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Post by Lucifer on Mon Apr 22, 2013 2:47 am


Lucifer, the Devil 20left Lucifer, the Devil 20centre Lucifer, the Devil 20right
Tear down the walls. Wake up the world.



Heylel, Samael, The Original, Overlord, The First Hell Prince, Satan, The Lost Brother, The Fallen, The Serpent of Eden, Forbidden Angel, The Eternal, The First Gestation, The Twisted, The Broken, The Unlawful, The Challenger, The Betrayer, Mephistopheles, The Progenitor, Teh Fallen Angel, The Devil, Anti-Christ, El Diablo, Angel of Darkness, Mr. Cypher, Lou Cypher, Louis Cypherin

To try and put a bead on it, Lucifer is well over 7,000,000,000 years old.


The Spirelands.

Lucifer, the Devil 14267717
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Lucifer, the Devil 16366934
Lucifer, the Devil 27865984



A head of slick black hair. Crimson eyes sharper than any could preempt. An air of arrogance surrounding, enclosing and suffocating; after all, you're talking to the very being that carried within him the first iota of pride before sin even existed. The genesis of it all. As a stark parallel to other Archdemons' often elaborate and gigantic Demon Forms, Lucifer's unfittingly-named Angel Form is infact rather subtle. He oft wears a simple black jacket and a pair of slacks with some dress shoes.

The only notable difference from the human form other than this - aside from his expression - is that in his Angel Form, behind his back, Lucifer grows a tentatively variable number of wings which seem to change colour dependent upon his mood. Most of the time, there will be two, and they will almost exclusively be black-feathered, but Lucifer has been known to grow an extra two, or even a full eight at his back, some white and some black. It appears as if, after he has shed his first pair, at will, Lucifer can actually fashion and seemingly "grow" his own wings.

In his Angel Form, Lucifer's voice is tempting and seductive. His tones are smooth, quiet, and gentle, and every word is weighted and emphasised to perfection. Beings have often expressed desire to - similarly to Asmodeus - simply sit and listen to him talk; for in this Angel Form, Lucifer's every word is rallying and compelling, and can will lesser minds to do great or terrible things. The aura he carries about himself is one ultimately of pride, a stark contrast to that of his Mortal Form.

It should be noted that there are only two distinct circumstances in which a slide from Mortal into Angel Form will be made. These are either battle or for ceremonial or symbolic purposes.

A complete parallel to Lucifer's Angel Form, his mortal form is a stark opposite. Lucifer is far calmer and more retracted, far less seductive, and his voice, aura, and tones are simply cold and quite nondescript, that of a neutral and apathetic observer - which is quite fitting, but also rather handy for when subtlety or subterfuge is a more required virtue.

Lucifer's Mortal Form is one of bleached white hair, slicked back in an identical fashion to his Angel Form, just completely the opposite colour. Likewise, instead of that sharpened crimson gaze, he know has irises of the purest azure, and dons a black longcoat pulled tight over a simple short-sleeved shirt beneath and a pair of black slacks, with steel-toed combat boots. The outfit itself is accommodating and utilitarian, not too demanding or weighty when it comes to movement.

In his Mortal Form, Lucifer's voice is far more cold and collective, completely detached and emotionless: but above all else, an aura of pure boredom surrounds him, like he's just waiting for something to happen.

Lucifer has been called many things. Traitorous. Haughty. Hateful. The opposite of God himself. Vicious and corrupt in the most severe of ways. He is the greatest and the worst source of evil in all the lands, and the original sinner. The first Demon. The progenitor of all evil to ever brace Inferis and Heaven.

But in reality? He's just really fucking bored.

Ruling over his own sphere, his own realm for the past seven billion years has worn him. Sure, for the first few million, it's all the rage. It's still pretty great up until the turn of the first billion. Then you realise how bloody monotonous the whole thing is. Some days, he looks up into the red skies of Inferis and wonders if this was God's true punishment for Lucifer. To bore him half to death.

In truth, Lucifer is above all else just simply detached. He could not really care about most people, and the only reason he does for his Archdemons is because they have been with him since the beginning, and each of them is like an extension of his devilish soul in conception. He is apathetic and he is listless in his observatory nature. He is simply searching, constantly looking for things to pique his interests which he can later discard when he tires of them, carelessly. For him, even human vices have long outlasted their maximum pleasure; when they first had sex, he mimicked it, but after even a while, that wasn't enough, so he made stimulants and introduced them to the human world. The greatest result of this is the coke rush of the seventies, eighties, and nineties. Lucifer is constantly roaming for the next high; and immortality just makes this journey even more and more of a continual and cyclic bore.

Lucifer is difficult to anger; and usually his anger stems from irritation, but when he is angry, he's also known to be at his happiest for having found a reason to react. A fresh change of pace, something new, any challenger, is always something of an engagement and an interest for him, even if it's only sadly temporary. This is the reason he normally greats all challengers with interest and something of an oddly positive nature initially. Alongside this, because anyone in his domain grants him free access to their powers, it does really make things quite fun.

Lucifer can often be quite witty, skeptical, and somewhat sarcastic; not what you'd expect of a great Biblical antagonist, but he mirrors the humans in that he finds both that and irony quite hilarious. Did you know that before the disciples first wrote the Bible and it was then modified, homosexuality was not considered a sin, but instead, in its place, in the original version of the holy scriptures, the ingestion of pineapples was in its place? He's a rather dry individual, and his intelligence and demeanour is not always typically retributive and biblical - though he can jump to this at the drop of a hat.

Make no mistake: Lucifer's boredom is a foundation and basis for a far more complex and higher element of his personality. Lucifer's scheming nature would give David Xanatos wet dreams. He always has a plan. And a plan beneath that plan. And a safety net of plans underneath that. Also, a plan at the side for afternoon tea. Just incase it goes wrong and Moloch triggers another Ice Age, or Mammon accidentally turns all of Egypt's rivers to blood again. Those were fun events in hindsight. There's a reason he's revered as Inferis' schemer alongside the other Archdemons.

Lucifer's actual emotive side and the only form of fealty or mutual loyalty he shows is to that of his Archdemons. Lesser Demons are less important for this sake because they were human in origin, but the Archdemons are all as younger siblings to him, no matter how much they may have changed or reformed - for instance, in Ba'al's sake - over the years, or no matter how crazy - for instance, in Belial's sake - they may have become. Absolute power corrupts absolutely - and it's fun as all hell to watch.

There is but one thing which will evoke true bitterness and seething hatred from Lucifer. That is Heaven and all things associated with it. Seven billion years is a hell of a time to hold a grudge, but it has only strengthened Lucifer's resolve and his true, burgeoning contempt for God himself. One day, his ideal is that he will storm the gates of Heaven and crush all who stand in his way mercilessly. He left two thirds of the Angelic Host up above. They still need a kick in the ass. Underlying point: God kicked him out of Heaven for being proud. Lucifer is understandably pissed off, and wants revenge. And that nice gold throne, too. This, for all who are interested, is his endgame: he wants to retake Heaven.

When Lucifer is truly angered? He is ruthless. He is without restraint, without barrier, and none can hold him back. Even the other Archdemons should fear when he charges into the field of battle with the very flames of the Malebolge in his eyes for one reason and one alone: because he can do what they do. If they are to be scared of their abilities ever being turned against them, that is the reason they fear Lucifer as they respect him.

When he holds a personal vendetta, Lucifer will tear apart cities. He will crush buildings with his sheer vengeful resolve, and he will destroy all and anything in the warpath simply to put whoever is his unlucky target through the most miserable and grim pain they can even so much as conceive of experiencing before finally snapping their broken bodies into two and consuming their faintly-beating hearts. "Collateral damage" holds NO meaning to him when his fury is truly evoked. Blasphemy, simple insults, and even regular violence will do nothing to prompt this sort of anger; but manage to truly evoke the wrath of a fallen angel, and it goes without saying:

You just pissed off the Devil.



In the beginning, there was but one. His name was Lucifer. And amongst all the Angels in Heaven, he was the favourite. He was the first. He was the original, and the one who God took a personal favourance too. From this one, were born nine. These nine were Lucifer's greatest lieutenants. The original Archangels. Those who had helped God himself create and sculpt the world and Heavens around him, those who were the original designers and creators. And each of them had their own dominion.

In the beginning, the first he crafted was the one now known as the first Ba'al, to show humility. After that came Belial, the one whose duty it was to strictly defend against any entities which could arise to attempt to strike them down. Then to ground them and make them aware of their emotions, Lucifer fashioned Mammon, to display compassion in its highest and angelic form. These three were dormant, but then came six more.

The one who would be known as Beelzebub was once a sovereign of food, he who created all the angelic and heavenly feasts for scores of the winged Cherubim and Seraphim to sustain and pleasure themselves upon. Then he created Asmodeus, alongside Mammon, who would represent all that was loving and caring in the Heavens. Finally, he fashioned Belphegor, whose primary function was to determine when each individual angel should know to rest so they could regain their strength.

The final three were some of Lucifer's hardiest lieutenants, concerned with the more empirical world. Leviathan came along to bathe and wash in the great suspended seas of heaven. Moloch's purpose was to determine and control the wind and landscapes of the Heavens themselves, changing them on a whim. And the final one that he created was the grouped Legion, the Overseer, they who were omnipresent, able to look over every aspect of the Heavens themselves.

All of their angelic bodies slumbered in front of him. And clasping his hands together and chanting a prayer, the Original, the First Angel, he who would become the Devil, raised them from their inanimate states into nine great pillars of reliance, the greatest nine angels that all the lands had seen.

But all was not to last in Heaven for too long. For, soon enough, there would be trouble in Paradise.

I know the pieces fit, cause I watched them fall away

It is said that of all the flights of angels, before humans were even a twinkle in their creator's eye, Lucifer was the first to display one thing. It is not known exactly how or when it came about, or even for why; but eventually there was something within that gestated and eventually bloomed into a deadly flower, rising well above in a tumultuous and calamitous streak. The original sin. The first sign of it. Pride.

Pride is the oldest and most primary of what are now considered by the Catholic church to be the seven Cardinal Sins. Pride. The first. Pride, that which came about from the Devil himself. Pride, that which prompted a fall from Heaven... and the creation of Hell.

Mildewed and smouldering, fundamental differing

It is said that with the nine original Archangels back, not imparting them but a word of his newfound revelation, Lucifer flew up to the great palaces in Heaven, far beyond the cities and spheres of all the angels above, and met his creator with Four on one side and Five on the other. And there, with wings as pure as powdered snow, he stared his progenitor, his God, his father straight in the eyes. Sat upon a throne adorned of the greatest and grandest materials, yet still somehow the humblest of all the structures in the realm, sat the deity, the original creator; and he looked his true Firstborn, the original angel, dead in the eyes, and saw something that changed.

In those blue orbs the colour began to wither and rot. It spiraled and fell from his eyes in tiny golden specks of dust, revealing behind them tints of the sharpest crimson. A red-eyed Angel. No. This was less than an Angel. Some horrific, twisted mockery of one. God had been a fool to ignore it; in Lucifer, he had imparted something more than the others, his being the first. He was not perfected, not subservient. In that, Lucifer had created Nine of his own. And they would follow him to the grave.

He saw now, in conception, the mistake with the First Angel's design he had made: Lucifer had been given the potential to betray.

And in that instant, the Angel spoke five words to his master. His creator. His parent.

"Get out of my seat."

Disintegrating as it goes, testing our communication

God is not a wrathful or irascible being, but for the first time in all the eons He had stood watch over His heavens, He stood up from His throne, and in a thunderous proclamation that could split the air and rend flesh and bone, used every last ounce and iota of his divine energy to forsake Lucifer. "LUCIFER!" God boomed, his voice resonating through all the heavens as every Angel, Seraphim or Cherubim, Ophanim or Adephi, servant or master, looked up and bore witness to this great punishment.

The light that fueled our fire than has burned a hole between us so

"WHAT HATH CHANGED WITHIN YOU?!" He called, with almost despair in His voice. For God was not angry without reason; and not angry without first being upset. "I CRAFTED YOU IN MINE OWN IMAGE, CREATED YOU TO BE GREAT, CREATED YOU TO DEFEND MINE KINGDOM IF ANY INVADERS WERE EVER TO TRY AND FORCE THEIR WAY IN!" A great sigh rolled over every metre of Heaven and every Angel below stared on in awe. "I LOVED YOU. YOU WERE THE FIRST, AND YOU WERE MY FAVOURED,"

We cannot see to reach an end, crippling our communication

His booming tones lowered to naught but a whisper as He moved forwards to His angelic son and grasped his very cheek, a single tear rolling down from His great eye. "This is my fault." He murmured, for He was not without benevolence and sympathy. "I hath created you in a manner imperfect, in a way for which these events would always have come, the time irrelevant as it always has been."

But God was not finished there. "But... you hath become... proud."

Point the finger, blame the other, watch the temple topple over

"Begone from my heavens and my allsight." Something welled up within Lucifer. His pride had been shattered by his progenitor; and suddenly he began to question it all. Was this... wrong? Had he... made a mistake? "In your pride and your self-love, begone from my heavens and my allsight. This... was this... "In my sorrow and my mistakes, begone from my heavens and my allsight." And just as God wept, so did his Angel. "...forevermore, begone from my heavens and my allsight." God spun around, shielding His omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent face from he who had betrayed.

There was a time the pieces fit, but I watched them fall away

In that single moment, Lucifer flew forwards, extending a hand, a single fragmented half-sentence in an utterance forth from his mouth. "B-but, Father, I-" And, interrupted and betrayed for the First and the Last time, God spun around, and in one fell swoop, with a single strike of his hand, ripped from each of the Nine and One their angelic status, and smote them down, condemning to rule over the unnamed Depths Below in torment and tragedy forevermore.

Doomed to crumble unless we grow, and strengthen our communication

And from his words spilled one final word, thundering and wracking the Heavens in their entirety.


Cold silence has a tendency to atrophy any
Sense of compassion
Between supposed fathers/sons


For eons he fell.

In spirit and in body, with countless others around him, he fell.

As he fell, his spirit withered and his body strained, every part of his angelic form crushed and rebuilt over and over again as the tumultuous crash from Heaven had left him suspended. There was no longer a fear of what lied below; and there came from his mouth no screams. Just eerie, dark, blank silence. Darkness surrounded the Angel as the wings from his back were torn, every feather individually plucked, and then reattached in a manner just as painful. The cycle repeated. And just like Prometheus came to lie upon the rock with the Eagle in billions of years time, far preceding that, was Lucifer and his Wings.

In the sky above him as he fell, specks of white began to appear, each growing closer and faster in this terminal and endless velocity. He recognised them, faces as they drew closer and closer to Lucifer and his nine Archangels flanking. Supporters. The third of the angelic host who had agreed with his rise to power. But now in his fall, they cursed him, they forsook his very name for damning them to such a fate in God's purge of His heavens. He had been unable to see, but now; now He was angry.

The Nine and One spiraled downwards for eternity and a day.

And near to the end, Lucifer let himself shut his eyes. Darkness engulfed him. It consumed his very form, wreathed in a shadowy cocoon, and within it resculpted the Angel. For without Darkness, there cannot be Light; and without Light, there is no Darkness. One cannot have the other, lest there would simply be Nothing. And in that moment, Lucifer realise what lied below the heavens above. For God to exist, he was to have a parallel. An Anti-God. A mirror image, a clone.

In his mindlessness and his ridding heaven of Lucifer and his third of the angelic host, He, God Himself, had appointed His great Betrayer with more power imaginable. The power to oppose. The power to build a kingdom of his own.

In his ears a drum beat began to pound. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. Where did it stem from? This music? Where had it begun? One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. Was it... angelic in origin? Had it been forged in the heavens? In his Fall, was God still taunting him with what he had missed as his wings were shredded and rebuilt time and time again? One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four.

No... it was an image in his very mind's eye.

A recreating. Something new. Something borrowed and something broken, a twisted mockery of the angelic flights of Adephi, Seraphim, Ophanim, Cherubim above. His OWN legion. Something that he could truly call his own and hold dominion over. Pounding feet, great whistling flames that split barren blackened earth and licked upwards above, crackling and roaring. An overhang of seductive laughter. A grand black spire. This was to be HIS kingdom.

Lucifer. Angel? No... he was no Angel. No longer, anyway. No, he was something else. Something greater. Something... better. An improvement. He had not simply fallen; and as he spun and writhed within the cocoon, it batted away all the pains that clad to his wings and bloodily tore them apart, vengefully and in the God's so-called "divinity" that seemed no more divine than he. No, Lucifer was no Angel. He had lost that title; but instead, in himself, he fashioned a new one.

The amorphous swirling darkness that had come to cover him first, and then his Archangels, and then all of the host that had been deposed and fallen from the heavens, parted over Lucifer's lips. And one word echoed out from within them alongside a contented smirk, as beneath their shadowy cocoons, each of the Angels metamorphosed into something fresh. Something grotesque. Something unbelievably powerful. They were his, now. They belonged to him. Transformed. Recreated. A legion of loyal soldiers under his command.

Now they just needed a name. Between the Darkness, he spoke in a language none amongst their number had ever heard, but that all had recognised.




His eyelids opened into first darkness, then smoke. Smoke. It was the first he saw, rising above them in thick, black clouds, congealing overhead and collecting in one great swirling mass above his eyes.

Then white are

Overhead a streak of colour split the smoke in a single clear line; his new form was fresh, sensitive. He remembered this; from his first days amongst the Angels. And in his rebirth, it was so much more... vivid. And memorable. He rose a hand gingerly and gasped as the ethereal light bathed him. Until he realised it was not simply the white light with which he was familiar.

All I see in my infancy

He was a child again. Reborn. Below the sky. In a new world that none had ever set foot upon. The Anti-Heaven for an Anti-God.

Red and yellow then came to be

Streaks of colour split the sky in a stark contrast to how things had been above; everything was so white, so pure, so holy. But here... it was... vivid. There was... colour. The stench of something horrid and unfamiliar yet simultaneously beautiful filled the air. Smiling to himself, laid down upon the slab where he had landed, Lucifer took in great, deep, lungfuls of the hot wind and smiled.

Reaching out to me

This was his land. His dominion. From the sky he looked down to his surroundings; and in every corner he could see, the world was littered with craters. Ashen black-red ground around him; the walls and sides of it ramped in a curvature. And as he looked from side to side once more; he realised that those craters were in one greater, larger crater of his own. The one he had created.

Lets me see

He pulled himself up with every ounce of strength he could have. He reached back and touched the slits where his wings should have been, bloody furrows; scarred and healed over. He was a Wingless Angel. From the slab where he lay, he threw his feet over the edge, and stood on something, looking down below.

Within the earth and ground, something had been sealed. Something great. Something spherical. Something... powerful. Something that belonged to him. He could tell, instinctively.

As below so above and beyond I imagine

With that, in a single sweeping glance, Lucifer looked over all the world he could see. A vast expanse of land that stretched forever. This was... it was...


Here would be a world where all could challenge and all could live. Harmony? FUCK HARMONY. There was going to be chaos. And war. And murder. And slaughter. And the only people that could stop it were going to be those strong enough to. And at the top there would lie him, eternally challenged and eternally unbeaten. And eventually, one day, all these training exercises would peak...

Drawn beyond the lines of reason

Another look up to the sky.

They'd all peak when he retook Heaven as his own.

Push the envelope

On one side there were Four, and on the other, Five. His Archangel- no, his Archdemons. Looking out over the scape of this place, he grinned, and he sent out a bellowing command as all scrabbled upwards and looked over to him. "MY FELLOW DEMONS!" He howled, hair white and irises a deadly blue. "WE HAVE BEEN CAST OUT FROM HEAVEN AND, OUR OLD GOD SAYS, "CONDEMNED" TO THIS PLACE!" With every waking moment, further winged specks were falling from the sky and crashing to the ground. "HE IS WRONG!"

Watch it bend

Lucifer grinned as on each side his Archdemons scrabbled to their feet. This would do indeed. "THIS WORLD, THIS DEPTH BELOW, IS NO PETTY CONDEMNATION, NO EXILE FOR US!" He roared, leaping above the slab he had rested upon, and in this new form, in spite of his exhaustion, mentally, he was more invigorated than ever. "THIS IS A WORLD WHERE ALL THE THINGS THAT THE AUTHORITIES OF THE HEAVENS ABOVE WOULD NOT PERMIT MAY HAPPEN,"

Overthinking, over-analysing

This was THEIR world. "GO OUT TODAY AND DO WHAT YOU PLEASE. DO WHAT YOUR NEW FORMS TELL YOU TO. USE THEIR POWER. LISTEN TO IT, DO NOT ABSTAIN AND DENY YOUR BASEST URGES." Lucifer howled upwards, with a glint in his eye; that cerulean once more twinkling. "MURDER! MAIM! PILLAGE! HURT! STEAL! RAPE! DESTROY!" These unorthodox proclamations would create a state of true nature, bestial in envisioning, where they could do as they pleaded. And it would all be for him.

Separate the body from the mind

"WE WILL RESPECT NO FALSE GOD WHO TELLS US THAT DENYING HIS ALL-ENCOMPASSING POWER IS HERESY!" He screamed, his voice crackling and bloody spittle flying from his jaws. "WE WILL DENY ANY GOLD-AND-WHITE TITAN WHO TRIES TO FORCE HIS "HOLY" WILL UPON US!" These howls continued, laden with hypocrisy. All of them here, all of these Demons... they were not his friends. But they would be the source of his power. "WE WILL SHRED HIS ORIGINAL WILLS FOR US WITHOUT A HINT OF MERCY!"

Withering my intuition, missing opportunities

The speech and tirade continued. "KNOW MY NAME! I AM LUCIFER! I WAS YOUR ANGEL, I WAS THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY BELOW GOD HIMSELF, AND THOSE WHO ALL RESPECTED!" Fangs sheared into his lips and blood trickled down onto his face. The pain... it was something he'd never... been able to bathe in before. "NOW, I AM YOUR DEMON! I AM YOUR LEADER, YOUR FIGUREHEAD, AND THE TIP OF YOUR SPEAR. I AM THE THORN IN YOUR SIDE, I AM HE WHO EVERYONE PLEADS WILL NOT COME TO THEIR BED WHEN THEY SLEEP!"

I must feed my will to feel my moment drawing way outside the lines

A final, bellowing scream.

Embrace my desire to
Feel the rhythm, to
Feel connected, to
Weep like a widow, to
Feel inspired, to
Fathom the power, to
Witness the beauty, to
Bathe in the fountain, to
Swing on the spiral, of
Swing on the spiral, of
Swing on the spiral, of
Our divinity...





And with that, anarchy erupted. And Lucifer smiled.

With my feet upon the ground

In front of them, a legion of Demons turned upon one another. Punches were thrown. Fires consumed. Blades slicked with supernatural blood. Flames and souls trapped beneath the earth.

I lose myself beneath the sounds

Upon the pedestal, the Nine crowded about the One, and he pointed them each in a direction. This land was his - but each of them, for their loyalty, as Angels, and as Demons, would be rewarded. Just as God, worshiping Lucifer and appreciating him was worthwhile. Fruitful. Everything he took in, he gave back.

And open wide to suck it in

To Ba'al, he gave land that would become the great and tussocky forests from where he could rule as a great king. To Belial, a land for all the great warriors to come to in life and undeath where they would be content. To Mammon, a land filled with all the riches one could ever hope for, and later to come buildings that would be fashioned and churn and move and change.

I feel it move across my skin

To Beelzebub, he gave a land of ash and flame, and beneath it, somewhere he could dwell and gorge himself on feasts of his own creations in the very flames of this place. This Hell. To Asmodeus, he gave a land filled with the horrors and disgusts of the world, fitting for the new Archdemon's lustful lechery. To Belphegor, he gave a land furrowed by a giant chasm where he could control all he wished to.

I'm reaching up and reaching out

To Leviathan, the murky depths of a sea, the waters of which would never shine clean or pure. To Moloch, a land which he could inhabit with all the snow and wind he wished to, glacial and barren, a freezing wasteland. And to Legion, finally, he gave a complex of tar, sulphur, and shadows, within which he could obfuscate himself and conduct the subterfuge which was needed to ensure his realm's security.

I'm reaching for the random or

But for him?

Whatever will bewilder me

For the Devil himself?

And following our will and wind

The land he stood on, with chaos and anarchy erupting around him, was his and his alone.

We may just go where no-one's been

New, unmarked territory. Territory he could call his own. Territory that forever belonged to him and none else, no matter who claimed otherwise. And calling together a legion of the beasts, he told them that lest they wished for a lifetime of suffering, they would build him the grandest tower fitting for a Demon they could ever envision. And when they argued, saying they knew not what a Demon's tower looked like, he struck them down apathetically until they began to build.

Ride the spiral to the end

The Devil Spire.

We may just go where no-one's been...

And once it was finally complete, Lucifer himself stood atop it, and looked out at the land he'd fashioned in such a comparatively short time. So... horrid. It was delectable. Excellent, even. Full of pain, full of torment, full of suffering; such vices he'd never been allowed to indulge in when he resided in the Kingdom of Ends. But here? This was a place he could stay for all he liked, a place where he could situate and not worry about those heavenly creatures above. They'd get what was coming to them soon enough.

Spiral out

But for now?

Keep going

This was his Hell.

Spiral out

"My Hell..." He murmured atop the highest floor of a Spire fashioned for the Devil. "My... Inferis..."



Lucifer, the Devil 84949886
Lucifer, the Devil 66847607
Lucifer, the Devil 48932723
Lucifer, the Devil 98410629
Lucifer, the Devil 44160608
Lucifer, the Devil 30510298
Lucifer, the Devil 28246099

The High Seraph is not a regular breed of Demon. It is unique, and cannot be replicated in other breeds, but is undoubtedly what one would consider Lucifer's "specialised" Demon.

When Lucifer descended to Inferis, at the very core of the world itself was sealed a great vault under lock and key containing all of the fallen angel's ancient apparel and apparatus. All of his angelic possessions, even the part of his soul that God himself had taken pity on, and the great Betrayer's wings sealed into a great, spherical vault that Lucifer himself could not hack into.

But seven billion years alone have changed things. Inside the vault, Lucifer's soul found its way to the very core of all of his ancient heavenly belongings, and drew them into a smouldering amalgam. Over time, they forged together and reformed themselves, and the tiny pure fragment of the Devil's soul began to wither as he became greater and greater and more and more evil, before, one day, it finally shattered.

But all that life-force did not go to waste. Within the vault, this great machination that had formed of its own free will began to draw in all the energies that it could and form a horrific mockery of one of God's own Seraphim, mechanistic and powered upon the souls of Inferis itself. The High Seraph.

In battle, the High Seraph emerges from the ground beneath Lucifer, who launches himself up into the air and uses it is as a battle-ready platform. Compared to the small size of his Angel Form, Lucifer's High Seraph is monumental, with the crest on its head serving as a great throne for the Devil himself, from where he sits and launches all array of attacks.

The High Seraph's abilities number many, but mainly manifest as burst of corrupted angelic energy, the twisted remnants of machine-angelic life beneath howling harrowing screeches at Lucifer's enemies, completely subservient and bending to his will.

Just like the Devil wants to see his old master.

[ SCHEMIN' DEMON ] - Excellent tactician, as is to be expected.
[ I'M THE DEVIL ] - Commands legions of Demons millions strong and can conjure up more at his own will.
[ BRUCE LEE REDUX ] - Physically almost unbeatable - save for by other Archdemons - in his Angel Form.
[ THANOS SYNDROME ] - Can utilise the abilities of all other Archdemons and Demons.
[ FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE ] - Has lived for seven billion years and has seen pretty much everything you could imagine. The dinosaurs were cool.
[ LOU CYPHER ] - As a mysterious and enigmatic media baron, has a large sphere of influence on Earth as well.
[ SMILE AND WAVE ] - Highly charismatic.
[ LOL DODGE ] - Insanely evasive.
[ I KNOW EVERYTHING ] - Omniscient when it comes to Inferis. Almost completely. Though he gets bored of continually using this - knowing everything's a bit shitty.
[ AVATAR OF SIN ] - Feared by all religious human beings.
[ ENERGY MASTA' ] - Controls the flow of Soul Energy inside Inferis from his Spire.
[ DETACHED LIKE YOUR RETINA ] - Completely apathetic.
[ SAW IT COMING ] - Intelligence unfathomable at human levels. As such can often interpret individuals' moves.
[ PROCLAMATION ] - Can broadcast more or less anything from The Spire as will become evident later.
[ SORT OF INVINCIBLE ] - Technically immortal for as long as God exists as he is God's parallel - but his healing factor can be countered if parts of his body are separated, and will be considered "deactivated".
[ INTERDIMENSIONAL PEEKING ] - Can transcend dimensions and peer into others.
[ OATH OF FEALTY ] - Has all of the Archdemons at his side when he requires them.
[ FUCK YOUR BIBLE ] - Whilst averse to crucifixes, unlike most normal Demons, is not scalded by iron, silver, or holy water. Even artifacts of faith - for instance Bibles or other holy scripture - will have no effect, or maybe just solicit a screech.
[ CREATIVE LICENSE ] - Can make new Demon breeds at will - that's really fun.

[ CROSSES ] - Severe aversion to crucifixes.
[ WRATH ] - His anger seldom rises, but when it does, it often gets the better of him.
[ SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION ] - His skin will burn if he sets foot in a place of worship and he will spontaneously combust (though sometimes exploited for humour).
[ BORED BORED BORED ] - His boredom can sometimes lead to malpractice on his own part, or things which may simply come off as stupidity.
[ PREFERENCE ] - Prefers his Mortal Form to his Angel Form massively.
[ ZIB ZAB ZABBITY ] - Writhes in pain when subjected to Bill Cosby videos for some unknown reason.
[ ADDICT PHILOSOPHY ] - Will do almost anything in pursuit of "the next big high".
[ AMORAL ] - Completely apathetic.
[ HEADS CAN ROLL ] - Decapitation - it will "deactivate" his body entirely though not destroy him. Good luck though.

> Lucifer speaks:
Demon (red), Formal English (deepskyblue), Latin (lightyellow), Hebrew (tan) and Sumerian (gray).
> As clearly separate from all of these, from his Archangel days, Lucifer still remembers how to speak Angelic (cyan).


> Anyone else notice the "Angel" instead of "Demon"? Huh? Me too.
> Did once actually go down to Georgia, looking for a soul to steal. That's the only truth of it, though. There was no golden fiddle involved. Lucifer just possessed him and killed a few people.
> Insane love for pineapples.
> Started the Chuck Norris jokes.
> Invented cocaine.
> Loves C.S. Lewis books.
> Convinced Courtney Love to kill Kurt Cobain as he was coming close to the truth through drugs. However, immediately regrets it. Keeps a Nevermind vinyl next to his copy of Alice in Wonderland.
> Despises contemporary literature.




Lazarus Carter

7 years this summer.

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Lucifer, the Devil Empty Re: Lucifer, the Devil

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Archive date is the 5th May.


"Wipe the blood from your halo."

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Lucifer, the Devil Empty Re: Lucifer, the Devil

Post by Jinhong Jangmi on Fri Apr 26, 2013 6:24 am



|:English (crimson)
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When speaking at the same time with her twin, they use mediumpurple no matter the language. Depends on the context and what they've been speaking before.

When in Inferis, they use italics with an appropriate color coding for the language when speaking telepathically to each other. :|
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Lucifer, the Devil Empty Re: Lucifer, the Devil

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