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Post by Maeve on Sat Jun 29, 2013 3:29 am


Maeve MacArtair Wwkms6 Maeve MacArtair Wwkms6 Maeve MacArtair Wwkms6

”I need one more picture to find you. I need one more heartbeat to find you.” - Pray for You by Plump Dj's feat. Gary Numan


Maeve Cain MacArtair




Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

June 14th, 1986

Maeve MacArtair LeagueofLegendsfull1275942_zps6d7cdc92
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Standing at a shocking 6' for a woman, Maeve is built of muscle with only hints of softness here and there that keep her from appearing at all manly. Namely her curves would be a rather huge hint considering she has subtle supple lines despite how fantastic her "great tracks of land" are. She's proportional and truly an Amazon of a woman.

She has long fiery locks that extend down to about the middle of her back and is most often left wild and free as opposed to tied back in any sort of capacity. The only rare occasion where she might put her hair up in some way would be fancy parties, funerals, etc. She's still in the process of growing her bangs out and so they seem like long bits that still occasionally cover her one or her eyes. Her skin is surprisingly pale for as much as she gets out into the sun, tanning rather nicely even though one would assume she has two settings: White and Burn.

Her skin is soft as a peach to the touch and remains for the most part unblemished by scars and the like except for one. On her pretty face over her left eye, there is a horizontal scar that extends from the middle of her forehead down to about the tip of her perfect nose. It's obvious, however, that what caused the scar didn't damage her eye because it remains a crystal clear green just like her mother. She truly matches her name (Maeve meaning "she who intoxicates."), despite her potentially intimidating physical form.

On Earth, she can most often be found sporting hip hugger jeans or shorts with tank tops of whatever color and comfortable shoes. Maybe she'll sport boots, or sweatpants, or something but she definitely never really wears dresses or skirts. Not quite her thing you see. She also often wears a leather jacket over her clothes despite whatever the weather might be. Her jewelry is minimal and usually tasteful to match whatever it is she's wearing, but its clear she doesn't really "girl" that often at all.

When in Inferis she is strapped to the nines for demon kickassery (despite how little she wears as some would want to point out). Yes, she wears a short bra-like shirt with a sort of shrug leather jacket that has armor on the shoulders. She has holsters for her kunai and other daggers strapped over her shoulders and chest above her breasts that hold them up high and in perfect reach. The sleeves extend to above her elbow with metal plated leather bracers with gloves covering up to her elbows. Her pants are black and low on her hips, two belts crisscrossing over her hips with more kunai and three more daggers attached to them. Mid-thigh she has holsters on each leg for more throwing knives. Her boots extend up to her knees and are black combat boots, metal spiked greaves protecting her calves. The metal is pretty much like Fibrecore so its strong and light and barely inhibits her movement. She also has a black ribbon strapped about her neck like a choker, adding a perfect touch to finish off the outfit. The only things that don't manifest when she switches over would be the weaponry. That she has to bring with her.

At first impression? Maeve can be rather… loud. She knows how to project without damaging ones voice, and her natural speaking voice can boom without meaning to. She's not afraid to be completely and irrevocably blunt about everything and anything. At times its gotten to the point where its almost cruel even though that wasn't her main intention to be so. She just values being honest rather high as opposed to playing some sort of gentle wishy-washy potentially passive-aggressive bullshit. Oh yeah, she often curses. A lot. She's been asked more than once if one of her parents were sailors. The answers no, but its always a point of amusement for her.

Despite how loud she CAN be, she isn't all the time. She knows when to tone it down because she realizes she can be a bit… intense. A lot of people can't necessarily handle it, and while she might want to call them pussies for it, she still understands and won't. She's a handful to deal with because she often disregards the rules a bit when on a job which can cause issues for her employer at any given time. But the results she brings in are unquestionable and so they let her get away with MOST of her troubles. She might seem like the big burly type that is loud and stupid, but in reality? She's just a jovial person whose laid back and often gives no fucks. There is an intelligence to her that remains quiet and in the background as she observes people.

While she can most often be (or become) the bell of the ball, she also is the quiet one in the corner watching the events unfold. When hunting Demons, the importance of silence increases exponentially. Sometimes its that element of surprise that can make the difference between a job being easy or completely life-threatening. And on Earth? You need to be able to judge and read people and sometimes thats hard to do when you're being loud with a drink in your hand. Besides, thats also a persona that is really fucking exhausting. It's not a bad thing to pull back and watch at times!

Most assume that because she's a redhead she has a rather short fuse. Sometimes? This is very true. Other times? You have no idea its even coming so when her blade is suddenly pressing against your balls you don't expect it. There are a few topics that will normally lead to her temper showing itself, however they can be ever changing depending on her mood so it leaves her unpredictable in that way. There are a couple that don't change and that would be family and friends, and demons. You fuck with the people she cares about, you fuck with her. And then she fucks you up. Simple, right?

Then… there are demons. To her? They are just like people. Some you want to kill with a fiery passion, others you don't. She's not stupid, she's not going to try and pick a fight with every single demon out there (or at least not alone). It's unrealistic to think that. You can take down as many as possible or is necessary when money comes about. And its DEFINITELY unrealistic to believe you can take down an Archdemon without backup. She knows that from personal experience…. So while one would assume that she'd be vindictive and hell-bent (forgive the pun) on destroying all of Demon kind, the assumption isn't entirely true. Yeah they should all go die in a ditch, covered in petrol, on fire, but well… she's not going to be suicidal about the hunt.

The Beginning:
A lot of strange things can happen in Philadelphia, especially on the supernatural scene. You know, with the rich history, proximity to various burial sites, and bladah bladah blah… You get the idea. So when a rather quiet couple that have clearly been well-traveled suddenly have to stop so the wife can give birth to a baby, you don't question it. Especially when it is in the middle of the Mutter's Museum (For reference). Hey, at least it was in a physicians museum right? So what if there are a lot of dead artifacts and potentially disgusting things, its all science right? Right.

That is where Maeve Cain MacArtair was born, in the small side room with a couple of petrified penises that was cordoned off when her mother, Grace MacArtair went into labor. No, there really wasn't an easy way to get her to some other, more private location because that would have required going back up stairs and well… that wasn't happening. Her father, David MacArtair had been attempting to examine one of the many odd skulls that are on display there due to suspicions that Ritualists had been to the museum to visit. She never did quite live down her explosion into the world for it was with a great crying and much squirming that it happened. At least… until her parents held her, then she was as quiet as a lamb. They knew their girl was going to be special, and so they named her after an Irish legend about a Queen (you can look it up later). Or perhaps it was because of those brilliant green eyes that they thought of the fae and so thought of Queen Mab. Or maybe… it was just what popped in their heads in the middle of a rather strange museum.

Either way, Maeve did NOT have a boring life after that. She was a bit of a handful of a child, always running around (or attempting to) as they went on walks through the city. Her father was often absent on "business trips" as he called them, and her mother would be left to take care of her in their rented section of a house near the border of Center and South Philly. Yet despite her wild and free spiritedness, she could calm down at the drop of a hat and study quite intently for hours on end (at least if it wasn't math, then she squirmed a lot). She didn't question when she was enrolled in various sorts of classes or summer camps because A) it didn't occur to her to and B) it was all so interesting! She took classes in ballet, fencing, science programs at the Franklin Museum, music at the Settlement School (a particular favorite of hers), the list went on and on. She even had these lessons that her mother taught her (and father when he was home) that she couldn't tell anyone, anything about. Most of it sounded like fairy tales to her, but she always studied it diligently. Regular school usually bored her to tears, yet she never had a shortage of friends that she made amidst her regular trips to the principles office. And yet they didn't hate her in the disciplinary section, they sort of just shook their heads because she never did anything that was ever as bad as other children. Even if she did throw a punch or two in middle school, it was usually with a rather good reason behind it. Like when Brendan was harassing and bullying her friend Han and she punched him right across the face.

But then… there was an odd thing that happened that her parents never gave her a straight answer, and she never will get a straight answer for because they died before she could really ask them. When she was six years old, her mother suddenly went away for a year and her father didn't go on any business trips. She didn't know where she went, and when she asked her father, it was that "Mama had to go visit family because her aunt wasn't feeling well." And the way that he had answered… She never pressed her father about it after that. What she didn't know, was that was when her baby brother was born and consequently left in a foster home. Her mother came back with a fresh tiredness in her eyes, and life went about as normal. Her parents went to great lengths to keep that cover story as true as possible, and any double checks she made always checked out. That was then, she knows better now.

Rising Action:
Despite all the friends she did make, she was always rather… alone. She couldn't explain to you why she felt that way, but something unspoken was always separating her from her classmates, some fact that made her… "different." Maybe it was the random family trips that they would take to these out-of-the-way places, or the lessons in weaponry (particularly blades since it was her preference and easier to sneak by the law), or the fact that on her 14th birthday before starting high school her father actually took her on one of his business trips and she saw just what it was that he did. First he showed her how he tracked these people down, reminding her of the Ritualists that she had been taught about. He took her to old friends that gave her more lessons about the different levels of Inferis, or Hell, where all the demons resided and caused their trouble. What signs to look for if a person might be possessed, on and on. Those were her summer months, and honestly? She had no idea what to think about it. Since she had been taught by her mother of these things since she was but a child, it seemed normal, and yet…? It really all sounded like fairy tale nonsense that she couldn't help but believe in. Whats the phrase? Ah yes, taking it with a grain of salt.

So when she was 16 and she first discovered that all of it was real? Welp… There wasn't really any denying it then. It was on a family vacation to London when they went on a tour of the Tower of London that her parents suddenly took both of her hands. They snuck off from the rest of the group and she followed, green eyes sparkling with a nervous excitement. Would she actually be able to join them in Hell that day? The answer was yes. They knew that while Regal Necropolis was one of the most heavily populated area's of Inferis, it was also probably a better place to start than many others because it would not sugar coat the very nature of that hellhole of a place. They crept through those dangerous streets, avoiding Nosferatu and Leapers and Tarus'… more and more. To see the beings that she had been taught about face to face… She both was, and was not, prepared at all. She almost startled a Weeper that day. They spent maybe an hour or so just scouting the area, and she saw a side to her parents that she had never seen before. They made more sense to her now, and all the stories of the places they had been? Definitely made more sense.

It was then that she discovered her own powers within that dreadful place. She could summon two blades at her will, leaving her with an ability to protect herself should the time come. Her mother was rather pleased to see how it manifested itself and her father…. well.. he was very focused on other things. It took about the whole day before they finally returned to Earth and, not that she was surprised, they had a few tests scheduled for her that week to see just how much she had learned. Much to her parents pride, she passed with flying colors. And yet, she still had to go to college once she was done high school (much to her annoyance). She only got to join her mother on jobs while father went off to hunt and track, gathering pieces here and there that he hoped would help him in an endeavor that he always eluded to, but never explained to her.

Least not till it was too late.

Change in the Winds:
Yes, she and her mother were kept in the dark about just what exactly this "Great Endeavor" was to be no matter how sly and persistent they were in attempting to find out. As was often the case, her parents were the best at keeping things hidden from her, and from each other. In her sophomore year of college at the University of Pennsylvania (how she managed to get into Ivy League was rather beyond her), her mothers health showed its first signs of turning poor. It was breast cancer to be honest, and Maeve was quite diligent about taking care of her. Father even stayed home to help, though he always took research with him to the hospital if she had to stay there for an extended period of time. Maeve was just happy he was still doing his best to be there for his wife in such a time since, well, college is time consuming. Thankfully her mother did get better, and things were rather stable for the rest of the time she was at U Penn. She had friends, lovers, she joined a band in her senior year and she never had to deal with Inferis. But then she graduated which meant she was free.

She was 22 when her father told her that she would be helping him on a big job. That she finally had her own task to accomplish as a Demon Hunter. She wouldn't lie, she was rather excited about it considering she'd only been trained to be able to do such things her whole life. They went back to London, to the friends of her father and their family. She was assigned to take care of a small pack of Aviax's that had taken hold of a store not too far from the Sanguine Palace. They were small fry, and there weren't that many. Her father and his friends… They told her that they would be on a job of their own. At the time she thought nothing of it, and so prepared herself. She scouted, took notes, stocked up on plenty of throwing knives and first aid, and planned routes to take to get in, get out and not get dead. What was odd to her was the night before the big day, they all went out for drinks at a bar and for once… she actually got to spend some real time with her father. She never hated him for being away a lot of the time, she knew what he did was necessary for the safety of all, but… She did miss him. Its still a treasured memory that she keeps within her.

The next day changed everything.

She was nervous, but she was ready as she stalked through the streets quiet as a mouse, the target in her sight with only eight or so of the KFC Rejects chattering about. Part of her was a bit sad that her father didn't get to see her handiwork that first time, but… she also was unaware of what he and his friends were doing. Making rather quick work with relatively few injuries, remaining at the store and making it ready as a randeavou. Her father told her that they would need it to fall back upon "when the time came." So she treated her wounds and waited. And waited. Aaand waited… About an hour after the designated meeting time, someone finally came stumbling in. She almost threw a knife right into her father from the surprise. He was bleeding all to hell, flesh falling partially off of his arm. She rushed forward and tried to take care of him except that he stopped her. He told her that she had to take care of her mother, that he regretted so many things and all Maeve wanted to do was stop him from talking. They were all of his final words, and the tears welled up in her eyes as she struggled against the grief and pain building up within her. The only comfort she could give herself was at least he died with her there, in her arms.

A snort startled her at the door, a man dressed in a white shirt and black pants with stark white hair leaning against the door frame. What worried her was the golden eyes that bore straight into her soul. She found she could not move, frozen there to the spot with her fathers head laying in her lap. His last words to her was that he loved her, and he was sorry. "They should have known better. Bold humans with a bold task. A pity, hm?" A coldness gripped her as she sat there with tears streaking down her face, staring fixedly upon the man. He was too handsome, too perfect, too… terrifying. "I suppose I should commend them for their effort for it was rather valiant." Maeve knew who he was, knew why it was that she couldn't move, forced to sit there immobile as The Huntress walked up to her and took her chin in his own. "A pretty thing to leave behind. Whats your name? Come now, don't be shy." Her mouth was allowed to move. "Maeve. Maeve MacArtair." She answered, her voice quiet and yet unwavering. What in the world had her father done?

Mammon laughed at her, licking his lips as he leaned a little closer to her. "Maeve… An old name. Interesting. A… pleasure to meet you. I think I'll give you a little gift as a reminder of this meeting." The Archdemon grinned with that terrible glint in his eye, letting go of her chin then as the tears fell faster despite herself. "Yes… I like this plan." He whispered, and without warning brought a single sharp nail down the left side of her face, rendering the flesh apart in a perfect straight line. Maeve only let herself hiss in pain as blood began to pour into her eye and down her cheek, shocked that the demon had not blinded her. He leaned close and licked her cheek, her lips tightening together in disgust and revulsion. "I suspect I'll see you again Maeve MacArtair. Ta-ta!" And with that the man turned and left, leaving her alone in that cold, empty store with her dead father in her lap.

The Dark Years:
She came home from that trip with a bandage over her eye, and a corpse with a funeral that few people attended. Faces she didn't know, faces that claimed they met her when she was a child, and yet in every face she swore she still saw Mammon's glinting golden eyes. Her mother… was so accepting of it. She did not wail and scream, did not accuse her daughter of failing her father… She just sat there quietly, sadly, tiredly. It was like… she had known. It wasn't until after the ceremony that she told her how they had made plans years ago to try and bring down the Queen of Necropolis. But then she got sick, and so he planned to finish it on his own. Maeve wasn't sure if that helped console her, or just made it all worse. So… that was the "great endeavor" he had planned that whole time? The big job that would be all, end all? Had he known that he would die there? The questions kept circling and circling, biting at her ankles as she attempted to resume the life that she had had before making that damnable trip.

She resumed her work with the band, at the bar that they performed at as one of the waitresses and bartenders. People treated her differently. There was a distance that they held her at now as she moved about in a haze. It took some time, but she did end up getting better. It took her two years, but she did get better. Her fathers work was left undone, and he wouldn't want her moping about. He knew full well the risks that went with a job as major as that, and her mother had too. So she picked herself up, and began to take on a few more jobs that took her down to DC for the most part. She didn't want to travel abroad and leave her mother behind and alone again. They were all that the other had. Besides, in the third year after the event she could see that her mothers health was beginning to waver again, and she needed to be able to take her to the hospital. Turned out she was going into remission with her breast cancer. This time… it took her. But what really stuck with her was something that her mother told her in an almost delirious state. She called out to her, called her "Ciaran." It stunned Maeve, who was this Ciaran and why was her mother apologizing to him? She passed out soon after that, and it left Maeve with a racing mind once more.

She did some digging, trying to recall anyone that she ever knew with a name like that and the answer was there was no one. But then she remembered… her mother had vanished suddenly for a year and come back, claiming to be taking care of family. Where had she gone again? What was the real reason she had gone? On one of her mothers better days, she calmly and as gently as she could asked her who Ciaran was. Her mothers face grew grey. But… that was when she found out she had a younger brother. A younger brother that her mother had left in Helena, Montana in the hopes that he would not have the same upbringing as she had. That he wouldn't have to necessarily walk the same path that they had. Honestly? That stung. That stung rather hard. She had never been upset or angry with the fact that she had been brought up to deal with the demons and their damnable existence, but to know that they CHOSE to let their second child NOT have to deal with that? She was flabbergasted. It was almost… irresponsible. She watched her mother begin to cry, begin to say all the words that were never quite said when she was growing up. And the moment made Maeve so afraid. Again, she just wanted her mother to stop. Stop talking and apologizing and explaining… everything. Because there was only one reason that people did that… and her mother died the next morning.

She was alone now. Alone without her parents and with the knowledge that she had a brother somewhere out in the world. She spent the next year searching for him, saving her money, working her job, re…recovering from the loss of her parents. But she never stopped searching. Her friends drew closer, and she made new ones. She wrote more songs for the band and poured her grief into her playing. She distracted herself by hunting more demons, honing and perfecting her skills so that she would not lose them. She battled within herself what she should do about the fact that she had a brother who knew nothing of their world, who never knew of the family that he really had. Had his powers manifested yet? Was he doing alright? Did… he ever wonder about his real family?

And after a year of searching, she finally found him. Except he wasn't Ciaran, he was Lazarus Cain Carter. And he wasn't in Montana anymore. To know that he was there made her so very worried. His powers had to have manifested at this point. Was he still alive and alright if he had been to Inferis? Now… She's on her way to meet him for the first time, and god is she nervous.



+ Athletic and the endurance that comes with training.
+ Mastery over bladed weapons
+ Acrobatic and flexible (even in short heels).
+ Pretty damn good at improvised hand-to-hand combat.
+ Sings (non-operatic) and plays bass.

+ Increased endurance. She can run for longer, fight for longer, and generally last longer than she would on earth.
+ Increased reflexes. She's just that smidgeon bit better at sensing when somethings coming that can help save her life (like Domino though not total increase of luck haha).
+ Night Vision: She can see far better in the dark than she would have before, putting her on par with wild cats or other nocturnal creatures.

+ Her scar aches very dully whenever she's in Inferis
+ Hospitals make her uncomfortable.
+ Worried she may develop breast cancer.
+ Sort of disregards the rules at times which gets her into trouble. But she gets the job done, so no one can argue with her results.

Demon (Magenta)
English (orchid)
Gaelic (cadetblue)


- Sings and plays bass for a band called Bitches with Pitches. They aren't famous except for in their hometown.
- Is actually a really good cook.
- Can drink you under the table most likely.
- Always has at least 10 hidden throwing knives on her person, and one dagger. Better safe than sorry.
- Got her scar from Mammon.
- Not as awesome at guns as she is knives.
- All of her throwing knives and kunai have been blessed, though the knives she constantly keeps on her person are coated in silver while the hidden dagger is made of iron.




Jinhong and Pulean Jangmi, Mammon, Tatyana, Ceri

Same as others, bout 8 years now.

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We are gonna have some fuuuun with these two...


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