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Source of Strength [V2, JCINK, AU S6 Supernatural]

Post by SOSAdmin on Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:11 am

Source of Strength || Canons || Link Back

Welcome to Fallen, Colorado.

Population: [s]1,834[/s] 1,376

This small town has everything anyone could ever need right within its borders. There’s very little in crime and everybody is helpful to strangers who pass through town. Parents are firm, but kind to their children. Children aspire to be doctors and astronauts and may leave town for college, but always return to raise a family in the sweet little town. And then Lucifer moved in and ruined everything.

With the rings in hand, the Winchesters made it their goal to capture Lucifer and possibly Michael in the process. The two lured the angels in, giving them false hopes they were giving in. The thoughts of loss and battles resulting in defeat hanging over the Winchester’s heads. However, it was all a trap. They recited the old Latin to open up the cage. A bellowing hole ripped open in the earth; the wind tunnel within threatening to draw them in. In an act of self-sacrifice, Joshua, the angel watching over God’s garden, used all of his grace to pull out his brothers from their meat suits and hurl them into the cage together. Joshua faded away, losing all of his power in order to keep the humans safe from his brother’s impending battle.

With the two angels captured, the hole sealed up and just like that, it was over. Sam and Dean were left in the empty field with no angels. No heavy thoughts of becoming meat suits hanging over their heads. It was over. They could go back to their lives, hunting demons and other supernatural creatures. Their lives could return back to what it was like before angels entered their lives. Simple, basic, hunting. Little do the Winchesters know that life isn’t nearly as simple as it was with new and even more dangerous monsters coming to the surface.

Adriana Farrington used to be a gentle young teacher at the local elementary school. Her love was kids, so she didn’t have much time for other things, which was probably the reason she was so easily caught. Of all things, dragons, grabbed the young woman and throwing her into a pit, known as Purgatory. She exited, no longer the sweet, gentle teacher. She still carried the same kindness towards children, but the children she referred to were not humans, innocent and naïve. No, she referred to the monsters in the world, the vampires, werewolves, djinn, shifters, and others that were not completely human. She vows to protect them and how else to protect them, but to wipe out all of those who cause them pain. The Winchesters believed they were in the clear, but they are not even close.



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