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Michael, the Protector

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Michael, the Protector Empty Michael, the Protector

Post by Michael on Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:28 pm


Michael, the Protector Nu5KKAH Michael, the Protector G7mpgi7 Michael, the Protector 158rx0Q
And that's why! That's why...your planet dies.



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Archangel Michael, the Azure Angel, the Protector, the first one, and the Hand of God. Some even revere him as the Savior, though he doesn't like to take this title, as it is much too prideful. This angel is just as glorious as one would think, being clad in a thick armor made of a metal older than the Earth itself, a material only able to be crafted in the Heavens. This armor takes the appearance of a medieval knight in a since, an almost typical feature for a denizen of the skies. The metal suit is composed out of several plates, the largest one being a silver shield serving as the Captain's breastplate. His arms and legs are covered in a segmented plate different from his torso armor, this craft being a deep azure color, further alluding to his alias of the Azure Knight/Angel.

Perhaps it is not the Protector's glorious armor that is his most intimidating factor, but the majestic wings that sprout form his back. These wings can seemingly be grown at will, and have been seen reaching a span of up to thirty meters. These angelic wings are made up of a thin light feather that is not to be mistaken for frail or weak, as these are perhaps just as durable as the mysterious armor that covers the archangel's body. The angel has no halo, a feature commonly depicted in Bibical drawings and otherwise, but instead emits a constant glow around his outline, giving him a clearly Holy aura. Oh, and he's pretty painful to look at if you happen to be a weaker demon or have ties to one.

Physically, Michael stands at an opposing six foot eight, standing over most mortals but still appearing smaller than some of the more unnaturally large ones. The archangel has a head of white or maybe grey hair, as it is usually obscured by his bright outline. His eyes change colors, from an ice blue when he's crazed to a cool azure when he's calm, and have been known to fluctuate to other shades of the color when idle, bringing up the question as if the color changes actually have any meaning at all. The Protector's skin is a pale and yet tanned color, appearing perfect without any blemishes or defects. After all, angels were meant to be the 'definition' of perfection.

Archangel Michael takes on the form of a mortal far more often than his true angelic one, as he prefers the "humility" of it, which is ironic, given the following description. The most human thing that angel could achieve is a man in his early twenties, giving him a false air of youth. The body has no blemishes or scars, an obvious hint to his regenerative nature, and has chisled muscles. A perfect example of what a man his age would look like in his top condition, the angel stands six feet tall even, not an inch taller or shorter. His skin is lightly tanned, but not as much so as those who do it regularly. The Protector's hair changes not so much, it's color remaining a starch white, or perhaps it's even a shade lighter. His eyes also fail to change, remaining a mystic azure that is almost dead give away that he is something supernatural.

The archangel's clothing choices in this form vary, but always incorporate a signature red jacket, made from a fine leather. The coat reaches the back of the angel's knees and is kept in such well condition (well, unless some jerk ass demon decides to come along and mess it up) that it reflects light, giving it a shiny look. This fantastic coat usually covers an outfit of slick black, made from fine cloth, or of course, more leather. It's apparent that Michael has a thing for that material, or something of the sort. He can wear these clothes finely like gentleman, or more commonly, will be seen wearing them in a slacking fashion, often times lacking a shirt and leaving his jacket unbuttoned. This sense of casual dress only adds on to the Protector's air of carelessness, which is further yet amplified by his level headed tone of voice. This may cause some to underestimate the archangel.

Something that would be dire for the nonbeliever.

A calming aura and yet a commanding force, this is the being that is Michael the Archangel. He was originally created as one of the first angels to govern over the oh so important virtue of protection, as if there were to be creations, somebody had to prevent them from falling into disorder and destruction. Originally humble, the archangel has somewhat deviated from this and yet became completely absorbed in the matter. An unforgiving guardian, Michael decided that humans not only needed to be protected from the hordes of evil that dwelled in the lakes of fire, but from themselves as well. He only gives a being one chance, and if they happen to screw that up, harsh judgement will follow. And he totally won't invite you to any of his awesome parties.

The archangel's unforgiving nature is at the core masked by a completely different personality. Level-headed and cool, Michael never shows any signs of discontent or anger, or at least he rarely so does. No, the Protector is a being of absolute calmness, which can come off as overwhelming arrogance to those not as wise, a damning trait. But this is not so, the archangel does not think himself better than others, or so he'll say, as he truly does view those who welcome Satan's influence as absolute scum. Besides the point, the lightbringer will often behave casually in the face of danger, which while at times prove to be a source of comic effect, to a point. Going along with the theme, the azure angel is quite patient, being able to wait for extended periods of time without a problem. Well, sometimes, stuff can really grind his gears.

His personality will rarely show anger, but rather, complete battle craze. Michael is known to relish in the blood of those who oppose the grand kingdom that is the Heavens, fully enjoying making their deaths as painful as possible. Those who have seen the angel in these rare states view him far differently than others, giving him an aura of fear to some. These is method behind this apparent madness, as having lived for somewhere around ten billion years, he's been around before the creation of the universe. He knows how stuff works, and how it will always work, and how it will probably work. One thing was for certain, at least at this current point in time, there seems be no way to completely destroy a soul, as it will return to the sea of essence and be reborn at some other point in time. So if one couldn't be given true and absolute judgement in nonexistence, why not make them wish for this impossible alternative?

The Heavens, that's right. Michael is absolutely obsessed with the idea of protecting the kingdom of the skies. The kingdom is his life, quite literally, and he will give every ounce of his existence to guard it, and will damn all those who attempt to topple it's everlong being. As stated before, even if this said force happens to be of mortal and not demonic origin. The protector places his kingdom above all others, frankly not caring what becomes of them as long as the golden gates still stand strong. And they will, as he will never let them fall.


In the beginning, there was not nothing as contrary belief states, just such a time proves difficult to fathom to the short-lived human race. However, there were only three things in this period eons ago: God, Light, and Michael. Everything was bright and starch white, so bright in fact it may now burn the eyes of those who would work at it, though it bothered not the two. The Protector was made first, as if there were to be creations, somebody had to make sure they stood under guard from whatever may harm them, even though their most likely oppressor was always predicted to be themselves. This time may of only lasted a year, it may of lasted several, it may of even lasted a few billion years, but there was some time before God put his plans into motion.

The Father was a careful one. He never spontaneously did things. He knew everything, he saw everything, and yet he took attention to every little detail and every possibility. The creation of mankind was a difficult one that the Lord nearly didn't make, but decided to, as in the end, they had a fifty-one percent chance of achieving greatness. Such slight favor in the odds, it's all that could be managed, that measly one-percent. That alone was more than enough potential for the Father, and so it was made. With a flick of his almighty fingers, it all existed. There was something. There was Eden, there was Earth.

There was Inferis.

God created many angels, and some were granted the status of archangel, as Michael was one of these angels, and perhaps the first to be bestowed such a title. The next one to gain that status would perhaps be the angel of light as he was at that time: Lucifer. This one then went on to create his own archangels, bringing the current total to seventeen, as there were seven before that. Heaven became a civilization, and the Protector was right at the regimes of it all. Seven billion years ago, humanity was raised from the dirt. Seven billion years, sin was born.

Lucifer, one that even the first archangel came to trust and admire, came forth to His throne and demanded he get out of his seat. What was this? Invasion? Was this the meaning of his existence? Was he to finally be given worth after idly watching for years with not a thing going wrong? This probability of course had been considered by the all knowing, but even he held a spark of shock. The Protector drew his holy sword, and stood in front of his Father, prepared to strike down the light bringer and his entire host of followers if need be. To protect the throne, to save the gates of gold.

There was no need.

With a wave of His hand, a rift was opened, and after a few words, Lucifer was sent spiraling down below into the depths of Hell. Michael sheathed his blade, only to look at God silently and walk away without a word or a show of discomfort. Silently, he wished to be the one to strike his brother down. He had betrayed them, and though he would never show it, this truly pissed the first archangel off. Why would anybody wish to destroy, to conquer, what was not theirs? It was a concept he simply did not understand. Was this devil granted some sort of emotion he was not? That must of been the case.

What a mistake that was.


So Lucifer fell. So did Asmodeus, so did Belial, so did Mammon, so did Beelzebub...the list was much longer than even that. A total of ten archangels, and thrice or even more angels with them. Banishment? Was that really the answer? Michael did not know the answer to this, but must obey his Father, as his judgement couldn't possibly be wrong. But why not just destroy them? Did they not deserve this punishment? He pondered this for years, eons even, as time seemed to go by so quickly. Years seemed to be moments in heaven, is was something one was entirely used to. Humanity was growing, thriving, sucking the planet dry. And demons thrived, they dared to step foot on this holy creation, tainting it's lands with their unholy filth.

And he.

And he, he ruled the underworld as if it was his right to. Like it was some sort of gift to him. That was not the case, the lake of fire was meant to be punishment, not reward. Furthermore Michael began to wonder about the actions taken on the whole situation, but held his tongue and served with unshaken loyalty. There had to be a reason for this, He just wasn't letting him in on it. That had to be the case, He couldn't be wrong, as He knew all. He was all. Not to intervene, as the time hadn't come yet. That would be disobedience, and would make him no better than his fallen brother.

God's plans began to unravel. As he possessed the form of Jesus Christ, he sent Michael off on a mission to Inferis, to assess the situation under cover. He was still not to intervene, or even let his presence be known. Lucifer, or perhaps that was no longer the name to call him. He was no longer the light bringer, in fact, that title had been bestowed upon the first archangel after his fall, as he now held domain over his previous one as well as his own. The light bringer and the protector all in one, he truly earned his status in the heavens. But here, in this land of brimstone that wasn't exactly so, he was nothing. Demons spat on him, taunted him, attempted to assault him, and there was nothing he could do. He was to remain in his mortal form, and simply observe. A strong feeling began to swell in the holy one's soul, something that was previously unknown to his kind.


He no longer disliked Lucifer for his insolence, he now despised him and his legion, hated those who referred him as a God and savior. He was none of this, merely a bad science experiment that should've just been thrown out. Is this what the Father had wished for him to learn? Michael would hold this new found "virtue" close and use it as a divine weapon, harnessing the emotion's power into concentrated fury and passion. No intervention was made as the archangel was called back to the heavens, his observation complete. Times were indeed dire, and it was time to prepare.

The new light bringer returned to the heavens changed. He had a short and private meeting with the Lord, his last one in a few thousand years, and one unseen by even the other archangels, his closest brethren and sisters. Michael claimed to have received orders to prepare for an engagement with the Devil and his armies of hell, though such an attack would take much time and preparation. Heaven's best engineers were driven into constant work, inventing technologies and large fortresses that defied modern science, launching the angelic host years ahead of any earthly fighting force. He knew what the monsters of Inferis were capable of, and he would make no mistake. In only a thousand and maybe a half years, heaven was prepared, and Michael the archangel was at the regimes of the holy war machine.


Michael, the Protector A5uc59K

Depicted as tall, fiery angels with many wings and heads in the Catholic religion and scripture, this is far from the truth. Seraphims are child-like angels that share Michael's bright aura, causing those who have sensitive eyes trouble looking at them directly. Adding on to this, the small angels can amplify this aura, raising it's light to blinding levels. These elites no longer have feathery wings like many of their brothers and sisters, which were torn off by the Light Bringer himself in favor of some more sturdy replacements: cybernetic enhancements. These wings still function just as any other pair would and allow them to take flight, but that's where the similarities end. The mechanical wings of the Protector's elite's emit a stabilized hot plasma that can be used as deadly weapons. This plasma can slice through many metals, even some of demonic origin, making the angel that much more fearsome.

Seraphims are usually dressed in nothing but a thin sheet of materialized light, proving that they also have some level of photokinesis, which is only confirmed by the fact that they share his ability to produce kinetic barriers, dismissing the need for armor. They also are curiously mostly female, and are not entirely limited to being of child-like origin as some adult forms have been witnessed, though the majority of the race falls into those categories. The angels are also known to wield a large amount of plasma weaponry, from sabers to pistols or even assault rifles.

[ HOLY TOUCH ] Being not only an archangel, but perhaps the first and oldest, Michael's mere touch can cause the skin of demon's to burn. Essentially, the Protector is a living holy item and can be used as such.

[ ANGELIC REGENERATION ] Michael is not composed of the same materials that humans, or even demons are made out of. His insides glow an unnatural blue as does his blood, hence his nickname of the "azure angel". This material is in fact a super regenerative substance that makes Michael less of a organic and more of a machine in a sense, and incrediably hard to down. Cuts and wounds can heal in any manner of time that the archangel wishes, and he can even re-attach limbs if they are held against the stub or location of dismemberment.

[ NUMB PROTECTOR ] After years of enduring extreme pain from some vicious adversaries, Michael essentially feels nothing at all, from vicious pain to extreme heat. This does not make him any less immune to these elements, but does provide for a gruesome intimidation factor in battle.

[ ENTERNAL KNOWLEDGE ] While not as wise as the lovely Gabriel, Michael has still seen eons of events unfold, wars start and end, and even the creation of the universe. Because of this, there is very little he does not know, which makes him an excellent stratigist.

[ WARRIOR OF LIGHT ] It should also go without saying that the archangel is skilled in most forms of combat, having spared with the Reckoner and witnessing countless battles on Earth and otherwise.

[ CAPTIAN OF THE ANGELIC HOST ] Michael's pretty much God's right hand man, and leads the vast armies of the heavens. Since angels are bound by their morales, it's safe to say he commands the species as a whole, an intimidating factor.

[ WORSHIPPED ] Michael is worshipped on Earth as Saint Michael, which means he has a pretty large influence base even on the mortal plane. Few are foreign to his name.

[ FLEET OF WING ] The archangel is pretty fast, man, espcially when he takes flight. The Protector can reach speeds of Mach 2 in flight and can move at supernatural speeds on land, make it hard for demons and much harder for mortals to keep up with him.

[ METAVOICE ] The Protector can make his voice seem omnipresent to demoralize enemies. However, it should be noted that he can make his voice heard by all of the Angelic Host if he does wish, a strange form of telekinesis.

[ BIRDS OF A FEATHER ] Michael and the Archangels will always have each other's backs when nessecary, much like Lucifer and his 'archdemons', only a lot more organized.

[ VIRTUE OBSESSION ] The Protector is obsessed with just that...Protection. This often conflicts with some of his better ideals and qualities, and often leads him to sit back and take no course of action in certain situations.

[ MORTAL STANDARD ] Michael will rarely show his true unshackled Angel Form, and certainly won't present it to simply anybody. Because of this, he will often stay in his Mortal Form, which hinders his abilities to their fullest extent.

[ BLOODY HALO ] The leader of the archangels is perhaps one of the most ruthless in battle, and he often gets caught up in his "battle crazes", even sometimes causing him to confuse friend for foe. It's hard for him to snap out of these, and he more than often simply needs time to wind down.

[ SINGLE MINDED ] The angel, as with most of the species, will not agree with anything that conflicts with his ideals and will not change them for anybody or anything.

Michael is able to understand all languages and speak all of them (sans Demonic, which he actually has not learned on purpose, considering it unnatural), but he has a few used far more frequently than others. These include Angelic (azure), English (celeste), Latin (midnight), and Chinese (ghostwhite).


Michael's favorite food, undisputed, is pepperoni pizza.
That being said, he's also fond of ice cream sundaes, often choosing these treats over alcoholic beverages.
The Protector is said to be a huge fan of Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and the Beatles.
The archangel is some what of an environmentalist in the sense that he views Earth as a holy creation that must be protected at all costs.
So yes, littering will piss him off.
And no, don't try it.




Alice Engelherz, Marco Oliveira, Kerry Fitzhenry, Abaddon, and Asmodeus.

8 many times have I filled this out recently?

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Michael, the Protector Empty Re: Michael, the Protector

Post by Lazarus Carter on Thu Aug 15, 2013 7:44 am




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