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Post by Mr. Black on Thu Sep 12, 2013 12:56 pm


There is a language that speaks across generations, borders, languages, life, death, and even dimensions. That, my friends is music. Music has been around forever and always will be around. No force in this world or the next will stop the music and nothing would want to. Even if every life in extinguished another one will evolve and eventually pick up a god damned guitar. It is a power that can't be stopped and drags us all along with it's awe inspiring power.

From coast to coast to coast music companies spring up to bring the sexiness and talent of musicians to the whole world. There is a gap though. Where are the music companies to manage the powers of demons and super powered mortals? There aren't any. Sure you could try your hand at Real World music industry. With it's fixation on marketing and looks you might as well just surrender and sell out. But why? Why sell out to those creeps when Crossroads knows that you are special and will book you as such? Maybe you are a voodoo child, you can chop a mountain down with the edge of your hand, maybe you live in a yellow submarine, maybe you are a hideous monster with the most wicked guitar riffs in the Hellscape. The point is, we want you. We want your talent, your drive, your passion, and in return will will make you famous. Famous in this world AND the next. Every demon, angel, and mortal will know your name if you are good enough. Just try out and see.

The goal of Crossroad Studios is simple. Take the most talented musicians from all dimensions and pair them up in the most powerful musical experiment ever attempts. They don't work for one group or another and care nothing for politics. They just want to make the most amazing music ever heard by man, demon, or angel. Plus this gives a great jumping off point for struggling musicians in the real world. Sure the real record companies might turn you down but Crossroads knows you are special and wants to pair you up with other special people and rock the fuck out. Sure, fame fortune and power are there. Sure the Studio is making money off your fame and sure that money might go to one cause or another but that's not important. What's important is the music. Crossroad is a place where you set aside grudges and play what you want. You might want to kill your fellow band mates but keep that out of the music man. Play the best damned music you can and then once the gig is over take it outside. Crossroad is a no violence or grudge zone. For the sake of art, leave it at the door. If you can't handle it, get out. This is a place and company for art not war man.

The group's producer is the one and only Mr. Black. The most well connected mortal alive. No one knows who all he knows but he knows everyone important. He can book gis that would seem like a dream. Get things no one thought possible and give you the kind of financial backing you need to be the very best, that no one ever was. Just sign up, try out, and if you are good enough get fucking rich and famous. Come one, what have you got to lose?

Producer: Mr. Black

Musicians: Paimon, Trombone



Bring your own instrument and play it. If you need another one talk to Black or get it yourself. The gear is somewhat unimpressive in scope as it really is just instruments and production equipment. It's more than enough and everything on hand is top of the line, no doubt. As far training goes you really have to be good already to even join. However, there are plenty of members that might be willing to help you land that new bad ass bass solo and could help you brush up on those bongo skills. Just ask around and maybe drop some money and you likely have a trainer. this is a place to form the ultimate musical discussion after all. No one here should be too stingy to help you improve. After all, the success of one is the success of all.

Musicians are what we are looking for, well, and those are so devoted to music they are willing to be benefactors. Let's make it awesome.

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Mr. Black
Mr. Black

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Crossroad Studios Empty Re: Crossroad Studios

Post by Lucifuge on Thu Sep 12, 2013 12:59 pm

Paimon for trombone!


The Tongue Angelic

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Crossroad Studios Empty Re: Crossroad Studios

Post by Mr. Black on Thu Sep 12, 2013 1:06 pm

Hahah! It hasn't been approved yet.


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Mr. Black
Mr. Black

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Power Level: 2
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Player: Dread

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Post by Sponsored content

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