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Matthias Hildebrand's Augments Empty Matthias Hildebrand's Augments

Post by Matthias Hildebrand on Fri Aug 09, 2013 2:41 am

– Argentum Exscindo (Silver Demolition)

– Level One

– Alchemical Transmutation

– Thaumatechnological Implant

Matthias Hildebrand's Augments Brain_implant_x220

– In the days of old, before the magnum opus was devised, early alchemists sought to unravel the secret of transmuting common metals into precious gold. By exploiting oceans of resources and information, Matthias has developed the means to emulate this effect through a neural implant which allows him to completely reconfigure the molecular makeup of any metallic substance via Soul Energy. By simply handling any ammunition before he loads a firearm, Matthias is able to impart Soul Energy into the bullet tips. Upon pulling the trigger, the molecular composition of the bullet will instantaneously change from whatever material it is constructed from into an entirely different substance altogether—in this case, Matthias is able to transform any metal into silver fulminate.

This material is best described as a whitish crystalline form of fulminic acid and a primary explosive noted for its near-total lack of scientific practicality due to its extremely high levels of sensitivity to various conditions needed to spark a chemical reaction; even the smallest amount of exposure to friction or sudden compression is enough to cause a pile no bigger than an American dime to detonate with ferocious force. Attempts to aggregate larger quantities have proven fruitless, as silver fulminate is known to self-detonate under the pressure of its own weight as a result. It should be mentioned that in spite of its lack of practical functions, this volatile substance has been utilized in the production of bang snaps, a novelty firework that employs approximately 80 micrograms of the compound in tandem with sand, gravel, or potassium chlorate. When bang snaps are thrown against an inert surface or are subjected to any amount of pressure or heat, the firework detonates, producing a sound similar to what happens when a cap gun is fired.

This Augment draws on that concept by allowing Matthias to use Soul Energy to transmute the head of the cartridge, which weighs between 50–100 grams, into an equal amount of silver fulminate, with the actual conversion process taking place as soon as the bullet leaves the barrel; as a fail-safe, transmutation will not happen until this specific condition is met. The moment a discharged projectile makes contact with a hard surface, or as soon as it is exposed to a source of considerable heat or electricity, the bullet detonates with the destructive force of an abnormally potent fragmentation grenade. Because the bullet’s metamorphosis results in its molecular structure being changed into one that contains silver, rounds become twice as lethal when used against a Demonic presence, especially if said presence is lacking in some kind of armor or defensive properties; well-protected enemies will still feel the explosive sting of Matthias’s gunshots, although they will take less damage than what was normally intended.

At his current ability level, Matthias is only able to apply the effects of his Augment on cartridges that he physically touches; any guns that have already been loaded will not receive its benefits unless he manually removes the clips and handles the cartridges he wants to transmute. As of the moment, employing his Augment is typically reserved for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, as their generous use of speedloaders makes it far easier for Matthias to impart Soul Energy into their respective munitions.


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Matthias Hildebrand's Augments Empty Re: Matthias Hildebrand's Augments

Post by Alice the Chopper on Sat Aug 10, 2013 12:10 pm



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