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Post by Lazarus Carter on Sun Apr 21, 2013 12:10 am


The Templar Order themselves are a group founded as an original offshoot from the original Demon Hunter group that predates the foundation of the Vatican City proper. Operating as a behind-the-scenes Illuminati-esque secret society only open to the greatest and strongest, they're commonly revered as the most dubious society possessing a large amount of political clout, and have done - albeit fluctuating - for the past two thousand years.

The Templars' main ideals, as opposed to the Demon Hunters, who, originally, would have gone to any lengths to eradicate the existence of Demons and Inferis itself, are just concerned with suppressing Inferis' existence, and researching it for darker purposes, for instance, as a transdimensional power source or something along those lines. They're more curious about it and its connotations, whereas Demon Hunters' ideals were originally to just destroy it.

Comprised of the sharpest minds, greatest leaders, and strongest warriors, no-one is permitted to even know about the Templar Order itself unless the authorities are positive they can make a change and help the group's ideals. They're lead by the Grandmaster, one of the Seven Paladins, a leadership group of Seven of the most powerful individuals in the world, whom in the past have had their number joined by Popes, Roman emperors, kings, queens, and Presidents alike. The current President of the United States, Edwin Edsel Thomas, is a Paladin, but this is nowhere near common knowledge.

Templars are almost always pious religious worshipers, and the Templar Order itself is founded on the original beliefs of Roman Catholicism - some of Jesus' Disciples themselves are said to number among the original core members and are buried in the Templar catacombs beneath their headquarters complex in the Vatican.

The bottom line? Templars are efficient, precise, and hardly ever slip-up - but above all else, morals aren't a prerogative or imperative for them. If the price is life or war, they'll gladly accept it in the name of a higher cause - suppressing the knowledge of Inferis' existence - many outsiders believe to be pathetic.

T E M P L A R S / A U G M E N T S

Aside from state-of-the-art weapons and defense technology - as will be explained below - similarly to Demon Hunters, Templars have abilities that they can utilise only in Inferis. Unlike Demon Hunters' Evocations, Templar Augments are not genealogical in origin or innate, and must be triggered by prototype technology or external implants strapped to an individual's body.

Another difference from Evocations is that Augments cannot have the function of summoning equipment - however, as Templars have access to large amounts of real-life weaponry which they oft bring with them into Inferis, many senior Templars view equipment-summoning skills as somewhat redundant. Augments traditionally have served to buffer a Templar's combat abilities, but function almost identically to Skill Evocations.

Remember the limitations on generalisation there, though: "general" abilities are not permitted, and you will be asked to revise your Augment if it isn't specific enough, and we feel like you're trying to monopolise. Augments, much like Evocations and Apparatus, thrive upon Soul Energy as a sort of "fuel" - and their "basis" can be anything you want, though are typically watch-like devices, or something that can be worn with ease, i.e. an anklet or bracelet.

T E M P L A R S / C R O S S G E A R

"CrossGear" is the colloquial name for the Inferis Trans-Dimensional Barrier Crossing Gear Prototype Mark XVII. And, the one that's used by almost everyone except the Templar RnD team, because calling it the "ITDBCGP 17" apparently just wasn't good enough. CrossGear functions similarly to the Demon Hunters' innate ability to cross from Earth to Inferis and vice versa, except that the process is slightly more choppy, and may cause Templars to vomit when they emerge in Inferis. CrossGear was kind of sketchy in its primary stages (hence why this is the seventeenth prototype) but is now a functionally perfect crossing device.

The CrossGear itself is a small microchip which is by default distributed in a Templar standard TagHeuer watch - one of the order's sponsors - but Templars can request for the CrossGear to be implanted into almost any button-operated mechanism, for instance, anklets, necklaces, sunglasses, etc - almost anything you want. Sub-dermal implants are slightly more painful, but on the other hand would ensure you never lose them.

Losing the CrossGear results in being stranded in whichever dimension you're in at the point of being lost. Preferably not Inferis.

T E M P L A R S / D E M O N S

Templars are typically averse to the concept of Demons and will go out of their way to destroy not only any Demon life but anything REMOTELY Demonic that exists in the real world. This includes Ritualists, typically undergoing what's called a "purge", whereupon elite Templar cover-up agents enter a Ritualist den, murder everyone - not just the Ritualists - and destroy any evidence that the den was being used for devilish summonings. In the cases where Templar agents haven't been enough, these have simply been presumed to be Satanist sacrifices - but ninety-nine times out of one hundred, Templar coverup teams - known colloquially as Blackhaven - are perfectly adequate.

Templar units that typically cross into Inferis utilising prototype tech do so in small teams or often on their own, given large amounts of equipment and what are known as Augments. This is usually only for research or specialised offensive purposes, for instance, destroying a certain demon who's proving to be a continual problem in the real world. Templar traversal into Inferis is not as highly-controlled as one would think, and all Templar units who are able to defend themselves and fitted for travel into Inferis are given technology - known as "CrossGear" - that allows them to cross the barrier.

T E M P L A R S / A N G E L S

Angels are a tough nut to crack for the Templar policy, considering their appearance is so new. For what little of religion remains completely sacred to the Order, many hold back from outright engaging them in combat – but of course, the adage of self defence remains true. Templars may well form steady alliances with portions of the Angelic Host, but this is at players’ discretion. Certain Templar commanders may well dispatch troops to capture or retrieve wounded Angels or angelic tissue for scientific experimentation: but as a rule of thumb the general relationship between the Host and the Order remains tentatively respectful – though this may well change as future plot events develop.

T E M P L A R S / D E M O N H U N T E R S

In spite of the fact that Templars themselves actually originate from Demon Hunters, technically, there's a lot of love lost between the two factions in their difference. Templars' objectives differ massively from Demon Hunters; Templars' goals concern the suppression of public knowledge of Inferis and the investigation of Inferis/demon life as a whole, and will stop at nothing to get this, whereas Demon Hunters are far more splintered and malleable, at their origin typically just deciding to try and execute as many of the demonic bastards as they can.

Templars are slightly more rigid and precise in structure and function in that they don't tolerate failure of any sort and don't allow for exceptions to their many rules, whereas Demon Hunters tend to have more flexible morals. In stark parallel, Templars have a large network of functioning links and individuals stretching across at least 50 countries, all the time managing to suppress any news of their existence.

Whilst Templars will aim to destroy Demons and kill Ritualists on sight, official policy - though it's not always obeyed - is to simply apprehend Demon Hunters through less-lethal methods for interrogation and scientific experimentation. Which doesn't sound an entirely pleasant fate.

T E M P L A R S / T E C H N O L O G Y

Templars are often praised for having access to modernistic but somewhat prototyped technology: if modern militaries can get ahold of it, so can they. Typically they utilise precise weaponry but each arsenal is individual to the Templar, with a wide array of weapons from guns to knives to cudgels and even slightly more complex weapons designs being available.

Aside from the CrossGear and augmentation bases, default Templar gear is one firearm, one sidearm, and one close-combat weapon, each of the Templar themselves' choosing, but Templars have access to all kinds of wonderful appliances and objects, for instance, EMP grenades, holy water-steam grenades, and even the ability (if you're a high-level Templar possessing the knowledge to, at least) to bless weaponry so that it deals extra damage to demon life.

Most Templar weapons are made from iron or silver, and rounds are silver-tipped - whilst the difference is negligible to regular human weaponry, it's something of a calling card, as they have been shown to deal more damage over time - and pain - to certain demons.

T E M P L A R S / O R I G I N

An adequate summary of the Templars' activity, fleshed out specifically for the past three-hundred or so years, can be found here.


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