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#119 - Scythetail

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#119 - Scythetail Empty #119 - Scythetail

Post by Lazarus Carter on Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:10 am


Name: Scythetail
Aliases: Shroudscythe, The False Dragon, Hell Vulture

Sphere: Entropic Chasm
Tier: Elite

#119 - Scythetail 10iglxt

Abilities: The Scythetail is a bony and grotesque conglomerate of numerous Earthly animals which it bears the likeness of. A horned quadruped with rough and matted black fur, its front legs are clad with a sort of dark, yet resilient "armour"; but its talons are entirely biological. The indigo spines running along its body signify points of particular strength; the Scythetail's horns are rare, tough, and prized trophies due to the general resilience of the Demon.

With multiple yellow eyes and a distinctively serpentine tongue, along with its quadrupedal and somewhat animalistic torso and abdomen, the Scythetail encompasses the insectoid, reptile, and mammalian corners of the kingdom; but the avian influence comes in with the roughly-feathered yet hardy purple-ridged wings. This is why the Scythetail is so deadly - for with eyes that can shear through the darkness and look far into the distance, it can scan its prey and target them, and then speed towards them through the air, and latch onto them with its claws. Mid-air it will viciously savage its target; and if hungry - which it seldom often is - devour it for an in-flight snack. Otherwise it will simply drop the wounded or dead target down into the depths of the abyssal Chasm below for Demon scavengers and return to a perch.

The Scythetail is not of massive note due to its size or its strength, but the wealth of all features that make it a jack of all trades. It is a nocturnal creature; during the day it slumbers in underground dens that it burrows usually near its perch, and at night it springs up and looks for any of those unlucky or stupid enough to be venturing through the Chasm - alone or not - during the night. For the Scythetail's formidable flying speed means it could easily waylay a party of travelers, picking them off one by one, and leaving them confused, wounded, and separated.

For a more direct assault, the Scythetail can infact hang its tail low and swoop down upon a group of enemies, it can shear through with that fine spike that it has such dexterous control over even the hardiest of armours, natural or synthetic, as if they were butter. And even if its wings are clipped or cut through and the Scythetail falls, its ground speed and agility still make it a formidable close-range opponent. The ultimate predator. The ultimate killer. The ultimate hunter.

Miscellaneous Notes: - Sentient. Speaks only Demon though in a very ominous and hollow voice. Cackles a lot.
- Nocturnal. Sleeps until sundown daily.
- Can see in the dark as if it were day - bright lights blind it, however.
- Digs pitch-black burrows which act as "homes" for anywhere from two weeks to a month.
- Has a designated "perch", usually on the high points of the Chasm.

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