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Necris, Leon

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Necris, Leon

Post by Necris on Tue Jul 09, 2013 5:22 am


”You only live once so just go fucking nuts!”


Sergei Zaharov Leon Vladimirovich Necris.




Moscow, Russia.

November 28th, 1990.


DEMON [Vitaly]:



Well-toned and muscular, being a delinquent was never intended for the unfit. Standing tall at an impressive height of six feet, four inches, and weighs in at approximately two-hundred and sixteen pounds, give or take a few pounds after a good meal. Lightly-tanned, almost like a Caucasian-hue of olive, Leon's Spanish side has kept him from being deathly pale as was the usual case for pure-blood Russians. Having spent numerous years lifting weights and boxing for his college team, his body has burnt off most, if not all, remnants of excess fat that may be stores in its reserves. Physique-wise, Leon boasts an aura of arrogance and pomposity caused by self-love and narcissism.

While capable of growing out his facial hair, Leon tends to stay clean-shaven. His eyes are black as night, and his hair is coal-black, cut short but never really looked after, tending to be messy, but never in such a way that would get in the way of Leon. A man of simplicity in fashion, the Russian sticks to plain tees, pressed tight to his muscles to show off the curves and shapes each trained part of his body have achieved. Blue-jeans with a leather belt (and gold buckle, of course), and brown combat boots adorn his lower body, underneath which he sports boxer-briefs, skin-tight to accent his junk (a personal touch he likes to add, forgoing comfortable boxers for visually-pleasing in-betweens).

A man of accessories (and beating the shit out of anyone who calls him gay for using that word), Leon dons [usually stolen] rings, bracelets, and necklaces, ironically preferring obscenely-large crosses and other religious ankhs and symbols - Leon was never a man of political correctness. Sometimes donning shades, sometimes not, glasses are more of a back-of-the-mind thing that can happen, should the man be feeling douchebaggy enough to wear shades when there's no sun out. A single, tribal tattoo dons his upper back. More may come if Leon decides to try meth one more time.

Oh, and he wears the same shit in Inferis too. He's too lazy to think of something.

College Mentality - A college mentality is a state of thought. When a student has become accustomed to the college life, things change in his head. Cares become less as you realize how easy it comes, and your willingness to go and do anything that piques your interests increases. Eventually, it culminates to a budding alcoholic, occasional substance abuse, frequent fraternizing with many individuals, and a general no-fucks-given mood. Leon can happily admit he's settled in.

Surrounded by only his peers, nothing gets in the way of his fun.

"Man, I love college."
Indulgence Addict - Making the right friends and establishing important connections is the staple for any sort of business that one may run. For Leon, that case would revolve around the purchasing, selling, and general-distribution of sex and drugs. Lots and lots and lots of drugs. When in an environment where the practice of excessive indulgence is not frowned upon by your peers, one tends to test the boundaries of what and what can't be done. When the majority of your spare time is spent doing some form of substance or making foreign love to domestic babes, your personality tends to become more inclined to do more of it.

But really though, once you've had it, you want more. Sex 101, Lesson 1.

Aggressive Brute - Being an intense individual, Leon tries to find ways to vent out pent-up stress, anger, and anxiety through aggressive action. Boxing was one vent for him, having joined the college club team, as the only legal way for him to take his intensity out. Every other way, on the other hand, involves breaking some law and someone's property. Or injuring someone that dare get in the way of the Russian. Being a naturally aggressive person, Leon is more willing to inflict destruction on something or someone if his mind lingers to the idea of such an action.

Sometimes, he even gains a sort of sadistic pleasure from such actions.

Emotional Extremist - When Leon feels a certain emotion, he is never passive about it. Having an extremely extroverted personality, the Russian always tries to be aggressive in his approach, not being afraid to say something that others could think twice to say. Some people are hard to read, but the opposite can be said for this person. He shows off his emotions clearly and doesn't try to hide his looks nor his thoughts at different situations. The range of emotions he may experience is both large and very quick to change, suggesting an acute form of ADHD, but he never bothered going to a doctor to check.

Easily excited, easily angered, easily upset, and easily turned off or on.

? ? ? - Can the savage beast feel any deep emotions?

Perhaps. Not everyone is just a shallow asshole.
Try to get to know the guy and find out.
Sadistic Lover - Vitaly was, and is, a very passionate man and demon. He knows what he loves and what he wants, and strives to immense levels, to Inferis and back (as he actually did with great dedication), to acheive the perfect form of personal pleasure and enlightenment. He hurts those he believes need to be hurt with sick fervor and glee, and helps those that will help him with perseverance bordering that of brainwashed supersoldiers, but on his own free will. He speaks of his personal goals with almost a hint of arousal and hunger. He knows clearly what he wants, and works for it like a real monster.

Social Etiquette - Unlike his wild brother, Vitaly is a master of social situations and conversation. Using the correct words at the correct times, and staying quiet when he knows he must, the demon knows all the nuances and tricks to blend into any situation as if he belonged there. His tone practically pulls in people to listen to him, and his social skills could persuade or dissuade the most hard-willed men or women. He holds himself high and proud, and just his smile alone oozes a sort of confidence that even the most intelligent could feel inferior to the man.

Brotherly Mentor - Russians are traditionally instilled with a love and respect for family. No matter what his goals may be, Vitaly respects, loves, and looks after his brother more than anyone ever has tried in Leon's life. When personal improvement isn't on his mind, the Russian demon will actively attempt anything possible to help push his human brother into the right direction. Occasionally disapproving of the immense self-indulgence Leon practices, he allows for partying, as long as business is done first - an idea he constantly tries to remind Leon of.

? ? ? - But what was Vitaly's reason for actively becoming a demon?

Being born into a military family tends to have some consequences on the upbringing of the children. With the father coordinating ops and his mother working for intelligence, Leon was left to be baby-sat by his hired nanny, and occasionally looked after and mentored by his older brother, Vitaly. From a young age, Leon was spoiled thanks to his parents' great wealth, and when he asked for something, he would usually get it. Homeschooled at a young age, the child was able to learn new concepts with ease, and at some point, was thought to be able to become as prodigal as Vitaly had become himself.

Once Vitaly had left the household to pursue his own personal desires, Leon, having become a teenager, went through his angst stages. Unfortunately, while other kids would have been disciplined by their parents, he had no such thing done to him, so his spoiled origins made the angst fester and grow, and having no one to really take his anger out on at home, he began to try and end his homeschooled seclusion and meet other people out around town, with mixed results.

Having no restraint or practice speaking with others not paid to please him, Leon's peers either became his closest friends, or they had a nice black eye, bloody lip, or bruised jaw. Delinquency was a frequent pastime for the young Leon, and during the age of thirteen to seventeen, Leon has frequently found himself in conflict with both sides of the law. Street fighting, arson, thievery and assault became like bread and butter for the crazy, young Russian. Until news of his brother hit his ears, and he took a step back to reevaluate things.

You see, Vitaly had become infamous. Leon's brother didn't keep much contact with the family, as they had their own business and usually kept themselves too busy to care much for what their kids did, so when Leon had heard news of his brother's fame, it hit him hard. While Leon was off beating up punks or drinking in clubs, his brother had become a completely different person. Vitaly had committed suicide in his London home on the eve of Leon's seventeenth birthday, leaving behind a suicide note explaining many, many things that the man had done. This list of things were given to Leon. Upon investigation, the Russian had his world rocked to its core.

Vitaly had spent the years hunting down and ritualistically murdering victim after victim, moving from city to city, working on an agenda that only the now-deceased man knew of. These deaths, all confessed by Vitaly in his suicide letter, were horrible. Each victim died slow, and each murder had Satanic tendencies. Pentagrams, candles, all that shit that you'd expect a cultist to keep in stock. In the end, Vitaly - the genius, chess-master, apex human being - became a deranged cultist who preyed on the weak, captured them, and gave every single one of his supposed four-hundred and thirty-eight victims the most agonizing death a human could ever imagine.

At the age of eighteen, Leon attended Oxford and left to live in that house.

For some reason, something in the young adult's mind still enamored Vitaly. Leon looked up to him, and after having read the letter, something clicked inside him, and he wanted nothing more than to truly find out why his brother would do such things. He knew him well-enough to know that these murders weren't mindless, or the work of a demented psychopath. Knowing his brother enough to know that he likes to keep his personal things hidden away in personally-build cupboards, upon buying out the house, he immediately began searching for that secret cupboard.

What he found was completely different, unexpected, and life-changing.
In the basement of the room, hidden behind the wallpaper, was a hidden door. Inside, there contained everything held dear to Vitaly. Including the cultist books, items, tools, and paraphernalia. Not to mention the private diaries of Vitaly Necris himself. Page after page, the memoirs contained not only vivid descriptions of every death of every victim of Vitaly, his beliefs, ideas, and why he turned to Satanism. And, to say the least, Leon became a turned man immediately. Thus started the existence of the secret life of Leon: cultism.

During the day, Leon would party hard, pay off smart kids to do his shit while he did blow, smack, loud, or absinthe, and at night, he'd pop pills or trip on blotters and read each book with gross fascination, wanting to feel closer to the man that he loved, looked up to, and at this point, practically worshipped as someone who had found enlightenment in a world shrouded in dark. Three years were spent analyzing, studying, and partying, until on the eve of his twenty-first birthday, Leon decided to do what every journal Vitaly had suggested was possible: other-worldly summoning.

And that he did. Following every direction to the tee, The Russian attempted to pull out the one thing he wanted to see more than anything else: his brother. Tripping on all sorts of psychedelic drugs, Leon was able to properly set everything up, despite seeing shit that people shouldn't see, and went through it all. Flashes, screams, colors, people that weren't there, eventually, he couldn't tell what was real and what wasn't real. But one thing was for certain. He didn't feel alone. Maybe it was the sick amount of drugs, or the... drugs, yeah, but Leon definitely felt something new. He then passed out.

The next morning was a new experience.

On that morning - his 21st birthday - Leon got back in touch with his brother.
Except, that flesh and blood had become something much, much more.

Blackgate, leader.

Street Fighting - Years of street-fighting in illegal fight clubs and backalley brawls with drunken folk has taught Leon how to utilize the dirtiest tactics and his environment to his advantage to beat the shit out of anyone.

Boxing Expertise - Boxing is a fucking gentleman's sport, so it was too obvious for Leon to spend many, many years attending. It has taught him to keep agile, keep his eyes on movements, and lay out some sick right hooks.

Explosive Pyromania - Too much time around fire and matches has created a morbid fascination for big flames and bigger booms. In his spare time, Leon spends his hours making and testing out his boomsticks.

Stubborn Hide - Years of abuse in fights and brawls and mishaps with his basement laboratory chemicals has toughened and numbed his body up to a point where he can ignore pain to an extent, having experienced worse.

Chessmaster Mentality - Vitaly was the Russian national chess state champion for every year he decided to grace the scene with his presence. Tactics, planning, and strategy come to him like riding a tricycle.

Bladed Expert - Black-belted in Kendo and mastered in the use of tekko and kakute weaponry, Vitaly is more than deadly with any sort of slashing weapon once he has one in his hands. Deadly accurate and precise.

Mass-Murderer Instincts - Having spent too much time studying anatomy, and actually practicing his sadistic methods and killer instincts on civilians, Vitaly has a sort of mindset only a true maniac serial killer is capable of.

Substance Abuse - Constant drug, alcohol, and sexual abuse of numerous degrees has given Leon a disgustingly addictive personality. Easily irritated when not under some sort of influence, he tries to constantly be drugged.

Bullheaded Rebel - Stubbornness is a huge downfall of the Russian. Sometimes not listening to well-said advice, Leon will do what he pleases if it is what he thinks is best, even when the majority say no, and were wise to say no.

Inappropriately Obnoxious - While Leon does understand basic etiquette and politeness and knowing what not to say, he readily chooses to ignore these rules of thumb. Disgustingly obscene, he exudes an aura of fucks not given.

Leon is completely fluent in Russian [#FF3333] and English [#4099FF], mostly fluent in German [#B600F9] and Spanish [#FFBD55], while knows a very rough and slang-ridden version of Italian [#33CC33]. While he may not speak it fluently, Leon understands Demonic, and uses his Demon to translate what he says back.

The Demon knows what Leon knows, plus Demonic [#FFFFFF].

- Genius-level IQ, but practically never utilized due to constant self-indulgence.
- Addictive personality; when not under the influence of something, prefers cigs.
- Suspected to be afflicted with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
- Ashamed to be bi-curious, after certain previous homoerotic experiences.
- Great at parties (the usual provider of drugs and alcohol) - fantastic dancer.
- Occasional random breakouts of strength lead to partial workout addiction.
- Master bartender, with knowledge of most mixed drink combinations.
- Obscene fear of immense heights and the deep sea and what it contains.





Nine years.

[b]GANGSTA.[/b] :: [b]NICHOLAS BROWN[/b]


Future Dictator

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Re: Necris, Leon

Post by Lazarus Carter on Wed Jul 10, 2013 2:58 am

Archive date is July 22nd.


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Re: Necris, Leon

Post by Necris on Thu Jul 11, 2013 6:56 pm

Done and ready.


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Re: Necris, Leon

Post by Alice the Chopper on Fri Jul 12, 2013 12:53 am


A great (and bloody) way to get back into RPing.


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Re: Necris, Leon

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