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Moloch, the Devourer Empty Moloch, the Devourer

Post by Moloch on Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:38 pm


Moloch, the Devourer Wwkms6 Moloch, the Devourer Wwkms6 Moloch, the Devourer Wwkms6
”Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whosoever he be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones. Leviticus 20:2.”



The Devourer, The First King, He Who Taketh, Saturn, Cronus, Melech, Bosheth, Childeater, Minotaur, Unholy Flame, Milcom, Lmlk, Sakryfycer, Shame, The Face, Laputa, The Bull, Thorny Devil, The Wrathful One, Borheas, Khione, Meltankos, Balder, Himuro, Skaldi, Ull, Orithyia, Himavat, Ngeshtin-ana, Marzanna, Cailleach Bheur, The Instigator

6,999,947,153 Years of Age; Birthday is approximately April 20th, and yes, he counts every year.


Stygian Tundra

Moloch, the Devourer 25jh99i_zps13ec67a5

Moloch, the Devourer 25721-1



Moloch is, in short, much different than he was. Seven and a half billion years did that to someone. No longer the man with the long white hair and a face of immaculate beauty; eons of anti-paradise and madness had decayed his perfect personage to something hideous, twisted, deformed. The changes had happened slowly, but as of now, he is... Well, this. A beast, standing one hundred, maybe one-hundred and fifty, feet high, from hooves to back, discounting the temple atop its spine. Although the occurrence is rare, Moloch has stood biped-ally before, standing at a full three-hundred feet. As it is, Moloch appears to be a massive demonic ox or bull, coated in ice, particularly coating the hooves. Atop its back is a large slab of exposed bone, easily mistaken for a cliff on its back, atop which a temple sits. He has glowing yellow eyes, and a large gaping mouth, filled with jagged teeth. In lieu of most of its chest, the icy beast has a hole, in which lays an eternally burning flame. On its head are a pair of large horns, and behind it, although obscured in the image, is a large crocodile's tail. Moloch, in this form, speaks in a booming contrabass growling roar, which is rather difficult for most other than the Archdemons to understand.

In his mortal form, Moloch is... Well, still not quite human, but as close as he can get. Standing an impressive eleven feet tall, he is bulky and massive, with a broad chest, and bulging muscles, the primal state of Moloch's current mindset seems to be reflected in this mortal appearance. His face is remarkable primarily in the beady, blank, and glowing white eyes, as well as the squarish, flat shape of his head. As far as clothing goes, Moloch tends to wear pants that come about two-thirds down his leg, and a sleeveless leather jacket, badly torn and mangled from eons of wear-and-tear. His voice in this form is still the same loud and cheerful voice, though a bit quieter, and more bass than contrabass, in addition to being easier to understand by anyone who he happens to be speaking to.

Moloch has... Quite an interesting personality. Definitely unique. Originally, as an angel, he was somewhat hot-headed, and for the most part, was loyal to Lucifer, in favor of having a society that he assumed would be superior to the current state of Heaven; improving on perfection. Nowadays, however, he could really care less about such petty things as that. He has far more he cares about. For you see, Moloch, after his fall from Heaven, had descended into a winding stairway of madness, which he hasn't yet arisen from, and indeed never will. To describe this, his personality can be broken down into five main assets.

The Puppy
It is well known that Moloch, of all the Archdemons, is almost permanently cheerful and happy, for whatever reason. Oftentimes, he can be found entertaining himself through food, exploring the mystical land of Ee-arth, or just enjoying the company of his siblings. He is, at the heart of things, simplistic. As Maslov would say, he has fulfilled all of his needs and wants, and his own self-actualization takes the form of doing whatsoever strikes his fancy; he lives a whimsical life, and in such, he is always happy, for he never has to worry about a thing.

The Big Brother
Except for watching over the other archdemons, of course. While he may not ACTUALLY be the eldest of the ten, as he sometimes causes people to infer, he still treats all nine archdemons as his younger siblings, and always feels a strong bond between each, even should that bond not be returned. He would do or give anything for his siblings, as he thinks of them, and often has done such, when needed. some examples of this side to his personality would be that he adds extra "sprinkles," to her ice cream for her; he may or may not refer to people/demons that got on his nerves as sprinkles... He also has made an adorable habit of telling Belphegor a bedtime story every so often; he may be asleep, but he can still hear, right?

The Psychopath
Well, he may like his archdemonic siblings, but what of the vast majority, what of everyone BUT them? Well, quite frankly, he's a cool guy, he likes most people. But one can't forget that he is an archdemon, and indeed, an archdemon commonly associated with the sin of wrath. It doesn't take much to eh... irritate him. And when he's irritated, he can quickly go from a cheerful little puppy to a cheerfully sadistic man-eating rage-beast. When somebody gets on his nerves, they can usually tell; his smile (you can't really see it in his demon form, but still...) never fades, but he will begin to make incredibly blunt, passive-aggressive, threats, veiled by his forever-cheer. Kinda. For example, he'd say things such as, "OH, SO YOU DON'T WANT TO HANG OUT WITH MOLOCH, INFANTILE MORSEL? WOULD YOU INSTEAD LIKE TO BE FLUNG FROM THE HIGHEST FLOOR OF THE DEVIL SPIRE TO THE VERY BOTTOM OF SLEEPY'S CHASM?" This is what subtlety looks like up close, gentlemen. All of the subtlety of a defecating rhinocerous.

The Beast
Though that's only when you get on his nerves. What about the rare times that one could press on, and on, and on, until finally? SNAP. Aaaaand you broke Moloch's patience. Somehow, you managed to test him so much, to the point that he just snapped. Again, remember that Moloch is somewhat representative of wrath, the sin of punching someone's face into a bloody mess, devouring the body, and delivering said bloody mess of a face to Mam-Mam, as a nice brunch. If you can wear down his patience past irritation, (provided you do so from a safe place, lest he punt you before you even truly enrage the beast) you will see a new side of Moloch. A side you won't like. Moloch has quite a tendency to, when properly angered, unleash fury on the unlucky soul that managed to provoke the normally gentle giant. One should expect at least four Ice Golems, in addition to Moloch firing off a number of his icy attacks at you, or, if it's personal enough, he will forgo such methods in favor of purely chasing you down, and murdering the crap out of you, until you DIE.

The Devourer
And lastly, overarching the other four aspects of his personality is this; Moloch devours. He is the devourer, and for a reason; long ago, before the time of Moses, some villages kept an altar of a great bull-headed beast- Moloch of course- in their city's center, where they flung first-born babies into the flames in sacrifice. There was a reason behind this, you see; Moloch has a hunger that is difficult to satisfy. He is never seen without some form of food, and is rather quick to try and solve all of his problems by eating them.

Heaven. The paradise lost, always at the back of Moloch's mind, the thing he subconsciously attempts time and time again to rebuild for himself in the furthest place from it. Yes, he recalls his days as an angel... Vividly, in fact, as far back as to the time that the angel currently known as Lucifer was only just considering his plans. In fact, it was Moloch, misguided by ideas of a better world, with one of his best friends in command, who had spoken, time and time again, encouraging, endorsing, and outright egging on Lucifer, until he finally decided firmly that he and his nine most loyal comrades would attempt the impossible; to take Heaven by storm.

They... They had failed. He didn't know where, or how, which part of the plan had led to its own failure, who to blame for what, whether it even was anyone's fault at all. All he knew was that, as the war came to an end, he and nine others crashed down, far down, in a fall that Moloch still regards as seemingly infinite in length, one he would do anything to avoid suffering once more, as their wings, the wings of the angels of Heaven, were stripped, feather by feather, from their bodies. He hit the ground with a resounding crash, in a completely new environment, a brand new realm... Inferis. It was then that Lucifer regrouped his lieutenants, and renamed himself, giving each of them new names as well. It had been so long... Moloch can no longer remember his original name, only that it had a nice ring to it. It was magnificent, as he recalls, and in fits of frustration, he still occasionally attempts to recall it, going through possibility after possibility, never satisfied with any name but his own, Moloch, yet still yearning for that lost moniker.

From that point on, eons passed, eons went, and slowly, ever so slowly, Moloch changed. It had started out after he'd been given the Stygian Tundra to rule as his domain; he spent thousands and thousands of years, futilely attempting to recreate a sort of Heaven in Inferis, a paradise to replace his former home. He couldn't generate the misty, frothy clouds of Heaven, and in the process, he invented snow, and by extension ice. Over time, these concepts grew more complex, such to the point where today, we have meteorology in all of its splendor. Time went on once more, as his attempts grew weaker and lamer, to the point where he really wasn't trying anymore. But in a fit of rage, at the fact he could no longer enjoy a life of perfection, he crossed from Inferis onto this new realm, this realm called Ee-arth. It looked so... Exotic. Covered in plants, and mountains, and deserts, and seas; he hated it, despised it; strange lizards and odd hairy beasts roamed the lands, and he saw that they were happy, that they had their paradise. He was entitled to paradise! Not them! As his fury built, he let loose with no abandon, no regard for anything else, and an ice age was induced. Many, many, scores of beings were extinguished in the time it took for the climate to hit its peak, before falling slowly back to normal, as Moloch roamed the ice-ridden wasteland that he had built. He wasn't satisfied with that either.

He returned to Inferis, to dwell in his realm, in solitude for a time, until finally, bored out of his senses, he decided it was time to find some companion to cure his loneliness. It was bad enough he'd lost his paradise, although that was his own fault, but still, couple that with being forever alone, and it isn't quite a fun thing. So he went over to see Belial. And there it was, joking around with his fellow archdemon, that he decided perhaps Inferis was better than Heaven anyways. He didn't need perfection and paradise to be happy. He just needed something to eat; he was starving.

And as luck had it, he'd struck upon an idea, some thousand years ago or something; ice was fun, and he ate plenty of ice, but ice and the creamy milk of a cow? It was a far superior design. So, possessing a Chinese man, he invented the treat known as ice cream. And over the years, he'd influence its creation and evolution, as he made and consumed more and more. After centuries of ice cream, he finally decided to possess the right person for the task of creating a place that served ice cream PREDOMINATELY; Dairy Queen.

And since that day, Moloch has been fairly peaceful, in his realm of Inferis. He enjoys getting out and about, hanging out with his fellow fallen angels, and occasionally heading over to the mortal realm to terrify mingle with the ones he referred to as "morsels." Until the day he is called upon again for action, Moloch shall remain, lame pun intended, cool.

Moloch, the Devourer Frostgolem
Hegvelm Shel Qerh (Frost Golem)
The Hegvelm Shel Qerh, Hebrew for Frost Golem, is a most elite servant of Moloch. Birthed from his very stomach, regurgitated from his massive maw, these demons can be formed at will, and live primarily to serve Moloch. Normally, after they have been used, he will re-consume them for their ice. The golems in question are around fifty feet tall, and look very strange; they seem to be made of pure ice, with piercing white eyes, and no other features short of a pointed head, and its limbs. Almost always, the left arm is blunted, for use as a buckler, and the right is pointed and edged sharply, as a sword. These large demons are sent out by Moloch, normally in sets of three, to deal with pesky intruders to his domain, particularly those that seem to be picking fights with his subjects; "MOLOCH OWNS THESE INFANTS, AND ONLY MOLOCH MAY DESTROY THESE INFANTS. FIND YOUR OWN INFANTS. D<"

- Moloch is incredibly strong, physically.
- Contrary to his large size, he is rather fast.
- Contrary to his simplistic nature, he has a rather firm grasp on tactics, and is quite intelligent, beneath his basic syntax and wants.
- Loyal as a dog.
- Crazy enough to do anything for any reason, unpredictable.
- But sane enough to know his boundaries.
- When he dislikes you, he can become rather passive-aggressive; see, "You won't like me when I'm angry, but you can't even tell that I am."

- Any form of cooked beef causes his skin to burn, and can melt any ice attack he would use. Comically, the fat guy covered in burger grease has a far better chance of surviving one of Moloch's massive snowball-blasts than hardened and experienced demon hunter Joe.
- If running in demon form, he can't turn very well, and has to switch into mortal form to move around corners, otherwise, he can only really run in straight lines.
- Loyal as a dog...
- Can be bribed into doing many things with ice cream.
- Surprisingly quick to anger, in the face of one of his triggers, such as expressing a dislike for ice cream.
- Fire, in large enough quantities, can melt his ice attacks, although he, personally, is fairly unfazed by fire; proof of such be the fire in his chest.

Moloch speaks Demon (darkred) to communicate with the masses.
Moloch speaks Sumerian (red) to communicate with those who understand it.
Moloch speaks Latin (crimson), usually to communicate with Templars, when needed.
Moloch speaks Hebrew (orangered), for no reason at all.
Moloch speaks Egyptian (firebrick), also for no purpose but his own.
Moloch speaks Akkadian (BOLD ITALICIZED maroon), for those intellectual conversations with some more ancient demons.
Moloch speaks Angelic (lightblue), often in the form of exclamations, as he does recall his time in Heaven, perhaps better than most of the other archdemons, and one almost always reverts to their native tongue in times of surprise, or while under duress.


- Refers to himself in the third person, and always by name.
- Calls most things INFANT(S). Affectionately refers to the other Archdemons as Luci (Lucifer), Sleepy (Belphagor), Mam-Mam (Mammon), Thanny (Leviathan), Broster (Belial), Balalalala (Ba'al), Beezy (Beelzebub), Asmo (Asmodeus), and Squishies (Legion). Alternatively, he calls them each either LITTLE BROTHER or BABY SISTER, despite the fact the majority of them are about the same age as himself, perhaps older, in some cases, particularly Lucifer.
- HAS NO INSIDE VOICE. AT ALL. Except the VERY rare occasion he uses his Angel of Ice form, in which case, he has a softly-spoken tenor voice. Otherwise, INSANE ROAR-SHOUTING. 8D
- His best bro is Belial, and they do brawsome things together, like EPIC CHAINSAW SWORDFIGHTS and WATCHING FOOTBALL, and EATING NACHOS AND ICE CREAM AND BACON.
- He can hold a grudge for a long time. A long time.



...yaJ eht em llac yehT


KRAITH THE HIPSTER, and Reverend Adrianus Aloysius Elia Gerlach Smith VII.




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Moloch, the Devourer Empty Re: Moloch, the Devourer

Post by Lazarus Carter on Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:13 am


And then, there were three. Approved Archdemons.


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