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Post by IE ADMIN on Mon Jul 22, 2013 7:44 am

[blockquote]The Volturi remember.

One hundred years have passed since the confrontation between the Cullens and the Volturi. However the Volturi remember all those that stood against them. Particularly the Romanians. Ever since that day, it has played on Aros mind and he is determined that the Romanians had set it up. Aro believes that it was the Romanians plot to get him and his coven killed for revenge.

Aro is now set on getting his own back. He has devised a plan with his brothers and most trusted guards to show the Romanians that they are not to be messed with. Caius and Jane are to approach the Romanians and ask them to help him overthrow Aro. In return they will receive a handsome reward. However it will all be a trap... Will the Romanians make it out this time alive?

On the other end of the spectrum, La Push hasn’t been doing so well. New packs are beginning to form in their territory and in Forks. The land is getting crowded and tensions are rising. Sam and Jacob have had to team up once again to keep their packs relevant. They feel it is their duty to make peace with the other packs and try and keep the land that they have. However life is not as simple as it was once upon a time. Now that the humans are gone, the wolves are without their imprintees and this hurts them deep inside. They tried to give up shifting and settle down to die along side their mates however new vampires have surfaced to cause havoc in Forks. The packs are needed once again.

The Cold Ones have not been the only species of vampires to walk the Earth. There is a new coven that has entered the town of Forks, Washington, claiming their superiority to the type of vampires the Cullens and other Covens are. They are the children gods and goddesses that have been bitten by normal vampires and are now sent to walk the Earth as they have been banished from their godly homes. They differ from normal vampires as their skin doesn’t sparkle in the broad sunlight. Their only weakness is blood, and that’s exactly why they’ve decided to intrude on the state of Washington to take over the territory and eventually the world. Shortly after their arrival, area teenagers start going missing, and then are found dead with multiple lacerations and bite marks that suggest being mauled by bears of some sort. The Cullens know better, and Carlisle is fully aware of the threat The Red Ones pose. Not only are they extremely powerful, but they walk both day and night, and can manipulate their appearance at will to portray a helpless old woman, a handsome teenager, or a looming authority figure. The only way to tell a Red One from a regular vampire is by locating the underside of the right wrist- a tattoo of a scarlet crescent moon outlined in silver is located there. Even worse than that- The Red Ones have placed themselves as students of Forks High School, putting the students there at even more risk. The Red Ones haven't only been killing humans, but also changing them into their own kind.

There are wars brewing at every turn. Will the Romanians fall for the Volturi's plot and come out alive? Will the shifters ever sort out the packs and live in harmony? Will the red ones gain control of the world and make it their own Elysium?

With all this war and murder taking place, will love be able to shed it’s light on the world, or will it be hidden by darkness? Only you can decide.[/blockquote]
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