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#079 - Fallen Cultist of Belphegor

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#079 - Fallen Cultist of Belphegor Empty #079 - Fallen Cultist of Belphegor

Post by Diogenes the Cynic on Sat May 18, 2013 7:10 am


Name: Fallen Cultist of Belphegor
Aliases: Slothful Cultist, Couch Potato, Worshippers of the Slothful One, The Slimed Acolytes, Bile Cultist

Sphere: Entropic Chasm
Tier: Regular

#079 - Fallen Cultist of Belphegor Plaguebearer_of_nurgle_by_Sumaki

There are always those who have served demons. Whether out of a crazed obsession born from guilt or grief, something they were told was destiny since their birth, or just something that felt like a good idea at the time, cultists have worshipped the dark powers. Among some of the most numerous of these are the cultists of Belphegor, servants of the Slothful one. The vast majority of these are, of course, initially without knowledge of actually worshipping the sleeping giant. The vast majority of these cultists were Slothful in life as they are now in death; victims of Ignavians and the like, having hardly worked a day in their lives and having ended because things were just too hard. But there are quite a few who have chosen willingly to worship Belphegor, serving the dark one long after death in the form of his fallen cultists.

They bear horrendously hideous and vile appearances; Fallen Cultists, naturally, all bear a similar visage to the archdemon he or she worships, becoming one with their master's sphere of influence. In the case if Belphegor's flock, they bear appearances similar to Ignavians; bloated corpses, with hardly any muscle, injuries and afflictions virtually ignored while they sit in their own rot and waste, building up filth and slime as they practically lay motionless in a dreamless sleep. Of course, when someone suddenly appears in the Chasm, they are among the first to awaken; their purpose, of course, to make sure that the disturbance is silenced as quickly as possible so as to not disturb their superiors, the Ignavians, and in turn Belphegor himself. After all, their dark lord had chosen to sleep and, even though he's on the verge of awakening, better to not let him awake before his time...

Abilities: Fallen Cultists of Belphegor act as cannon fodder troops and exist solely to serve their sleeping master. When in battle, they often carry whatever comes to hand; rusty cleavers, old hatchets, a machete or two; but most often they enter with powerful swords bathed in their own filth. They can resist pain to a great extreme and, while they walk slowly, they strike with unnerving speed that is apparently impossible in Earth physics. Of course they are just like Ignavians in that they are quick to grow bored and suddenly just give up in the midst of a fight, lying and accepting death simply because it was too much effort to simply keep going. Cultists are more likely to do this quicker than their Ignavian fellows, but it is still a common trait among most of Belphegor's legions.

Miscellaneous Notes:

- Their primary inspiration was the Plaguebearers of Nurgle
- All Fallen Cultists retain some of their former sentience
- Fallen Cultists of Belphegor often engage one another in riddles, whispering to one another across great distances. It's believed that the whispers heard throughout the Entropic Chasm could very well be a group of Cultists talking to one another in demonic across hundreds of miles, their whispers carried through the wind
- Fallen Cultists are the reason why diapers were conceived and later invented

#079 - Fallen Cultist of Belphegor Arrow1m #079 - Fallen Cultist of Belphegor Pentacle1 #079 - Fallen Cultist of Belphegor Arrow2a


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