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#059 - Chasm Slime

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#059 - Chasm Slime Empty #059 - Chasm Slime

Post by Diogenes the Cynic on Fri May 10, 2013 8:16 am


Name: Chasm Slime
Aliases: Demon Slime, Slothful Mass, Giant Amoeba, Dungeon Slime, Shoggoth

Sphere: Entropic Chasm (rumored to have a presence in the Tarpit Enclaves)
Tier: Regular

#059 - Chasm Slime Fiend-juiblex3

The Entropic Chasm is full of a variety of beings that exist as slothful beasts, constantly remaining in one place for almost the entirety of their existence. These creatures tend to come in two different kinds; sluggish or slimy. The slimes tend to be more common, often following in the wake of the sluggish creatures, and tend to fit a similar role as the slime molds of our modern world; feasting upon static material to make biological compounds.

In the case of Chasm Slimes, anything and everything is food. This can range from the rocks to the living creatures of the Entropic Chasm, from demons to mortals, from animal to vegetable and mineral. Anything and everything is food. It isn't that they specifically like to consume; it's just that it's believed that they have a mindset that if they don't eat the nearest thing to grasp they'll die of hunger. Essentially they are creatures born of lazy eating. Their bodies are the perfect eating machines; essentially cells seperated by stomach acids and enzymes, all bound together by a single mass. The more they eat, the bigger they get, and if they get enough soul energy in their systems they split into multitudes in order to expand to new feeding grounds and feast upon more.

Abilities: Chasm Slimes are gigantic moving slimes. They feast on anything in their path, though they aren't very discriminate on what they eat. If disturbed, they can bunch their bodies together and attack violently with melee-based attacks; either attacking with psuedopods and striking with great proficiency. Their psuedopods can turn into different kinds of strikes, either into a piercing attack or attacking like a sledgehammer. Chasm Slimes can also choose to envelop foes in order to consume them, and slowly cause damage over time as they envelop the bodies of their victims.

Miscellaneous Notes: - They grow to various sizes
- They appear to have been witnessed by Lovecraft at one point in time (a particularly big one inspired his Shoggoths)
- They are insentient
- Some take on weird appearances to attact prey. Slime Girl fetish people are the greatest risk of being victims to these demons

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