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Leviathan, the Impure

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Leviathan, the Impure Empty Leviathan, the Impure

Post by Leviathan on Tue Apr 30, 2013 1:08 pm


Leviathan, the Impure Wwkms6 Leviathan, the Impure Wwkms6 Leviathan, the Impure Wwkms6

”You are a single drop that disturbs my still ocean. The tempests that ensue afterwards will destroy you beyond imagination.”



Kraken, Beast of the Sea, Bakunawa, Adamastor, Jörmungandr, Lotan, The Mother Siren, Mistress of Waters, The Expanse, The Continuous Destoyer, Sinker of Cities, Drowner of Sorrows & Happiness, Levi Athan, Levisius Athan, Angel of Purity

Somewhere around 6,000,000,000 years old (as she is one of the youngest Archdemons)

Female. Definitely Female.

The Black Sea

Leviathan, the Impure Leviathan.%28Final.Fantasy%29.240.803036Leviathan, the Impure Leviathan.%28Final.Fantasy%29.240.803029Leviathan, the Impure Leviatan

Leviathan, the Impure Hannah_Anafeloz_by_Erika_XeroLeviathan, the Impure 3011546903_1_5_6mRcB5b12-1



Leviathan in her unchained, superior demon form is that of a dragon serpent. She is, uncoiled, at a length of an earthly cruise liner, maybe longer since she has not measured herself in millennia. Her body is comprised of a V-shaped head with a sharp maw and two fin like appendages, with horns sprouting from the space behind its eyes. The scales, cerulean in color, trace down the full length of her body besides her underbelly, which is white. On it's back are a set of fins that shift into multiple functions. From dorsal fins to wings, these appendages are similar to a marlin's fin or dragons wing; skeleton and muscle with membrane in between. Her tail fin looks to be comprised of three different tails, each different in design. Her eyes in this form are the same as they were as an angel and remain the same in her mortal form: crystal blue.

Leviathan's mortal form most faithfully resembles her angelic body, but with slight modifications. Her natural shape is still very prominent, a steep hourglass shape that emphasizes her physical beauty. Her skin is dark tan, perfectly smooth over her supple curves. Her hair is long and silvery, reaching down to her ankles. Her lips are a light purple, smooth and small. She stands here at a height of 5' 9" and owns every inch, walking and moving like some sort of regal queen crossed with a runway model. He movements are elegant, yet seductive. Her dainty fingers drag, her petite feet tap around as she glides through her domain. Her legs, long and slender, command attention as they carry her luscious body through crowds and hordes. She's usually found in a dark purple dress with a white, purple striped apron. More-so than that, she's found in various swimsuits, from two pieces to eclectically cut one pieces.

Leviathan's personality can best be described as a sea. Eclectic. First raging, then quiet, then incredibly violent once more. Her ability for compassion or even remote kindness is vastly outweighed by her ability of violence, cruelty, and impure tendencies. Her voice carries a ingrained sense of pure elation...happy if I dare say. She has a wicked tongue and an even more wicked sense of humor. The sea often mimics her voice, soft or loud depending on her mood. At any time, she causes someone pain, whether with the eternal columns of spiraling water or by flaunting herself in such a way that it could cause physical pain, even emotional. She's not one for mind games, the sea only plays with the body, tossing it, strangling it, crushing it. Much like her personality when it comes to pursuit or even relationships. Want of destruction is like breathing to her. Want of the impure is like blinking. And she is VERY impure, I will not speak on her...sexual habits or her torture methods, but I'm sure you can imagine. Her favorite way to kill a person is to strangle them, or drown them rather. It allows the ability to see the struggle, to really experience their death as if it were your own. Leviathan saves this method however for those that deserve it, who have either gained her ire or her respect. She speaks mostly with her body, using its language rather than her own. It's a more visual feast, like the ocean. The sound is lovely, but the sight is splendorous.

With this being said, with all her capacity for violence spoken of, Leviathan can be agreeable. Can. Her hospitality is reserved, but not unattainable, especially for her siblings and father. Her home is open to them and them alone. Her seas are as well, when her eclectic standards are more agreeable. Speaking of that, that one aspect makes Leviathan the unpredictable violent madam so...unpredictable. In her realm, she changes what is acceptable and what is not in such an untraceable manner its hard to..stay for long. She can be so agreeable then unfathomable the next, like she experiences the most violent chain of mood-swings.

Though, her origin of these mood-swings is rather understandable. Out of all of the Archdemons, she never had a personality to speak of. Ideas, personal likes and dislikes, and so on didn't reach her in the waters of Heaven. Her contact with the others were minimal, even nonexistent, and she was a blank slate through her years in Heaven. When she saw all the impurity around her, she became...envious. All of them had individual ideas...she didn't know what to think. So she mimicked all. She runs through them all off them and continues to, causing her eclectic state in search of her OWN individuality.

Leviathan thoroughly accounts her days, right down to her conception. She remembered her first beams of light on her skin, looking up to the creator that she was soon to know as Lucifer. His light skin contrasted drastically to hers, which was dark, almost brown. Her hair draped around her body as she stood on her new feet, stumbling somewhat like a newborn fawn. She looked to Lucifer and stared into his eyes. At the contact, one word appeared in her mind. "Leviathan," she whispered in her new language with new lips, a new tongue twisting the word to coherence. Her wings unfurled from behind her cloud white hair and stretched. They were brilliant white, making her cerulean eyes flood with delight as she peered over their fine feather points. With a will, they began to flap and carry her body across the heavens. The expanse was vast; holy, pure white scouring for infinity. Her body took her to her station of existence, the world that belonged to her. A world to wash away all impurities, one that never ended and was a release of all. One that could revitalize the soul itself.

The oceans of heaven have no floor. They are suspended in the sky by God's will alone, shifting in one endless wave. Her wings fluttered as she neared the mass of crystal blue, trying to stop. But she dived into the waters without a splash. The water did not from around her, merely it opened around her and accepted her, as if she was a natural part of the oceans of the Eternal Salvation.

In the oceans of Heaven, Leviathan never knew the meaning of impurity. She remained ultimately clean, pure, eternally bathed in the holy water of God. Wings re-purposed into fins, stroking through the water and battering water upon her bare, tanned body, hair moving like tendrils in the suspended waters. She would fly with the angels created by her "father", Lucifer, and return to bathe in the waters once more. Then came the flight where she did not return. Father was in need of their presence as they flew up, up to the highest point of the heavens, to where He sat. The benevolent throne of all that was kind in the world. Why were they needed, she wondered. They stood there, five on one side, four on the other. She stood at the farthest back on the five's side, only watching in ultimate...shock at what was transpiring. Lucifer was challenging Him. Leviathan backed away as she felt the Cardinal Sin wash over her creator. He had become proud, as He had said. Then came the hand. Her feeling of purity ripped from her body as she fell.

With the Eight she fell, with Lucifer she fell. In this pit they did fall. Darkness lashed around her as it ripped away the feathers of her wings. Skin formed to scales and a humanoid form to that of a serpent. She fell..and fell...until ground was finally met. In awe did she gaze up at this new incarnation of Lucifer, The Original Demon, The Devil, so on and so forth. In the chaos did Lucifer reward them and for Leviathan was given a sea. So unlike the sea she had originally known. This was black. Full of darkness.


Impure...of course...but what was pure? By His standards, purity was that clear floating mass of calm waters. Though to this new form, this new twisted body...purity meant very little. The purity would be dictated by her and her alone. It was a gift from Lucifer, Father, it was pure enough for her. With that, her writhing, convulsive form raptured in the sin that infested the water, disturbing it into high tides and violent waves. It was ecstasy. It was impure, it was... exhilarating. Pure was clean, safe. This...was absolute pleasure. All that lived would be dictated by her standards, all that lived in the waters. The carnivorous animals of the depths and the lumbering destructive forces it would hold.

Some would be foolish enough to sail the water's as if they owned them. Many were drowned in the briny depths, but many knew of her presence. Her power of the water put all sailors in turmoil and with this, she gained souls in exchange for safe passage. Many tried to summon her and a few succeeded due to her own interest. They didn't survive 5 minutes. Though, humans such as Edward Teach had learned to live with the same impurity as her and as such, gained her favor. In the days when man first discovered the boat, Leviathan had to create a certain...defense system other than the ripping tides. Possessing the first was easy and as years went on, the pirate class grew and grew at an exponential level.

Some were foolish enough to try and live in her waters. A city, known as Atlantis, had risen on her aquatic fields. To her dismay, she was not able to kill the populous (as another Archdemon had) but this abomination stood in her defiance. She thrashed and whipped and drowned the city down into the waters...but the architecture was somewhat magnificent. The rubble now stands in the Black Sea. Leviathan coils around the spire of the grand palace, waiting to feel the impurities in her impure ocean. Why are they destroyed? Because her standards of impure are different than any human could understand. Because they are complete bullshit.


The Sirens:

Leviathan, the Impure Siren_zps7db80369

Sirens are the stuff of many legends of the sea-farers, Greek, English, Spanish, Japanese...Every sailing nation has heard tale of these bewitching characters. They appear as incredibly attractive mortal women from the waist up, completely bare besides their waist long hair of every shade. Crafted in combination these women have their legs replaced with long fish appendages with translucent tail fins that flow like seaweed. Their teeth are sharp and razor like, like that of sharks. Their nails are sharp enough to cut holes through hulls of ships and the flesh of mortal men. Their voices drift in ephemeral echo, seeming layered with every delightful and sensious tone on the planet. They swim to the ships and surround them, singing in unison. Once the crew came to the edge, they dove down, pushed back up and jumped up and snatched them away to the bottom of the ocean. Their un-natural strength and their magically enchanting voices allow a pack of 7 or so to take down an entire ship (a pirate one, anyway) A group of twenty could devour the nation of Sealand. And they've tried. Oh, they've tried. They can also create small whirlpools and drowning waves to destroy their targets.

-Master swimmer and underwater combatant
-Physically charming, which decieves her emotional charm (if any exists)
-Incredibly violent and without hesitation in this fact
-Incredible bodily strength, enough to bitch slap Ifrit through a wall in fact
-Master of sea creatures, being able to charm them into doing as she wants.
-Master of body language, in both its uses and translation
-Has a delightful singing voice, siren like almost, able to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses of mortal fools.

-Ecclectic mood swings make her hard to work with
-Has an evasion to holy water
-Can not eat any form of fried fish, must eat it raw
-Has a tender spot for her dear, beloved siblings and father
-Is a lightweight when it comes to alcohol, only a glass will turn her into a silly, comical drunk

English (black), Angelic (cobaltblue), Spanish (cherry), Somalian (red), Russian (green), Japanese (purple), and finally Demonic (gold)


-Invented the pirate culture
-Destroyed the city of Atlantis
-Stole an iceberg from Moloch and sunk the Titanic
-Enjoys bitch slapping Prinnies (the explosive penguins of the Black Sea)
-The ocean waves mimic her mood. It is impossible to enter when she's steamed
-Has many destroyed ships and cities and their remains decorate her domain
-Has tried to sink Japan on multiple occasions
-Has her own harem/elite guard of sirens
-Loves to surf the waves of the Black Sea in her demons form
-Has no specific preference for mates or partners
-Once made a pact with Edward didn't end well
-Every hurricane ever on the face of the earth is due to her.




Jerome Fontaine

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Leviathan, the Impure Empty Re: Leviathan, the Impure

Post by Leviathan on Wed May 01, 2013 9:32 am

Done, it is!


Speaks English (black), Angelic (cobaltblue), Spanish (cherry), Somalian (red), Russian (green), Japanese (purple), and finally Demonic (gold)

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Leviathan, the Impure Empty Re: Leviathan, the Impure

Post by Jinhong Jangmi on Wed May 01, 2013 2:04 pm



|:English (crimson)
Korean (palevioletred)
Demon (firebrick)

When speaking at the same time with her twin, they use mediumpurple no matter the language. Depends on the context and what they've been speaking before.

When in Inferis, they use italics with an appropriate color coding for the language when speaking telepathically to each other. :|
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Leviathan, the Impure Empty Re: Leviathan, the Impure

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