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#065 - Silver Knight

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#065 - Silver Knight Empty #065 - Silver Knight

Post by Aravad on Fri May 10, 2013 6:49 pm


Name: Silver Knight.
Aliases: Whiteshields, Men of Mithral, Harbingers of Cessation, Errant of Belial, Millennium Immortals, Champions of Sword.

Sphere: The Great Undercroft.
Tier: Elite.

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Before the fall of Belial stood a thousand by his side, safeguarding and battling against the wicked at the behest of their lord, and acting out without respite and with wrath unending. These were not mortal men or women, but in fact denizens of the cosmos, the pure, the infallible, and the loyal. And yet the paradox had occurred, in which they had followed their leader, Belial, all the way to Hell itself. They were sentient beings without a will to act out in protest, and had devoted themselves to his command absolutely. The faithful knights whom were once pure, now had become corrupt. They are not demons whom emerge out of mortals and humans, nay, but are a class of their own right altogether.

Silver Knights are not found to have much of a will of their own but to serve their Master as much as they had served him back when he was an Archangel. They are found oft dwelling within his bastion as his elite of the elite, that none may hold themselves with much compare to these esteemed warriors whom had battled tirelessly and without protest, for they are incapable of it, against those that sought to usurp Belial's throne when he is away. Basically smite whomever was foolish, and mount their skulls against a pike to be ornaments outside their master's stronghold. Some good millions stand outside the pathway to the Tomb of Hollows, and millions more shall adorn the path.

However, they are not invincible, and in occasions, have found themselves fallen to the blade of another, some through sheer volume of foes, and others through the skills of those capable of clashing with them. How they battle is often times alone, and they are more than a match to do so. To invoke more of them within a duel is seen as foolish, as they are quick to lay low those who have earned their wrath.

They all stand 10 feet tall, wearing silvery armor that gives off a sheen of white splendor, and are like statues when otherwise undisturbed. Resembling Belial's armor in ways, as instead of horns on the helm, lays wing-like structures that confirms their purer origins. The tabard that lay underneath their armor is of mail, and likewise of mithral make as all else that composes what they wear.

The host of Knights do not interact with one another, and have only displayed verbal communication when warning would-be trespassers to not dare brave the halls of their Lords, lest they find themselves at the end of one of their swords. There is a sense of honor among these knights, in that unless provoked, they would partake in one on one duels, unless ordered otherwise. They are the slaves to Belial's will, and their free will and sentience is most creative and vast in combat, and when roused to act.

Abilities: Silver Knights are clad in a mythical super light and super durable armor known as mithral, often found in fantasies but otherwise cultivated and making up their form, which can easily cast astray any blows aimed at them, and requires substantial strength to even penetrate. Their shortcomings though lay within the joints of their armor and with thinner armor at the back which is far easier to penetrate, as otherwise direct assault is inconceivable, and often brings about the doom of many that thought otherwise they could destroy these Knights. Their strength is easily capable of bending steel bars or even ripping it apart, further adorned by impenetrable shields, and swords sharp enough to cleave whatever standard metals or even beings that come in contact with them, the Silver Knights are known as deadly close combatant warriors. Their speed is no slouch for they are capable of easily catching up with the fastest Marathoner, and neither are their skills a joke.

They are not exactly exclusive to swords and shields though, there are some Knights with lances and shields, others with a great sword and shields (as overkill as that sounds), and some with vast bows and arrows that are better called spear in terms of its look which is shot from afar if need be. War is their craft, and they can easily accomplish such tasks.

They do not battle as together unless needed, and often times a singular knight is found fighting against hordes of enemies. Glory is for theirs alone, and only by merit of one, and not the many. By provokation do they act together, but otherwise tend to do so with honor.

Miscellaneous Notes: - Defeating a knight at certain segments of the bastion would grant the passage to those that seek entry as worthy, but subsequently to make it through other sections of Belial's stronghold, one must battle through the other gatekeepers.
- Vanquished Silver Knights are not killed for long, but rather reconstitute themselves in 72 hours and attain a form, hence why their numbers are a constant.
- When speaking to a visitor, they assume a language that they understand, and otherwise inform them of their potential trespass before they would invoke their weapons as to smite the interloper.
- Only found in one area in the Great Undercroft, and that is Belial's stronghold, the Tomb of Hollows.
- They have a strange code of honor that one can fathom only through exchanges with them, revealing further light unto their code.

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