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Pryce, Merlin

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Pryce, Merlin Empty Pryce, Merlin

Post by Merlin Pryce on Fri Jun 21, 2013 8:27 am


Pryce, Merlin Wwkms6 Pryce, Merlin Wwkms6 Pryce, Merlin Wwkms6
”I'll figure it out. I usually do.”


Merlin David Jackson Pryce



¼ Welsh, ¼ English, ½ American

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America

July 17th, 1985

Pryce, Merlin <img src=Pryce, Merlin 2yov9k4Pryce, Merlin 30dj8smPryce, Merlin 6h19x1Pryce, Merlin 107l7pcPryce, Merlin 3143txhPryce, Merlin Dp8phi" />



To begin, Merlin has a left eye. His right eye is now a void, a hole without eyeball or eyelid. That is usually covered by a black eyepatch, although Merlin has been debating obtaining a glass eye for fun. His remaining eye is a vibrant green and is always swerving around, taking in his surroundings in a new, altered way. His head is topped with a mess of shaggy red hair. Occasionally he'll tie a bandana of sorts into his hair to keep it out of his eye, but he usually prefers it natural. His head stands at the top of his body which takes about six feet to reach the ground. His body is very scrawny looking, although it's all lean muscle. The only clearly defined muscles are his abs which he takes a minute sense of pride in. He weighs in at one hundred and seventy-five pounds which his mother thinks is far too skinny. He enjoys his scrawny limbs and sharp facial angles. His body has the occasional scar marring the skin, injuries from his time in the Marines. They're usually out of the public view and doesn't talk about them much.

Merlin wears the average clothes of the average young man. Jeans, t-shirts, the usual. He tries to keep up on the latest fashions but isn't hooked on spending all his money. He also owns a snazzy leather jacket for his motorcycle, although he hasn't ridden since his accident. His feet are usually barefoot, in gym shoes or in steel-toed boots. Depending on his choice of footwear varies the sounds of his footsteps. In general though, he's light on his feet. He used to have a bright voice and was always cheery, but he's become more soft-spoken since his accident.

Merlin is essentially two different people now: one of his past and the one of his present. In the past, Merlin was a friendly guy. He could talk to anyone about anything. He was always polite, if a little bit brusque. Sarcasm was something he enjoyed, as well as jokes. He loves his parents and he loves his friends. He's a bit more logical than fanciful, but that's because of all that science. Mostly, Merlin is just a good guy. He had a bit of a temper way back when in the past, but it was really hard to get him worked up.

Everything has changed though, since Merlin's “accident.” Oh, he's still a lover and logical. But he's a lot more withdrawn now. He's not the life of the party anymore; he avoids those kinds of things at all costs. His temper is a bit easier to find as well. Merlin has a tendency to get snappy and his minimal sarcasm has become almost a second language. He doesn't joke anymore, though he can still laugh. Merlin now is just a shell of what he used to be, primarily from grief and from trauma. He fervently hopes that he can find himself again, but he knows that he'll never quite get back to the way he was. Life-changing events of a way of doing that to a person.

So, tell me about yourself.

Like, what?

Well, start at the beginning. Tell me about your birth.

Seriously? Ew.

Merlin, please. We're trying to work on helping you. Laying out your history is a good way to open.

Yeah, whatever. Do they do this to all new recruits?

Just the special ones.

Merlin scoffed, one leg crossing over the other. “Yeah, whatever.

So I was born in the U.S. My dad, Geoff, is really into magic shows and he had this trip booked way before they found out my mom, Martha, was pregnant. The trip wasn't like, on my due date or anything. It was a few weeks early, but the trip got extended when a doctor in the U.S. said it was safer for Mom to wait until after I was born. So I won dual citizenship. Bonus for me, I suppose. I lived most of my life here in London, going to college in America. I did it because I wanted to join the military, for some ridiculous reason. Sure, British military could've sufficed. But the Marines always stuck out to me. My granddad had been a Marine and Dad always told me stories. It seemed like a pretty badass life.

I took Spanish in high school and I'm still pretty good at it. I learned Latin in university mostly for fun. I'm pretty fluent in both, which is sweet as far as I'm concerned. Science is really where I had all the smarts though. I aced every single science course I've ever been in. Majored in that in university. Marines let me join and do boot camp, then sent me to school for my bachelors and masters. Bachelors was a double major in chemistry and physics, with my masters in biology. Then I got sent overseas. Bomb squad, because I was so good with my hands.

Merlin paused looking down at his hands, watching them begin to tremble slightly. He took several steadying breaths. He mentally shook off the chills and dread and looked up back up the psychiatrist across the way from him. “So anyway.

About six months ago, I was honorably discharged from the Marines and sent back home. Lived with my parents for a few months but that got old, fast. I had a few odd jobs here and there, enough to get my own flat in London. Love my parents, but damn, I hate the constant smothering of parental love. Then your bosses approached me for some lab job. Don't quite understand it all just yet, but hey. This job will be much better paying than my other ones, and I'm kind of excited to get into a lab again and get my science on. There. Now you have my history.

Merlin stood up from the chair, brushing the imaginary flecks of dust from his pants. “Wait, Merlin. You've ignored a couple years of your life. Between your deployment and your discharge.” Merlin froze and the psychiatrist watched Merlin's eye shift slowly out of focus. Merlin quietly stated, “We're done,” and walked out of the office without another sound.

The psychiatrist watched him leave, shaking his head. The fact that Merlin had gotten that far was astounding. He wasn't quite sure what the Templars saw in the young man, but he had been at the top of his class for all his degrees. Maybe he could handle the darkness of the world and the one beyond it, studying it to make the Templars better. But Merlin had his own hurdles to jump through before they could even consider moving him out of his lab and into the field. The psychiatrist looked down at the file in his lap, skimming over the brief report of those “missing” years of Merlin's life.

Pryce was overseas in an undisclosed location, charged with diffusing enemy bombs across a widespread area. All previous sweeps had been effective, with the bombs effectively disarmed. Final sweep of the mission involved a warehouse of sorts. Initial team had gone in and cleared all of the building, except for the area where a bomb was discovered. Pryce was sent in with Clarkson, a soldier who gave Pryce directions on what to do when disarming. Remaining Marines remained outside of the warehouse, per protocol. Pryce successfully disarmed the bomb, but triggered a fail-safe bomb that had not been discovered by the original run-through the building. The second bomb detonated, causing the building to collapse. Pryce suffered minor injuries, the most severe being the loss of his right eye. Clarkson was killed by falling debris. The remaining troops all survived. Pryce was honorably discharged from the Marines due to his loss of vision.


- Merlin has a great affinity for the sciences, able to understand a variety of concepts across all the fields.
- He has long hands and fingers with a very delicate touch. This enabled him to work on bombs when in the military and now he is able to handle the delicate materials brought back from Inferis.
- Merlin is a great mechanic, partially because of his skilled hands and partially because he just loves motorcycles and cars.

- Having lost one eye, his vision has altered, and he's still adjusting to the changes. He does, on occasion, walk into things as his peripheral field of vision is off, as is his depth perception.
- The effects of PTSD have made him unfit for any type of “battle” and he considers this a huge weakness that he couldn't effectively survive under attack.
- He really can't stand the smell of potpourri. It's disgusting.

Speaks English (#617C58) with a British accent, Latin (#C68E17), Spanish (#7D0552), and is learning Demonic (#FDEEF4).


- Merlin is suffering from PTSD due to the trauma of “the accident.”
- Merlin served in the U.S. Marines for six years.
- He has dual citizenship in the United States and the United Kingdom.
- Dick Clarkson was Merlin's best friend in the Marines and he feels guilt, believing he caused Dick's death.
- His favorite mode of transportation has always been trains. Incidentally, one of his favorite bands is Train.



Csi or Andrea


Over ten years, I'd say.

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Speaks English (#617C58) with a British accent, Latin (#C68E17), Spanish (#7D0552), and is learning Demonic (#FDEEF4).
Merlin Pryce
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Pryce, Merlin Empty Re: Pryce, Merlin

Post by Alice the Chopper on Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:08 am



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