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Lucifer's Omniessence Empty Lucifer's Omniessence

Post by Lucifer on Mon Apr 22, 2013 3:55 am


Lucifer's Omniessence 30left Lucifer's Omniessence 30centre Lucifer's Omniessence 30right
Ignorance is not bliss.

- Omnikinesis (Terai Saber)
- Omnikinesis (Crimson Tsunami)
- Omnikinesis (Solar Flare)
- Omnikinesis (Cocytus)
- Omnikinesis (Zero Gravity)
- Omnikinesis (Doppelganger)
- Omnikinesis (Suicidal Intent)
- Omnikinesis (Memory Purge)

- X

- Skill (Equipment)
- Skill (Skill)
- Skill (Skill)
- Skill (Skill)
- Skill (Skill)
- Skill (Skill)
- Skill (Skill)
- Skill (Skill)

- Replicative; Belial's Ferrokinesis (Sword)
- Replicative; Mammon's Haemokinesis
- Replicative; Beelzebub's Pyrokinesis
- Replicative; Moloch's Cryokinesis
- Replicative; Ba'al's Gyrokinesis
- Replicative; Legion's Biokinesis
- Replicative; Asmodeus' Pathokinesis
- Replicative; Belphegor's Mnemokinesis

Terai Saber:
Lucifer's Omniessence Demons_Blade_concept_by_Kseronarogu
Skill Sigils:
Lucifer's Omniessence My_7_sins_symbols_by_larsjack-d3h1iuk

- The defining point of Lucifer's Omnikinesis is that essentially Lucifer can replicate any ability he wants provided its user is present in Inferis. If they are dead, or vacant, he cannot, but he can if they are sleeping or unconscious. I'll restrict this to confirmed IC abilities, but his mainstay usage is that of his Archdemon Lieutenants - these are just the eight moves that Lucifer makes the most use of, really.

- Specifically, at the moment, Belial: whose Ferrokinesis he utilises to make the only weapon Lucifer has ever been known to utilise, the Terai Saber. The Terai Saber itself has something of a mythological reckoning, which is what gives it such power; the most famous alternative name it possesses is the "Vorpal Blade", in C.S. Lewis' Jabberwocky. Lucifer considered Lewis to be a personal friend of his. The Terai Saber, as shown above, can assume any real form at will, and is essentially a "living" blade tethered to Lucifer's mind. The length and weight is clearly variable as it can assume any shape or size, from dagger lengths to beyond flamberge size.

- Borrowing Mammon's abilities, Lucifer opens up a dimensional tear to another realm of Inferis which splits open the air and causes great rivers of blood with demonically enhanced currents to wash away anyone who really pisses him off. One of the most infamous times he and Mammon utilised this was in Egypt. This ability's sigil is Greed on the image above.

- Borrowing Beelzebub's abilities, Lucifer leaps up into the sky and disappears for but a moment, before actually touching Inferis' insanely hot sun, supposedly tearing away a chunk of it between his hands, white-hot, before he launches himself back towards ground at the target, releasing the flare at the last minute and scorching a patch of earth with solar flame. This ability's sigil is Gluttony on the image above.

- Borrowing Moloch's abilities, Lucifer jumps upwards and lands upon the ground, scourging the battlefield with an eternal frost which only he can disable and striking it with a great blizzard. This obscures visibility and makes it rather difficult to move in general. This ability's sigil is Wrath on the image above.

- Borrowing Ba'al's abilities, Lucifer disables all gravity on the battlefield for as long as he sees fit. This ability is particularly fun to utilise, though not of much use to Lucifer himself - provided he can anchor his weighty Demon form, it's always fun to watch those pitiful humans flail around. This ability's sigil is Pride on the image above.

- Borrowing Legion's abilities, Lucifer creates a doppelganger of whichever form he's in which is resilient, but not indestructible; but cannot use any of his abilities, simply fight with physical combat. Lucifer can fashion up to twenty of these doppelgangers in an instant. Which is always fun. The Doppelgangers themselves should be treated similarly to NPC Demons; they will dissipate after a few hits, but Lucifer can continually generate more. This ability's sigil is Envy on the image above.

- Borrowing Asmodeus' abilities, Lucifer can actually charm an individual into killing themselves. He hardly ever does, and will only ever use this ability on NPCs or for plot purposes. This ability's sigil is Lust on the image above.

- Borrowing Belphegor's abilities, Lucifer himself can actually purge the memories of any individual, human or Demon, that he wishes to. This is almost a carbon copy of Belphegor's ability itself, but seeing as he's dormant, Lucifer occasionally uses it. Much like Suicidal Intent, Lucifer will only ever use this ability on NPCs or for plot purposes. This ability's sigil is Sloth on the image above.

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Lucifer's Omniessence Empty Re: Lucifer's Omniessence

Post by Belial on Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:14 am

Alright, after much deliberation, I hereby damn this to an...




Lucifer's Omniessence Tumblr_mlgka4RS7B1rw30exo1_400

- Infernal Speech (Demon dialect) - (Eldritch language, mortals weep or are often disturbed by the unnatural vocals)
- Scottish English
- Latin
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