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#145 - J'ba Fofi

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#145 - J'ba Fofi Empty #145 - J'ba Fofi

Post by Asmodeus on Mon Sep 23, 2013 7:58 am


Name: J'ba Fofi
Aliases: Congolese Giant Spider, Giant Spider, Varying terms of endearment by Asmodeus, Demon Spider, "Holy Fucking Jesus Tapdancing Christ is that aaaaaaaaa-", Arachnophobic's Worst Nightmare, and various other things.

Sphere: The Blightscape
Tier: Elite (Unique)

#145 - J'ba Fofi JyicXu2

The odd Crytozoologist may know the name of J'ba Fofi well, as it is a creature known on Earth as the giant spider of the Congo. In reality, this spider was only one of it's many smaller children and a different class of demon all together that somehow, and probably through one of the Overlord's complex and devious pranks, manifested on Earth. However, as stated, this is another demon. A much smaller demon. A much less terrifying demon.

As you see, the J'ba Fofi is no mere giant spider, it is in actuality a monstrous bio-weapon crafted from disgusting amounts of fused demonic flesh and souls. The behemoth stands on all eight of it's legs at a mammoth height of fifty five feet, easily dwarfing most other demons, and making it legendary amongst those few who have seen it and lived. The bio-weapon was engineered to produce lesser versions of itself, mere Giant Spiders as one would classify them as a bulk, and does this through literally processing and converting the souls that it has consumed. This means, much to it's master's frustration and delight, that it must be fed daily and frequently, which isn't usually too much of a problem. This also technically means that J'ba Fofi does not have any reproduction organs, and is genderless, though Asmodeus affectionately refers to it as a "she".

The spider does however hold a tight bond with this archdemon in question, as it had to be raised personally. After all, originally, the creature came from an egg after all. A morbid biologically modified egg, but an egg nevertheless. It took approximately five thousand years for the monster to reach it's current and adult size, vastly longer than it's apparent Earth counterpart. Currently, the demon resides in one of the Viral Stadium's deepest chambers, acting as one of it's many traps...

Abilities: Other than being able to easily crush you with it's mammoth size, the creature has a pair of deadly fangs and possess a lethal toxin in it's bite. Other than being able to recycle souls into new demons, J'ba Fofi possesses pretty standard issue spiderly traits, including web spinning and wall crawling.
Miscellaneous Notes: All eight legs want to kill you.

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