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Wylfred Lanthier [Ritualist, Done] Empty Wylfred Lanthier [Ritualist, Done]

Post by Wylfred Lanthier on Fri Apr 26, 2013 1:25 am


Wylfred Lanthier [Ritualist, Done] Wyl1 Wylfred Lanthier [Ritualist, Done] Wyl2Wylfred Lanthier [Ritualist, Done] Wyl3
”There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the passion of life.”
(Federico Fellini)


Wylfred Naamah Lanthier




Amesbury, Wiltshare, England

31 October 1988

Wylfred Lanthier [Ritualist, Done] Wylfred



A slender man of pale complexion and definetely androgynous appearance that keeps his black raven hair bottom tier long and looks definetely younger than his real age, appearing almost at the beginning of his twenties. The lack of extremely defined muscles on his body manages to give him a little less than healthy look and his brown eyes and visage traits give him some slavic beauty vibes as well. Extravagant, to say the least, in his dressing he likes to keep the appearance of your typical 'cursed metal player' frontman something enhanced by the multiple pieces of silver  gothic jewelry that he wears on his fingers, neck and earlobes. Always dressed in black he, at least, avoids skin thight leather pants in favor of black denims. Belt chains, black shirts, black leather coat and battle boots are still nonetheless present. He usually wears a thin line of black lipstick to get the final touches on his masquerade. In Inferis he uses similar clothes, but weaved in the fabric are mystical circles, mostly to get a more fitting appearance rather than actually need to use them, he also like to tie up his hair in a ponytail while there for a more pratical freedom of movement.

Extravagant if one wants to use nice words to describe him or wicked if more realistic terms are to be used, Wyl is nothing short than the result of pretty unique way he was conceived and raised. Completely alien and disinterested to anything mundane the world for him is just a boring class to attend or a rather dull playground to spend his time in. With money never being a problem, a total disinterest in power and a quite amount of fame easily achieved by his talents, Wylfred lacks any form of attachment to this world beside indulging in his pleasures and while not inherently evil he lacks any form of morals or ability to sympathize toward others. Ironically, though, he works a lot on his speech pattern and does his best to be seen as romantic and poetic, taking a certain pride in looking as someone that doesn't belong to the age and time. Unattracted, if not bored, by anything mundane Wyl's interests lay in music and the occult, being attracted to them with a strenght that can't be compared to anything else. The really, really, worst part about him is that he doesn't care to hide his total disinterest and lack of morals. Never bothering to lie, not even to be polite, Wyl always speaks his mind maybe sometimes sugarcoating words to seduce people but never to hide is reactions to others. With such a personality isn't hard to believe he lacks friends and skills about trusting others and sharing his feelings, not that he really does since he needs just only one friend that's coincidentally the mother who speaks in his mind. His disinterest toward the world makes usually hard to anger him, but in the rare event this should happen his revenge will come cold and refined doing the most damage in the shortest time, ruining someone's reputation forever usually.

Despite that, recent events had started to make Wyl more aware of the world behind himself. First, the appearance of a strange eyepatched guy made him a little more paranoid about the Secret War that Demons and the people knowing about them figths for power. After that, the appearance of a pretty eyepatched girl which innocence managed to take hold on him like a sort of drug of which he doesn't seems to be having enough turned him into what looks a more possessive boyfriend figure that had actually lost interest in the cheapers prizes he never actually considered too much and that looks now very attentive to his significant half's need. The change is still scarying him a little as it had been a semi radical turn of his personality and he also fears Daciana could end up hurt by associating with him. Both things though he doesn't care too much about when it comes to enjoy their passion together. Even more than before though, he tries to keep a low profile for her safety as well now.

Ahuva is a demon of weirdly and motherly behaviours, especially for a Succubus. Since the birth of Wyl she became completely disinterested in the power struggles in Inferis, all taken by the whole new adventure of raising the infant into a fine, seducing, lad. She loves him but it's the love that demons feel, something possessive, contort and generally different than everything a common mortal would expect. To explain it better, she doesn't wish him hurt and she desire his happiness, but what happiness is meant to be is something both of them are still struggling to define. As one would expect her mindset is more than slightly pervered and her morals are, well, the opposite of chastity and self-restrainment. While she's ready to encourage the young Wyl into indulge himself in any pleasure, she needs no encouragement at all to do such a thing, lately experimenting on the field of same gender sex after having witnessed some fantasies hidden into her son's subconscious, something that made her curious and distracted from her plot of having her son seduce and defile any virtous girl that came near him. This though, his your everyday Ahuva that's being left alone and not bothered at all. To the few unlucky that manage to anger her, the succubus is a relentless fury of hell that will never forget any wrong done to her and will try to repay with eternal sufferings.  Compared to her son though she picks targets and punishments appropriately and wont hesitate to give thousands of whips to any fool mortal that managed to enrage her just to heal him and repeat the process.

Twenty-five years ago a man going by the name of Osvald Lanthier performed what he considered to be the experiment of his life, he was a man of rich wealth and steady incomes with no need or interest into struggling to achieve anything mundane. He was a rich british gentleman coming out straight from a past century, out of his times and lost into looking to a past that was present nowadays only in Lovecraft, Christie, Doyle's stories or they like. With nothing to look forward in the mundane he retired into an old mansion in a scarcely populated area and turned to look at the mystic with a fair amount of success. In this day and age even the most strange behaviour would turn you at worse into laughing matter rather than raising suspects and fear from the other, so rather than becoming a feared figure like the ones in his beloved Mythos tales he became sort of a rich village fool, a stingy one accordly to the ones that tried to take advantage of him to access his wallet. His career culminated with an experiment about planting his very human seed in the womb of what was a demon of the succubus subspecies. He spent large amounts of cash to achieve this feat and yet it was only a little part of his fortune, details where unknown it seemed that it involved the use of women used to sell their bodies for cheap money, an orgy and other actions of lust and decadence included the use of his own younger sister. What it mattered it that the ritual was indeed a success and for nine months the scorned demon going by the name of Ahuva was held prisoner in a room hidden behind the man's wine's cellar. Yet the most perfect gear can be stopped by a single grain of sand and the man had miscalculated his ritual properties, eagerly looking forward to the birth of the infant he didn't bothered to make up plans for whatever happened after and so, right after the demon's labor ended another demonic scream pierced the air making the man's eyes and ears bleed and killing him on the spot.
The Child looked completely human in aspect and nature, if he was bound as he first cried or it happened when he was still in the womb isn't sure. What's sure is that he and his mother were tied in an unbreakable way. What happened next is blurred memories in the minds of whoever was involved but in the end everyone seemed to believe that Master Osvald died while going to get a bottle to celebrate the birth of his nephew and sadly the mother did as well due to the fatigues of labor. There was no knowledge about the father, but Lanthier's lawyers made sure to give the young Wylfred guardians and a stable lifestyle, why they did so without trying to take such a fortune for themselves is still a mystery known only to Ahuva who had to return to Inferis.
As one could expect, Wylfred grow in a definitely strange way. His infant's crying was quieted with the whispering voices in his head, the same that sang lullabies with a seductive voice to make him sleep and his first words were for her, unspoken but directly sent with his mind. By the times he was able to understand he already knew that he had no parents in this side of the world but a mother in another one, one that he first visited on dreams before being safe for him to travel there. His grades at school were top note, indeed he cheated listening to the voice in his mind as Ahuva asked to her consociates for the right answers to be done. His heritage gifted him a pleasant figure and talents in the fields of arts and pleasure and true to his mother nature he got many girls in his arms since an early age. Like his father he wasn't bothered by wealth troubles so he decided to pursure knowledge in both words with some little excursion in the world of music. Right now he is the Third Cello for a londinese orchestra ensemble. While they dont call him often he's pretty happy about the extra cash he can get through tours and the free trips often even on the continent.

Recent events had him involved with a girl named Daciana, while he knows very little about him he got so attracted by her innocence and the thought of being able to claim it for himself were enough for him to start dating her and actually having him into asking her, even if through a certain complex way, to be his girlfriend. As for now the two are happily dating and amongst other things he's teaching about playing the piano and bringing her with him visiting medieval fairs where the ritualist like to brag his swords skills partecipating in the melee events. The happy couple is also enjoying experimenting on Romanian cuisine.


Completely independent, though Ahuva teached him to bow his respects to the major Demonic Lords.


  • Twilight Existance - Due to his nature, Wyl can live both in Inferis and on Earth and switch from both realms at will. While he doesn't like to go there unprepared this skill saved him many times while hiding after some cheated husband came home while he was having fun with their wives via the evergreen trick of hiding in the wardrobe and switch realm when there.
  • Musicianship - Wylfred is proficient and pretty successful in playing a discrete number of instruments both classical and modern. Piano, Cello and Guitar are his favored ones, but with enough time to pratice he can pull out a decent performance with almost anything.
  • Elusiveness - Due to his not really sociable nature and the voices in his mind, Wyl has developed a certain attitude to hide il large crowd or sneak away from angered husbands. He also knows how to keep a low profile so that he's always one that pick his prey in nightclubs and not vice-versa. (As in hitting on girls if it has to be clarified)
  • Acrobatics - Once again, he developed nice dexterity and acrobatic skills from these 'angry husbands\boyfriends' situations he tends to gets himself into. He's not an olympic's athlete but he can climb down from a first floor window or balcony pretty skillfully. (Usually half dressed)
  • Poetry - He's GOOD with words, his songs are popular and his speechs are sugarcoated if they need to be. Needless to say Wyl usually doesn't believe half of what he's saying to girls.
  • Advanced Swordsmanship - Let's say the truth, more than half of the girls out there aren't going to give a damn about a dashing young man with pratices the art of the sword. But the few true romantics that are still searching for a knight in shining armor will usually fall, and fall deeply, for a guy that does so and can speak honeycoated words. Wyl praticed and attend to historical swordsplay events and fairs just for such a reason. And he's now getting even more into it to impress Daciana. While he lacks the combat experience for having put his life on the line, his reflex and form at wielding western swords are pretty above the average even compared to dedicate fencer.


  • Seducer - She's a succubus fair and square. She can tell with a glance what would turn on a male or female and whisper the words that will definitely make an hit even if it comes from just modulating the voice into the right tone. In bed she's adept at pleasuring males and females as well a skill she doesn't hold back into helping Wyl with.
  • Storyteller - While she's mostly a demon of action, Ahuva is also good at creating a mood and being just pleasant company. She knows of thousands stories all around the world, many of them being spicy but others being plain romantic or intriguing.
  • Dancer - Ahuva is expert and loves passionately almost every kind of dance. While she kept on par with times her favored ones are all the sensual ones from middle east to caraibic dances but she has recently discovered a guilty pleasure in middle age ones.


  • Sunlight - While Wyl is not a Vampire, he inherited the nocturnal habits of his demonic mother. The light of the Sun doesn't burn him but affects his mood making him sleepy, gloomy and generally weaker than usual. Staying in shadows or at homes works but he never was one for field trips.
  • Lust Driven - While it has not to be specifically sexual Wyl is oriented to ignore common sense and menial tasks if he can pursue pleasures. He use to put himself in great dangers when seducing wives and daughters of people with powers. Needless to say Ahuva encourages such behaviours.
  • Allergic to Faith - He cannot be exorcized but fervent believers have a negative effects on him, usually nausea, vomit and the such. He can't stand to see, even less touch, holy artifacts and keeps his feet too much on consacrated ground as he feels the bound with his mother being threatened in such places. Like a stomachache he wont die by such things but nonetheless isn't going to be pleasant.

Note: Ahuva speaks the very same languages he does, actually she was the one teaching them to him.
Succubus MILF English
Succubus MILF Demonic


  • Despite his dissolute life he enjoys drinking tea and cooking.
  • He's fond as well of kittens.
  • While it comes as expected he likes BDSM, he has turned the place where he was conceived and his mother held captive into a dungeon for such activities.
  • He's good at playing the guitar, but he's better at playing the piano and even more on the Cello.
  • Sometimes he'll joke about 'the Voices on his head', no one takes him seriously on that.
  • He's pretty attached to his mother and there are few things he wouldn't do to please her.
  • He has a tattoo above his heart of a serpent-like dragon eating a star.
  • Lately they fight a lot about Ahuva wanting Wyl to defile a catholic nun. Wyl isn't too happy about this due to the nuns being not really sexy.



Kayurin's my most known username. Sometimes I go by the name of Heylel.

No one.

A long time. 10+ years though I started on italian RPs.

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Wylfred Lanthier [Ritualist, Done] Empty Re: Wylfred Lanthier [Ritualist, Done]

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sun Apr 28, 2013 9:25 pm

Your archive date is May 9th.


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Wylfred Lanthier [Ritualist, Done] Empty Re: Wylfred Lanthier [Ritualist, Done]

Post by Lazarus Carter on Thu May 09, 2013 3:21 am


Right, mainly for clarification for skills. Essentially, Kay, skills themselves are more passive in this app. So, one by one:

1] Evanescent Presence, Song of Madness, and Draining Touch are all closer to activated Amalgam skills than anything else. So if you could delete those and just add another few - these are more... skillsets than anything else. For instance perhaps he's a skilled wordsmith and an excellent lyricist? Maybe his songs can move people, but have no inherent effect? Just try and make them more human than anything else - supernatural abilities go in the Amalgams.

2] Once more, your Demon Skills are more suited to your Inferis Morph than anything else. Seeing as these are skills for Ahuva when she materialises in Inferis proper, perhaps replacing these with maybe some hand-to-hand combat prowess or a naturally seductive voice, maybe just a knowledge of the male mindset if she's a succubus?

3] The Aversion to Faith is perfectly fine as is, but it may be worth noting that this nausea is due to the fact that it endangers his connection with Ahuva, not his human form inherently.

4a] It'd be awesome if you could clarify what languages Ahuva speaks herself, too; English? Or is it exclusively Demonic?

4b] If Ahuva speaks Demonic, it would make sense Wyl does too.

Sorry man. x_x I get the apps are kind of confusing. Chat to me if you need some help. As per usual, everything is stellar, though, Kay - a nice addition to our site Ritualists.


"Wipe the blood from your halo."

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Lazarus Carter
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Wylfred Lanthier [Ritualist, Done] Empty Re: Wylfred Lanthier [Ritualist, Done]

Post by Guest on Fri May 10, 2013 7:27 am


And the ritualists shall now overcome the earth with their raw, unadulterated sex appeal. Nice to have you around, Kay.


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Wylfred Lanthier [Ritualist, Done] Empty Re: Wylfred Lanthier [Ritualist, Done]

Post by Cael Gladius on Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:58 am



Wylfred Lanthier [Ritualist, Done] 7oiz
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Wylfred Lanthier [Ritualist, Done] Empty Re: Wylfred Lanthier [Ritualist, Done]

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