affected her negatively, it certainly didn't get her down or anything.  What was the point of that?  Some wondered if she was really a robot.  Meh.  She graduated college after six years with a double degree in physics and biology, and a minor in chemistry (don't ask, I have no idea how she's alive or sane after that).  She did continue to get her masters in physics, but she continued to pursue research in Biology on the side amongst other things.  This brings her to turning 24.  She's living in her own apartment in Irkutsk where her parents also reside.  They were all doing their own research for two different companies in the city.  

Once she had her Masters, she began actual lab research as her main job, but continued to work with her parents on their demon stuff on off hours.  Her parents were getting older, and couldn't do as much and she was MORE than happy to pull more weight for them.  After all, her first love in research is demons with physics as a close second.  She soon became a prominent name in the science world as a woman who showed promise (and attractive though it wasn't like she exactly realized it to the extent that it was).  So much so that when she was 28, she was asked to give a lecture on her research in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Obviously she agreed and flew there with all of the excitement bubbling in her stomach.  What she DIDN'T realize was that there was some undercover military work that was planning some dark shenanigans for that particular convention.  

She was giving her paper when explosions began to rock the building, thankfully starting elsewhere than where she was.  Snapping her laptop closed and slipping it into her bag, she bolted out of that lecture hall the moment she heard it leaving some people rather bewildered and confused before the panic began to settle in.  There was some security that tried to escort her, but she told them to go worry about the others more, she would be fine on her own.  It was a logical decision, she had had training to handle herself around demons and so dangerous situations like this were nothing!  She ran down the backstairs, cutting through some restricted area's when she literally ran into a guy.  He was 6'2" with blonde hair and bright blue eyes, dressed in military blacks and clearly on a getaway rendezvous sort of thing.  Well, the two were certainly startled to run into each other and shared a moment of deer in the headlights.  She was concerned she would have to fight him.  He was concerned that she would report him.  In the end, the two of them got the hell out of dodge as more explosions reigned overhead.  That was how she met Petri.  

Needless to say once the pair had escaped, he took her with him to a nearby safe house for him.  She could tell it surprised him that she went with little to no fuss.  He was so stern and focused on the job, and she was so not concerned at all.  After a quick diffusing of the tension (she may or may not have started going off about chemicals and the explosions), the two soon started dating.  Not even kidding, they started dating about a week after that meeting.  She conveniently showed up, answered the police's questions, reassured them that she was fine and she would contact them, yada yada yada and left the former forward capital to meet up Petri back in Irkutsk.  Here was a man that didn't mind when she went off, and was equally brilliant in chemistry.  He was also a demon hunter, and he wasn't annoyed by her in the least bit.  It was completely…. mind-boggling what the probability percentage of this happening was and yet it had been hit on the nail.  

So the two began to continue work out of Irkutsk, Petri moving into her place with some finagling with the Finnish government (don't worry about it). At this point in time she has been developing a particular set of equipment that she hopes will be able to make demon hunting even more effective, and certainly for someone with long range capabilities like herself.  Or if you need to get out fast.  Currently only she and Petri have the prototypes, but she hopes to develop more for any other demon hunters she will encounter.  In fact, she will probably encounter some others soon….


Petri Ovaska & The Four Blades

+ Genius Physicist: Her understanding of the subject in its various forms is expertise at its base line.  Motion is her specialty.
+ Ranged Weaponry Specialist: She's best at any pole arms (particularly Glaves and Scythes), but she is also excellent at a bow.
+ Improvisation: If she has to, she can figure out how to fight in a given situation without her preferred weapons.  Comes from her years of physical training, and general understanding of physics, biology, and demonology.  
+ Physical Shape: From years of physical training and excursions out into Inferis for the sake of research, she is in excellent physical shape and has excellent reflexes as well to respond to situations.

+ Weak Point: Because of her knowledge about demons, their physiology, biology and physics from experimentation and the like, she seems to have an innate sense about a demons weakness.  Or can hypothesize with relative accuracy what it might be.  This is NOT 100%, and is better the more she has encountered a demon, or the more she knows about it.  
+ Improved Endurance: While she can run just a smidgeon bit longer and fight for longer, his is mostly directed at being able to handle wind resistance, g-forces, and combat via her prototype equipment.
+ Cold Resistance: She is more physically resistant to cold temperatures.  It won't affect her as much while fighting, and she doesn't have to bundle up as much as other people might.  She can basically wear a t-shirt and capri's in 32 degree Fahrenheit weather if she so chose to.  So area's like the Stygian Tundra are barely cold to her.  This doesn't mean that she's weak to warmer temperatures.  It just means she handles the cold better than normal while in Inferis.  
+ Improved Eyesight: In Inferis, she can see things with a bit more clarity which increases her likelihood of hitting smaller targets from a normal distance, or hitting them at all if from farther distances.  This is still affected by whether or not she's wearing her glasses.  If she isn't wearing her glasses, it means that she can see things within a fifteen feet radius of herself as opposed to 8 foot radius.  

+ Has a bad habit of rambling on and on about experiments and physics if prompted and is encouraged to tell someone more.  
+ Her curiosity can get the better of her at times if something particularly fascinates her.  
+ Petri.  She can become irrational when it comes to him being safe and alive.  
+ It is difficult for her to see without her glasses on.  Things are mostly clear for her within 8 feet of her, but past that it starts getting real blurry.  

Hungarian (pale goldenrod), Finnish (tan), Russian (brown), Demon (crimson), English (royalblue),  Latin (white), Japanese (forest green), Chinese (Mandarin) (silver)


- Is dating and lives with Petri Ovaska in Irkutsk.
- Brilliant scientist.  Speciality field: Physics.
- May be trying to come up with Combustable Lemons. Or convincing Petri he should.
- Hates Vodka.
- Is still working out the quirks in her prototype equipment (see that app for more details).
- Will consult her parents sometimes on some matters.




Jangmi Twins, Mammon, Tatyana, Ceri, Maeve, Wei Qing, Takatori, Azrael

8 years.

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Combustible lemons. Excellent. XD

Great app otherwise, though. Get her in #6!


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