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The Eagle's Claws Empty The Eagle's Claws

Post by Damon T. Ruger on Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:08 am


The Eagle's Claws 30left The Eagle's Claws 30centre The Eagle's Claws 30right
We're going head to head. Can you handle it?

- Jaeger
- Weiss and Schwarz
- Zerstorer
- Pandemonium
- CrossGear

- Gun
- Guns
- Gun
- Bow
- Suit
- Watch

The Eagle's Claws 2u9o67b
Weiss and Schwarz:
The Eagle's Claws T9i6wm
The Eagle's Claws 2vwiqhl
Bow:The Eagle's Claws 4v0nbs
Arrowheads (leftmost):The Eagle's Claws 2dt867o
The Eagle's Claws 2aouuc
The Eagle's Claws Sneaksuit
The Eagle's Claws Crossgear

- The Accuracy International AW50 is a .50 BMG bolt-action sniper rifle with a five-round box magazine and a bolt-actuated cycling system. A weighty firearm, Damon's model is specifically modified to have iron sights fitted onto it in place of a scope, removing large amounts of weight. In combination with a carbon-fibre frame, it's far more mobile, and still manages to be just as damaging, with an effective range of up to one thousand and five hundred metres. On a good day, Damon can easily make an accurate shot up to one thousand and two hundred. The rifle comes with an attachable bipod for further recoil dampening. Engraved upon Damon's model is the German word "Jaeger", which simply means "Hunter". Typically, Damon carries three spare magazines for the Jaeger.

- The selective fire Glock 18 pistol is a model based from the original Glock 17 and requested by EKO Cobra, an Austrian counter-terrorist unit. Able to be fired in semi-automatic and fully automatic modes, the Glock 18C has a longer slide and an additional muzzle compensator, alongside an extended thirty-three round magazine. Damon carries two: "Weiss", which means "White", and "Schwarz", which means "Black". Contrary to what one would presume, the pistols are identical, in the same finish and fashioned of the same fibreglass polymer composites. Each come fitted with optional sound suppressors, rail guards, front stocks, red dot rail sights, and are usually equipped with subsonic ammunition. Typically, Damon carries two spare magazines for each weapon.

- The Heckler and Koch UMP sub-machine gun is what makes Damon so proud of his German heritage. The UMP is a versatile sub-machine gun in use in numerous countries as an assault and counter-terrorism weapon, and one that Damon himself is personally well-acquainted with due to his history in GSG9. His particular model is the UMP .45, chambered in .45 ACP to pack more punch than the nine-millimetre model. As a trade-off, its recoil is far more noticeable (though it has a fitted front stock to combat this) and its magazine capacity is lowered from 30 to 25 to accommodate the slightly larger .45 rounds. With a fitted sound suppressor, a fixed stock, and in a sleek black finish, the Zerstorer, or Destroyer, serves as an adequate mid-range weapon for when the pistols nor the rifle itself will suffice. Similarly to both, it's also made of a lightened carbon-fibre composite frame, so Damon can carry both the Zerstorer and the Jaeger without being massively impeded for speed. Damon typically carries one or two spare magazines for the Zerstorer.

- The Hoyt CRX 32-series compound bow is competition-grade and considered one of the most versatile modern-day compound archery weapons around. For when a mission requires absolute stealth, the CRX 32 is often taken in place of the Zerstorer, and is the earliest sort of weapon that the Eagle Eye began training with. For before rifles: there came bows. If he's not the Templar Order's most formidable marksman, Damon is definitely higher in the rankings for most formidable archer, often choosing to utilise deadly wide-point arrows with silver tips to ensure that when a Demon goes down, they go down for the count. The arrowheads can be seen above, serrated and fashioned of silver-coated aluminium, dipped into holy water and then dried - a lengthy and expensive process.

- The Actual Templar Low-Optic Recognition Suit, or ATLORS, is a suit designed for all things stealth. Typically dubbed by Damon simply as "the suit" and made of comfortable, tailor-fitted optical fibres, the ATLORS clings to the user's body and muffles their every movement as best it can. However, the trade-off for this is that whilst durable against environmental hazards, and when coupled with a respirator it's usable in any situation whatsoever, it's not suitable as combat garb, and can be hacked or shot through with relative ease. That said, it's resilient to the heats of the Ashland, the cold of the Tundra, and, as it is full-body and nanomachine enhanced, serves as an adequate wetsuit replacement if ever a delve into the Black Sea is required.

- Damon's CrossGear - as he's a Knight-Templar - is found to be located as a small chip beneath the battery in a rather swanky Hugo Boss watch. The watch has been upgraded to withstand high pressures, extreme temperatures, and a large degree of damage. A crossing is triggered by pushing the setting dial inwards until it clicks and the watch stops.
Damon T. Ruger
Damon T. Ruger

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The Eagle's Claws Empty Re: The Eagle's Claws

Post by Jinhong Jangmi on Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:32 am



|:English (crimson)
Korean (palevioletred)
Demon (firebrick)

When speaking at the same time with her twin, they use mediumpurple no matter the language. Depends on the context and what they've been speaking before.

When in Inferis, they use italics with an appropriate color coding for the language when speaking telepathically to each other. :|
Jinhong Jangmi
Jinhong Jangmi

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