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#092 - Lungkin

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#092 - Lungkin Empty #092 - Lungkin

Post by Diogenes the Cynic on Mon May 20, 2013 10:22 am


Name: Lungkin
Aliases: Long, Lung, Eastern Dragon, Sky Serpent, Wave Serpent, Ancient Spirit

Sphere: The Black Sea (officially, though they wander in the skies whenever they feel like it)
Tier: The 5 Elder Lungkin are Elite, the rest are regular and unnamed

#092 - Lungkin Dragon-II-l
#092 - Lungkin Eastern_dragon_in_the_sky_by_Dragonniar
#092 - Lungkin Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSzaNBv2WuCv53cWCtFtraDlLTg54H9S75f7jSFWSgRXDaPLfAa
#092 - Lungkin 25-Creative-Examples-Of-Eastern-Dragon-Illustrations-10

There is a race, a legendary race, of demons that once found a way to imprint their image upon the hearts and minds of mortal men. All of Asia revered them, the Orient worshipped them. They were described as benevolent beings, creatures who served as the spirits of the land and water, sky and clouds. The Chinese and Japanese even revered them as Gods, placing them in equality with the divine Emperors of their lands. They were the greatest of beasts in existence, and so great were they that none dared question their divinity and benevolence.

Not so their true forms lurking in Inferis. Within that realm, these beasts are anything but benevolent. They are in fact quite violent, territorial, and seek only their own pleasure in this dark world. They see perfection only in their own forms, and so perfect did they believe they were that their master imprinted his vision upon the known world as that of a God. They are the Lungkin, the rivals of the Dragokin.

The Lungkin are without a doubt the stereotypical Eastern Dragons in every appearance, but they are powerful, evil creatures at heart. With a few exceptions who are neutral gray, seeking a balance throughout themselves besides just their own desires, the vast majority of them are self-centered and sadistic, much like their Dragokin cousins. They are wingless, but can fly through their own power (likely through Soul Energy), and most have very reptilian appearances, making them almost serpentlike. Many bear multiple pairs of legs, though only the 5 Elders bear the five-toed claws of the Imperial Line.

All Lungkin also bear a single pearl, which is similar to the Dragokin's crystals. Unlike Dragokin, the pearl isn't physically attached to their bodies, though it's their source of Soul Energy. They are rarely far without it, for if they go to great distances in separation they become weakened as their body runs on reserves. Many of the higher-ranking Lungkin fly without their pearl out of paranoia of what would happen if it got stolen or broken.

Long ago, the Lungkin and Dragokin fought in an epic war for dominance, a war that likely was not the start of their rivalry but rather the final result. Their leader, Tianlong, fought ruthelessly against their master Fafnir, fighting to the bitter end. When the battle reached its crescendo, Tianlong succeeded in driving his middle claw into the Dragokin leader's crystal, slicing it in two...though the resulting backlash damaged the casing of his pearl. As a result, the Lungkin were forced to call upon a truce, a truce the Dragokin gladly agreed to. Since then, Tianlong has remained in his island home deep in the Black Sea, where he has remained in a trance and has been sacrificed souls by his children in order to keep him alive. His four eldest children (Shenlong the Thunderer (female), Fucanlong the Guardian (male), Jialong the Sea Serpent (female), and Huanglong the Imperial (male)) have since ruled in his stead, acting under his will.

Abilities: All Lungkin bear the ancient abilities of standard Eastern Dragons. These are amplified or activated when in the presence of their Soul Pearl, which they can either carry in their forelimbs or plant in a harness around their chests in a similar fashion to the Dragokin's crystals. Lungkin are covered in a natural armor of scales similar to those of fish, though this armor pales in comparison to the Dragokin's natural armor. Instead they rely on their agility in combat, attacking with their claws and dodging out of the way with serpentine grace. Their Soul Pearls amplify this natural agility, making them almost impossible to hit by normal means.

When they are away from their Soul Pearl or if their Soul Pearl is stolen, they become much, much weaker. Their armor is not as strong, their agility is only half as great at best, and they cannot fly. They can still use their elemental abilities, but they are forced to use their natural reserves of soul energy, which makes them vulnerable and likely to exhaust themselves. They can only rebuild that soul energy either through long periods of time or through consuming the souls of others, which they transfer either to their reserves or their Soul Pearl.

Soul Pearls are the primary source of a Lungkin's soul energy. It swirls with the energies of Inferis, a natural refinery built into their systems. It's also the source of their existence; if broken, the Lungkin effectively dies and its body remains for those who wish to harvest it. However, if a Lungkin is 'killed' and its Soul Pearl left intact, its body will disintegrate into a natural, base substance (often mistaken for flower petals). Lungkin can restore their bodies in this state so long as their pearls are kept in a safe place, though this takes a very long period of time.

All Lungkin can breathe a base element similar to Dragokin, though their base elements reflect more upon nature and flowing forces rather than raw elemental energy. They can breathe "Divine Wind" (a form of loud, sonic roar), "Harmonious Fire" (a heat-based attack similar to breathing fire, though it's hot air at such a degree of heat things spontaneously combust), "Yellow River" (water, usually a certain color), and "Imperial's Wrath" (a type of acid that eats straight through biological matter with ease).

Miscellaneous Notes: - They are weak against magic, but strong against material weapons, a polar opposite to Dragokin
- Surprisingly harder to spot than Dragokin (they like high altitudes)
- Very sadistic at times
- Have a lust for "pretty things," which includes precious metals but is not limited (paintings, sculpture, certain plants; anything that has artwork, really)
- Tianlong is rumored at having a fifth child, Panlong (The Traitor). He was a Lungkin that went rogue and was the first of the neutral-gray Lungkin. Is believed to be hiding deep within the Black Sea
- Panlong is believed to be in league with Pan Weilong, though this is not confirmed...nor denied, allegedly
- Have a race of panda-men who worship them regularly
- Really, really, REALLY enjoy riddles and storytelling; you can spare yourself a terrible fate just by talking about the outside world long enough to distract them
- Fucanlong, the Guardian, is rumored at having a crush with Fawn, one of Fafnir's children
- All Lungkin have an affinity for elemental and weather control, though their strengths vary

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