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Post by Lazarus Carter on Sat Apr 20, 2013 10:20 pm


Demon Hunters themselves are individuals who are, on Earth, relatively unspectacular. They possess no distinguishing features - they are not super-strong, super-fast, or usually even trained. Typically, they are the epitome of the everyman. They are lawyers. They are bankers. They are schoolkids, mothers, teachers, fathers, they are construction workers, insurance salesman, real estate agents: they are you and me. The only thing that sets them aside from everyone else? They have a two-millennia old heritage that all common knowledge of has died out over the years.

Demon Hunters possess two things from a mystical, age-old pact made with supposedly, God himself, the details of which are still... well, less-than-clear. The first is the ability to, in the proximity of a tear, seamlessly cross from Earth to Inferis, and vice-versa. The second is the ability to create and conjure what are commonly known as Evocations, Demon Hunters' specific ability fields. The usage of Evocations is tentatively rather wide: they can be applied in more or less any fields, but typically fall down to either supernatural skills - anywhere from pyrokinesis to teleportation - or equipment. The actual attributes of each skill or piece of equipment is defined only by the Demon Hunters' imagination - so as one would expect, it's pretty cool to have a sort of user-defined infernal fabrication ability.

Most Demon Hunters are completely unwitting of their abilities until they accidentally use it when they come into proximity of a tear. Demon Hunters' abilities to manipulate these reality tears manifest at the onset of puberty, and some actually never discover it. The coding for a Demon Hunter is presumed to be genetic, and is always a dominant allele which is ALWAYS passed down to a child. This means that, considering the original Demon Hunter group was about two-hundred strong, there could theoretically be millions of demon hunters, now, two thousand years on, but the general consensus is that there is far less than that in the world's general populace, and only a handful of those are even so much as aware of their abilities.

D E M O N H U N T E R S / O B J E C T I V E S

The original formation of a demon-hunting order was on the grounds that the abilities to actually harm and destroy demon life would be utilise, but over two thousand years, this divine heritage has long-since been forgotten, and the old ways are no longer respected. Most active Demon Hunters operate freelance, and some of them really have no qualms with Demons whatsoever; by nature, most Demon Hunters who are even the slightest bit knowledgeable seem to dislike Ritualists on principle, and seeing as Templars are usually out to apprehend them, there's a fair bit of love lost there.

Demon Hunters themselves have no real moral obligations by way of divine control - almost all Demon Hunters operate on their own or in small cabals of no more than three or four to ensure survival, and there's no "underground Demon Hunter network" in the real world. There are people who just help each other for short instances of time. After that, when you're off the ground? You're on your own. Demon Hunters try to avoid attracting suspicion when in Inferis, but that said, when applied and trained properly, can be very damaging against lesser Demon forces, and with the right power level, could even hypothetically stand up to Archdemons.

A Demon Hunter's inherent purpose is to, as the name would suggest, hunt and kill Demons, but they seem to just possess the ability to conjure Evocations and cross into Inferis: aside from this, the world seems very much to be their oyster, and you, as the creator of a Demon Hunter, are not obligated to do anything. Being a Demon Hunter comes with no underlying moral obligation whatsoever.

D E M O N H U N T E R S / E V O C A T I O N S

Evocations are the specialised abilities of Demon Hunters. They fall into two distinct categories: Equipment and Skill.

Evocations are only usable in Inferis, and can be manifested by any form of action; for instance, Equipment Evocations often manifest by an individual Demon Hunter performing some sort of action, i.e. snapping their fingers. Sometimes, they'll just appear - and this manifestation often happens by default in times of emotional turmoil, weapons simply appearing in a Demon Hunter's hands. Skill Evocations are far more subtle, manifesting by an appropriate sigil - if the Evocation even possesses a corresponding sigil - appearing somewhere on the Hunter's body.

Equipment Evocations are archetypically weapons, armour or vehicles. Each Evocation governs a single weapon, or in some cases, a pair of identical weapons (see Lazarus' handguns) or weapons designed to be used in tandem. Most vehicle-based Equipment Evocations are typically cars or bikes, though this is entirely up to the individual in question. Any projectile-based Evocations will essentially have an unlimited amount of ammunition as they can continually be generated.

Note that Equipment Evocations are not subject to the real world guidelines of technology and realism. Laser guns and plasma rifles as such are perfectly fine. Weapons systems that concern multiple weapons may classify as numerous Evocations or take up a number of Evocation slots.

Skill Evocations are slightly more complex. They can manifest as any sort of supernatural ability, but are surrounded by somewhat complex guidelines; let's utilise pyrokinesis as an example. Say your character is called Billy, and his sole focus as a Demon Hunter is pyrokinesis - the manipulation of fire. Now you've finished Billy's character app, and now the time comes to sculpt his Evocations: but you don't know what to do or how far to specify within pyrokinesis. See; your pyrokinesis must be specific enough that it can have a singular application. You can't just have a general monopoly over pyrokinesis - so instead you need to specify.

In general: "General Pyrokinesis" is not acceptable for one Evocation slot as it is too broad a field. "Fireball", however, the simple creation and projection of fireballs within one's hands, is fine - and it leaves you with further areas of development later. Note that each case in this scenario will be different, as some power templates are far harder to specify, but, ultimately, we'll try to establish a fair baseline.

Demon Hunters have exponential growth over levels in the amount of Evocations they're permitted; a total of ONE at Level 1 (cumulative 1), an extra TWO at Level 2 (cumulative 3), another THREE at Level 3 (cumulative 6), and finally an extra FOUR at Level 4 (cumulative 10). Evocations can - and undoubtedly will - get confusing all in all, so feel free to nail me down in the Cbox or PM me should issues arise with them - I'm almost certain that in any case we can sort something out.

D E M O N H U N T E R S / C R O S S I N G

Demon Hunters possess the genealogical ability to cross from Earth into Inferis when in the proximity of a tear. Most tears are around 10-15km in spherical radius, so normally Demon Hunters can cross over provided they're in the city in which a tear is located, or within the general vicinity of a city. This process is seamless for Demon Hunters and takes moments - unless two circumstances have arisen.

Demon Hunters cannot cross when they are in any debilitating physical pain, or unconscious. In this case, they must be dragged out using another Hunter or individual that can cross. Crossing is also impossible when you're within the general radius of a Demon (read: fighting with/or one that's aware of your presence). If you run away and get to a safe distance, you should be fine. This is to stop players fighting out Hunter VS Demon battles from just crossing to avoid attacks or any form of confrontation.

Hunters can, however, and will, pull over individuals that they are in physical contact with when they cross.

D E M O N H U N T E R S / O R I G I N

The earliest and first cadre of Demon Hunters was founded in the 1st Century, specifically the year 38 A.D., their members including Roman legionnaires, some of Jesus' disciples and followers, and vowed to keep their existence a secret. The first Templar sect - which predates the foundation of the Vatican City - split off twenty-three years later, in 61 A.D., though the only Demon Hunter who ruled over the Templars was sterile, thus ensuring that the Templar sect - who whilst, in conception, weren't vastly different from the Demon Hunters, operated differently - leading to estrangement between the Templars and the fading Demon Hunters.

Knowledge of the Demon Hunters died out to barely a myth by the 6th Century, and their mainstream existence was demoted to underground myths and near-on non-existence by the 11th Century - hence why most Demon Hunters are unwitting of their heritage and now work alone, estranged from one another. The Demon Hunter gene is passed down as a dominant allele provided ONE parent has it, with NO exceptions.

D E M O N H U N T E R S / A N G E L S

The relationships between Demon Hunters and Angels is a difficult one to generalise. Angels and Demon Hunters in themselves have the same original purpose; and a lot of common ground there will be found for tentative alliances. However, many Angels do and will view Demon Hunters as youthful novices and often irritations, so this does not mean that clashes between them are outlawed. Some of the older Angels – for instance, Raphael – may outright dislike humanity. This is at the discretion of the respective players of each character type: but there is no obligation to work with or against one another.


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