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Koizumi, Yuuko

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Koizumi, Yuuko Empty Koizumi, Yuuko

Post by Yuuko Koizumi on Sun Apr 21, 2013 7:47 am


Koizumi, Yuuko Wwkms6 Koizumi, Yuuko Wwkms6Koizumi, Yuuko Wwkms6

"Stop acting like a tool and grow a pair”


Yuuko Koizumi




South Dakota, United States

May 18, 1994

Koizumi, Yuuko KisaragiSaya600607125_zpsa842aba1
Koizumi, Yuuko KisaragiSaya6001427963_zps8cb14eb4
Koizumi, Yuuko KisaragiSayafull674828_zps23c1f0c8
Koizumi, Yuuko KisaragiSaya600787795_zps6e08c576
Koizumi, Yuuko KisaragiSaya600741220_zps6fcccfe4
Koizumi, Yuuko KisaragiSaya600733765_zps8a4bf5d1
Koizumi, Yuuko KisaragiSaya600659843_zps84940758



Yuuko is what one might call a natural beauty. Many have told her that even when she just rolls out of bed, she still looks lovely. She has long, wavy, ebony locks that go down to her mid back. Normally, she will wear them in two low pigtails. Her skin is a creamy white color, with little to no imperfections. Save for the large scars she hides under her clothing. Her eyes are grey and big, with a studious gaze to them. Yuuko's build is curvy, yet strong and firm. Her dress is usually casual, as most teens her age dress. A sweater and jeans, a t-shirt, sneakers, whatever she feels like putting on basically. Her Inferis outfit is another story. It consists of a short sleeve button up top, a pleated skirt, black socks, and brown uwabaki. A small chain connects the collar of her shirt together. The whole outfit is mainly black, with red lining. Her eyes turn blood red, and her pupils become slits.

Yuuko holds an intense hatred for demons. When battling them, she fights to kill; never stopping until the job is done. When forced to interact with normal humans, she'll become fake. Yuuko will parade around as a happy-go-lucky ditzy girl without a worry in the world. Maybe she does it to please people, or maybe she does it to feel a sense of normalcy around her peers. No one really knows. In all actuality, she's cold to most people. Especially other hunters and Templars. Her dislike for hunters and Templars is mainly based off of a hatred for herself and her position. Yuuko wishes to live as a normal human like her classmates, but knows that she can never be that way again as long as she knows about demons and their world.

Besides being distant and claiming to not care about much, Yuuko has a strong sense of compassion and the value of life. In a fight where a human life may be endangered, Yuuko's first priority will be to get the human to safety. On the rare occasion when she teams up with other hunters, she'll make sure they don't die in the fight. Some might consider this an odd thing to do, considering most hunters have a "fend for yourself" attitude. Most of the time though, when lives aren't threatened, she'll leave people to their own devices. Does she ever admit to helping other hunters and people? No. Her stubbornness disallows it. She also doesn't want to be made out as some goody two-shoes, even though she pretends to be one around normal humans. After all, she needs to seem ruthless to her enemies. Otherwise she won't have an intimidation factor on her side. People talk, y'know? Rumors spread.

Over the next two months, things have certainly changed for Yuuko. She's also done some things that she never expected to do, and that was join a group of fellow young demon hunters. With these people, Yuuko doesn't feel the need to hide her true personality and emotions. Whether they've noticed it or not, Yuuko has opened up to the members of Nephilim a bit. More than she has with anyone. One member in particular has even caught her crying a few times. The first time, she tried her best to hide it from him. After it happened again a few times, she'd just ignore him and finish her crying.

Young Yuuko is also experiencing new feelings that she hadn't had the pleasure (or displeasure) of feeling before. She seems to be developing a small interest in boys, and one certain boy has caught her eye. She finds him very immature, annoying, loud, irresponsible, obnoxious, whiny, unorganized, piggish, and perverted. Yet, she finds herself admiring him at times. His small moments of wisdom and small spurts of maturity catch her eye... not to mention she thinks he's kind of hot. Yuuko will deny any and all accusations of her infatuation for Lazarus. Any accusers will receive some form of physical punishment and a swift denial. More physical punishment will follow later.

Yuuko never really knew her parents. All people had really told her was that they were dead. That's all she knew, and would ever know. They had kept to themselves most of the time apparently, because no one really knew a lot about them. Yuuko had always assumed it was better that way. Nothing to linger on, no memories to remember and feel sad about. She could just go on about her day, harboring no bad feelings. She went from foster home to foster home, never really having a permanent home as a child.

One day, everything changed.

Yuuko was about thirteen when it happened. She had just been walking back from school. Nothing unusual. Everything had been fine and dandy. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, everything was right with the world. A strange feeling fell over her. Almost a tugging sensation. Something was pulling her towards something, she didn't know. All she knew was that she needed to go to where it was pulling her. When it stopped, she was somewhere else. Somewhere far different from her happy and sunny neighborhood. She was, literally, in hell. Inferis was what a fellow hunter had called it. Everything changed for her, her mindset, her attitude, and what she thought she knew about the world.  

After having multiple encounters with Ritualists and possessed humans, Yuuko decided that she would devote herself to fighting these creatures. If people couldn't defend themselves from the creatures, she'd have to do it for them. She took up fencing, joined a dojo, and trained everyday. At first Yuuko thought she was the only one doing anything about the problem, but later she found that she had been completely wrong. There were hundreds, no THOUSANDS of people fighting the same battle she was. Gradually, she learned more and more about just who the enemy was. And Yuuko found herself becoming more and more devoted to the cause. She stopped hanging out with friends, and stopped doing silly things that teenagers did.

Some of her peers became worried. All the time, they were questioning why she had seemed to change. Yuuko knew it was best not to tell them anything, that they might call her insane. So, she created a false identity. An identity to keep everyone happy and unsuspicious. Yet Yuuko found herself growing unhappier everyday. She had to be fake around her friends. She couldn't confide in them anymore. Yuuko could no longer be herself. No one would understand. Slowly, she became more and more distant on the inside. But outside, she just seemed closer.

Through all the fighting, all the hardship and pain, Yuuko gradually just shut herself out from the world. Never really letting her real self come to light. Always pretending for people, never feeling real.

Nowadays, Yuuko is still holding up that fake identity. She lives alone in her own apartment, has a part-time job, trains on a daily basis, and has built up quite a reputation for herself in the demon world. The young hunter is well-known by many demons and ritualists, mostly because she's a fierce opponent at such a young age. Her sword is her lifeline, and her only purpose is to kill.

Things had been going along normally at first. Same old school, same old shitty apartment, same old routine. But during a long and annoying traffic jam, a lot of things changed. An idiot she met named Lazarus Carter had changed her fate. He had knowingly driven into an Inferis tear, and awakened his demon powers. After rescuing him and discovering a large nest of Aviaxes, an alliance was formed between the two. They would work together and destroy the nest. Soon enough, their duo turned into a quintet. With the Jangmi twins and whip boy added to their group- they were sure that nothing would stop them.

Except maybe Templars and being stabbed.

Yuuko received a bad injury when an Aviax snuck up on her during the battle. It left her seriously injured, but thankfully Pulean was able to seal the wound and heal her before the Templars invaded. Yuuko couldn't recall what had happened to Jerome. All she knew was that he hadn't come back with them and Nephilim was created right afterwards. But during her days in the hospital, Yuuko learned what had happened fast. The Templars had kidnapped him and taken him into their custody, keeping him as their hostage and making him work for them. Yuuko knows she should tell her comrades.. but she knew the reactions wouldn't be good. Lazarus himself was a bit reckless, the possibility of him getting angry enough to try and butt heads with Templars again was too great. So, Yuuko kept it to herself and still has not told anyone of the encounter.

But the most upsetting event of that month, was her run in with a certain Templar named Amadeus Edge. The man behind it all, the top banana. He had given a speech at her school when Yuuko approached him and tried to negotiate for Jerome's release. Amadeus was having none of it though, and simply left her with a threat. But later that day, the two encountered each other at the same orphanage. The orphanage that currently has custody of Yuuko, and the one that Amadeus used to frequent for visits. It was then that the two recalled a few things. One, was their relationship. Yuuko and Amadeus used to be very close when he visited the orphanage, and was the only father figure that she ever had during her time in the orphanage. And the second, was that Amadeus Edge himself murdered her parents and unborn sister. She was five when it happened, and PTSD had made her forget most of it up until now. But with this revelation, Yuuko feels extremely conflicted. Can she kill the only person that she loves like a father?

Yuuko is still struggling to decide this, but has gone with Lazarus to form a Nephilim base in London in hopes of clearing her head and figuring out what she wants. But as Yuuko begins to develop romantic feelings for Lazarus Carter, things are becoming hazier. Not to mention, the conflicts that are soon about to present themselves in front of her are just going to make it ten times more difficult.


Yuuko is mainly freelance, but will team up on occasion when it is needed.

Sword skills, fighting ability, and reflexes

She gains more strength, higher speed, and heals a little bit quicker

Yuuko tends to not be very tactical when fighting, can't take too many hard hits, and can be injured/killed like every normal human can obviously



- Can play piano (although she doesn't indulge in it much these days)
- Pretty decent cook
- Keeps katana on her person at all times in a special carrying case
- Sometimes she needs reading glasses




Veronika and Minji

2 years

[b]Blood-C[/b] :: [b]Saya Kisaragi[/b]
Highschool Samurai
Conflicted Warrior

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Yuuko Koizumi

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Koizumi, Yuuko Empty Re: Koizumi, Yuuko

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sun Apr 21, 2013 10:37 am



"Wipe the blood from your halo."

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Koizumi, Yuuko Empty Re: Koizumi, Yuuko

Post by Lazarus Carter on Fri Aug 16, 2013 8:26 am



"Wipe the blood from your halo."

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Lazarus Carter
Lazarus Carter

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Koizumi, Yuuko Empty Re: Koizumi, Yuuko

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