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The Eagle's Eye Empty The Eagle's Eye

Post by Damon T. Ruger on Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:45 pm

- Pinpoint Optics
- Guided Ballistics

- 2

- Ocular Manipulation
- Aerokinesis

- Damon's eyepatch.
- Damon's eyepatch.

The Eagle's Eye B3lts5

- Pinpoint Optics is the simplest Augment in Damon's arsenal. Simply enough, it allows him to utilise one of his eyes in a manner not dissimilar from a telescope or even a rifle-mounted scope. The eye in question is his right eye - lifting the patch and shutting his left will activate the ability, causing the pupil in said eye to become smaller and smaller til it is almost invisible, and the iris colour goes from its usual gold to a steely grey. Pinpoint Optics very simply allows Damon to see objects in his line of sight clearly up to a full kilometre away. Beyond that they're still blurry.

- Guided Ballistics has a simple principle, much like most of the Eagle Eye's Augments. Allowing him to truly live up to his moniker, Guided Ballistics allows Damon to effectively "target" up to five particular points - usually enemies or weaker spots on larger enemies - by lifting up his eyepatch and concentrating on them mentally. After this ability has been triggered, firing the rifle - from anywhere - will cause the aerokinetic effects to kick in. For each point "targeted", in order, consequently, the rounds fired - no matter of where they were originally aimed - will reach this point via any means necessary unless they are stopped beforehand - by, say, a wall in the way - including curving through the air, via the aerokinesis.

Damon particularly likes to use this move by targeting adversaries unwittingly and moving behind cover, before firing his rifle up in the air; Guided Ballistics kicks in and brings the round down towards the targeted enemy most of the time - and that's all she wrote. It's also useful for continuous repeat attacks on larger enemies' weak points - so instead of having to aim and bolt for each shot, it allows you to simply churn out five rounds that all smack the bastard straight in the face, which can often make the difference between Damon becoming a larger Demon's snack and victory.

This ability has a couple of restrictions and drawbacks. For starters, it isn't homing: if an enemy is targeted, Damon moves behind cover, then fires, it will move to the original area, instead of following the target. Obviously this means that the more delay Damon has between picking the target and firing, the more margin for error and thus waste there is - and, additionally, once a target is chosen, it cannot be "removed", per se, so, firing the rifle after targeting an area Damon has forgotten about (which admittedly does not happen often) will cause the round to hook around and go for the original target, which can prove catastrophic - and occasionally hilarious, if it takes out a Demon the sniper is unaware of sneaking up on him by accident.

If Damon picks out his targets one at a time and fires immediately afterwards, however, without aiming, the Guided Ballistics system can often prove all but foolproof to but the luckiest of adversaries. Whilst often it's most commonly used with Jaeger, his sniper rifle, it's also capable for use with Zerstorer, Weiss, and Schwarz, his other firearms - though less effective at long range and not the Augment's intention, though still very much useful - and additionally Pandemonium.
Damon T. Ruger
Damon T. Ruger

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The Eagle's Eye Empty Re: The Eagle's Eye

Post by Jinhong Jangmi on Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:33 am


Lol, ok Saito :P


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When speaking at the same time with her twin, they use mediumpurple no matter the language. Depends on the context and what they've been speaking before.

When in Inferis, they use italics with an appropriate color coding for the language when speaking telepathically to each other. :|
Jinhong Jangmi
Jinhong Jangmi

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The Eagle's Eye Empty Re: The Eagle's Eye

Post by Alice the Chopper on Sun Jul 21, 2013 11:16 am



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Alice the Chopper

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The Eagle's Eye Empty Re: The Eagle's Eye

Post by Sponsored content

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