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Keldaos Laagos

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Keldaos Laagos

Post by Keldaos on Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:53 pm


”Enter a quote/lyric here.”


Keldaos Laagos

Keldaos. Just Keldaos.

247 years old


Stygian Tundra (though he generally wanders)





For a demon, Keldaos is rather human looking . He stands ar an average human-y height at around six feet. Under his cloak, he is rather muscular due to excessive training. His eyes are bright emerald orbs bordered by thick red eyeshadow, giving him a rather odd appearance. White hair lays atop his head, falling nice and straight to his shoulders. On the front right side of his face Keldaos has a red hair tie to keep the locks out of his eyes. He speaks with a deep voice with a cut of sarcasm. His step is with dignified air and he moves along with unnecessary speed. He generally sports a long black coat and when it is absent he will stick to a deep purple cloak. His fingers are long and thin and tipped with sharp pointy nails. Often enough blue flames can be spotted flickering at his fingertips, mirroring the fire burning in his eyes.

Green hair isn't very human looking but that's as close as Keldaos is ever going to get. Though, as weird as green hair is it dkesnt really turn that many heads. Humans and their strange hair colors and whatnots. Never knew who was a demon andwho was just emo or something. Aside from his oddly colored hair, Keldaos's mortal form is rather human. His amber eyes are often set in a glare or a bored glaze. One of his heterochromatic eyes are covered in a patch, but if one were to remove it they would find underneath a green eye. He covers it because he has gone blind in it due to a foolish error long ago. As for garb, he generally sports a white tuxedo with a matching hat. Most of the time a cigarette can be spotted between his lips. His step is slow and somewhat leisurely and his voice is a slow drawl.

Personality? Like Keldaos has time for that. Oh and it’s Keldaos. Not Kel, not Kellos, not Keldo, and it damn sure isn’t Kelly. That’s one of Keldaos’s very many pet peeves – being called anything other than his full name. It shows him how lazy others can be, and he hates laziness. Where others may be only mildly irritated by a pet peeve, Keldaos will generally snap and fly into a rage. Calmed only by a drink of a furious fire fight. But no, he doesn’t have anger issues! Only crazy mortals have anger issues! Kel – ”It’s Keldaos dammit!”” – is completely sane and has a very controlled temper. ”Are you mocking me, mortal? I will end thee!” Perfectly sane.

Keldaos, when he’s not angry, is usually offering up a sarcastic comment. He is very critical of others and is quick to point out someone else’s flaws. Of course, his own mistakes are not to be spoken of and if they are brought up Keldaos will deny his faults and propose that it was actually someone else to blame. However, deep down Keldaos accepts his mistakes and would never repeat them.

Sophistication is the key to logical conversation….kind of. Keldaos often converses with large words and sarcasm only because he can. He also does this to induce fear into others, but he doesn’t really care what people think about him. (Just so long as they don’t do something stupid and call him Kel; in that case they’re fried.)

Fire~ Kill it with fire! A wonderful motto, really. To be honest, who doesn’t enjoy blue flames? This is something Keldaos takes pride in and won’t waste a moment to let people know he’s not bluffing. (Plus, it’s just plain fun to watch someone go up in bright flames.) But fire isn’t always used for just doom and death. Keldaos enjoys turning his fingers into candles – saves on the electric bill.

Even though he is often rude, secluded, cold, and angry, Keldaos often finds himself feeling lonely. Poor little lonely man. ”Nonsence! I don’t get lonely you mortal imbecile!” Keldaos would never admit it though. He tends to lurk around others because he does enjoy conversing and listening to others. He just has odd ways of showing his feelings. ”What feelings? I don’t need emotions! Feelings are for petty humans!” To put everything simply, Keldaos’s personality is a web of false hatred to cover up his true side – the one that is actually caring and sensitive.

Purpose. What purpose had Keldaos ever served as a human? If you asked anyone, even Keldaos himself, they would tell you that he had no purpose. No family. No friends. Nothing. His father was never in the picture. The bastard had ran off as soon as he found out Keldaos’s mother was pregnant. His mother raised him right, like any mother should! But something was wrong, something would always be wrong. Hatred, so much hatred. Kel couldn’t help but hate the man he had never met. How could he be happy and cheerful without a father? Well, it was possible. Any other kid may have looked past it and grown up to be happy and normal. Kel wasn’t like “any other kid” he was full of hate. Watching his mother struggle to support three children with a low income. He never was close to his siblings or his mother, but so much later he wished he could have been. The years spent hating someone that was never there could have been spent loving the people that had been there all along. Keldaos had to get away as quickly as he could. At the age of 16 he was out of the house without another word, letting them believe he had died.
It was inevitable that Keldaos would die one day. And who would be around to miss him? His family already thought he was dead and he was never close to any of them. Of all the time spent being so careful to avoid danger, it was total irony that claimed Kel. He had trained hard every day, building up his agility. Years of training with swords. Out of ALL of the things. Really? A bus. A bus, flying out of NOWHERE came flying around a corner and Keldaos had just enough time to say “Oh sh-“ before everything went black.
When he awoke he was surrounded by snow. Hard packed snow. ”Well this isn’t how I imagined hell…” Keldaos sighed and stood. For the first words as a demon, his sentence was highly intelligent. The bitter landscape whipped at him, but he couldn’t feel cold. Something was raging within him, he could feel it. His blood was boiling though his skin was fighting the frigid weather. His hands, they were different. His fingers had grown longer and his nails were sharp and pointed. That was when he noticed his vision. He could see from both eyes. Reaching up tentatively, Kel noticed that the eye patch he had worn for so long as a boy (due to an injury sword fighting) was now absent. And his hair, as he noticed when it whipped about his face in the wind, was white instead of the usual green.
There was nothing. Nothing for miles around. Except, ya know, this GIANT MONSTER. Keldaos, for whatever reason, could not find himself to be afraid. He was already dead, he knew that much, what did he have to fear now? ”Hello, being. Where might I be, prey tell.” Keldaos began, cutting off at the end of his sentence. What language was he speaking? It certainly wasn’t anything he had spoken before. But he still understood the complexity which was the language. Interesting. Keldaos then met the giant demon that came to be known as Moloch. From there Keldaos traveled onward, forever searching for something he wasn’t even sure of himself. What was he looking for? Would he ever find it? Kel sure didn’t know, and I suppose we too will just have to wait.



Speed, is good with swords, fire power~, and immune to the cold, endurance

Gets hot easily (despite the fact that he uses fire), has no idea how to work a gun or how to defend against one, he loves the icecreams :D All of them!, has anger issues, hates when people call him anything other than Keldaos, doesn't care about others, doesn't play well with others

Demonic (gold) Russian (orchid), Latin (deepskyblue), English (lawngreen)


- Loves ice cream :D (of all of the things)
- Has terrible anger issues o-o
- Is skilled with swords and agility
- Sometimes has trouble controlling his fire
- Loves cold areas even though he uses fire
- HATES hot weather



Kaitlyn (Alaina from MDA)

First one here

About a year

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Re: Keldaos Laagos

Post by Keldaos on Fri Apr 26, 2013 2:52 am

Done! :D


Demonic (gold), Russian (orchid), Latin (deepskyblue), English (lawngreen)

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Re: Keldaos Laagos

Post by Jinhong Jangmi on Fri Apr 26, 2013 3:05 am



|:English (crimson)
Korean (palevioletred)
Demon (firebrick)

When speaking at the same time with her twin, they use mediumpurple no matter the language. Depends on the context and what they've been speaking before.

When in Inferis, they use italics with an appropriate color coding for the language when speaking telepathically to each other. :|
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Re: Keldaos Laagos

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