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#122 - Scavenger

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#122 - Scavenger Empty #122 - Scavenger

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sat Jul 27, 2013 3:30 am


Name: Scavenger
Aliases: Eldritch Maw, "The Mouth", Pit Dogs

Sphere: Tarpit Enclaves
Tier: Regular

#122 - Scavenger 21cavwz

Abilities: Reaching about four feet high, the Scavenger's main body is distorted yet spherical in basis, but it bears three equidistant legs at the base of its body, and three thick, fleshy tendril-style appendages. Two of these emerge from the side of the Scavenger's actual mass and are lined with vicious, hook-shaped claws, able to tear through flesh and shred lighter armours like butter, whilst the third, longer tendril protrudes from the back of its main bodily basis, and is prehensile, flexible, and anywhere from six to fifteen feet long - and at the end, is layered with yellow, reptilian eyes with slit-like pupils.

However the most dangerous and startling of the Scavenger's features is its gaping, constantly salivating maw, lined with row upon row upon row of razor-sharp tapered teeth, ever-dripping with enzyme-laden sputum: for the Scavenger hungers without cease. Its entire existence is devoted to the purpose of uncovering its next meal, shearing through flesh, sinew and bone indiscriminately - devouring all it can find. The Scavenger will feast on anything with remote traces of Soul Energy, and though it gets a base amount from simply being atmospherically present, it's constantly ravenous for more.

For this reason is where the Scavenger gets its name from. Each of these horrific, malformed breeds lingers on the fringes of land dotted around the eponymous tar pits, skulking around quietly and searching for anything that may have been dropped half-dead by Legion's mass armies into them - be they prisoners, adversaries, or failed experiments. The Scavenger is one of few Demons who can accurately swim through the Tarpits due to natural lubricants that coat its body, allowing it to essentially "push through" the Tar and swim around without being sucked into the viscous liquids and perishing.

The Scavenger will then take anything - metallic or organic in origin, or even foul conglomerates of the two - hook onto it with its two tendrils, and draw them out of the pits, before savaging them and devouring every last iota of the being that remains, and the Soul Energy with them. It's that simple. It will eat anything. Whilst it utilises the eye-tendril for far sight subtly as it can extend it around and over ridges which it uses to remain otherwise unseen, in close combat the Scavenger is slightly less gifted - strikes from the hooked tendrils still hurt, and if it wraps its maw around you that's more or less game over once it takes a few chunks out; but it will go down easily. Just make sure you find it before it finds you.

Miscellaneous Notes: - Has adept three-hundred and sixty rotary vision due to its eye tendril.
- Skulks around the Tarpits - which each Scavenger has a strong geographical and topographical knowledge of - looking for food, be it dead or alive.
- Will occasionally pick off foreign life-forms that walk alone, but are dissuaded if they have companions.
- Pseudo-intelligent as it can determine between a battle which will yield success - and food - and one which will only yield death.
- Packs of Scavengers have seldom known to be work together; but it doesn't end well after they realise that a) each other are sources of Soul Energy and b) they fight over the meal left at the end.
- Can actually "sniff out" traces of Soul Energy in a manner not dissimilar from a dog and scents.

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