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Azrael, an Angel of Death

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Azrael, an Angel of Death Empty Azrael, an Angel of Death

Post by Azrael on Thu Aug 22, 2013 4:38 am


Azrael, an Angel of Death Wwkms6 Azrael, an Angel of Death Wwkms6Azrael, an Angel of Death Wwkms6
”All endings have a beginning, and all beginnings have an end.”





Azriel, Izrail, Azrin, Izrael, Azrail, Ezraeil, Azraille, Azryel, Ozryel, Azraa-eel, Whom God Helps, Angel of Death,  Princess of Sorrows, Lady of Death, Madame Mort, Teleute, Endless, Malak al-Maut


Around 6 Billion years or so.  




Station of Retribution

Azrael, an Angel of Death WarriorAngel-SinadJaruanjanapat_zps507cdf85

Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNanafull133513_zpsd6426f2e
Azrael, an Angel of Death Takenakafull255876_zps5e79af98
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNanafull1563217_zpsc7cae943
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Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNanafull531831_zps709f1f62
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNanafull531844_zpsd0a80496
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNanafull278407_zps204907ca
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNana6001570762_zpsfd93f8bf
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNanafull184759_zpsf9092119
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNanafull120058_zps2ca41c78
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNana6001329229_zpsda608c9b
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNanafull120055_zps771bda4d
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Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNana600491334_zps6852fe92
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNana60062330_zpsba35601e
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNana600320499_zpsf5ca1e78
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNana600491294_zps7482ee9b
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNana600120061_zpsa19de451
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNana600320493_zps512232b8
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNana600278457_zps88024ec0
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNana600227728_zps3125df3a
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNana600129240_zps4e69ce78
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNana600129228_zps7fa83ee2
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNana600128085_zps412fd2ce
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNana60074167_zps51e47dbf
Azrael, an Angel of Death NANASeriesfull668338_zps6c9b93cd
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNana60096916_zpsba4c6e4f
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNana60058054_zpsb6588191
Azrael, an Angel of Death NANASeriesfull921756_zpsed5dfd39
Azrael, an Angel of Death NANASeries600531776_zps1f122714
Azrael, an Angel of Death NANASeries600491788_zps2660a964
Azrael, an Angel of Death NANASeries600491290_zps8fc47982
Azrael, an Angel of Death NANASeries60058050_zps5834923e
Azrael, an Angel of Death NANASeries600492329_zps196b5016
Azrael, an Angel of Death BlackStones600491292_zps4bfd92c5
Azrael, an Angel of Death NANASeriesfull643912_zps935f49c2
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNanafull57364_zpsb6b43759
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNanafull57334_zps6b8ae9c6
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNanafull57324_zpsf58c849e
Azrael, an Angel of Death NANASeriesfull588871_zps848db0b9
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNanafull744596_zpscfd116a7
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNanafull668997_zps9ab58971
Azrael, an Angel of Death NANASeriesfull491775_zpsbe6e086a
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNanafull669208_zps30ff3afc
Azrael, an Angel of Death NANASeriesfull128079_zps5632fbae
Azrael, an Angel of Death NANASeriesfull278464_zpsa0eca729
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNanafull129237_zpsd5e12f51
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNanafull74198_zpse24bb930
Azrael, an Angel of Death OsakiNanafull129238_zps5a8a0668




Flowing golden blonde hair flows about her shoulders, falling all the way down to her butt in straight locks.  Her wings extend at least as tall as she is which is about 5'6", though there have been accounts where that seems to differ from others.  Generally speaking, she stands about that tall.  Her eyes are a gentle pink which can offset some brethren for it reminds them of those that have fallen, but she remains unperturbed or bothered by this fact.  There is always a soft, brightness to them, the intensity of the pink sometimes fluctuating, but always remaining above a red.  For red means something else entirely, and she is certainly not fallen.  

Her armor is of a gentle blue pearlescence that covers most of her body in a sort of dress, scales, and lightweight plates that are accented with silver edging and decorations.  The back plates appear as smooth wings that slide and embrace her shoulder blades, with those white wings then extending out from beneath them.  Her legs are mostly exposed except for leg bands that wrap around her thighs with feather accents, not fully closing together though they do fit tightly.  Her boots extend up and over her knees with some metal plating that matches the rest. Her gloves leave only a small bit of her biceps exposed, the gloves also containing feather accents that extend out and away from her arm slightly.  Her skin is a pale peach sort of color, creamy and perfect.  An elegant sheath hangs at her sword in the very slim off chance she may need to use it, the sword itself also extravagant and beautiful in its craftsmanship.  A red sash is wrapped about her middle, and the tendrils extend out behind her, often fluttering in the right sort of breeze.  


Standing at 5'4", she is rather average in height maaaaybe a little bit shorter than most women.  But its only by a couple of inches anyways.  She normally wears heeled boots anyways to raise her up at least one inch so what does it matter?  Her hair is cut short and straight black, the bangs often flying in and away from her features.  She always has a touch of makeup on; eyeliner, mascara, lipstick.  Blush is optional half of the time.    Normally her skin appears generally pale, with her golden brown eyes staring out intently upon you.  The same gentle friendliness lies within them, except for a mortals youthfulness as well.  Her form is very slender, petite but  made of lean muscle.  Her normal appearance is of a "punk" chick as she has learned it is called.  Black clothes that may be in some state of shambles, black boots, black (or red) nail polish, a collar around her neck, and multiple piercings in each ear.  Sometimes there is even a cigarette dangling between her lips.  

She doesn't particularly wear just pants or just skirts, but what is always true is that the outfits always work together.  There is no looking bad in her vocabulary.  She has her own unique style, and like her unique eyes in heaven, it doesn't bother her in the least bit.  She may look different, but in certain circles she is quite normal.  Sometimes this particular persona has been in a band, but at the moment?  She's just enjoying random times with the mortals.  Oh, and she also has a tattoo of a lotus on left shoulder.  


See, normally when people hear "Angel of Death," they look on her and her brethren with fear and usually loathing.  Sometimes people are nice and relaxed, which is almost friendly and thats AWESOME.  Friendly souls are seriously the best.  But humans are numerous, and so are the sorts of souls that she runs into on her job.  So long story short, Azrael is used to being regarded with suspicion, and generally hate from humans like Akrasiel is.  After all, few mortals welcome beings that take away their life.  She doesn't let it get her down though.  

If there is one thing about Azrael, its that she is always friendly and upbeat.  Very few things make her legitimately upset, and she certainly never seems to end up sad or depressed.  Sometimes if a soul is particularly spiteful towards her it can sting, but she never loses that smile and warm nature.  She may be a ferrier of souls, but that doesn't mean she hates or loves her job.  Everything has a beginning, and everything has an end.  Nothing lasts forever.  It isn't meant to be evil!  It's just a fact of life.  So why not relish all that you have while you have it hm?  Thats her general philosophy on the whole matter.  

So many of the other angels, particularly archangels, can be so stiff and serious.  She obeys their Father without question either, but that doesn't mean they can't be themselves!  Heaven can sometimes feel like a really stifling place, and at that point she'll head down to the mortal realm to see how they are doing.  It's also a nice reminder of the beings that they are watching over, make them appreciate what it is that they are doing more and all of that.  Or at least this applies particularly for her, because she acknowledges that she will probably never know what its like to see someone like her come to retrieve her when her time has come.  

So what could exactly piss her off?  Probably continued negativity for longer than is really necessary for reasons that are lesser.  A wasting of life always saddens and frustrates her.  She doesn't like to see cruelty between mortals, but she has long since accepted that it is part of their nature.  What really ticks her off?  Is the messing with the natural balance of the world.  Attempting to extend ones life by horrendous means, researching the subject, etc.  She can feel the prickling hotness of anger then.  She knows that there are other things, but sometimes its hard to keep track.  Especially when you've lived for so long and time can change some things while leaving others.  But if there's one thing she can't excuse?  Most demons.  Especially those that are destructive towards life and disregard it so easily.


In the beginning, she remembers being an idea.  A pod amongst a great host of brethren, and a few words were whispered to her before she awoke.  "You are Azrael, an Angel of Death."  

…. Or at least, this is what she likes to tell herself sometimes.  She was created amidst a bunch of other angels just like her, ferrymen that took the souls of the mortals that died to heaven.  But that was eons ago now, and she isn't quite as naive as she was then.  There was a brightness that has only diminished slightly within her from then, and it is only because she has seen so many deaths over the year.  It is the tragedies that are the hardest.  The wars, the epidemics, the genocide… The child that dies alone in the snow, the mother that wails as her baby thats only days old is stolen from her, those difficult ones.  She did not become quiet and pensive as some of her other brethren did, and in fact, did just the opposite.  She chatted, she spoke, she made merry, and she refused to end up in a slump.  For if nothing else, getting to observe all of these souls gave her a refreshed appreciation for the gift that their Father had given them.  

Some of her brothers and sisters frowned at her when she spoke of them of her realization, and so she spoke to them about it no more.  Akrasiel was always flittering about doing Father's bidding, and sometimes she would accompany him on tasks to retrieve souls.  Or, at times, in secret so she could see the evil that had consumed others and did not earn a visit from her.  She felt it was important to gain perspective on all sides of life, not just what was within the capacity of her work.  This didn't mean she broke any commandments given to her, or laws passed down from on high, she just… indulged some of her curiosity.  There was only so much that books and word of mouth could give her.  And what she found…. She wasn't sure how she felt about it.  

When she was young, and instructed in what exactly her job was, she remembered them explaining to her that she was not to approach any of Lucifer's host now for they had fallen.  She was told to not aid any that had his taint, or bring their souls to heaven.  She watched when the Vatican was sent to burning by the Ritualist horde and their demons, for there were many an innocent soul that she had to collect that night.  Men… women… children… Why?  What was the purpose of it?  They were merely collateral damage amidst the dying Templars that had fought so hard to stem the tides of war.  She could not understand why, and that night… She could feel the burning rage that Akrasiel felt when he completed his duties.  It was… overwhelming.  But that was not her task.  She was not an avenger, despite what some Sikh's believe about her.  They were misguided, but it wasn't her place to convince them otherwise.  Her job was merely to ferry souls, and that was all she did.  

In the coming war?  ….She honestly isn't sure what will happen with her and her tasks.



+ [Seer's Gaze]: At times, Azrael can see when something is going to occur.  A death, a fight, a kiss, just little moments.  She can never command when this happens at the moment, and usually she can do very little to change what might occur. Only in the rarest of circumstances does she get enough warning, or information, to change an event.
+ [Mantra]: When a person is distressed, Azrael's words can become calming to them.  It isn't like a commanding force that forces you
+ Despite the fact that she is a ferryman, she does possess superb combat skills.  Her best weapon is a sword, especially a rapier.  


+ [Heart of Gold]: She really hates to see battles where many innocent lives have been lost.  It's just so… sad.
+ [Mortal Choices]: In her mortal form, she does smoke.  It isn't like… twelve packs a day or anything, but she will have a cigarette.  Sometimes she'll drink some too.  But she's always careful due to concerns about breaking codes and stuff.  
+ Pacifist: She… kind of hates fighting unless she absolutely has to.  So if someone provokes her in a fight, she'll basically block and defend until she absolutely has to strike back.  And even then, she'll aim to knock out or disable.  


Angel (alicewhite), English (lemonchiffon), Latin (powderblue), French (red), Russian (blue), Spanish (green), Greek (orange), Demon (crimson)


- She can sing.  Definitely a rock/punk style.  

- Inspiration for Vertigo's Death in Sandman.

- Probably among the most cheerful and perky of angels.

- Spends a decent amount of time amongst mortals.  





Mammon, Jinhong & Pulean Jangmi, Tatyana, Ceri, Maeve, Wei Qing, Takatori


8 years



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Azrael, an Angel of Death Empty Re: Azrael, an Angel of Death

Post by Cael Gladius on Thu Aug 22, 2013 10:58 pm

This is accepted. Everything about this is accepted. You know what?


I have nothing else to say about this to convey this message any clearer than it's been laid out here already.


Azrael, an Angel of Death 7oiz
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