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Jacob X. Maccabee [Templar] Empty Jacob X. Maccabee [Templar]

Post by Jacob Maccabee on Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:24 pm


Jacob X. Maccabee [Templar] Wwkms6 Jacob X. Maccabee [Templar] Wwkms6 Jacob X. Maccabee [Templar] Wwkms6
”Knowledge is absolute power. With knowledge, one can walk the righteous path, or fall down the shadow of darkness...We must guard it well...”


Jacob Xavier Maccabee



United States

Seattle, Washington

October 13th, 1974

Jacob X. Maccabee [Templar] Mass_effect_2_shepard_2_by_agatafoxxx-d30r4r5



Jacob has always been the sort of rugged individual, and as such appears just as rugged in the real world. Born in Seattle but having grown up in Eastern Washington State, he has all the muscle, build, and air a former logger's son and ex-marine appears to have. Across his rugged, lightly tanned skin one can see the many scars - some of them emotional - he has gained throughout his life up in the mountain forests of Washington. His hair is a pale brown and unkempt, though when on business he tends to fashion it into a comb-over style as if to prophecize the way he'll always comb his hair when his genetic male-pattern baldness he inherited from his father finally kicks in. He has striking dark-green eyes that seem to flash every now and then with intelligence that his skin-deep ruggedness seems to hide away.

Casually, Jacob often wears rugged mountaineer-type clothing; blue jeans or cargo pants, most of which is often worn away from constant use, along with work shirts and usually a baseball cap that keeps his head out of the sun. When on business trips or appearing in large social gatherings, he tends to wear your standard business suit.

Whenever he is in the realm of Infernis, Jacob's casual demenour is gone; replaced instead by the hardened, battle-worn and unusually calm appearance of a hunter, a weapon - a soldier. The uniform he wears while in battle is a cross between his classic Desert Storm gear and a new design he built based upon some of the medieval suits of old, combined with some of the powerful prototype gear that only a Templar can acquire. The desert camo of his old uniform, of course, has changed; designed to help camouflage his person in the hellish realm of Infernis and its many environments. Across that includes several custom-made, many of which designed himself, augments in his armor that incorporate the prototype armor known as Dragon Skin - these include, but are not limited to, his shoulder pads, leg braces/greaves, chest, and gauntlets/gloves.

Jacob, to sum it up, is a man of few words. He is the kind of individual who can be kind when given the opportunity (raised Catholic, he knows that it is according to the Lord's word to do unto others as you would do unto yourself), but will treat harshness of character or deed with equal harshness. He is the kind of person who values comradeship and won't hesitate to stand in the line of fire to protect a friend; that being said his trust is not something to take advantage of, and depending upon the situation he'll do anything from refusal to speak to you again to outright kill you on the spot if someone's life was at stake.

As a veteran of the Iraq War, Jacob knows for a fact that, often enough, tolerance is a necessary among human beings. Having befriended Iraqi civilians in his time overseas and learning about their ways of life, he understood that deep down we are all human despite our ideals. That being said, dealing with ritualists and other individuals who have lost their way for the sake of demons is a particular blow to him. He will do anything to protect humanity and ensure the freedom and continued survival of mankind, regardless of his own personal survival.

Around the ladies, or in places other than the dreaded realm of Infernis, Jacob can be described as something like a modern knight; having his own code of chivalry, he is nothing less than a gentleman when outside of his home, and even while at home he often holds his tongue when tempted to swear if a guest is nearby. As a working man, he knows that it is best to have three forms of languages; the language of the house, the language of business, and the language of the worker. When he is out of home, or out of the civilized environment, and perhaps working an odd job as a logger or construction (most definitely if he's with his old war buddies), his language drastically changes, and he often swears enough to make a sailor turn red around the ears.

Jacob Maccabee, born Jacob Xavier Maccabee, has been a relatively recent member of the Templar Order and has shown very dedicated service for the past half a decade since he was admitted. Born to a logger farmer and a nurse mother, Jacob was born with both the strength of an athlete and a gifted mind, both of which he has used greatly throughout his life. When he was a teenager, his father would occasionally bring him out to help him work logging in the forests surrounding the Spokane area. Growing up in a Catholic family, he was raised to be a gentleman, and was given a very strong foundation in the concept of choosing right over wrong; fighting for good over evil; a sense of selflessness and kindness and turning away temptation when it knocks upon the door.

Jacob's cousin Alex was a casualty in the first Gulf War. His own sacrifice for the sake of his fellow comrades gave Jacob a sense of purpose and a desire to make his family proud by following in his footsteps. As soon as he graduated high school he joined the United States Marine Corps. and gave it his all. In no time he became the perfect soldier, elevated to squad leader and then sergeant within two years of joining. When the Global War on Terror began and the Iraq War soon followed, he was sent to the front lines, fighting for his country with almost religious zeal. It was not rare for the young soldier to step into the line of fire or leap at an enemy grenade to toss it back again so that he could protect his comrades; often he would walk into base camp with many injuries and wounds. Several times he was offered to be sent home, each he had refused; often he would let medics treat those in his squad first and would bandage the wound himself; tricks and tips his nurse mother had taught him; before jumping right back into the fray.

It is this determination and zeal that caught the eye of one of the Templar agents at the time of the event. During one particular event while off duty, Jacob witnessed a hostage situation taking place in downtown Baghdad. Instead of waiting for backup as ordered, Jacob entered into the hostage crisis himself and single-handedly rescued all nine hostages, though he walked away with several wounds including a bullet to the shoulder. The enemy casualties were all but total; one was kept alive for interrogation. It was then that the Templars decided to keep tabs on him and approach him when they felt the time was right.

Jacob returned home in late 2006 broken and battered. He had more injuries he could count; more scars from battle than his father ever earned as a logger. He had been awarded several medals for his valiant service, including but not limited to the Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Medal, and the Purple Heart. He came away with a sense of righteous triumph; that he did some good for his country and, to an extent, for the good of mankind.

Yet he still wanted more. He wanted to do more good for the world. He felt that he would not be satisfied until the day came that his own life would be taken; sacrificed in the name of all that was good in this world. After a month or so doing odd jobs in the Spokane area, he approached his Catholic Minister, seeking spiritual guidance for what he felt was perhaps his greatest turning point.

It was then that the Templars approached him. They had been watching him closely since his time off of the Corps. They came to him that night as he left the St. Aloysius Church and spoke to him, explaining to him that he had a chance to continue fighting for a greater cause; the greater good of humanity. Without hesitation, Jacob accepted. He has been a part of the Templar Order ever since.

Since that time, Jacob has fought as a Knight-Templar; preferring to combat demons and the other spawn of hell on the front lines where the fighting is thickest. His time as a squad leader and a sergeant in the Marines has given him experience in a command role whenever placed in a squad, though when one of a higher rank than he shows up upon the field he will not hesitate to step down to a more suitable role. He has shown particular promise among the Knight-Templars, and is particularly praised for his compliance to orders and the zeal in which he accomplishes his tasks.


Massive pain tolerance, marksmanship, squad-based tactics, leadership, basic medical understanding (can tend to his own wounds, some often very painful, though he is limited to basic medical equipment), excellent hand-to-hand combatant, religious studies, loyalty (to a fault)

Doesn't know when to say no/enough ("I've had enough demonic wounds for one day...well, maybe just one more"), certain foods (spicy foods don't sit well with his stomach), rats (he has had an irrational fear of them since he was a boy, and that has stuck with him since. It has only been enhanced since his time in the Middle East), has a limp in his left leg that becomes more pronounced the longer he is doing heavy work (combat included), can hold grudges on people...really, really long grudges (in the event that this occurs amidst other Templars, this can potentially end up creating tension and posing problems on a mission), occasionally has nightmares of past experiences in battles (this has begun to increase while he has been in service to the Templars)


English (Cyan), Arabic (Olive), Latin (Indigo)


-Raised Roman Catholic
-Has a liking for John Wayne movies
-Hatari! and Mclintock are his favorites
-Has two younger brothers and an older sister
-Likes to play video games with his young nephew
-Enjoys going out to dinner with family and friends, though he hates Mexican food
-Texas Chili gives him the shits
-He keeps many pets at his home near Spokane Washington, mostly dogs
-One of his pets is a Peacock Mantis Shrimp
-Tends to spend what spare time he has reading books
-Has read the Catholic Bible at least 5 times, though for the last two he's skipped Numbers
-Le Morte De Arthur is one of his favorite books
-He has a tendency to buy and use really big guns whenever in battle, including, but not limited to, the Dillon M134
-The ladies he's been with swears this isn't to compensate for anything in particular
-He has decided recently to cultivate a mustache based on a portrait he once saw of an ancestor who fought for the Union in the Civil War. It's coming along nicely.



Kerian Halcyon
The Mantis Shrimp

None as of yet

This is my first role playing site, though I've done tabletop for a good semester and a half

[b]Mass Effect[/b] :: [b]Major Shepard Male[/b]

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Jacob Maccabee
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Jacob X. Maccabee [Templar] Empty Re: Jacob X. Maccabee [Templar]

Post by Jacob Maccabee on Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:27 pm

And, he's done...I'll work on his Augments tomorrow when I get up.


"We are the ones who will not go unspoken..."

English (Cyan) Arabic (Olive) Latin (Indigo)

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Jacob Maccabee
Jacob Maccabee

Posts : 45
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Jacob X. Maccabee [Templar] Empty Re: Jacob X. Maccabee [Templar]

Post by Belial on Sun Apr 28, 2013 7:21 pm

Just a few things to rectify in your case till you are on your way to approval.

The year this forum is going on is 2012. Going by your date of birth, you'd be 29 years old instead of 37.

Also may seem picky, but delete this section from your trivia.

- Any interesting facts about your character.
- Perhaps disorders they might have?
- Feats they possess?
- Any quirky habits or distinctions.

It'll make your app look neater as an advice.

Also you have 7 strengths, while only 3 weaknesses. Add in more. As a person whom suffered A LOT of injuries, no doubt you'd have some physical impediment somewhere in your body as I infer in your history, as something to go by. Naivety could also be considered a good weakness. Also explain, why are rats his weakness? Stuff like that.

Fix these details and I'll have another go at your application.

Also, you are eligible to apply for medals warranted to your service as a Marine who went beyond the line of duty to help his fellow soldiers. It should look even more nicely to the Templars, whom look towards the most excellent, and most dedicated of fighters. Basically the best of the best out there fitting their criteria, and obviously you fit much of their criteria.



Jacob X. Maccabee [Templar] Tumblr_mlgka4RS7B1rw30exo1_400

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Jacob X. Maccabee [Templar] Empty Re: Jacob X. Maccabee [Templar]

Post by Jacob Maccabee on Sun Apr 28, 2013 7:39 pm

Thanks, I appreciate that.

Edit: Did what you asked. Is there anything else I need to fix?
Jacob Maccabee
Jacob Maccabee

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Jacob X. Maccabee [Templar] Empty Re: Jacob X. Maccabee [Templar]

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sun Apr 28, 2013 9:16 pm


Sterling example of a Templar. Go and sign up in the Templar Faction thread, put your languages in your sig, and make your Augments/Weaponry, and you'll be good to go. ^_^


"Wipe the blood from your halo."

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Lazarus Carter
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Jacob X. Maccabee [Templar] Empty Re: Jacob X. Maccabee [Templar]

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