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Post by Etreven on Sat Jul 13, 2013 2:55 pm


Etreven (Completed App) Wwkms6 Etreven (Completed App) Wwkms6Etreven (Completed App) Wwkms6
”At the end of days, where the world bleeds and burns.”


Taken Name: Etreven
Birth Name: Evžen Vacek





March 27th, 1978

Etreven (Completed App) Saitou.Hajime.full.386535
Etreven (Completed App) HOTTIE-Saito-Hajime-hakuouki-13649905-465-640Etreven (Completed App) Epsiode-2-saito-hajime



The man looked…pristine.  There was no better way to describe it.  From the clean, well pressed line of his tall collared tailcoat to the lacing on his boots, every bit of his appearance was carefully groomed, painstaking attention to detail applied to achieve the very personification of that simple adjective.  All ironed blacks and silver buttons.  Crisp lines and starched lace and leather and polish.  More often than not he was garbed in nearly all black, broken up with a flash of moonlight across his torso or a shirt ruffle exposed at his collar.

Indeed, if it wasn't for the obviously windswept hair shaded a dark, dark blue, he could have looked like he was stepping right off of some high budget military action film.  He was a tall man, thin framed but well muscled.  The kind of man who caught eyes and turned heads, a beautiful man who's every movement held a grace and precision that echoed his immaculate dress and presentation.  This was a man who planned his interactions with other carefully and understood the power of image on others.

His face on the other hand was both handsome and disturbing.  More often than not it's only expression was gross impassivity, an empty facade scarcely touched by emotion and humanity.  Lips that moved only to speak, their muscles more inclined to twitch in subtle hints of emotion than to dare express anything of the kind.  Empty, but beautiful.  Hollow.  A handsome face disguising its owner's disconnection, fragmentation, brokenness.

And yet those deep blue eyes were touched by something both more carefully contained and exceedingly more vulnerable, a gateway to something long hidden (or perhaps just dormant).  The pressure of feelings at war with thoughts, a window to a sense of self long since fragmented and kept like a prisoner behind those eyes.

Under that second skin so immaculately kept, a less well kept psyche hid just out of sight.

In Inferis, Etreven frequently dresses in light martial arts garb, generally favoring blades and clothing that won't restrict movement.  Ymir frequently walks beside Etreven, sharing both in the spotlight and showcasing his ever increasing manifestation.

One mind lost, another precariously formed, the ghost of a missing lifetime of memory and experience jutting fragmentedly and unexpectedly into the cracks of a nascent life and a newly formed identity.  Etreven is a man split between conflicted internal forces, keeping them in check by constant attention and force of will.  Lacking any clear knowledge of his own personal history before what he so nonchalantly calls "the event", the influence of his past has both laid the groundwork for his new life and protrudes threateningly into his actions and efforts.

In spite of this juxtaposition of self, he possesses a careful, precise intellect over which he has constructed a framework of charm and charisma, a personality contortionist and verbal acrobat with a penchant for quickly picking up on the patterns and mannerisms of others.  He is a patient man.  An observer, a gatherer of information and a plotter.  In his mind's eye, the world is like a chess board wherein each person and situation he encounters translates into a piece to be deployed or a move to be made.  Words and mannerisms crafted to resonate with those around him, he bends his talents to manipulate others into serving his will and plans whenever possible, tugging at their emotions and personalities as a means to his ends.

Having spent all of his life surrounded by a family dynastically entrenched in politics, (and despite a complete lack of clear memories of that lifetime) he is engrained with an almost preternatural sense of how to pull the strings in the people around him.  Originally employed as a means of proving his worth to a family that expected him to occupy a high position of power, his "new" life has required him to learn more devious and complex methods of gaining the attention and loyalties of those around him.

Viewing other people in one of two categories, he either regards them as useless (and thus contemptible and expendable) or useful, and his interactions with them generally reflect that categorization.  For those from whom he has something to acquire he shows nothing but constructed facades, a custom personality manufactured to meet an end.  For the others…suffice to say there are rare moments when he gives himself leave to enjoy the pleasure of expressing his anger and contempt.

In secret he wars with himself, parts of his former consciousness picking at his so-carefully laid plans, mining at the foundations of his ambitions and desires.  Without knowing it, this inner war is itself the cause of the deep rooted desire for undoing lodged at the base of all he does.

Rare lucid moments leave him in a pristine state of narcism and an unflagging belief in his own superiority (and that of his goals and plans).  Having encountered only a single (failed) instance of functional opposition, he drives his ultimately nihilistic goals further and further towards their fruition.

As the child of Lucifer and Mammon, Ymir is a personification of pride second only to Lucifer himself.  A giant, hulking, monstrous demon, he exudes a painful magnetism, his words like a poison leeching into the ears of those he speaks to.  A manipulator not through lies but omissions, the loyalty gathered to him swells his size, a physical representation of both pride in self and the power gathered to it.

His is the voice of unfounded confidence, the abandonment of doubt at *any* cost, the very personification of recklessness and the misfortune that follows it.  In Etreven he has found a willing vassal, a way to escape from his fragmentation and prison.

Evžen was born into the Vacek family, a political dynasty of long standing political prominence (having been entrenched in the government of the region since the age of the Austro-Hungarian Empire) that had withstood the changing and twisting of regimes up through the founding of the contemporary Czech Republic and Evžen (their first born) was heir to their dynasty (and both the money and power that came with it).  His childhood was spent in Prague surrounded by opulence and power, an experience that filled him with a sense of his own destiny and untouchability.  Watching his family exert their control over all they surveyed taught him from an early age both the importance of and skill for manipulation.

From 10 to 18 he was sent to a variety of international boarding schools, first in Switzerland, then the United Kingdom and finally Russia.  Returning home, he studied law and political theory at Charles University in Prague before taking a teaching fellowship in 2000.

Following a political blowup focused around a failed military aid debacle in 2003, his father was forced out of power, the results of political maneuvering initiated (largely in secret) by Evžen and allies in the Czech Social Democratic Party (many recruited initially from his contacts and friends at Charles University).  Taking up the mantle of encouraging European peace he was swept up in anti-military populist furor and elected by a landslide into his father's former Senate seat.

Militaristic opposition counter maneuvering Evžen (and aided largely by his father, now actively working to disinherit his now unfavored son) stepped in to attempt to remove him from his new found power by the means they knew best: assassination.  The attempt succeeded…nearly.  Shot from long distance through the right half of his brain, his body was quietly removed and transported on a bribed international prison transport and dumped in a soviet work camp.  Having been left for dead by his would be executioners as well as the transport crews, his "body" was discovered by scavenging crew on the pay of a local crime syndicate who were shocked to discover the man still breathing (but deep in the advanced phases of hypothermia).

What none of them knew was that Evžen had sought the very manifestation of pride through a long forgotten summoning ritual, believing long before that it was the key to fulfilling his life's ambitions.  That ritual had failed, as far as Evžen could tell, and his attention had turned to the more pressing matters of political fundraising, public relations and tactics, but a conduit had formed.  Imprisoned and powerless though he may have been, bound deep inside a cavern far below the Forlorn Ashland, his will watched Evžen until the "assassination" provided the opportunity of escape he had longed for.

A bullet to the brain that should have killed him instead brought his consciousness face to face with the slightest sliver of the will and power of Ymir who offered him a simple choice: bind to me and live or refuse and die.  The answer was unsurprising.

When the man awoke after an extended coma he had lost any functional memory of his life prior to "the event", spending the next several months trying desperately to remember any useful details to connect him to his past and unsuccessfully beseeching the demon now permanently bound to him for any knowledge.  Latching on to a fragment of a word that might have been his name he took up the moniker "Etreven" and slowly worked his way into the graces of the crime syndicate that had been his salvation.  On the surface he appeared helpful, cooperative, even eager to learn the ropes and climb the criminal ladder (taking on jobs largely gathering intelligence or performing interrogations).  In the back of his mind Ymir watched and pushed, ever so slowly leaking what more of his essence he could across the line of the bond between the two.

Pulling on the natural abilities and skills he had developed in his former life (though ignorant to their meaning or origin) he brokered a deal with the syndicate to forge military records, citizenship paperwork and background for entrance as an officer in the Russian Ground Forces.  Possessing both a fluent command of Russian (the only language he had regularly used since "the event") and the appropriate *disposition* to present as an officer candidate, the arrangement allowed him to pass information along to the syndicate in exchange for continuing support and resources.

Rapidly rising within the ranks, Etreven spent the next several years acquiring loyalties, favors and power in whatever form he could consolidate it, actively encouraging escalated military involvement in a wide array of major armed conflicts worldwide.  And though none of his "allies" yet knew it, his sights were set on the leadership of the Strategic Rocket Forces, the lynchpin in an ultimate plan to create a non-future built solely in his own image.

Ymir watched his progress and grinned a mad, toothy grin.  Oh yes, this was going to be a fun ride.



- Crack shot: extremely good with traditional fire arms (although particularly long range/sniper rifles)
- Saber fighting: years (now forgotten) spent honing skill as a fencer have left him with muscle memory allowing him to access substantial prowess as a sword fighter.
- Exceptionally good at reading others, connecting the dots about their mannerisms, speech, body language, dress and history.
- Fluid personality: mirrors the body language and mannerisms of others, carefully crafting a facade for the purposes of manipulating others.
- Exceptional tactician.

- Preternatural focus, with visual and audio acuity improving tenfold.
- Eidetic memory: Whether reading, speaking or observing, information acquired while possessed is stored photographically.
- Extraordinarily enhanced physical toughness - any blow shy of cannon fire would fail to leave even the slightest mark in his possessed state.

- Incapable of forming actual emotional attachments apart from contempt.
- Entirely asexual, lacking any sort of legitimate attraction to anything (though he has been known to use sex as a manipulation tool)
- Prone to occasional but severe headaches bordering on seizures (though they come in waves that provide some warning of onset).
- Gross overconfidence bordering on recklessness.  He truly believes that he cannot fail anything he sets his mind to accomplishing.

Czech [azure]
Russian [olivedrab]
Mat [firebrick]
English (British) [lemonchiffon]
French [mediumseagreen]
German [goldenrod]
Demon [dimgray]

Ymir speaks predominantly in Demon (darkred) in bold italics in Etreven's head.  He also speaks Ancient Khmer (peru), Greek (darkseagreen), Latin (antiquewhite), English (khaki), Hindi (skyblue) and Arabic (silver).


- He is obsessed with knowledge, in particular the occult and world/military history.  He has acquired a massive library and has had it digitized to allow him to access it from nearly anywhere.
- Though he would not have been diagnosed with dissociative personality disorder, the internal effect of his mental schism is much like one personality clashing and disagreeing with another.  When he's completely on his own he is sometimes predisposed to talk to himself.
- Of the many emotions that push their way to the top of his psyche, the one Etreven finds hardest to control (and thus most likely to actually show) is anger.
- Fixation on the number 3 and all of its iterations.



Human Male
Class: Musician
Level: 28


None (yet)

14+ years

[b]Hakuōki[/b] :: [b]Hajime Saito[/b]

Voided Egoist

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Etreven (Completed App) Empty Re: Etreven (Completed App)

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sat Jul 13, 2013 9:39 pm

Archive date is July 29th.


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Etreven (Completed App) Empty Re: Etreven (Completed App)

Post by Jinhong Jangmi on Sun Jul 14, 2013 10:30 pm


..... The 3 thing? Really sir? XD Ohhhhh Mammon is twitching already haha!


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When speaking at the same time with her twin, they use mediumpurple no matter the language. Depends on the context and what they've been speaking before.

When in Inferis, they use italics with an appropriate color coding for the language when speaking telepathically to each other. :|
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