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Post by Hexiva on Fri Jul 26, 2013 12:47 pm

Destine Enormity RgwGg

Destine Enormity is a dystopian superpowers game set in the city of Arcadia, where having superpowers is the norm and those who lack them are oppressed. The city is ruled over by the dictatorial Wisemen, and policed by their paramilitary force, the Elite. From a young age, Arcadian children are indoctrinated at the Wisemen’s SIN Academy if they have powers, and tattooed with a barcode if they don’t.

Once upon a time, Arcadia was a neutral oasis in a troubled world, formed by three heroes to be a safe refuge for the Powered people of the world. But over the years, the city grew corrupted, and its leader, Wiseman Omega, became a cruel dictator. Now Arcadia is a dystopia, ruled over by the dictatorial Council of Wisemen.

The only spot of hope comes in the form of the chaotic rebels calling themselves the Messiah Complex. But the Messiah Complex has their dark side too, and for all their good intentions, they may be nothing more than the lesser of two evils. A year ago they were nearly destroyed by the Elite, and went to ground in the abandoned tunnels underneath the city. But now they’re building back up, and recruiting, ready to take on the Elite.

Arcadia is a sprawling city with a world full of stories to tell. Whether you choose to tell the story of a villain enjoying his reign, a student just struggling to get by, or a Normal in the Messiah Complex fighting for her freedom, life in the city is a dangerous game. Which side will you choose? And more importantly - will you survive?
Destine Enormity is an original forum and AIM-based roleplay with themes of dark comedy and moral ambiguity. We’ve been going strong for over a year now, and are currently looking for all kinds of new characters. We have a very welcoming community, and any of the mods and the players would be happy to help you out over AIM, Skype, or in the C-Box if you have a question or would like to plot.

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