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Under Sea Tea Party (Open to all Hell Princes)

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Under Sea Tea Party (Open to all Hell Princes) Empty Under Sea Tea Party (Open to all Hell Princes)

Post by Leviathan on Tue Jun 25, 2013 6:54 pm

3:54 PM
January 10th, 2012
Hallowed Reef, 1st Foyer
The Black Sea

Something had happened in the Black Sea that hadn't happened in quite a long time. The seas had stayed calm for more than a month. Leviathan has gone without bitch-slapping anything (that can feel it anyway) for the duration of this same month. Her good mood has be constantly getting better. Down in her little coral reef, Leviathan spun and skipped around as if she was on something that was not legal (in the human world most of the world, anyway). And most would think so, she was often in such a sour mood, always hitting things, or kicking things, or torturing things, but she did nothing of the sort. The Siren maids worried for their Mistress because she was always scariest after a happy stint. But luckily, they had been delegated to the kitchen because today was special. Today was a day where she had, quite literally, parted the sea for a few choice individuals. Every Archdemon, even Lucifer himself, had received a scented invitation (the scent depended on their personal preference) for tea.

She was hurrying the staff with a pep in her step, trying to make the coral decor look presentable. She had already gone through a few pots of tea herself today, so sweet and sugary to keep her up and about. She was very tired, being happy does that. Though, she can't remember why she was feeling so happy. Maybe the tides had changed. Her skin felt softer, her shock white hair felt silkier, and her movements felt sexier. She was just feeling amazing. She could get used to this, she thought. Her dark purple dress with its white apron looked somewhat like a maid, but much more fabulous. SO MUCH MORE FABULOUS. So, as she came down the steps, taking the finishing tug on her extensive braid's bow, she was informed that the first guest was arriving. She took a step outside, raging waves trying to force their way into the corridor she had made on either side. She only wondered who it could be.

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Under Sea Tea Party (Open to all Hell Princes) Empty Re: Under Sea Tea Party (Open to all Hell Princes)

Post by Moloch on Fri Jul 05, 2013 3:58 am

The thundering of Moloch slow and steady arrival resounded for a great radius around, as many lesser demons fled in fear; his was a presence made almost immediately known, if not by his mere aura of power, which some demons were so prone to sense, but merely his great size. Even though the "red carpet" of land within the split sea was more than providing for most of the archdemons, it nevertheless had to expand to allow Moloch entry. Quite true, he could have merely used his mortal form, but he quite liked his demonic form much more. He was, quite literally, the size of a football field, and even then, of mountainous height, and it foretold his strength, his power, and his sheer might, awe-inspiring in its grandeur. And thusly he arrived to the tea party, having marched in solitude the entire distance, since he'd gotten the invitation, expecting to arrive on time, despite the fact that, at the time of the invitation, the party was several days later. The one flaw in his demon form, one would suppose.

On the other hand, there was a reason he didn't require a security detail to be present, of course. The few demons who'd attacked him as he walked had been effortlessly disposed of, frozen to ice, and devoured, for his name was apt; Moloch the Devourer. Mostly the devourer of ice cream, but hey, what wasn't ice cream once frozen and crushed? Anyways, as he finally reached the end of his long journey, he gave an almost inaudibly deep, yet cheerfully toned, bellow of greeting; "HELLO DEAREST LEVIATHAN. HOW ARE YOU ON THIS DAY?" Even as he spoke, his body underwent a series of contractions, as he compacted down to a mere eleven feet tall; still inhumanly massive, being just taller than a single-story building, yet much smaller than his demon form. The water that had parted for him fell inwards, relaxing once more to a much narrower land bridge, as it didn't seem to require such size anymore.

Happily, Moloch entered the water demon's domain, offering her a strong hug, hoisting her off the ground in doing so, as he became seated, awaiting her other guests, his fellow archdemons.


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