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Ruger, Damon T.

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Ruger, Damon T. Empty Ruger, Damon T.

Post by Damon T. Ruger on Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:43 pm

Damon Tomasz "Eagle Eye" Ruger - official Templar designation is "Archer Three-Actual"




Hamburg, Germany

September 13th, 1975

Ruger, Damon T. 60749325
Ruger, Damon T. 40419862
Ruger, Damon T. 44734129
Ruger, Damon T. 56170762
Ruger, Damon T. 16955135
Ruger, Damon T. 86849683
Ruger, Damon T. 45661474
Ruger, Damon T. 96717593
Ruger, Damon T. 63646078
Ruger, Damon T. 70991214
Ruger, Damon T. 80611514
Ruger, Damon T. 22774565
Ruger, Damon T. 38909268
Ruger, Damon T. 48403795



Damon Ruger stands at around 5' 11", making him significantly shorter than a lot of the other brutes in the Templar Order's offensive quarters. That said, sneering and sniveling at his stature is not in your best interest, for Damon is infact, for his size, built very heavily from years of trekking around with large rifles, his shoulders battered from time and time again receiving shocks of rifles' recoil jarring backwards into them - a shock which he some time ago became used to.

Damon has a head of grey hair, having experienced the natural aging pigmentation deficiency far earlier than most - hereditary - at the age of twenty-nine. His eyes are a sharp golden colour - save for when he utilises his ability, in which the colour temporarily vanishes, replaced with a steely grey-white void. Damon's skin - from his mother's Spanish origins - is of an olive tone, smooth and rich in entirety. Over his right eye lies a square, black, tightened eyepatch which is there as an assist for when he's trying to make shots, but it's only ever utilised when he's inside Inferis. On the same side, in his earlobe a hole is punctured for a small, spherical, chrome stud. The reason and significance of its being there has been explained to no-one.

Damon can typically be seen, when off-duty, wearing a sharp single-breasted black suit with a purple trim and tie, with crescent moons emblazoned on it. It's expensive, and snappy, but Damon likes it; he typically wears his CrossGear on his wrist wherever he goes, and whether incognito or not so, he always carries at the very least a concealed sidearm at his waist. Typically either Weiss or Schwarz. On-duty, and inside Inferis, he wears ATLORS, his skintight nanocomposite stealth garb, the details of which can be found in his weapon app.

Damon's voice, in stark contrast, is ice-cold. Stern and gripping all who bear audible witness to it in a vice, he is commanding, and a man who tries to ferry along his message in as few words as possible. His word reflects his actions; there's no bullshit, no beating around the bush, and just about no extra talk surrounding the subject that his mind is almost always focused on: his line of work. That said, catching Damon off-duty, whilst still not totally amiable or personable, he is a hell of a lot less colder, and somewhat dry. Should you ever make him crack a smile, it'll be a haughty smirk, or one of cold-blooded sadism.


That word sums up Damon Tomasz Ruger in a nutshell.

By any name - 'the marksman', 'the bowman', 'Archer Three-Actual', 'Eagle Eye' - it is swiftly clear that Damon Ruger is not one to be trifled with even before you meet him. His reputation precedes his lack of friendly qualities; he does not enjoy talking to people, and this much is evident. The sniper is not a social individual - but his nicknames and his reputation are all truly well-earnt.

Determined, Damon will carry out orders without a second thought regardless of the moral connotations. This is why he has been recruited by the Templars. He values precision and obedience, and for this reason, without a hint of him being able to question authority, he has swiftly ascended through the Templars' ranks and become a personal favourite of the Paladins when it comes to single-unit missions.

Eagle Eye does not like working in a team - he is not a team player. Whilst he can serve as an adequate backup or cover sniper, his preference is to work alone. Even without a spotter. Spotters tend to be liabilities - especially if they react adversely to Demons. Damon manages to stay detached, and can pull the trigger and cycle another round into the chamber at a moment's notice. He's cold. He's calculating. And he's conformed to a militant Templar way of life. Whilst not out-and-out a devout Catholic, Damon was raised in a God-fearing family, and this has been noted by Templar high-ups as part of the terms for his approval.

Efficiency is Damon's calling card. Remain detached from the job, keep personal attachment to an all-time minimum, allow your body the appropriate rest, always be trained, always be prepared, always be punctual, and above all else, always be ready. These are creeds Damon Ruger has learnt to live his life by. The police did not suit him for all the lechery and the turning a blind eye - they were not authoritative. GSG-9, whilst better, did not suit him for all the off-duty slacking that his co-workers made. The Templars? Cold. Sharpened. Tapered. Precise. Resourceful. And they always honour a promise.

To sum up: Damon is married to his job and he has a one-track mind in this instance. Precision is key to everything he so much as considers doing. Sure, Damon loves the money, he loves the secrecy, and he loves the way on which the Order functions, its efficiency. But above all else, he loves that the Order has made itself prominent as not so much a career choice, but a way of living. When you choose a job like Damon does? You don't just choose a job. You choose a life.

And now... his life is the Templars.


Damon has shown only textbook efficiency during his recent exemplar days with the Templars; his penchant for authority has been explicitly highlighted, and a particular loyalty to the Russian Paladin who holds dominion over the Irkutsk headquarters, a woman he addresses only as "Frau Vladimirovna", or "Paladin Alpha", to use the correct referencing. However; though it has long been suspect that something lurks beneath the sniper's cool and metallic exterior, whilst recent events have shed little light on this ambiguous conjecture, there have been times that tiny fragments of emotion have let slip. Is there a horrific beast lurking deep within the dankest hollows of Damon Ruger's psyche?

Only time will tell.

Born and raised a Hamburg native, Damon's birth was that of an only child to Maria (née Espinosa) and Falk Ruger. Falk was nine years' Maria's senior, and by their marriage in 1971, a decorated SEK agent at the age of twenty-nine, he possessed a lucrative career and a great path ahead of him. Unfortunately, after announcing her pregnancy in late 1974, with every passing day Falk Ruger seemed less and less keen on the idea of a child. After the birth of his son, Damon Tomasz Ruger, in September 1975, nothing changed.

Maria and Falk's marriage had been straining for a while now. And though they were both religious in one definition of another, divorce, or, at the very least, separation, was a requirement. With their infant child, by early 1976, the conclusion had been made. They had to spend some time apart to sort out their goals in life, and then could further identify what they wanted out of the marriage. However, the separation didn't last long.

In May 1976, Falk Ruger was shot and killed by a Red Army Faction member.

Not only did Damon Ruger grow up then without a father, but with a distraught mother. Falk had been a cold, heartless bastard who'd only ever cared about his career, not about her jaded ideals of family life and a interconnecting network of loves and relationships. But he had been her cold and heartless bastard. Falk's funeral was attended by many of his co-workers, who respected him for not only being a brave man and a great SEK member, but for having apparently been shot whilst presumed to be tailing potential RAF members. Even off-duty, work was still his first priority. And for that? The German government respected the late Falk, and the wife and son he'd left behind. For Falk Ruger may not have been kind, but he had been fair. The only people who had known of their spousal troubles were Falk and Maria.

And for that reason, looking at her olive-skinned son sat in the high-chair stoic and silent, just like her father had been, she knew then that she would raise him on the myth of his being a great man. Not a cold one. And so it became truth in the Ruger family, that when the intelligent Damon Ruger could comprehend so much as a story, Maria told him lullabies of her old soldier husband, and his unfortunately dead father, fighting off all of Germany's enemies single-handedly and dying in the line of fire, a bold and brave sacrifice. When he was old enough to comprehend that, of course.

But with age and comprehension comes cynicism. And Damon's intelligence was not rivaled by many in this department, and soon enough he broke through his mother's lie. One day, he found her crying, and pressed and pressed for news of his father, and the man he had really been: and so she told a teenage Damon Tomasz Ruger of how his father Falk had actually been. Cold. Detached. Work-centric. A perfect soldier. But she had loved him all the same.

And ironically, that estrangement lead to Damon becoming exactly the same way.

Within the boy, that day, something snapped. All that creativity, all that imagination, all that academic capacity vanished. For a family living on the earnings of an old SEK member and some savings, they weren't well-off enough to fund a private school, but Damon had always tried. Then the time came along; and at sixteen, the boy knew where his heart lied. For his father had known one passion above all else. And perhaps Damon simply figured he could get closer to him than anyone else ever had by pursuing that in itself...

In late 1991 Damon began his training for the police services of great Germany. By 1993, he had converted his course; marksmanship prowess and tactical knowledge meant that instead of simple state police, at only eighteen, he had been put forward as candidate for Federal Police. And as his mother watched on in streams of tears, fearing the only man in her life would meet the same end as his father, cold and calculating Damon Ruger begun there his career as a marksman.

Three years in the Federal Police and they realised that Damon's prowess was something else. Natural potential? Cold efficiency? Unquestioning loyalty? The perfect posterboy for their refit of the old counter-terrorist unit. The most prestigious in all of Germany under the police mark. Grenzschutzgruppe 9. GSG 9. The elite. The greatest. The counter-terrorists. Designated marksman, training begun in 1996, and by 1998, Damon had signed on as a member of a team.

From there, it was smooth sailing all along. He had done what his father had never achieved. He had set his heart on a dream - just as Falk Ruger had, beyond the SEK - and he had gotten there in the end. Ambitious but humble - great yet plausible. GSG 9. He was finally there. And for the next eight years, that was exactly where he belonged. The sniper. The Eagle Eye. The designated marksman. Sergeant Damon T. Ruger.

And so imagine Damon's surprise when he was informed that there's a multinational authority ABOVE GSG 9 for prevention of a far more incorporeal and unimaginable threat?

Whilst no God-fearing man, Damon appreciated the value of religion. And so when the agent, the Templars' fresh Knight-Commandant, of an order he'd never heard of, approached him telling him of a cadre that existed far above, and a cadre that, above all else, needed, and would accommodate for an elite sniper such as himself... the Eagle Eye only had one question.

"Do I get to pick my own gear?"


Recent events from Damon have mainly been fairly textbook though not without merit. After an excursion into the Stygian Tundra parallel to Irkutsk with a particular Paladin - just the pair of them - and Damon's expressing a particular technical curiosity in this made the revelation of a particular fact: the Eagle Eye was being transferred to Irkutsk under Paladin Tatyana Vladimirovna's command. The Paladin seems to have expressed something of a fondness in her newfound and mechanical acolyte, and seems to appreciate his sense of efficiency.

A run-in with the Demon best known as "Yuri" was far from textbook, resulting int he purple-skinned monstrosity's particular survival, a personal dent in what Damon considers an otherwise impeccable service record. Lying on his mission report and stating the abomination to be dead, he returned from Inferis subtly though holds a personal vendetta again now against the humanoid Demon, and has vowed to slaughter it without mercy during their next run-in.

It is, however, to be of note that Damon held great involvement during the Ritualist insurgency in the Vatican, providing sniper support and a direct line of defense to Grandmaster Amadeus Edge himself: stationed in the Sistine Chapel, he manage to get a good few shots in whilst reflecting on a ten-year-old memory not dissimilar in Hesse, Germany, shedding some more light on the enigmatic, stoic, mechanical Templar's history - and particularly the events which caused him to be cherrypicked for Templar drafting... but more on that later.


[ KILL CONFIRMED ] - One of the greatest marksmen to grace the Templar corps.
[ THE EAGLE EYE ] - Incredible peripheral vision.
[ PERFECT RECALL ] - Photographic memory.
[ TRUE FEALTY ] - Daunting respect for authority.
[ UNDETECTED ] - Apt when it comes to stealth.
[ NO CONTAMINANTS ] - Doesn't drink, smoke, indulge in caffeine, or really anything that could prohibit his body from being anything but the best it can.

[ SPECIALISATION ] - As a particular drawback of focusing on marksmanship solely, Damon's hand-to-hand combat skills have suffered.
[ NO INCONSISTENCIES ] - Can't let anything he sees slide.
[ VAKARIAN'S CURSE ] - Has a stick up his ass.
[ ONE-MAN ARMY ] - Not good in group combat.
[ DEATH FROM AFAR ] - Can only really function as a singular or backup unit.
[ SEETHING BUT SURFACING ] - Has a lot of well-buried anger that mainly shows as close-range brutality.

> Damon speaks accented English (palepurple), alongside fluent Spanish (gold) and German (orangered).
> Damon refuses to learn Demonic. His reasoning? "You don't need to be able to talk something's language if you're going to kill it anyway."


> Covers up his right eye because it naturally helps him aim. In Inferis, it's also the "source" of all his abilities when lifted.
> Adores snakes.
> Natural aversion to close-combat weaponry and fistfighting.
> Has a small degree of obsessive-compulsive disorder, stemming from an early instilled love of precision.
> Loves expensive watches.
> Snappy dresser off-duty.
> Hair started greying at twenty-nine.
> Has apartments in Hamburg, Rome, Barcelona, and his Templar quarters in the Vatican.
> Wears a single chrome stud in his left ear.
> LEVEL 2 alterations are in orangered.




Lazarus Carter, Lucifer, Bastian van Staade, Dante Alencar, and the Employer.

7 years this summer.



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Post by Belial on Tue Apr 30, 2013 5:19 pm

You are hereby... DENIED.

Just kidding.




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Post by Alice the Chopper on Sun Jul 21, 2013 11:21 am



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