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Engelherz, Alice "the Chopper"

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Engelherz, Alice "the Chopper"

Post by Alice the Chopper on Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:54 pm


”Afraid of clowns? You should be.”


Alice Eliza Engelherz

21 years old
418 (Current Body), 7,000,000,000 (Actual Age)



Port Elizabeth, South Africa

September 17th, 1991



Demon Form:

Mortal Form:



Alice was voted for best hair and won prom queen in High School if that says anything at all about her appearance. The twenty one year old has a slender form, only being interuppted for her subtle curves, coming in at an average b cup. Her skin is pale and smooth with nearly no imperfections, no blemishes, no moles, no pimples, just clear white skin. Her eyes used to shine a bright blue, or so they say, ever since she became bonded with the demon they changed into a albino pink color, not too different form the creature using her as a shell. Her long award winning hair compliments these, originally blonde but dyed a light pink frequently. Alice spends a decent amount of time styling this rear length hair, carefully making sure it's out of her face at all times. Her smile seems to light up her entire face in either a delightful or creepy manner, all depending on her mood.

The German's clothing choices are heavily varied depending on the day, but she is often seen wearing her old Catholic school uniform at rituals and while performing her devious deeds in a most ironic fashion. Adding onto this, she also frequently dons necklaces with crosses on them, or other symbols of the nature. While committing crimes, she'll often dress up in costume to further hide her true identity. Alice's favorite guise is that of a clown, due to how simple it is to put on, only consisting of makeup and colorful clothing.

She is almost always armed in one way or another, whenever it be a knife strapped to her ankle or a pair of scissors tucked away in her undergarments. Alice is somewhat paranoid in the fact that somebody might attack her at any given time, but then again, she also wants to be prepared if she feels the need to do any stabbing or slashing.

While she has never actually visited her homeland personally, Alice does retain a slight German twine in her voice that is heavier on some words than others.

Demon Form... Appearing far more humanoid than demonic, Eris' primary demon form appears to be that of a young woman in her early twenties. Upon closer inspection, however, one can see her true nature. The two features that would likely draw one's eye first is her pink colored retinas and her mouth full of razor sharp teeth. The mimic's skin is a sickly pale, being almost albino in color. Her silvery hair would almost blend in with her skin tone if it wasn't for the light blue and purple highlights. The she-demon wears this in either a tangled mess, or more commonly, braided pigtails that vaguely resemble demonic horns. Eris is fairly slender and fit, having the body of a natural acrobat.

Her clothing choices are always what one would call "skimpy". The shape-shifter wears thin green strips of cloth that just so happen to cover her breasts, although barely. The cloth itself is stitched together by what appears to be sharp teeth from a large demon. In addition to her attire, she wears a pair of dark blue colored thigh high boots, which also seem to be crudely stitched together. The boots are complemented by a pair of sleeves of the same color and make.

Eris isn't too fond of armor, seeing that it would do nothing but slow her down, but she does wear a pair of lightweight metal gloves that gives her the option to block bladed weapons and other hazards if needed to. The toes of her boots are also reinforced with a similar lightweight steel, possibly to improve kicks. The armor also helps the shape-shifter's grip.

Mortal form... A form once possessed by a demonic ringmaster, Eris stripped the previous owner of this body and claimed it for herself, using her shapeshifting abilities to make it her permanent mortal form. Far more erratic than her previous mortal looks, her new appearance is a reflection of her twisted and jovial personality. With this new mirror image of insanity, Eris now uses her mortal form far more than she used to, preferring it to her demonic form.

Similar to her original form, she appears as a women in her early twenties while under mortal disguise, except now her hair turns a blonde color and her eyes a piercing blue. However, that's pretty much where the normality stops. She always wears a smile, which is complimented by the smeared clown makeup that paints her face. Wearing her hair in a similar fashion to her demonic form, the shapeshifter can occasionally be seen with red and black dye in her hair, highlighting the tips.

Unlike many demons, Eris is able to change clothing choices in this form with relative ease, but is always seen wearing a combination of red and black, usually split down the middle and patterned in a style only a jester would wear. This is usually done in a "grunge" style at that; utilizing mostly leather clothing and torn apparel. A most chaotic form indeed.

The Innocent Alice's first personality is the most tame, but also the most terrifying in that manner if one knows how she really can be. She pretends to be fairly normal and will even to an extent flaunt her natural beauty to further trick people into this. The German will become oblivious to any and all sexual innuendos when like this, and will often take sarcasm and figures of speech literally. "Don't count your chickens before they hatch?" Well, she doesn't have any chickens. Furthermore, she's also fairly oblivious to obscenities, simply acting as if they weren't said at all. Typical to that of most girls, she also has a fondness of all things cute and fuzzy, often comically obsessing over them.

This is probably her most active personality, at least in public anyways. Some strictly know her by this persona, which could be very bad for their future health...

The Stalker Alice, at least while under the influence of this personality, is patient and relentlessness. She is no longer innocent, and in fact, she rarely speaks at all. It's almost as if she becomes absorbed in a unnerving trance during this state. This is her most useful personality when it comes to cult activities as she's still level headed enough to cooperate with others but also dangerously murderous. While she doesn't simply cut people down for living, she will instead follow the target and find out the perfect time and place to execute them. If you happen to see her on your way home following you, you should probably check for booby traps before entering your door. The German will often use the information she fished for while under her innocent persona to her deadly advantage.

The Chopper If being a creepy stalker and a giddy schoolgirl wasn't enough, her next personality is perhaps the most dangerous of the three. Alice at times completely snaps, entering the Homicidal. While influenced by this personality, the Ritualist becomes far more crazed than she had ever even shown signs of, often breaking out into deranged laughter and broken rants. Her demon enjoys this persona the most and often brings it out in her and further amplifies it. The failed actress gains an unsatisfiable lust for blood and violence and has a hard time not simply killing everyone around her, which can luckily be prevented through her means of manually changing personalities.

During this state, Alice loves to use sharp things to end people's lives, often carving lyrics of poems or songs into their bodies. She is also known for writing detailed descriptions on how she performed the deed in blood if she has enough time to thoroughly enjoy the crime scene.

The Manic Eris' dominant personality and her happiest, though that does not mean she's harmless whatsoever. In fact, her natural state is perhaps her most dangerous as it is the most unpredictable. The demon will act playful and jest about pretty much everything no matter how distasteful it might be. She actually seems to be obsessed with laughter to a point, as she creepily always seems to have the giggles. The clown pretty much batshit crazy in this state, but still knows her limits.

The deceiver is fairly overconfident when it comes to fight situations, as she is after all a demon of pride at the core. this often gets Eris in trouble as more powerful opponents will almost always gain an upper hand on her. This edge usually only lasts for a little while, though, as her psychotic nature often demoralizes her prey. Oh, did I mention that she's totally addicted to violence? Once blood has been shed, it won't stop until every last possible drop has been spilled. This personality frequently takes control of Alice's body and gets along best with her innocent personality.

The Depressive Sometimes Eris' personality will take a 180. Well, in some ways, as she's still just as likely to cut you down. Only now she won't joke about it. She won't even say anything before attempting to relentlessly murder your face. The demon of chaos becomes more obsessed with violence and blood than she ever was previously. This personality is almost more of a bloodlust, but it does have it's differences. It's far more reckless than her others, not giving two shits if she's almost fatally injured, as long as blood is constantly being spilled. Dangerous, murderous, and doesn't think twice before chopping your head right the fuck off.

It's too bad she's no fun at parties, hence why this persona is often suppressed.

The Goddess Though her mind is heavy with mental trauma and broken memories, Eris actually retained a small portion of her personality from when she was worshiped in Ancient Greece. This is by far the most stable and devious mind of the bunch, and without a doubt the "leader" of the voices. She is highly intelligent and able to come up with complicated schemes and plans of action, often acting as the governing voice of reason in the split mind that is Discordia. Her pride in this state swells to titanic proportions, perhaps rivaling that of Lucifer himself. There is nothing that she cannot accomplish, no enemy that cannot be conquered, no mind that cannot be tricked, for she was no mere demon, she was a Goddess. At least in her own deranged mind she was.

Eris is an expert at trickery, often using complicated plans to turn friends against each other for mere amusement. She's obsessed with the ideal of chaos and hates everything to do with order, ironically, the virtue that she once helped govern in the heavens. The fallen angel loves to speak in complex riddles most of the time, contrary to her normal joking behavior. The demon has no overall emotion in this state, frequently fluctuating through all of them in chaotic shifts that are surprisingly well controlled, the only noticable change being a flux in tone.

Entry I:
The child known as Alice Engelherz was the only one of an illusive German couple who enjoyed to extravagantly travel the world, even during pregnancy. The Engelherz's had a fine taste, and thought that their child deserved to be born in a fine location. After a few weeks of heated discussion, they finally came to the conclusion that Port Elizabeth, South Africa would be the location of choice. The city was a tourist's dream, yet not as frequently traveled as places like Hawaii or New Zealand. The two had a few weeks of fun (which unfortunately for the baby included the use of drugs and alcohol) before settling down, the mother still being in her middle to late stages of the cycle. At last, at the end of summer on September 17th, Alice was born, taking her mother's name as her own middle one.

The family had a rough start, the mother still wanting to continue her drug filled and constantly moving lifestyle, and the father wanting to try to settle down and raise Alice. This eventually led to a divorce, with Eliza taking well over half of the tycoon's wealth and possessions. Still being a millionaire, Mr. Engelherz eventually recovered and returned to his heavy business lifestyle, all while trying to raise his daughter on the side. Miss Engelherz, however, was found dead in a hotel room three weeks after the divorce, bankrupt and covered in cocaine. That being said, due to an overload of stress, the father eventually turned to alcoholism to help cope. This add to additional neglect to his daughter, who often walked in on him during one of his drunken episodes.

Eventually he didn't want to deal with her at all anymore, considering himself a failed father. He sent her to St. Mary's Diocesan School for Girls where she was taught the Anglican Catholic religion and was basically babysat twenty four seven. She soon found herself amongst the ranks of the school's "in-crowd", being a main attraction for boys as early as the eighth grade. It was around this time where her mind began to shatter and split apart into different, although harmless, personalities. It benefited her more than anything, as she often gained leading roles in school musicals and plays.

Entry II:
The more Alice was educated on the wonders of God and out savior, the more she became interested in his counterpart, the guy down below. She was compelled to the dark arts as if some sort of voice was telling her what to do. Wait, there was a voice in her head telling her what to do. And that voice wanted blood, it wanted death. The now teenaged girl had never experienced any of these intense situations before, yet she was curious. She wanted to know what it really felt like. Was it as good as the voices were telling her? It was a sin to commit this heinous crime, or so it was taught. She would go to Hell. Wait...was that such a bad thing?

On Valentine's Day, 2006, the developing psychopath finally did what the voices were telling her to. With a common kitchen knife, she butchered a homeless man in cold blood and left the body in streets for the birds and rats. She had never felt such a sensation before. Nothing ever felt more right. This was what she was born to do. She may of initially panicked, sure, but she sat in the blood of the body for at least a half hour before leaving the scene. Essentially bathing in the blood of the man, she really ruined her clothes that day. This was only the beginning of many.

Alice went on with her schooling career as if nothing happened, and even happened to one of the most well-liked people there. She went on to win prom queen two years in a row and receive passing grades all throughout her career. The German was a picture perfect student. Well, at least during the day, anyways. Despite her popularity at school, she rarely participated in extracurricular activities, often "busy" with her malicious hobby. Several people came very close to uncovering her dark secrets, including a young police officer and a schoolmate, both who later became victims.

While she was pretty good at covering it up, the young killer did eventually leave a bloody trail that attracted the Johannesburg branch of the Red Lotus cult. The cult tracked the girl for quite some time before finally abducting her and making her swear alliance to Satan or be killed, not exactly a pretty or spectacular initiation. Alice hastily agreed to these terms and swore a blood oath to the Red Lotus, but she was soon after re-released and allowed to live on as normally as she pleased as long as she continued to stay in contact with the fanatics, who would find and kill her if she didn't.

It was an eventful few years for the teen beauty. She continued on with her ritualistic murders, now doing them in name of the cult. She also continued on with her social life, as if she didn't even know what murder was. Alice was that girl that would wince at the dissections in Biology class, or squirm at the sight of somebody accidentally nipping their finger. Nobody ever expected a thing, and that was her biggest advantage. She did have an unfortunate encounter with a less than holy priest, which led to the removal of his sexual organ and another murder.

Entry III:
Alice graduated out of her private school with little trouble and was soon on with her life. Her appearances within Red Lotus increased now that she had more time, never bothering to get an average job or anything like that. What she did eventually do was go to theatre to theatre, attempting to get her career off of it's feet. The foreign girl turned quite a few heads in the South African show business crowd, but for whatever reason was always overshadowed by somebody just a tad better. She wanted nothing more than to end these people, but their fame would've gotten her caught.

After being refused part after part after part, she went into a series of social withdraws, becoming severely depressed over the whole situation which eventually led to further mental damage. This, of course, eventually led to another string of murders, this one far more violent than the one she committed in her teenaged years. Many of these gruesome killings granted her fame and status amongst the ranks of the cult. This particular string of murders earned her a couple nicknames, such as "The Laughing Chopper", "The Bloody Clown", or simply "The Chopper" for her heavy use of clown disguises and axes while committing the actual killings.

Alice began to study the black arts in detail around this time, previously just in it for the blood and protection, and well, because she had to. She began to hear rumors of Ritualists bonding with demons rather than just letting them possess them, which caught her interest. These demons could provide her with power beyond her wildest imagination, or at lest the books foretold. She was coming close to a breakthrough, but didn't want to perform the ritual until the perfect time came.

Entry IV:
Waiting, researching, and then waiting some more.

This is how Alice spent her next two years. She attempted the rather gruesome ritual, which called for an ample amount of [REDACTED]. After failing to do this complicated procedure not once, and not twice, and not even three times, but nearly a dozen times, the now young woman was starting to lose faith in the black arts, even going as far to question their existence. Yet she continued to try, and try, and try over again, not knowing, and not premitted to go back to anything different. She was stuck with the cult, and the only way to make anything good out of it was to bond with a demon and climb the ranks. Then, and maybe then, she wouldn't be used as a disposable pawn, not to mention what the male populace of the organization did with her.

And yet she found joy in all of this. To occupy the psychopath's interests, she became involved with a local circus, have a natural talent for many of the acts. First starting off as a mere clown, the owner soon found her useful as a sword-swallower and firebreather, and even a voice of the whole shindig, the Ringmaster. It was the one place where she found geniune happiness without having to spill blood or do something of that horrific nature. Entertainment. She was always meant for entertainment.

Performing, killing, researching, one can only imagine how stressful of a life that would be, as it was. This eventually resulted in further mental damage to the German, who at this point had just about zero moral restraints on what she did. There was simply nothing too terrible, nothing too disgusting, and nothing sacred. The members of the cult began to fear her, no longer taking her for granted, as she was now the one taking them for granted. Either through pure psychotics, or perhaps she really was ready. Either way, when she was twenty-two years old, the time had come.

Covered in blood, Alice had successfully bonded with Eris the Chaotic.

Book I:
Seven billion years was a long time ago. Eris was quite a different demon back then in the fact that she wasn't a monster at all. She was originally created as an angel of order, tasked with making sure everyone followed God's guidelines and direction, and organizing worker angels. She was certainly no archangel like Lucifer and his later to be lieutenants, but she still held a important role in heaven's society. Eris, who was actually called "Harmonia" at the time, was one of the Lord's most obedient servants, never even thinking of defying his holy order. It was all she knew. Order.

The angel of light always gave Eris a strange feeling, even in heaven. Something about him radiated differently than the other angels, something outside of her knowledge. She'll never quite know why she did, but when Lucifer gathered a third of the host to enter god's throne room, she followed. Maybe it was curiosity. Was there more to this world than the single concept that the Lord had driven into her so called perfect mind? There had to be. The angel of order did not expect what came next, however, and soon found herself being cast into the pit along with the rest of the rejects.

The fall was long. It took years, probably longer, decades, or perhaps even eons. Time sort of became a distant subject, nobody really knew how long the third host fell. Eris was fairly quiet during this descent, calculating the length of the fall, what they would do when they would get there, how to organize the host once more. How to prepare for a counterattack. How to properly regain entrance into Heaven. It was her job. Order. And it was all so stressful.

It was all so fucking stressful.

At some point during the fall, during all the calculations, the angel's mind snapped and broke into many parts. What was order, anyways? It was something God came up with, or at least enforced. It was strict, it was structure. His law was absolute. Or was it? Is that really how the universe works? Was that how it would work in this "lake of fire"? No, as she would soon find out, it was far more fluid than that. Life didn't go in one direction. Maybe without guides and laws, everything would be more natural. Everything should just be let go. She finally hit the bottom of the pit, and everything was so clear as their new Overlord gave out his speech. There was no law to uphold.

Chaos was born.

Book II:
Not being given the glorious title of archdemon or even receiving but a speck of Lucifer's unholy attention in the early years, Eris was forced to fend for herself using little but tooth and nail. She skilled and ate her way up the food and power chain, which eventually awakened her very first ability. She found that she could take the form of another demon, provided she had dined upon it. This opened up millions of new possibilities and tricks. The chaos demon's mind swelled at this, overjoyed at her new found power. It wasn't the first, either. She soon learned that she was so much more than that, manipulating her bone structure and even being able to vanish in thin air. Eris soon became a well known name amongst the mouths of the lesser demons. She even earned a spot in the Hell Prince's legion, a small spot as a simple soldier, but a spot nevertheless.

Discordia was always a fan of possessions, though her first didn't come until Jezebel of Israel, who she used her convincing abilities to lead many of the Hebrew people to worshiping the archdemons as false gods, particularly Ba'al. A small and nearly unrecognized deed, Eris was disappointed that she didn't earn the fame she thought she deserved. She failed to possess another mortal for a few thousand years because of this, falling into a deep sulking state that awakened a harsh personality. The depressive one.

After this said few thousand years, the demon of chaos once again awakened, now bent on restoring her name to power. In an act of great pride, she possessed a wise man in Greece, in a time period in what we refer to now as the classical, or ancient times. The demon guided and controlled this man's life, building him up in society through his and her immense knowledge combined. This man eventually became a prophet, though his name has been lost in history. The false prophet spoke many stories of a previously unheard of "goddess of chaos", all greatly fabricated but inspiring. People began to believe them. They began to worship the demon. Her power grew simply from this, but her mark on history was far from over. The Greek people wrote stories of her and sung songs of her, though most being negative, it still gave her strength in influence. While many of these stories are tall tales, Eris did actually incite the Trojan War through not the use of Gods, but through a high general, a prostitute, and a basket of golden delicious apples. She had become the personification of Strife.

Unfortunately, all mortal things tend to come to an end, and with the collapse of the Greek civilization (no thanks to Abaddon), her power and influence diminished severely. The demon had to return to her old ways as her name was slowly forgotten, much to her frustration. Her powers weakened as she struggled to survive, not used to the change. It was only a couple thousand years until a unnamed, and more powerful demon, came along and overpowered her. Left to die, fatally injured by a demon with an IQ of maybe like twenty, Eris never felt more disgraced in her entire existence. This couldn't be the end. No, it wouldn't be the end. using every last ounce of her soul energy that she could summon up, the chaos demon bonded to the first thing she could find, which just so happened to be a young child, a child, not even a year old.

A new reign would soon begin.

Book III:
This child was known as Iezabel Ligeia, a poor child indeed, as she never had the choice of becoming a Ritualist, and didn't even know she was one. This transfer greatly weakened Eris, further shattering her personality into a third part, and the newly dominant part: the manic. Her memories began to fade and the very early times began foggy. It was a rather chaotic memory loss as only bits here and there were lost instead of entire time periods. The fallen angel's shattered mind forced her to let the shell take control for most of the time.

Iezabel was seen as a gifted child, but a troubled one, as Eris would frequently try to take control. The demon had a couple close calls with a couple exorcists during this time, but suceeded in staying with the host. She would not be broken that easily. Th emortal eventually went on to become a scholar under Eris' subtle guidence, lending her her vast knowledge of history, having lived it. Some fabricated, however, due to the gaps of memory loss. This lended the what soon became a young woman a nice job offer, which would actually lead to the end of her life.

Iezabel was called to work with a team of researchers on the grounds of a newly uncovered ruin site. While she quietly worked amongst the crew for a solid two weeks, Eris once again took control and proceeded to murder everyone there. It was particularly gruesome, as she cut out the tongues of the archaeologists and researchers and proceeded to eat them. Various sigils of Satanic origin were also found; all written in blood.

It's safe to say that this alone left the confused shell a one way trip to the Ottoman's guillotine. She wa sonly held captive for a few days, which was just enough time for the demon to take complete control over the mortal's body. They had become one, an ultimate form of bonding. The Greek's death would be a new beginning in Inferis. As her fair head rolled off the block, the two souls became one, Eris overpowering the weak mortal and taking her body. it was hardly even a fight, as Iezabel never truly knew what was going on.

But now that hardly matters.

Book IV:
Skip ahead a few hundred years of scraping by at the bottom all over again and a trail of bloody survival.

The last two years have certainly been interesting for the doppelganger, who had recently found herself ranking up through the Hell Princes, earning the spot of Greater Demon and even coming the commander of an entire race of demonic clowns who bent to her every whim. Eris was certainly gaining her power back, but not quick enough, though months were but mere moments to the ancient demon, it was just not fast enough. The mockingbird fought a few powerful beings in the last month alone, the least of which being a pesky Hellsprinter that forced her to rip him limb from limb, quite literally. A nonviolent encounter with a demon going by "Billie Rotten" brougth upon another side of the manical demon, as his anarchic nature seemed to complement her own rather stylishly.

Then there was Reverend Smith, the priest who got away. In a drawn out and intense test of wits and strength, Eris just barely survived her first encounter with a member of the Templar Order. This single fight would be the beginning of something horrible, or perhaps something entirely wonderful, but one thing was for sure: This was far from over. The Knight-Templar might have just signed up for a lifetime's supply of "deadly cat and mouse".

Another close call came when the demon encountered a pesky Demon Hunter. This was no mere hunter, however, as Lazarus Carter was the most powerful mortal she had ever encountered outside of Reverend Smith, bringing her to the realization that perhaps these beings weren't as weak as they were treated by the Infernal Legion. The high octane teenager would've killed the jester if she didn't escape by the skin of her teeth by playing dead. He probably still believes her to be, and little did he know, she managed to get a mere drop of his blood after the battle was concluded...

The month was far from over, which included a meeting with the Dracula and even going as far to team up with him to take down her current body's previous killer. She went on to meet another doppelganger demon going by the alias of Kobal after that. The month was drawing to a close.

Through a little Satanic direction and the ambitions of one Red Lotus leader Reis Arakaki, the demon was sent to Vatican City with intentions to bring it down. This movement benefitted the Hell Princes and Eris as well as the leader, giving the first further influence and the latter a general feed to cause mayham. Oh, and to get back at the aforementioned Knight-Templar. Due to these conflicting interests, the whole event ended rather explosively, and that wasn't a figure of speech. Half of the city was blown to pieces by premeditated C4 charges and a deadman's trigger.

She couldn't hide it any longer, Eris was taking heavy damage from her recent fights and taking a hit from a bonded shell dying on her. Sveerely weakened, the demon found it difficult to perform her apparatus abilities, and desperately found the need to look for a new body, a new host. It just so happened that a young woman in Johannesburg was attempting a sort of ritual, one that the mockingbird violently took over, replacing the demon it was originally intended for. This new host...was quite different from Reis, and suffered from a level of psychosis that could only be matched by Eris herself. She was also, unlike Iezabel, able to retain not only a fragment but her personalty(ities) as a whole.

Perhaps this was a new era of chaos.


Red Love/Hell Princes.

[ INSANITY ] Not only is Alice herself a little off her rocker, the demon possessing her is basically the embodiment of homicidal mania. Her personality is constantly changing either due to emotional triggers or simply by will, making her a dangerously unpredictable opponent. She has no problem cutting people down in any one of her many personas and is relentless, not stopping until the deed is done, even if she has to do something over and over again to accomplish it. This unstable nature is perhaps the Ritualist's single most important skill, as she openly embraces it.

[ ACTING ] Alice was once an actress, although a failed one. Even so, she's still quite capable of easily threading together a lie or hiding her true nature behind a mask of innocence. She's also pretty good at playing dead, which she has used more than once in her line of "work".

[ TRACKING EXPERTISE ] Alice is an expert tracker, or rather, stalker, through experience. She enjoys quietly following her victims for as long as weeks before she makes the strike. She can move fairly silently and creep up on others without them noticing, unless if their overly cautious, and is an expert at fishing information such as phone numbers and addresses out of people.

[ NATURAL (BORN) KILLER ] Alice has been in the game of murder for quite some time, and is pretty skilled at the trade. She can kill silently and creatively, being aware of many of the body's important pressure points and blood vessels. She often doesn't even require any weapons to execute someone, though she prefers to have them.

[ SWORD-SWALLOWING ] A trait that many perceive to be an illusion, but the skill of sword-swallowing is very real and very dangerous. By compressing certain muscles in her esophagus and abdominal tract, Alice is able to 'devour' a sharp blade with no harm to her internal organs. This being a fairly useless, but cool, trick.

[ FIREBREATHING ] A simple skill, but just as with other carnival acts, a dangerous one. By ingesting and then blowing forth a mist of corn starch and alcohol onto an open flame, Alice can essentially create a makeshift flamethrower. These fireballs come in many different shapes and sizes, originally designed for show rather than combat, though the Ritualist often utilizes it in this way. [SEE EQUIPMENT FOR MORE INFO]

[ JUGGLING ]  Quite simply, Alice is able to manipulate objects in her hands in an entertaining manner without dropping them. She can do this with a number of objects, from simple scarves and balls to more extreme objects like knives and axes. She is able to perform this act with up to a whopping seven objects, and is able to do it with limited balance with eight. The Ritualist can also do a number of tricks, like juggling behind her back or with her eyes closes, as the act is near second nature to her.

[ KNIFE/HATCHET THROWING ] Yet another trade learned from the circus, Alice can throw almost any kind of knife or handaxe with relative precision, effectively turning many of her melee weapons into deadly ranged projectiles.

[ ACROBATICS ] Eris is at nature a very flexible and acrobatic demon, and has let Alice borrow these surreal skills. Thanks to her bonding, the Ritualist can now perform amazing feats of acrobatics, giving her an edge over less agile opponents in battle. These skills also allow her to travel places that would've previously been difficult for her to accomplish.

[ VENTRILOQUISM ] Another skill borrowed from Eris, Alice can copy any female voice that she's heard before almost to the dot, which is something she uses to creep out her opponents more than anything, though it does have it's practical uses. She is also able to project her voice, making it sound as if she's somewhere else.

[ BLOOD SCENT ] A common trait amongst demons, Alice has gained the ability to smell freshly spilled blood up to twenty feet away from the source. Combined with her tracking skills, this is especially useful to the killer.

[ RINGMASTER'S INFLUENCE ] Eris commands a troupe of demonic clowns known as the Smiling Men and is able to summon these creatures in their spheres of influence at the expense of some soul energy. They follow her every order, though these orders are usually just "do whatever you want as violently as possible." It should be noted that these demons will not listen to Alice directly, and only Eris.

[ INTELLIGENCE ] Despite her broken mentality, Eris is an ancient and highly intelligent demon. She has manipulated daughters to hate their father and is renowned for her clever tricks and riddles. That being said, the demon has genius IQ of 146. Some say the insane ones are the most brilliant.

[ OVERCONFIDENCE ] Being a demon of pride at heart, Eris often underestimates weaker looking opponents, particularly mortals. This often takes away her chance to get an edge over her enemy, at least initially.

[ OVERLY OBSESSIVE ] When Eris sets her mind to a goal she will not quit until it is accomplished. She becomes obsessed with it, it becomes her life, and she will never let up about it. This often conflicts with more important manners and leads her into grudging rivalries that will likely be the cause of her own demise.

[ MIRROR FLAW ] No matter what form Alice OR Eris is in, their true bodies can always been seen in a mirror's reflection. It should be noted that this flaw is only in mirrors, and not simply any reflective surface.

[ PHYSICAL DISADVANTAGE ] Alice is only able to lift a total of two hundred pounds, even with Eris' influence, which makes her slightly weaker than most other Ritualists and Templars when it comes to raw strength.

[ CHAOTIC NECESSITY ]  When in the presence of things that represent order, and unable to alter them, even things such as symmetry, patterns, sequences, spirals, or even more complex and intangible ideas, Eris becomes unnerved to a degree.

[ BEETLEJUICE! ] Simply state the Chopper's full name three times, and she'll be knocked out of any form that she takes on. All three names must be said three times in succession, otherwise, it will be all for not. Alice Eliza Engelherz, and this is probably the reason why she has recently taken up the alias of "the Chopper", entirely avoiding having to reveal her real name to even allies. Though some know the name, she takes even MORE caution attempting to hide this weakness and never speaks of it. The demon, Eris, has surpassed this weakness by bonding with the Ritualist and essentially giving it to her.

Alice is able to fluently speak English (ruby), German (fuchsia), Zulu (scarlet) and Demonic (violetred). However, she is also capable of speaking limited Afrikaans (magenta).

Eris, however, is a very old demon at heart and is capable of speaking a number of different languages. Some of these include, English (grey), Greek (gold), Demonic (x11purple), French (lavender), Russian (red), and finally she is known to spit out bits of extremely broken Angelic (white) from nowhere when angered.

Alice was born infertile, which means that her eggs never developed correctly and she is incapable of having kids.
She's a fairly avid smoker in all but one of her personalities, the innocent side of her wouldn't dare inhale such a vile substance.
Alice's favorite place to be is probably a crime scene, which more than often gets her in trouble.
Despite all the blood and guts, she's a damn good baker and can make a mean cookie, cake, or pie.
Alice was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, whenever this is actually the case or not, is unknown.
The Ritualist and Demon are both closet avid fans of the somewhat irritating band Insane Clown Posse, take it how you will.
Ever since bonding with Eris, Alice has gained her morbid taste for human flesh and blood. Some members of Red Love believe her to be a vampire because of this.
Eris seems to have a slight obsession or fixation on golden delicious apples.
Since Eris was once worshiped as a goddess, she has no weaknesses to holy objects or symbols, unlike most other demons.
Alice will often wear holy symbols like crosses as jewelry, ironically.
She seems to enjoy the original Grimm fairy tales, often quoting them, and even naming her weapons after characters in the stories.
"Lizzie Borden took an axe, and gave her mother forty whacks. When she had saw what she had done, she gave her father forty one." A famous nursery rhyme made from the even more famous murders it's associated with. Little Lizzie truly didn't commit those violent crimes, as she was possessed by Eris at the time.
Eris also killed Elizabeth Short (aka Black Dahlia) in 1924. Much chaos ensued.
Also, was it mentioned that this was the bitch that blew up the Sistine Chapel?
Here's your fucking It reference.




Kerry Fitzhenry, Marco Oliveira, Abaddon, Asmodeus

8 years.


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Re: Engelherz, Alice "the Chopper"

Post by Alice the Chopper on Fri Jul 26, 2013 1:23 pm

Archive date August 5th.


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Re: Engelherz, Alice "the Chopper"

Post by Alice the Chopper on Sat Jul 27, 2013 10:51 am



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Re: Engelherz, Alice "the Chopper"

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sat Jul 27, 2013 11:49 am


Nicely done. But you're going to have to update this in a few days' time anyway thanks to Level 3 >_>


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Re: Engelherz, Alice "the Chopper"

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