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Iscariot, Jasna

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Iscariot, Jasna Empty Iscariot, Jasna

Post by Jasna Iscariot on Thu May 09, 2013 10:27 pm


Iscariot, Jasna Wwkms6 Iscariot, Jasna Wwkms6 Iscariot, Jasna Wwkms6
”As eighty of us were damned to suffer, and as the whole of us have been doomed for ridicule and hatred, so shall eighty more be blessed by the hands of God, and may all who ridiculed and hated be to the Devil himself; for I, Judas Iscariot LXXXI, am the savior of my kin.”


Jasna (Judas LXXXI) Iscariot



Half Israeli, Quarter Armenian, Quarter Russian



Iscariot, Jasna Blaaab



Jasna is a rather normal-looking girl for one who seems to be caught up in the midst of the abnormal. Well, kinda normal looking, that is, at least compared to other people. Bunch’a weirdoes! She has long and silky black hair, reaching down to her waist, but almost always kept in a ponytail, for sake of convenience more than anything else. The most striking feature of Jasna, however, would be her eyes. Her eyes are a bright and beautiful fiery orange, and quite large as well, all youth-like and such. Jasna tends to dress in black, often with a loose gray shirt over a black shirt, drooping down past her shoulders. In stark contrast to her rather casual clothing, she also wears steel-toed combat boots. Jasna tends to speak in a light, very carefree, tone, like the honeybadger she so obviously is, and does so with a rather strong Armenian accent.

Jasna is… Different to say the least. Like, not exactly like others her age. At all. Rather, she is firmly rooted in her beliefs that she must do two things, and two alone in her life; she must never break the contractual agreement of her Curse. She must also submit to a life of subservience. And that is the simplest aspect of her being. But that’s when she’s on the job, or talking about her family history. Which is erm… Well, half the time. The other half, though, she’s a lot more normal. Kinda. For starters, Jasna is fairly easy to get along with. Don’t bother her, she won’t bother you. Bother her, and you may find yourself on the wrong end of a rope. But usually, it takes a bit to bother her.

She’s also normally a pretty neutral person, at a glance. You don’t see her express emotion that often, until you get to know her. But once you’ve done such, she not only has a surprisingly pretty laugh, she also has a rather disturbing morbid humor. But that’s to be expected, given her occupation. She has a habit of finding amusement in some things that most wouldn’t dream of; considering she spends a lot of time in Inferis, she’s actually taken to betting on how long it takes various demons to take down their prey, and sometimes can be found boredly playing with buzzard-picked remains. But in addition to her sense of humor, she’s also competitive, to a fairly aggressive point; if a challenge is presented, she tends to take it, and run with it, oftentimes coming out on top through sheer tenacity, despite whatever may be consequential of such events. But she just can’t be bothered to care.

Have you ever been tricked? It wasn’t nice, was it? Did they make you do something… You’d regret? No. You haven’t. Not compared to what I did. I, Judas Iscariot, yes, that Judas, the Betrayer, I fell prey to trickery that no mortal man can resist. The storybooks tell it wrong, always; for thirty silvers, I’d have never sold out the Lord. Ever… It was him. The Snake, the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, the King of Hell, the Prince of Darkness, Master of Flames, Eden’s Serpent, what have you. I was tricked by him, and I fell for it. Do I resent him for it? No. Do I hate God for allowing me to be tricked in such a way? Not at all. I merely hate myself for what I did. But the story must begin with this bit of backstory, so for the sake of things, I’ll tell it short.

Lucifer appeared before me at the latest of hours, as we had stopped for the night, that day. I couldn’t tell you, for the life of me, what exactly he said to me, but it sounded like sweet and tempting music to my foolish ears; he said if I turned Jesus over to the Roman’s, that it would spark a bright and powerful flame! We would overtake the filthy Romans, and have our lands back once again, and the King of the Jews would be King of Kings, Lord of Lords! But… He’d lied. And I was a fool for believing him… I was a fool for doing what I did… I was a fool for not stopping them… And I was a fool for ending my own pathetic life without repenting, quitting before the novel was read, before I could have seen the resurrection. I’d earned it for myself… But my punishment wasn’t enough…

They say that everything is part of a plan. An interlocking web of complex events, all synched together perfectly. Perhaps I was supposed to do as I did? It doesn’t matter so much to me, but the most peculiar thing is, a curse was laid upon my son. And unto his son, and his son, and his son, and his son, and on for eighty generations after my death; until now it has passed unto the only daughter of the previous bearer of my curse. The Curse of the Heathen; “My only son was doomed to die, because of he which he was named; for if he ever told a lie, like me he surely would be hanged.” A rather scary thing, that curse; in atonement for my great betrayal, my son could speak only truth, and if he ever lied, or broke his word, he was doomed to die; and so he did. The poor boy didn’t even lie that much. He’d merely told a friend he couldn’t attend lunch one day, as he’d been in a dreadful accident, having been trampled by a horse, when instead, he’d intended to go to a brothel. But alas, as he walked, he became a self-fulfilling prophecy, as a trade caravan ran him down, unintentionally, as he tripped and fell onto the road. His death, however, was not of that. His head had gotten stuck between the spokes of the wheels, and as such, his neck was snapped on them; he had been hanged, as prophesized. And there was no way of escaping it… That is my curse. That is our curse. But perhaps it may be lifted…?

- - - - - - - - - -

And I shall be the one to lift it. My name by birthright is Jasna Simonia Iscariot; my name by choice and heraldry is Judas Iscariot LXXXI. I am the eighty-first Judas, the eighty-first to attempt to atone for the atrocious foul play of that coy cobra hiding in the grass, Lucifer. I was born in the year 1993, and from the day I could speak, my father gave me very careful instructions to never lie, to never cheat, and to never steal. Now, most parents tell their children this and most children ask why. Most parents say it’s immoral, it’s bad, it’s wrong; my father told me, at the age of four, if I lie, I will be killed, and sent to Inferis. Thus far, none had succeeded at the hefty task. It was human nature, of course. But you see, we are more than humans… With our curse came a blessing; The second Judas was the one who first exhibited the strange abilities of a demon hunter, among those imbued with such awesome power, he alone the sole teller of the tale of Judas the Betrayer’s true story. Soon, he had birthed a son, who grew to be a man, shortly before the death of Judas II, as he shall be referred.

The legacy grew. His son, too, was a demon hunter. He too was given the knowledge of the Iscariot bloodline. And so it went, for generations. Until me. I am the current most recently cursed Iscariot, and the current person charged with the task of restoring our family’s honor, pride, and glory, repairing our shattered reputation, forcing people to forgive and forget for what we refer as The Great Mistake. For this task, I was trained excessively. My mission was given at the age of ten; I was to serve a life as a sword for hire. Only in outliving the curse, and humbly offering my very life to servitude of any who require my particular skillset, would I break the bonds of our oppression and be set free. It isn’t all bad, honestly; I was born in the oft-forgotten land of Armenia. As you may or may not know, Armenia is a very religious place, very strongly Christian; and why not, founded by Bartholomew and Thaddeus, Armenia was the home of the first national church. My mother was a Jewish Armenian, with a Russian mother, and perhaps one of few who would marry my father, bearer of our infamous family name. In Armenia… Life wasn’t the easiest. We fared well, financially, socially, all of that, but some people there… They refused us in stores, it was hard for my father to find work, all because of the name, that cursed name that I proudly wear. You’d think two thousand years would be time to forget…

Personally, I was always an outcast at school. Parents would tell their children to stay away from the kin of Judas, that we couldn’t be trusted; always a superstitious bunch. As such, I grew up fairly alone. I had family, which was about it. It was a while before I made contact with any others, others who didn’t hate me for rumors alone. I was sixteen when I decided to venture into the world and find my calling in life, a purpose that couldn’t be fulfilled in a humble little town in a land no one bothers to care about.

After leaving Armenia, I now travel freely, for where I lay my head is home, and off the beaten path I reign. Wherever I may roam is where I may be found. Not to mention, I’ve worked for some strange employers in my day; I was once hired by the Pope to assist with a rather important den-busting, in which case, there weren’t enough Templars to go it alone. They were even nice enough to let me go, after that; thank the Heavens, too, every time I brushed against their armor, it burned like touching a hot stove! And of course, I’ve even done a favor or two for Lucifer himself; no pay of course, but I did it nonetheless. He’s a pretty cool guy, as it happens, y’know, if you look past the whole “he’s the reason I’m on this stupid life-quest” thing.

As for now? I’ve been doing the same old things, honestly, not much new. Same old day-in-day-out assassination and mercenary stuff. Joined up with a band of demonic assassins actually. Though honestly, it gets boring after a while. Kinda see how Mr. Cypher feels, after all this boring EXCITEMENT. But hey, I think I’ve almost done good enough, eh? Can’t possibly have but so many more jobs to do before the Iscariot name can be great again!


Works for E.D.E.N. Has worked for many, and all who can offer a sufficient reward, and will work for anyone; from the puniest of mortals, to Lucifer, to God Himself, if He so asked.

- Trustworthy and loyal, to such a degree that if she says she will do it, come Hell or high water, she will do it.
- Quite skilled at knot-tying.
- Basic survival skills, such as hunting, trapping, fire-starting, and first-aid.
- Quick and agile.
- Can easily benchpress 180 pounds, and has punched holes through four punching bags, to date. May be addicted to working out, in fact…
- Jasna has a very high pain tolerance.
- She is a born tracker, and can find many things within a few days.

- She can run at incredibly high speeds, and has the agility to pull off feats of wall-running, jumping, and various parkour-esque stunts.
- Jasna can lift up to 420 pounds, and her punches are stronger and faster.
- She could lose a limb and hardly feel it; though it’d still affect her like it would affect most people.
- She can sniff out any demons within a half mile radius, any archdemons within a two mile radius, and can find Lucifer within four miles. Non-demons can be tracked as if in the real world.

- Due to a curse on the Iscariot family, Jasna cannot lie, break the terms of a contract, or perform a heel-face/face-heel turn of any kind, should such a thing be considered betrayal; should she do such a thing, death will follow shortly, through some means or another.
- Also due to a similar curse, holy symbols and holy water burn her flesh. Iron and silver could probably stab her, but no more than usual.
- Has rather low stamina, her high speed is limited to sprints.
- Her high pain tolerance may yet be the end of her; if she doesn’t notice the wound, can she treat the wound?
- Allergic to pineapples.
- Stubborn as a mule, and won’t back down, no matter the odds or consequences.
- As it would be considered a betrayal of a warrior’s honor, she cannot kill with stealth; she must make her opponents quite aware of her presence, and to sneak around a potential threat is likewise against her curse’s conditions.
- She has no idea how to use guns, having had no training, and doesn’t believe in them anyhow.
- Will do almost anything for the restoration of her family’s honor.
- Suffers Stendhal Syndrome; she will become incredibly dizzy, confused, and will experience hallucinations and high blood pressure, possibly accompanied by fainting, in the presence of fine art.
- Can be tricked, if someone wields the knowledge of her curse, into a situation in which she has to either lie, or agree to some contract of sorts; in this case, she can be forced to do anything, with savvy enough skill, and the ability to not be punched in the face by means of decision-making.

Jasna happens to speak Hebrew, Armenian, and Demon. She is currently learning English.


- Jasna has occasional tea parties with Lucifer, because why not?
- Jasna’s favorite bands are Tenacious D and Iron Maiden. She can’t stand screamo or dubstep, however.
- Jasna likes her coffee with six teaspoons sugar, hazelnut creamer, and a shot of cognac. She likes her tea with four sugar cubes and a slice of pineapple, topped with a dollop of whipped cream. And yes, you may recall that she IS allergic to pineapple. #TooCoolForAllergies,Bro. She often drinks less than perfect tea, to avoid the racking up of massive hospital bills.
- Jasna may or may not be falling a bit towards a sadistic side, with every hit she carries out.
- Jasna tends to sympathize a bit more with demons than her own kind; a demon hunter amongst demons, she is. Mostly on the basis that demons tend to be a bit more trustworthy and nicer than humans, quite comically.
- Jasna is the cousin of Serj Tankian, of the band, “System of a Down.”
- Interestingly enough, as well as being a direct descendant of the disciple, Judas, Jasna is also a descendant of Bartholomew, on her mother’s side.
- Contrary to stereotype, nobody in her family owns a gun shop.
- Three of her uncles, however, design, manufacture, and ship firearms, but don’t run retail. Completely coincidental.
- She’s renowned in the criminal underworld as the Helldragger; when she is within the vicinity of a tear, while performing an assassination, her normal tactic is to charm her way close to the target, and casually, as discreetly as possible, shift over, pulling them with her into Inferis, where she executes them with her evocation. Saves a lot of money on ammo, it does.
- When Jasna isn't assassinating people, she tends to make her money on the stock market.
- Jasna has trained a Kelpie as a mount, while in Inferis; its name is Piper because she met it while it was eating a Scottish bagpiper. True story, bro.



Some people call me the space cowboy… Yeeeeah. Some call me the gangster of looooove. SOME PEOPLE CALL ME MAUUUUUURIIIIICE. ‘Cause I speak. Like a bacon-addicted Jay.

.hcoloM dna ,htimS dnereveR ,retspiH eht htiarK


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Jasna Iscariot
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Iscariot, Jasna Empty Re: Iscariot, Jasna

Post by Jasna Iscariot on Wed May 15, 2013 10:43 pm

E finito~ Or something.


Jasna happens to speak Hebrew (White), Armenian (Gray), and Demon (Black). She is currently learning English (Silver).
Jasna Iscariot
Jasna Iscariot

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Iscariot, Jasna Empty Re: Iscariot, Jasna

Post by Lazarus Carter on Thu May 16, 2013 1:23 am


How can you not believe in guns!?


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Iscariot, Jasna Empty Re: Iscariot, Jasna

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