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#127 - Onyx Tyrant

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#127 - Onyx Tyrant Empty #127 - Onyx Tyrant

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sun Aug 04, 2013 4:07 am


Name: Onyx Tyrant
Aliases: Rex, Mecharex, Dino X, "oh my God what the fuck is that get down", "it's coming for us oh fuck", "oh shit oh shit is that a laser beam"

Sphere: Tarpit Enclaves
Tier: Elite. It will kill you. And everything you love.

#127 - Onyx Tyrant 2rptk4n

Abilities: The Onyx Tyrant stands at about twenty feet tall and fifty feet long, weighing around a solid fifteen metric tons. It's not difficult to see what it's based off. 65,000,000 ago a large meteor wiped out all cold-blooded dinosaur life. Including the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, once the apex predator of its time. 64,999,999 years ago, the original Tyrant began to appear through the Tarpits. Make of this what you will.

Birthed from a truly savage essence through the aforementioned pits of black, viscous energy, at first the Onyx Tyrants were simply as they appear there. Deformed. Red eyes. Giant; far larger than they had ever been on Earth. Unrelenting, impossibly powerful predators. Savage, completely energised, without halt or restraint that simply attempted to consume everything. Thankfully, there was more archaic magic from eons past dwelling in the Tarpits even then; so the original Tyrants were far from a real threat. Only a few original organics existed after a great Enclaves cull; they who were wounded, captured, taken into the laboratories as trophies and pet experiments.

Then came down from the top the order. The call from Legion themselves. Whispered from Demon to Demon and in response there was only a gaunt, pale, sombre, and skeletal face. "Mechanise them."

And so the few that remained were gutted and kept alive through the immeasurable pain by soul energy tethers. Held down, their innards were replaced with biosynthetic organs, even then - and a complex mechanical system made for the sole purpose of concentrating and redirecting soul energy, before they were sewn up and mass-produced from the pits. The Tyrants had been reborn. Now... they were the Onyx Tyrants. They weighed in far heavier than their predecessors. They had been domesticated. Trained. Tethered to the will of Legion, drafted into his armies as impossible attack dogs, the true behemoths of his forces.

They were the perfect predator. They hunted and killed, left to their own devices, without cease. And targeted, left to their own devices, now they only disposed of the nuisances in the Tarpits. They were savage. They were brutal. They tore through adversaries and sheared flesh as if it was all they were purposed for. And when opposing forces decided it was time to approach the Tyrants from afar... the great mechanical dinosaurs responded... by launching high-precision concentrated soul energy lasers.

This more or less documents the history of the Onyx Tyrants. They are impossibly large, reborn tyrannosaurs; bones protrude through the flesh at ugly angles to deform them anyway; but the synthetic red glow in their mouth and in their eyes that's ever-present, that took away that essence of savage organic nature and evolutionary free will they had, even in Inferis... that is mechanical. That is the touch of the Miasmic Complex. They have been turned to the perfect attack dog; the perfect heavy troop. They are organic dinosaurs with the resilience of a machine that can be sliced apart til the concentration mechanism within is completely destroyed; and nanomachine technology will slowly sew them back together. To destroy the Onyx Tyrant, you must utterly obliterate it, hew its head from its neck, break its spine; whichever - it must simply be destroyed. But it will continue to fire laser beams at you until this point.

Concentrated laser beams.

That could cut through stone.

Miscellaneous Notes: - You are so, unbelievably, absolutely, completely fucked.
- Has no opposable thumbs.

#127 - Onyx Tyrant Arrow1m #127 - Onyx Tyrant Pentacle1 #127 - Onyx Tyrant Arrow2a


"Wipe the blood from your halo."

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