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Mammon, the Corrupter

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Mammon, the Corrupter Empty Mammon, the Corrupter

Post by Mammon on Sun Apr 21, 2013 2:48 pm


Mammon, the Corrupter Wwkms6 Mammon, the Corrupter Wwkms6 Mammon, the Corrupter Wwkms6

”You say you have nothing more to give.  But THATS where you are wrong… There is so much more I can get out of you.”



Blood Goddess, Queen of Necropolis, Wolfmother, the Huntress, Neyave Andre, the Corrupter, Duchess of Desire, Mary (as in Bloody Mary), Guardian of Pentacles

Tristan Dunwald

Around 7 billion.

Demon: Female
Mortal: Androgenous Male

Regal Necropolis

Mammon, the Corrupter PixivId2600100full1300732_zpsbe3028b6

Mammon, the Corrupter PSYCHO-PASSfull1447619_zpsb97614fb
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Mammon, the Corrupter MakishimaShougofull1478299_zpsb7518c63
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Mammon, the Corrupter MakishimaShougofull1459031_zps37a3be45
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Mammon, the Corrupter MakishimaShougofull1452674_zps6e1ed1a2
Mammon, the Corrupter MakishimaShougofull1440249_zpse63e82f6
Mammon, the Corrupter MakishimaShougofull1438485_zpsadd4257a
Mammon, the Corrupter MakishimaShougofull1429402_zps50ae15c6
Mammon, the Corrupter PSYCHO-PASSfull1476722_zpsb5cfc08b
Mammon, the Corrupter MakishimaShougofull1436785_zpse4db8725
Mammon, the Corrupter MakishimaShougofull1326325_zpsb3a71efe
Mammon, the Corrupter MakishimaShougofull1320694_zps4cfe75d6



1, 2

Standing over fifteen feet tall, Mammon is distinctly female with smaller breasts and a curvy figure.  Her skin is a light tan with almost sickly green highlights except around the spiky protrusions, lower parts of her arms, from her thighs down, and her tails.  Those are a deep blood red.  She has spikes coming out just above her elbows, on top of her wrists and three from the middle of her thighs up to her hips.  On her back, the three pronged spikes there have a silvery sheen and almost seem like stunted wings, the webbing the same sickly light tan as most of her body.  Her head has spikes like fur coming out of the bottom most jaw with an upper and lower lip and row of gleaming, razor sharp teeth.  There would almost appear to be a fleshy divider between the top and bottom mouths, however, it is actually a flap split in half with rows of teeth as well.  She has three tails with small mouths scattered across them, chomping and chewing in want of blood and food.  Her snout is almost wolf like above her great jaw, her eyebrows extending up into swooping ears, another layer of them coming up the back of her head.  along her back there seems to be black fur that extends down like a mane.

Due to the graciousness of the Lord Lucifer, he granted his beloved her angelic form back.  Or well... close to it.  She now stands at 6', black, feathery wings extend from her back, just a single pair of them.  She has short white hair that would hang a little bit past her shoulders, however, it often obeys a nature of its own.  It seems to float, undulating back and forth as if suspended in some sort of state in the air.  It isn't spiking out, no no, just sort of... free flowing.  As if suspended in some sort of liquid whenever she moves her head.  Two horns curve up and out of her head, pointed ears peeking out between her pure white hair.  Her skin is a light golden tan, eyes still a brilliant gold that stare with amusement upon you.  Dark brown thorns are tattooed about her upper arms and over her left shoulder, extending across her torso, thickening as if growing closer to the stem.  About her neck curves black fabric as if in extended rose petals, the fabric gathering into just that over her breasts so they look like perfectly wrapped, D cup, roses.  About her waist black fabric has wrapped itself with a great split in the middle of it, a belt consisting of metal discs of gold and varying sizes hooked together.  In the middle, thin gold chains hang from the biggest of the discs with a diameter of 2.5 inches.  Just because she no longer appears as a giant cat beast, does not mean that she is any less Mammon.  Evil can wear a very pretty face after all.

1, 2

When not a great wolf-woman beast, Mammon finds herself to be in either a very feminine male form, or else a very masculine woman form. It's hard to tell which it is.  In reality, it is a feminine man.  She stands tall at about 6' like a man, but the features of her face are somewhere in between.  Her eyes are a brilliant gold like the coins that she would seek, her lips usually twisted into a smile, or smirk.  Her skin is a pale with an almost asiatic gold tint to it, her skin surprisingly soft and silky to touch.  Her hair is a brilliant silver that hangs mostly long except for the bangs that wave in and around her face.  Her build is slender, clothes often a bit baggy on her form so its even harder to tell whether or not its a man or woman.  There are defined muscles beneath it all, however, and it is definitely a man.  She normally sports casual wear such as a white button down with black slacks.  

Class.  Do you know people with class?  Or do they slobber all over themselves with no regard to their appearance?  If there is one thing that Mammon/Tristan prizes its being classy.  It gives you respectability, it makes people listen to you, and your self-respect can be so much higher then.  For if you are a self-depracating twit that won't bother with any sort of self-respect then you can come get impaled on a pike for all Mammon/Tristan cares.  You are not worth her time.  

She is poised and graceful, always with a little smirk on her lips as she moves into a room whether its in demon form, two legs, four legs, there is a smoothness to her movements.  Its like watching water in motion.  Its because she likes to take her time, to gather as much information via the senses before she does anything.  In that way she's very precise, with quiet little smiles and smirks, the occasional giggle or laugh, or… maybe she doesn't make a sound at all.  In that way it makes people sweat, they don't know if they've done well or not and so they hang on your words even more.  It gives her power, and that is something she loves.

Ah, but thats more when she's lording over the Necropolis and NOT wandering about the mortal realm!  When Mammon becomes Tristan, she becomes a laid-back man with an easy smile and laugh.  He is curious about people and what they like to do and he has a passion for reading.  His favorite color is red, and he cares nothing for gender when it comes to a mate.  He wants both.  For what does Mammon care?  She will try to rope them into her world, then consume them and bathe in their blood.  She cares nothing for their petty relationships, for they are toys and food.  That is all.  Oh yes, Tristan will be perfectly delightful, and then cruelly leave you in the dust if that is his whim.  

There is no sense of camaraderie, no desire to really get actually close to anyone.  They would have to prove themselves to her first, and that could be difficult at best.  She can be rather… prickly.  Perhaps its because she saves most of her pleasantness for when she walks among the mortals.  Her brothers and sisters would probably find it amusing how very different she could be in the mortal realm from normal for she almost seems to have a light of hope within her.  She is so much more cheerful and almost, dare I say it, goofy.  Alas, it is but an act to win hearts so they can be torn apart later, or maybe saved for a day when she needs some help.  She is a pragmatist when it comes to achieving her goals.  

Oh… It would be prudent to list her love of… blood.  Call forth the drums of battle so that she could relish and cover herself in that beautiful liquid.  She loves to see it, loves to watch it be spilt, and she loves to be the cause of its flowering upon the skin.  There are actually few "wants" that she has for they come and go like the tides, ever changing and flowing.  Right? Wrong? Who gives a damn. Let others follow their own, structured morales. She would follow whatever the hell she wants to.  

AH!  WAIT!  Important thing, she is a loyal follower of Lucifer.  She loves him, she's his fan, however you want to phrase it.  Out of all of the Archdemons, of all her brothers and sisters in hell, HE is the one that she respects and will defer to.  He is the one that she will help if he were to ask her.  It isn't like she's some obsessed fangirl or anything, she just admires the man.  

Flapping wings… Such a nostalgic sound.  Soaring high above the ground, watching the mortals down below…. Oh Mammon does remember those eons long past, when life wasn't darkness, blood, and lingering tragedy.  Now she relishes in it, but before?  Before… she used to despise it with all of her being, or as much as any angel could despise something.  She remembers… remembers words once whispered on the wind… a hint of who she used to be.  An Angel of Compassion.  Ironic… wasn't it?  

She used to want what was best for everyone, for what would keep them the happiest.  She loved everyone, but she always admired one above all the rest.  Lucifer, as he renamed himself when .  When he called for them to rise up against God, she followed.  When he rallied them to battle their Creator, she followed.  She fell into Hell for him, and she would gladly do it again if he asked.  But this was eons ago.  Ancient history as they said nowadays.  She stopped dwelling on what was long, long ago.  It was counter productive, it made no sense to.  

She welcomed the shadows, the howling and tears, the sobs… All of it.  If they were to be condemned for trying to stand up for what they had believed in then so be it.  Was that a compassionate God?  A compassionate God would have worked with his children, spoken with them, something.  Not cast them down like he did.  No matter.  They worked out their sections of the fresh land that was theirs, of their powers and abilities.  She rather liked her change, and accepted it quickly, much faster than others of her brothers and sisters.  When Lucifer cast out the call for his rule, she gave no hesitation for her support.  If her followers questioned her, they were quickly and mercilessly put in their place.  She would not tolerate dissension in her ranks.  

The world began to form and the years went by.  Mammon had sufficiently settled into her new lifestyle and turned her eyes upon this new world that God had created.  So pure and sweet.  So… disgusting.  She watched as God turned his back on them too, how they were forced to find their own lives much as the fallen angels had and she laughed.  She knew exactly what it was that she wanted to do.  She visited the young race, appearing as a man or a woman depending on her mood.  She whispered words into influential ears and watched the destruction roll.  It began with the Egyptians against the Jews and continued through the ancient realm, the birth of Jesus Christ a particularly hideous thing to her.  How DARE He create a son to save the souls of those puny mortals on earth!  They were their (demons) toys to play with!  He hadn't tried to save them when they were cast into Hell!!  

She was so ready to pursue that whore of a son, ready to turn the entire world against him when Lucifer said no.  That it was his target.  So she backed off.  That was what Lucifer wanted, and in reality, that made perfect sense.  Lucifer had been God's favored son, he should exact his own revenge against their spiteful Creator.  That Creator that did not try to understand or forgive.  He was a cruel unfair God, and there was no reason he should be spared any pain.  

No matter. That was then.  Now… Now she fills her time with playing and visiting the human world.  She knows out of her brothers and sisters that she does it more than others.  How best to learn about the ways to better break your toys than to observe and converse with them?  They were perfectly fascinating and just so easy to influence.  Pol Pots destruction in Cambodia?  Mammon watched from her throne in Necropolis, stroking her hounds head with a smirk on her lips.  The examples went on and on where she had a hand in some sort of ethnic or religious cleansing.  Well, except for the holocaust. She wasn't about to touch that with a hundred foot pole.  Bloody Templars.  

For now, she keeps a relatively low profile, continuing to do what she wants in her realm of Necropolis within Inferis, and on Earth.  



There is a reason that she is called the "Wolfmother" and "Huntress."  Her specialized demons are blood wolves that come when called and are fiercely loyal to her.  Their fur is an oily black, sleek with a crimson sheen over it.  Their faces appear as skulls with a dark red glow coming from their eyes, nose, and mouths.  Their ribs are exposed on the bottom, spines stabbing upwards in spikes.  Their fur is a sickly green along the top and down their back like flames, reminiscent of the mane that she possess.  The fur that they do have barely seems to hold onto their bodies, the bones also peeking through in their paws.  But their teeth are razor sharp, often dripping with blood as they roar heat and rage at their foes.  She doesn't need to keep them on a leash for they are hers and hers alone.  They are her children, her puppies, and they do so love their mother.  

+ The mouths on her tails can consume weaponry, metal, pretty much anything.  Unless it has runes or blessings against demons in which she can't cause ow.  The same goes for iron and silver.  Those DEFINITELY cause ow.  
+ Call of War: She summons her hounds to her and they arise from shadow in a burst of hot fire.  
+ Regeneration: Not the fastest thing, but she does have it. It improves if she has blood to drink.
+ Heightened sense of smell: You think dogs have amazing senses of smell?  Her's is stronger.  
+ Improved hearing: She can hear your heart beating in your chest, your blood moving through your veins.  Just saying.  

+ Lucifer.  Only person that she gives a damn about.  
+ Heightened sense of smell: While being a demon means she's used to smelling really shitty things, that doesn't mean that certain chemicals won't make her nose burn and hurt.
+ Blood.  It's almost like a crack for her.  If she doesn't get her fix, her mood fouls.  She doesn't have any ticks with it, she just gets easier to piss off until it is procured.  

Demon (maroon), English (plum), Latin (slateblue), Sumerian (indigo), Greek (lightseagreen), Russian (darkorchid), Cambodian (crimson)  


- She does hold an appreciation for literature.
- She loves to torment people, except for certain ones.
- Really hates God.  Just don't bring it up.  
- She finds it ironic that her current mortal incarnation has both golden eyes akin to coins of greed, and is so light colored.  The silver hair, the pale skin… It hides such beautiful destruction.  
- Often appears as a host at a club, a librarian, or waiter in terms of jobs in mortal form.  




Jinhong and Pulean Jangmi

At least 8 years?  


[b]Norihiro Yagi/Claymore[/b] :: [b]Luciela[/b]

[b]Naoyoshi Shiotani (Hikaru Miyoshi for the manga)/PSYCHO-PASS[/b] :: [b]Makishima Shougo[/b]

Mistress of the Damned

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Mammon, the Corrupter Empty Re: Mammon, the Corrupter

Post by Lazarus Carter on Mon Apr 22, 2013 4:52 am

Archive date is the 5th May.


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Mammon, the Corrupter Empty Re: Mammon, the Corrupter

Post by Mammon on Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:12 am

Ready for review!


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Mammon, the Corrupter Empty Re: Mammon, the Corrupter

Post by Lazarus Carter on Wed Apr 24, 2013 3:29 am


Brilliant! Can't wait to see Mammon in action. ^_^


"Wipe the blood from your halo."

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Lazarus Carter
Lazarus Carter

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Mammon, the Corrupter Empty Re: Mammon, the Corrupter

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