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Hattori Kazuya Empty Hattori Kazuya

Post by Hattori Kazuya on Fri Aug 09, 2013 3:33 pm


Hattori Kazuya Wwkms6 Hattori Kazuya Wwkms6Hattori Kazuya Wwkms6
”I will ride the sky; glide on the ocean; walk through fire; and tear the stone from the mountains with will alone. I will, for it is my destiny. It is my destiny, for I am Man.”


Hattori Kazuya




Osaka Japan

April 28th


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High class life leads to high class tastes and dress. Kazuya is not immune to this idea. Instead, he is almost the exact epitome of that idea. Covered from head to toe in the best threads that money can buy. Kazuya is nearly almost clad in a tailored designer suit. Perfectly cut suit jackets with vests underneath, silk shirts and ties with immaculately fitted pants. A Rolex sits on his wrist and not a single piece of jewelry he wears, from his emeral tie pin with his family's crest to the large ring on his right hand, has anything but the finest craftsmanship and gems. Kazuya dresses how he wants people to see him., Powerful and imposing. Sharply dressed and highly athletic he can be an intimidating person to run across. Adding to his over-all imposing appearance is his face itself. He has very sharp features that give his nearly ever present scowl. Kazuya, despite his high level of energy and general health always seems to have bags under his eyes, naturally, this only gives him a more unapproachable look by intensifying the glare he seems to wear like a mask. Easily the most signature thing about Kazuya's appearance is his hair. Though the man is clearly young and full of piss and vinegar his hair has turned prematurely white. He is not blond by any means yet his hair has lost all of his color and looks like that of a much older gentleman. Kazuya has a small scar on the left side of his cheek. His odd colored hair his worn somewhat long, falling just around his shoulders. His hair is completely straight, like most people from his country, and he makes little effort to style it. In stead his just simply keeps it to the side and hopefully out of his face.

Beyond his clothes Kazuya has tattoos. He has a single elaborate tattoo on the right side of his back. This tattoo depicts a Japanese castle with a sliver of a moon rising behind it. The castle's colors are all in blacks and grays and there seems to be men crouching on the ledges of the castle, and a single man standing tall and proud at the casle's peak. This tattoo manifested when he drew the spirit of is ancestor Hattori Hanzo into himself.  The whole castle is perched on a jutting cliff face shrouded in mist. The shapes of his tattoo are indistinct yet yet obvious, just like the myth of the Tengu as a whole.


Kazuya is not your average man. Not only due to the fact that he has a demon in his mind telling him to plan to kill everything he meets but also because of just who exactly he is. the again, anyone who practices ritualism isn't exactly normal by any means. Kazuya has been odd his whole life. He has always been the competitor and ambious mind even when he was just a boy.

The Competitor:
Kazuya is not capable of seeing things as not a competition. He MUST compete. In fact, if for whatever reason he isn't competing he feels anvious and nervous, like he's wasting his time. His unfortunately means that he has few friends. After all, who wants to be friends with someone who can stop trying to beat them at whatever they happen to be doing. Kazuya doesn't see this as a flaw though. instead he sees non-competitiveness as an act against human nature. He is actually bothered by the idea that there are people who are unambitious. He can't stand people like that which might be why he identifies with demons so well. Those creatures of pride and ambition speak to his own hungry soul.

The Priest:
As odd as it may seem Hattori Kazuya has been a Shinto follower since he was very young. It just always made sense to him. It was science and spiritualism combined. he could look at everything in the world with an objective and scientific mind and yet still hold his faith in the metaphysical. He did struggle with this idea though, before his decent into ritualism. He would be forced to rely on faith that there was something beyond the mortal world even though science was against him. This caused him to put considerable effort into finding that empirical metaphysical evidence. He melded his scientific mind with the mind of a mad monk and became what he is today, a seeker of knowledge and practitioner of ancient things. He is seeking the old world not just because he wants to learn about it but because he wants to use their lost ways to become the most powerful summoner in the world, or any world for that matter.

The Criminal:
Kazuya is not a good person, though he wants to be. he finds that conforming to the laws of modern man is difficult and often breaks them. He despises nearly all authority figures and often goes out of his way to disobey them. Only the figures that have earned their place or that kazuya has put there are worth listening to. other are just challenges to be over come. The authority of others is to be questioned in order to create a greater understanding of what the world is. if we just accept that things are the way they are then we can not grow as a species. This is why he challenges all conventions that can not be empirically proven.

The ancient leader of the Iga clan is now much as he was in life. His mind is sharp and skills are like razors. In that sense he uses everything he knows and learns as a weapon. Every single living thing, from trees to people, is a potential threat and must be studied and eventually killed. Hanzo has a unique understanding of human nature. he knows that in the end all humans are violent and ambitious, thus, they should be treated like that. He will always plan to kill and usurp someone because there is a chance that they are planning to do the exact same thing. This paranoia gives Hanzo an amazingly unfriendly attitude toward anyone he meets and in how he advises Kazuya to act. Hanzo cares little about being within Kazuya. As far as he sees it, it is a partnership one neither of them can break without lethal repercussions. Not only that but it benefits both of them. Hanzo is molding a successor and grooming the perfect human while Kazuya gets the benefit of Hanzo's experience and ruthlessness. He is, however, very much a victim of immortality. Hanzo can wait forever, he does not need to act immediately and that is why the two of them conflict. Kazuya is man of action and Hanzo advocates waiting for the right moment, even if it seems like the right moment has arrived. You will never know what is the perfect moment until you plan it out fully. You must make time and chance your tools and weapons, not let them appear without your doing and seize them, that is inviting disaster.

Hanzo, while honest with Kazuya in every way, is still a creature of lies and deception. He will not give those he does not know the benefit of truth. if possible he will lie to them about everything. he'd rather they try to search through a field of lies than know a single thing about the shinobi king. He does not care if he is believed most of the time either. this leads him to make outlandish statements to strangers or to become very confusing when people speak to him, Not only that, but he takes a serious joy in the confusion and pain of others. Hanzo has been known to openly laugh at confused or mortally injured foes. Occasionally he will do things for no other reason then to sow confusion or pain in those around him. This aspect of the mad ninja has bled over into Kazuya somewhat. Though he doesn't yet realize it's source he soon may discover the old ninja's influence on him.


Boy Lives in Shadow
Father's Shadow Blocks the Path
Walks the Other Way

Hattori Kazuya was born with a great family name and a powerful family. This was what set the stage for his life. his father was a powerful business man through and through. He was the founder and CEO of a massively successful corporation that, more or less, sold everything. it owned a number of smaller corporations and used the resources that the smaller companies had to expand to more and more markets. it was a story that was to be admired. though Kazuya was not exactly the son that Hattori Genju wanted. he wanted a son that he could mold and make into a perfect business man and his successor. While Kazuya had more than enough intelligence to be just that he did not possess the desire to be what his father wanted. He wanted to be great, yes, but in a new way. he wanted to be the greatest martial artist in all of Japan. His father scoffed at this idea. He admired the prowess of martial artists but he knew there was no money from such a life goal. the most you could hope for was to become famous and open a dojo. No son of his would be a small business owner. no, he would be his successor. This was not to be. Instead of conforming, Kazuya only pushed himself farther away. He used his great intellect to succeed at his scholastic endeavors and to learn about the arts, combat, and history. His father was not pleased by this behavior. He wanted to support his son but he could not love someone who had no respect for his family. Little did Genju know that Kazuya did love his family, just not the ones living.

Boy Lost to the Past
Victory at Any Cost
Crush Competition

Kazuya became estranged from his father in his teen years. He obviously had taken another path and his father could not bear to look at him. This led Kazuya to truly turn his attention to what he wanted. the Japanese Junior Martial Art Championship. He trained, day in and day out while he wasn't at school. he turned his body into a weapon and soon enough, he was ready. He began his greatest trial yet with stunning effectiveness. He fought through each bracket he was placed in like it was a fight to the death. His opponents were often caught off guard by his ferocity. He even knocked another competitor unconscious. to him these were all acceptable losses. he cared nothing for these people. they were just targets to be knocked down. he would get the title or he would be a splatter on the floor trying. He made it so. Clearly he was the one who came to win. He cut through the competition like a blade through silk. During his victory ceremony, his father was not there. He wanted to see him. he wanted to show him the trophy. To show him that his hard work had paid off. to show him he was something meaningful. But he wasn't there. That was when Kazuya decided to do something new. He would be what his father wanted. He would be the successor he would have wished for. It was easy to succeed his father. With a few drops of poison the old man's heart problems were turned into a crippling heart attack. With a single move he removed his father and with unrivaled skill took control of the company. Few people stood up to him as he rose to take his father's place. They questioned his youth but none could argue with his results. These results were the products of a cut throat business tactic that Kazuya waged against any completion that dared to face him. In six years he had turned the company into something new and likened to a juggernaut. It was at that moment that he spat on his father's grave, he sold it. His families legacy was gone. He had sold what his father had built and moved on. He moved on to something much more important in the grand scheme of things.

Boy Becomes a Man
A Man Turns His Mind to Dark
Now Revelation

During Kazuya's time as CEO he began to learn things about the metaphysical. He turned his Shinto outlook to the world ritualism. he even managed to find a mentor. An old man who bound an Egyptian god to his soul and told Kazuya he could help him achive that same level of power. Power was the only thing that Kazuya could think about. naturally he agreed. His first demonic target was a powerful one. He called on the power of one of his ancestors, the notorious Hattori Hanzo, the Leader of the Infamous Iga ninja clan. He pulled the demon into his mind and then something amazing happened. they made a deal. It was not the binding of a slave to a master but the dealings of master to a student. The process was painful and stressful or Kazuya, in fact, it nearly killed him. After a week of pain and mental debate the two had been bound and Kazuya's hair had gone white as an old man's. he did not care though. hair was just a small thing, power was forever. With his family sword in hand Kazuya sold his company and left for his greatest journey with his new mentor and his demonic companion. They would be the ones to call down the ultimate power. To show the world that there was always more behind the veil. To discover to roots of ritualism and become the ultimate summoners.

Knowledge Beyond Truth
Burn Away All the Darkness
Nothing Left but Ash


Green Sun

- 3rd Degree Black belt in Karate
- Kendo student. learning from Hanzo
- Genius level intellect.
- Powerful Family connections
- History buff and enthusiast.
- Very athletic
- Rich.
- Easily identifies weaknesses

- Master acrobat
- Master of stealth
- Grand Master of the Iga-ryu Ninjutsu style
- Master swordsman
- Commanding

- Has never held a gun.
- Poor social skills.
- Highly judgmental
- Discriminates against the lower class.
-  Has a powerful desire to harm people, fr no reason.
- Reckless
- Has no computer skills beyond the average person.
- Distrusts all authority figures.
- Has never driven
- Can not lie while on holy ground.
- Can not tolerate the destruction or theft of holy artifacts or places.
- Is hesitant to take any action not perfectly planned.
- Will not do anything without being compensated.
- Immediately falls asleep if on the ocean.

He can read, though not speak or properly understand when spoken, Angelic. He is learning from his mentor though.
Hanzo "thinks" in Black
- Hanzo only speaks Japanese and Demonic. If Hanzo speaks through Kazuya the text is bold.


- Is a very talented musician.
- Plays the sax, harmonica, and piano
- Addicted to nicotine.
- Smokes E-Cigarettes.
- Won The National Japanese Youth Karate Championship when he was 19
- Is nationalistic.
- Strong family ties to the Yakuza
- Has a tattoo for each demon he pulls into himself.
- Carries his family katana nearly everywhere with him.
- Is a Shinto practitioner and knows a great deal about it's lore.
- Carries blessed prayer beads wrapped around his left wrist.




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Hattori Kazuya Empty Re: Hattori Kazuya

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sat Aug 10, 2013 1:40 am

You got enough posts for this, Dread?


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Hattori Kazuya Empty Re: Hattori Kazuya

Post by Mr. Black on Sat Aug 10, 2013 1:57 am

I think so. I've got 31 IC posts.


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Hattori Kazuya Empty Re: Hattori Kazuya

Post by Cael Gladius on Sat Aug 10, 2013 3:01 am



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