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Post by Matthias Hildebrand on Fri Aug 09, 2013 2:18 am

– Full Name: Matthias Wolfram Hildebrand
– Pet Name: Matt
– Call Sign: Red Vulture
– Alias: “The Scarlet Trigger”, “The Walking Armory”, “The Crimson Desperado”




Cologne, Germany

September 7th, 1977

Matthias Hildebrand 20i9951
Matthias Hildebrand 117cwaa
Matthias Hildebrand 2501kqr
Matthias Hildebrand 2lvgv0l
Matthias Hildebrand 2zs2ogz



Of all those parading around the Knight-Templar division, Matthias definitely stands out as being one of the tallest in his department, towering over others at six feet and three inches. His vertical superiority over others leaves him sadly lacking in regards to his physical frame; due to a fast metabolism and his naturally ectomorphic body structure, he is a hard-gainer and finds it extremely difficult to acquire any weight or muscle mass. But his biologically encoded inability to retain some semblance of weight is not the sole contributor to his lanky structure; much of his skinniness can be attributed to his very arms and legs. In reality, they are a set of technologically advanced prostheses, created initially to replace what little remained of his real limbs after they were destroyed during a mission gone terribly awry. They are controlled via neurological implants embedded into his brain, and behave like any body part would—with a few added bonuses, of course. What little remains of his organic body is riddled with old battle scars and pockmarks with the occasional row of staples and metal plates, bolted or grafted to his skin as a reminder of the price he paid to get where he is now.

Jutting out from Matthias’ scalp is a set of spiky blond hair that lets off a radiant golden shimmer when exposed to direct sunlight, unaltered or made richer by any kind of coloring product. The Templar’s eyes are a striking shamrock green, full of an odd kind of friendliness and spirited zeal one would never expect in a man who devoted his entire life to serving a militant, control-mongering organization. A single, gold or silver hoop earring dangles against Matthias’ left lobe, and exists as the only form of jewelry on his person. Matthias is also the proud owner of a pair of teashades, the wire rims of which are zigzagged. Originally a Christmas gift from an old friend of his, he had the lenses altered to be made of a photochromic polycarbonate material, which is designed to darken when treated to certain sources of light, namely the rays of the Sun, then return to a transparent state when removed from said light sources; these lenses, in particular, turn a stunning shade of orange. On his face is a single beauty mark, beneath his left eye.

Matthias bears no shame nor grief in owning a cyborg body, though he admits that his metallic limbs can prove to be troublesome to take care of on occasion. On his days off, he dresses like your average Joe and wears whatever he wants to without fear of prejudice or reprimand. On the other hand, going out in public poses a challenge to the Templar, as he must wear articles of clothes that conceal his tech-heavy appendages in order to avoid drawing unwanted attention to himself and the Order. As a style over substance kind of guy, to this end Matthias will often wear apparel with a business sort of flair to it, such as pullovers and turtlenecks with dress slacks and patent leather shoes. On the job, both inside and outside of Inferis, Matthias Hildebrand is never seen entering the drop-off point without donning his trademark battle ensemble, the Cross Coat, more of which can be explained in better detail on his equipment file.

Ignore his years of military training and experience and discount the fact that his body is a fusion of organic matter and technology, and you get little more than a good-natured, neighborly soul who approaches every situation with an enthusiastic outlook and a smile on his face. Raised to be a genuine hard-working man, Matthias’ willingness to take on any job with zeal and give his one-hundred percent every time makes him remarkably dependable, a trait that has earned countless recommendations and remarks from his superiors and commanding officers. By no means is Matthias hungry or greedy for power, however he does recognize the benefit of holding military and political clout within the Order, and sees negligence of one’s duties as a means for a person to metaphorically shoot themselves in the foot in the long run. Have a job you don’t want to do? Dump it all on Matthias; he’ll gladly take a load off your shoulders—just keep in mind that you won’t reap what you chose not to sow.

His workaholic behavior does little to detract from his exuberant and animated personality, which he exercises in full with colorful gusto. He fervently enjoys the company of other people both on and off-duty, and is remarkably easy to strike up a spontaneous conversation with at any point in time. No matter what the topic, Matthias seems to possess the ability to blend in and fully integrate himself within a crowd of people as if it were second nature. In reality, however, it is merely a compulsive fascination of sorts, an instinctual drive to know more about other people for the sole purpose of understanding what makes them who they are. His pathological interest in human idiosyncrasy motivates him to be as broad-minded and as forgiving of others as he can possibly be, no matter how different their beliefs are from his own. The Cold War showed Matthias firsthand what it was like to live in an atmosphere of groundless hatred and prejudice—the last thing on his agenda is to spread this evil cycle through his own footsteps. While not an overly religious person, Matthias firmly believes that God is a loving and compassionate being, and thus strives to live up to that example.

There are quite a few people within the Templar echelons that describe him as being a big kid at heart, and such an insinuation couldn’t be closer to the gospel truth. Matthias has a fantasy prone personality, and becomes greatly entranced by anything capable of stimulating his overactive imagination. He has transformed his creative passion into a hobby of sorts, ranging from collecting action figures and vintage comic books to attending exhibitions and conventions across the globe during his scheduled vacation days. He proudly wears his geeky heart on his sleeve, and serves as a shining example of one who isn’t ashamed of his leisurely pursuits.

Despite all that’s been said about this affably respectable, albeit quirky fellow, Matthias is not all sugar and rainbows.

Underneath it all lies the frigid, ruthless mentality of a professionally trained man-at-arms. Having spent nearly half of his life immersed in an authoritarian environment, Matthias was trained and sculpted into a model example of the perfect soldier; precise, efficient, sharp of mind, and most importantly, compliant. Upon being dropped into the battlefield, it is as if he suddenly becomes a whole different person entirely; his trademark friendliness becomes a little less pronounced yet far more serious in its pitch and tone, carrying with it a commanding, dignified aura he almost never displays off-duty. But his exemplar performance and uncharacteristic coldness on the job is almost entirely overshadowed by just one aspect of the Knight-Templar, a psychological element that ultimately defines him as the fearsome and deadly “Scarlet Trigger”, and one that the Paladins have repeatedly capitalized on since his induction and assimilation into the rank and file of the Order.

Matthias is a rare individual—one of a small minority that make up a paltry two percent of the Earth’s entire population—born with the instinctual disposition to take a life without suffering any moral repercussions associated with the act. The ability to pull the trigger without restraint or remorse. The capacity to exterminate a living soul without a second thought. The killer instinct. When a gun is put into his hands, as if by some form of hypnotic trigger, Matthias becomes a walking juggernaut of a warrior and can power through his opposition without the slightest shred of emotional hesitation. No survivors, and no exceptions. It is this deadly efficiency, this ability to kill on a voluntary level, that attracted the Templars to Matthias and drove them to recruit him into their ranks. Any trained soldier can carry out an order and return safely—but not all of them have the inborn psychological alacrity, the congenital talent, to take a life without a second thought. It is this factor that separates Matthias Hildebrand from the rest of the Templar Order, and it is this very factor that makes him one of their best and most dangerous operatives.

But is this something he’s proud of? Or is he even aware it happens to begin with?

Only time will tell.

War. War never changes.

The aftermath of World War II reminds us of this grim reality. The detonation of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki ushered in an era of worldwide fear and panic as the United States and the Soviet Union scrambled to amass nuclear weapons while their forces engaged one another indirectly via proxy wars. Propaganda festered in the minds of the public, and the threat of espionage being conducted by hidden enemies loomed over the shoulders of both parties. Tensions sank, and then rose, repeating this process in a never-ending roller-coaster of paranoia. But even amidst the political and military turmoil, Johannes and Franziska Hildebrand were capable of and ultimately succeeded in bestowing the miracle of life to Matthias on the 7th of September in the year 1977, raising him in Cologne where he spent most of his life.

Johannes was a military man, having served for his country against the Allied forces before the fall of the Third Reich and the denazification initiative that followed; Matthias’s mother, Franziska, is documented in Templar reports as having a major in chemistry, but is otherwise unremarkable. Johannes suffered from chronic combat fatigue, resulted from the intense trauma he experienced during the various conflicts he participated in, and was eventually discharged from service prior to the war’s end in the hopes that a normal life with his family would help his fragile mind to recover. All seemed well for young Matthias, who lived a relatively normal childhood, but was troubled by the steadily inclining rate of difficulty his father had trying to stave off the horrible memories that lingered within his psyche. When he was old enough to understand the concept of war, he came to realize that his father was living evidence of its terrible consequences, and would eventually come to despise it.

In January of 1986, an eight-year-old Matthias awoke to the sound of his mother’s harrowing screams. Johannes had lost all control and attacked his wife, under the delusional belief that Franziska was an agent working for an underground Allied coalition and that she was attempting to poison him. His assault was unrelenting and merciless, and had nearly killed her as she struggled to defend herself from her own husband. Knowing his mother was in danger, Matthias acted swiftly and retrieved his father’s old service pistol from the war, which Johannes kept as a memento. What seemed like an endless number of trigger pulls later, and his old man crumpled to the floor, riddled with gunshot wounds and marinating in his own blood. Matthias had killed his father in an effort to save his mother. Various Templar reports indicated that Matthias had acted entirely of his own accord that night, and showed virtually no signs of emotional shock nor trauma after taking his father’s life. When interrogated by police officials, he protested that he did it to protect his mother; subsequent interviews revealed no evidence of any underlying intentions for the act. The case was eventually dropped, and he was allowed to return to his life with Franziska.

The lack of his father’s presence was not a subtle change, nor was it one that everyone in the Hildebrand household adjusted to well; Matthias’s mother failed to fully recover from the tragic events that had happened, and gradually fell into depression. Seeing her worsening condition grow even more so, Matthias took it upon himself to become the man of the house, and was forced to steadily set aside his formal education and take up odd jobs in order to ensure that he and his mother had just enough money to make a living. But as he grew older, Franziska’s condition continued to plummet further downward until she had finally reached rock bottom. Her son had unintentionally caused the grief that swelled within her heart, yet she knew she could not hold him responsible for it. Matthias had only acted to save her—but it was that very act that tore away the one man she truly loved with every fiber of her being.

In the autumn of 1993, Franziska had waited until her fifteen-year-old son returned home from work and sat him down. She had told Matthias that she could no longer afford to take care of him in her current condition, in spite of all that he was doing to keep the two of them afloat, and that he was to move in with his widower grandfather, Heinrich Schneider. Though he was heartbroken by his mother’s decision to send him away, young Matthias was wise enough to realize that his constant laboring wasn’t sufficient enough for the both of them to survive, and came to grips with the reality he was faced with. With a final tearful embrace, Matthias was sent off with all of his belongings to live with his Grandpa Schneider, along with a note explaining her situation to him.

That same night, two hours later, Franziska Hildebrand tied a noose and hanged herself from the confines of her bedroom.

That was three years ago. Ever since Matthias was placed into his grandfather’s care, he lost contact with his mother. No matter how many times he wrote to her, none of his letters were ever responded to. Eventually, he just stopped writing altogether, convinced that she no longer wanted anything to do with him. Without a mother and a father to guide and support him, he turned to Grandpa Schneider to provide for him where they could not. And as time passed on, the two of them bonded, and grew close to one another. Matthias took to his grandfather’s big heart and his outstanding sense of humor, and old Heinrich admired his grandson’s idealism and his imaginative mind. It wouldn’t be long before Grandpa Schneider, a man who greatly enjoyed literature, introduced Matthias to a hobby that he had picked up since its very introduction back in the early 1930’s: reading and collecting comic books.

The teenaged Hildebrand was instantly captivated, astonished by the stacks and stacks of issues that his grandfather  owned, all of them kept inside a wooden chest. Contained within were the adventures of a whole slew of superheroes from different publishers; from Marvel to DC, and Dark Horse to Image Comics—if you could name it, there was a solid chance that Heinrich bought it and kept it tucked away in its plastic covering. Who would have ever figured that a guy as old as Grandpa Schneider could be such a huge kid at heart? Every opportunity he got, Matthias would sit down with his grandfather and interact with him, discussing each hero and heroine and holding conversations about their favorite issues for hours on end, talking about the lessons that they had learned and how to best apply them to daily life.

But during the middle of August of 1997, Heinrich Schneider’s health suddenly began to decline, starting out as little more than a few pains in his stomach. As the days passed, his constitution deteriorated even further. Heinrich’s rapid descent into bodily dysfunction reached its peak one afternoon, where he collapsed to the floor without warning, writhing in pain and clutching at his stomach as if he were holding on for dear life. A terrified Matthias drove him to the emergency room, where it was discovered that his grandfather’s appendix was on the verge of bursting. Surgery was the only option he had if he wanted to save his life. Before the operation was to take place, Matthias constantly made visits to Grandpa Schneider, praying endlessly to God that he would make it out of surgery alive. Moments before the scheduled time of procedure, where he would be wheeled off to get put under and cut open, old Heinrich smiled weakly at his beloved grandson, uttering the last six words Matthias would ever hear from him again: “Everything happens for a reason, Matthias”.

Heinrich Schneider never made it through the operation.

Templar records indicate that after a funeral service was held for Heinrich, a nineteen-year-old Matthias was legally entitled to his grandfather’s home and all of his belongings through his last will and testament, which included—but was not limited to—his entire comic book collection, which was something that he had planned on giving him from the start. But material things did nothing to alleviate nor fill the gaping hole in Matthias’s heart; the last person he devoted himself to and openly recognized as family had passed away and left him to fend for himself. With little money to his name, he was running out of both time and options before the government would ultimately repossess his house. It was during a moment of solitude that Matthias had reached an epiphany: he had become dependent on others for happiness and acceptance, and it made him soft and incapable of making decisions for himself. He wanted to be strong and proud of himself. And in wanting such, Matthias felt compelled to give back to the community, more so than any job he did permitted him to. He knew what had to be done.

It was during the beginning of September in 1997, shortly after his twentieth birthday, that Matthias met the prerequisites for enlistment into the Bundeswehr and signed up for the Deutsches Heer reserve forces. Roughly six months into his training, he had expressed an interest in pursuing weapons engineering, and with the proper adjustments to his curriculum he was on the road to making the most of his outstanding ingenuity. By the year 2000, rumors surrounding Matthias spread to the higher brass, claiming that he was a natural sharpshooter during firearms tests. He was called to the range under the pretense that he would be graded on his aptitude in weapons engineering, and was given a number of firearms—all of them were tested by other engineers—to shoot targets with. Not only did Matthias fail to miss a single target, but nearly all of his shots had hit specially marked “kill zones” with lethal precision, or managed to strike dangerously close to those spots. All of the guns were using standard iron sights.

His superior officers would have Matthias engage in several more of these “tests” over the month’s course, and with each one he completed, his performance ratings did nothing but improve exponentially. His marksmanship bordered on uncanny, and his expertise on various firearms and their respective protocols were beyond the capabilities of a typical engineer. On October of 2001, roughly a full month after the terrorist attacks that rattled the United States on September 11th, a twenty-four year old Matthias would finally take up the call to arms as he was sent off to Hanover to join the 1st Panzer Division, where he would then be shipped off to Afghanistan as part of Germany’s contribution to the intervention forces being deployed to confront the Taliban insurgents.

Reports made during an interview with Matthias detail that during a routine patrol in mid April of 2003, his platoon had been attacked by a terrorist cell, and during the confrontation he was rendered unconscious and taken captive alongside his fellow squad mates. For two weeks he endured countless tortures that would have broken the minds of most soldiers, from cuts and stab wounds to water boarding and everything in between, and had almost suffered a total lapse in faith before the last words of his dearly departed Grandpa Schneider echoed within his mind: Everything happens for a reason, Matthias. It was at that moment that a battered and bloodied Matthias accomplished the impossible, drove himself to perform what very few have ever done: he escaped. His fearsome killer instinct fully unleashed, he spent every last portion of his strength and wits fighting back against the people that took him prisoner. Like a German Rambo, Matthias gunned down every Taliban warrior he came across and single-handedly rescued every last member of his squadron before demolishing the hideout they were being held captive in, leaving no survivors in their wake.

This act of outstanding valor and heroism had immediately attracted the attention of Brigadier General Hans-Christoph Ammon, commander of the elite German special operations forces, the Kommando Spezialkräfte—the KSK. After spending nearly a full month in intensive recovery, Matthias was withdrawn from Afghanistan in order to take the German Commando Course at the suggestion of his fellow peers and superior officers, where he was given the best training money could afford over the course of two more months. From survival tactics and guerrilla warfare to single-unit strategies and instruction in Krav Maga, he absorbed everything that was thrown at him until he was ready to be exposed to the notoriously hellish selection process, the second phase of which projected a frighteningly low pass rate of ten percent. But by the end of November, Matthias had surpassed all odds stacked against him and trumped the entire process with exceptional performance, and would only continue to impress officials by completing the prestigious KSK training program within two years, emerging in late 2005 as a full-fledged member of the team.

Matthias would go on to continue his distinguished military service until early 2009, where he was approached by a Templar operative while on leave. This individual had grabbed his attention by exploiting the German’s love of comic books; he had suggested that there was a world beyond Earth, filled with characters of the most unsavory kind, and that the organization he belonged to was on the lookout for people with the right kind of skills needed to deal with them. People like Matthias. Though enticed by the concept, he was nevertheless skeptical of the validity behind the figure’s claims. However, his opinions were quickly stamped out upon mention of his run-in with the terrorists in 2003; the figure had connections who witnessed the event from afar, and saw his display of bravery and ruthlessness in the face of his enemies as a sign that he could accomplish greater things than he would by serving the KSK. He was being given the opportunity to fight for the greater good of all humanity—just like a real superhero.

And just like that, Matthias Hildebrand was sold. By the start of 2010, he had been inducted into the Templar Order as its newest acolyte, and like any newbie, he was given extensive levels of training and education regarding this other world beyond his own, Inferis, and the Demons that roamed this unholy dimension. His first excursion into the bowels of Hell seemed to go off exactly as planned, as he was accompanied by two other, more seasoned Templars, who guided Matthias step-by-step on the standard procedures and routines of an Inferis mission. However, things would quickly take a turn for the worse. The two Templars and Matthias the greenhorn were ambushed by three Burnouts, fire-wielding Demons with a natural propensity towards hostile behavior against everything they meet. Putting his experience in the KSK to good use, the new disciple put up a valiant effort against the walking flame constructs, but came to encounter an enemy far more terrible than all three Demons combined: he had run out of ammunition. Grievously wounded, his Templar chaperones were unable to intervene as all three Burnouts converged on Matthias’s location and self-detonated all at once, seemingly consuming him in a terrible blast of flames.

Then, there was nothing but darkness.

Matthias eventually awoke to the gentle sound of life support machines, various other electronic noises, and his own ragged breathing. Pain coursed through his chest and stomach, but strangely enough, he couldn’t feel it in his arms and legs. He couldn’t feel his arms and legs, at all. What happened to them? As his vision adjusted to the dim lighting, shapes began to form until he saw clusters of wires and tubes all around his body. He moved his head upward, and his heart sank into his stomach: these cords and wires and tubes were all connected to him. His arms and legs were no longer there. The doctors in the room—experienced Templar scientists in reality—had explained that the Burnouts he faced back in Inferis had caused him so much bodily damage that his limbs had to be amputated, and that they were in the process of creating new arms and legs for him. Better ones, limbs that could withstand even the toughest of conditions. They could rebuild Matthias, and they had the technology.

And rebuild him, the Templars did. He spent the first half of 2010 in recovery, undergoing extensive surgical procedures and further embedded with a number of neural implants so that his body could accept these cybernetic prostheses as a natural part of his body. During periods he was forced to endure the process without anesthetics, Matthias questioned himself and re-evaluated his life and all the decisions he made, wondering if joining the Order was worth suffering what he had endured to get to this point. Just when his faith in himself was stretched to its breaking point, the words of his late grandfather echoed in his thoughts once again: Everything happens for a reason, Matthias. After the operation was completed, Matthias spent another three months in physical rehabilitation so that he could adjust to the way his new prostheses moved and felt before returning to active service in late October.

Something inside him had changed that day, but was it for better or worse? Honestly, it depends on who’s telling the story. Upon returning to duty, Matthias took on a far different outlook with the way he treated himself on missions; some say he made a vow to always give an assignment one-hundred and ten percent, while others claim he developed a deep-seated intolerance to personal failure and swore on his own life to ensure he would never make another mistake. Regardless of whether his motivations were made in a positive light or a negative one, he showed nothing but excessive improvement over the next couple of years. His arresting skill with firearms synchronized perfectly with his fearsome killer instinct, and both would be pushed to their limits during an assignment of note, where Matthias was dispatched to Inferis to eliminate a cabal of Demons rumored to have ties with a now-defunct Ritualist cult. Official reports state that he exterminated swarms of well over 108 lesser Demons by himself during the mission, a feat that ultimately earned him immense respect as well as a place in the Order’s offensive Knight-Templar branch, where he remains to this very day.

Since then, he’s been called many things. The Scarlet Trigger. The Walking Armory. Red Vulture. The Crimson Desperado. Knight-Templar Matthias Hildebrand. For thirty-four years, he had been fighting battles: he struggled for his family’s love and acceptance, served in the War in Afghanistan, battled against all odds and was able to join the ranks of the KSK. And now, he's involved in a centuries-old conflict against the very forces of Hell itself. Wherever he goes, he finds himself engaged in some kind of war.

And war never changes.


[ THE GUNSLINGER ] Exhibits almost inhuman skill and precision with any kind of firearm that’s put into his hands, but specializes in the use of small arms such as handguns and submachine guns.
[ NO-HOLDS-BARRED] Near complete mastery of Krav Maga; can fight on even ground against multiple attackers with ease, and takes full advantage of its emphasis on combat pragmatism.
[ SUPER SOLDIER ] Physical and mental conditioning exceeds typical parameters of most Olympian athletes, and is further amplified by his cybernetic prostheses.
[ DISARM AND DISASSEMBLE ] Fully certified gunsmith, and can take apart a firearm just as quickly and easily as he can build one from scratch; given a window of opportunity, he may exercise these skills against an armed foe.
[ BUILDING A SENTRY ] Trained weapons engineer, and often collaborates with Research and Development regarding the latest Templar tech.
[ KILLER INSTINCT ] Intuitive predisposition to kill without suffering the moral repercussions associated with it. Unless given explicit reason to question the necessity of ending a target’s life, he will usually shoot to kill without the need to be ordered to.
[ PROUD TO BE A GEEK ] Owns an outlandishly massive comic book and graphic novel collection, inherited from his grandfather and expanded through his service in the military; continues to be added to, and has encyclopedic knowledge over various superheroes and supervillains as a result.
[ BADASS BIKER ] Impeccable skill with riding and handling a motorcycle.
[ DOUBLE TAP ] Practices the habit of shooting dead targets a second time as a form of insurance. It’s the most professional and efficient way to make sure the dead stay dead.
[ NOT ENOUGH DAKKA ] Has a paranoid fear of running out of ammunition on assignments due to the Burnout incident two years back, and carries obscene amounts of it on him at all times.
[ PYROPHOBIA ] The Burnout fiasco also resulted in a lasting fear of fire in large volumes. The Cross Coat was custom tailored specifically to combat this, and he will not enter Inferis without it.
[ REPAIRS NEEDED ] Must undergo thorough maintenance routines on his robotic limbs every so often, or else his overall performance, both on-duty and off, will sharply drop.
[ DOORMAT SYNDROME ] Workaholic tendencies leads others who are less motivated to dump their responsibilities on him; finds it very hard to say no to an opportunity to make a quick buck.
[ CRACK IS CHEAPER ] Spends ridiculous sums of cash to supplement his personal hobbies; has attended several geek conventions and comic book exhibitions all over the world, and still expands on his massive collection.
[ ONE MAN ARMY ] His stupendous skills on the battlefield and the brutality that ensues makes him far better suited for solo assignments.
[ LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON ] Shows several signs of shell shock every so often, which normally manifests itself as overwhelming anxiety attacks and long periods of brooding and emotional detachment. Matthias fears he will lose his mind exactly the same way his father did.

Matthias does not devote much time to learning other languages, and views the ones he does know as sufficient enough to bypass certain language barriers. He speaks fluent, albeit accented English (seagreen), his native German (eminence), and Norwegian (cardinal). Upon induction into the Templar Order, he was educated in Vulgar Latin (beaver) and was eventually exposed to Infernal (willpowerorange).

– Naturally ambidextrous with a right-handed preference, and excels at wielding two guns at once.
– Matthias’s favorite color is undisputedly red.
– Finds motivation through music, and is known to listen to his iPod during various assignments.
– While on the subject, his favorite genres range from classic rock and metal to electronica.
– One hell of a mean Scrabble player.
– Has taken a fancy to cheesy kung-fu flicks and old westerns.
– Takes a day off every year to visit his grandfather’s gravestone in Cologne.
– Has a mild fetish for anything soft to the touch, specifically fur. Keeps this secret very well-guarded.
– Tries to attend the club scene whenever time allows it.
– Borderline addiction to Hostess fruit pies.
– Hasn’t given any serious thought about his sexuality, but claims to be, quote-unquote, “open to anything”.



Marcus, or Vlad.

Vlad III Drăcula Țepeș, Adelaide Kingsford, Edward Teach

I don’t even keep track anymore.

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