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Akrasiel, the Reckoner

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Akrasiel, the Reckoner

Post by Akrasiel on Mon Jul 01, 2013 10:50 am


Born again, but it's too late to atone...



Raguel, Suryan, Raguil, Rasuil, Rufael, the Retributive, the Vengeful, Wrath of God, Fire of God, Blade of God, the Reckoner, the Punisher, the Compensator, the Equaliser, the Avenger, the Absolute, Holy Penance, Karma

Six billion, give or take a few millennia.


Station of Retribution





Flowing white hair that reaches down to the height of glimmering and armoured pauldrons; the angelic appearance of the Archangel Akrasiel is one that takes on that of the holy and blessed knights of olde. He bears a typically humanoid form, but from his neck down is clad with the most perfect of chrome armours, protecting the Angel from all outward assault. His striking and vibrant blue eyes provide a gaze which can lock onto someone with a cold and divine animosity; for there is not compassion or understanding in their eyes. Judgement has already been passed. Within those twinkling orbs hangs only a sense of absolution that even the most dimwitted of onlookers can translate: for when he known as Raguel truly gazes upon the visage of those he is to deliver a holy retribution upon, it's clear to them almost instantly. And yet they are powerless to halt it.

The air with which he walks is one of true absolution and the highest regard: you'll be able to feel it in your bones and see it in his stride, a divine message ringing out like the damning call of a gospel of judgement: the Reckoner has come. The voice with which he speaks is not the silken tongue of Angels many know of; but instead one of simplicity, of drive, of intensity, and of a fiery, though God-willing wrath. He represents the anger, the desire for retribution, the desire to even the fields, that even the deity so many worship sometimes feel. The wings that stem from his back can be at will folded up, but usually consist of bright white feathers, two impressive appendages with a large and formidable span.

Unlike his Angel Form, in Akrasiel's Mortal Form, things are much simpler. His hair is, to shine a stark parallel, a dark brown closing in on black, and his figure is much more slender than that of the Retributive's true visage. He bears no armour here; simply a discreet tan jacket over a white shirt, an a pair of white trousers leading into tall, brown boots. There is one thing which remains constant throughout this chance - usually to ensure a sense of discretion so the Reckoner can announce himself when all eyes are on him and his targets have not fled; and look this so-called "Mortal" in the eyes and you will see it just the same as his Angel visage; though his emotions are similar and the way in which he walks still bears a sense of rigid absolution, his eyes are of exactly the same blue sheen: and are indeed unchanged. They bear no difference from their appearance in Angel Form and are absolutely identical.

The air with which the Mortal Akrasiel walks is similar: very much absolute, and his voice does possess a more disguised quality to it, but is still cold, detached, harsh, and retributive.

The defining character trait is given in the sphere of divine will that Akrasiel encompasses. Retribution.

Whilst other Angels serve to show His mercy, His love, His fairness, His law, His respect, His understanding, His compassion... the one known as Akrasiel exists solely for the purpose of exacting divine recompense upon those who wrong the lord. It is for this reason and this reason alone that he has been chosen to enter Inferis and man a Skyhaven to support the assault against Lucifer in full. Because the area that this Archangel governs is summarised perfectly within his existence. He shows everything required for his task and nothing extra.

Akrasiel is an object and extension of absolution. He is an appendage of sanctioned vengeance. He holds the utmost prejudice in those who have wronged God; and brings down the full brunt of his force without any of that mercy the divine troops are so revered for and without any hesitance whatsoever. But his is not to question or query: his is not to ask or to mind. No; Saraqael acts as the finger of judgement. As the jury also, to make the choices and the calls that others cannot when it truly comes to it. Akrasiel is simply the executioner.

In his existence nary a spiel is heard to spill forth from Akrasiel's lips. He is a being of absolution as established already and affirmed in his existence: for what reason is there to ope his lips other than to question, as he never does and never shall? To question would to be disobedient; and to display disobedience would to be to prompt the Wrath of God he so willingly displays in himself. So you see; the Archangel is paradoxically bound from questioning judgement. And it is for this that the only reason the white-haired, armour-clad, winged servant of God himself opens his mouth is to deliver a vocal representation of his Lord's judgement, or to command his own troops into a retributive strike.

Whilst a divine entity such as God is often displayed foremost as being compassionate, kind, loving, and fair towards his people, he is additionally circular; and human beings were crafted flawed even if in his visage and footsteps. For this reason Akrasiel's existence is not shamed or hidden away: he is proudly presented as a standing deterrence for all those who would wrong the Lord who made them. Whilst he does not intervene as often directly in the lives of humans as he once did, now simply a watchful guardian of what is right, the Reckoner should not be so easily ignored as a relic or an ancient soldier of crusades past, for blood will be shed in the bowels of Inferis before his time there expires.

Akrasiel knows and recognises that he is feared. By humans. By Demons. By his fellow Angels perhaps, as competition or for being such an entity of complete absolution. But this fear does not serve as something ignored; no, infact, the Archangel takes an odd sort of comfort in it. For to know he is feared is to know his role is being fulfilled; and in his role being fulfilled lies only a sense of contentment for the Retributive. No; this fear is not rejected, it is openly welcome into his holy grasp, taken in with a breadth of respect... and used again as a tool to spread the word of the Lord... and of his wrath when provoked.

But there is a metaphorical chain that dwells around the shining armour of Akrasiel: something he is helpless to even try to shake. It is the shackles of his Lord: for the armoured Archangel is forbidden from doing any but the will of his God. Many a time this is very free and open; he leaves the Reckoner to seek holy vengeance at his own discretion - but the crusader is forbidden from being anything but obedient by nature. This is absolute; and by extension, he is additionally helpless to challenge this absolute obedience, or even consider insubordination. It is not that it falls far from the realm of his unshackled personality: the consideration of it to Akrasiel is just so foreign and preposterous that it's deemed... incompatible.

It is through the absolute rejection of any notion of what is considered betrayal that Akrasiel finds one of his most prioritised and notable traits: his drive, his sheer, unshackled intensity. The Reckoner, as his name suggests, in order to exact the divine punishment he so reveres, as is the mantle given to him by his creator, will stop at nothing to do so. There is no obstacle too great; no wall too high; no barrier to thick, that, once set on a target, that Suryan cannot over come. His sheer force of will is paralleled, he considers, by none.

Finally: one of the most stand-up character attributes the Reckoner holds is his apathy. He is completely and utterly detached: for the only side he holds is that of God's. He holds no sympathy or empathy towards humans nor Demons in themselves; both hold a natural existence. He will defend himself and retaliate without prejudice of any real sort - until he is given a target, or a particular directive, the Archangel known as Akrasiel is emotionally nothing: just an empty shell waiting for his Lord's orders.

Akrasiel is an archaic Angel. He was formed many an eon ago; infact, his current age, though he feels as if he has truly lost count, is lost to him when it comes to the exact digits, though somewhere around six billion.

But where is there a better place to start than the beginning? For it is more suitable than the middle or the end; though all indeed are relevant. When things began, Akrasiel's existence was first not as Archangel, but instead as Malakhim. A simple Angel, not forged from the soul of prior existence, for there were no prior existence. Though the heavens had been erected eons ago, the nameless Malakhim was simply a wanderer of Heaven who did the bidding of whom so ever commanded him to.

It was not long before the simple Malakhim uncovered a secret Heaven considered it taboo to discuss: the Great Fall of Lucifer. When he flicked through the celestial libraries studiously, and heard only whispers and mentions of Lucifer, and the nine other Archangels he had forged as his own, the comparative child had, without truly knowing the travesties of his fellow souls, a sense of morbid curiosity. And so his studies took him further and further up the ladder: until he stood there face to face with one of the Seraphim, and blinked at them as they told him.

"Lucifer and his kin betrayed us, young Malakhim." They... betrayed them? But... how was that possible? This was not a word that the Malakhim was familiar with; of course he had seen it in writs and texts every now and then - but he truly not knew where this ideology of betrayal had stemmed from. "Lucifer challenged our Father for his seat in these grand Heavens, and thus they were cast down to the Depths Below." With that, the busy Seraphim left; and the Malakhim stood there, and for years that felt like hours, simply contemplated what had happened. And how this made him feel.

Betrayal. A burning of the flag, a turn away from God, a request for him to so simply smite them down. It was here that the Malakhim began to germinate and gestate thoughts: he began to generate concepts and ideals in his mind. Why did God punish them as he had? Why was he so fair? They had been invited with open, welcome, loving, caring arms into Paradise - and they had spurned away the compassion of their creator, and in his Allsight had simply been exiled. No; this was a travesty that required further punishment, the Malakhim concluded.

And it was then that he felt the voice of the all-seeing Father in his mind. Telling him that though his thoughts were just and noble, though his ideology was approved, this young defender held within him too much misguided wrath. For as loving a God as he was; he could not possibly strike down that which he created with such love and care. The Malakhim was inexperienced; and it was here that He deemed it appropriate to begin to train and raise one of a score of Angels in manners which would make him suited one day to exist only as a finger of His judgment.

Beyond then it was only a matter of time. God spent much time on the Malakhim; invested large amounts of His divine effort for the soul goal of refining these wrathful thoughts - turning them into something that could be used. The sanctioned anger. The holy wrath. The... divine retribution. And so in this a new position was formed. "Archangel of Retribution". For there was one now to judge by the prior established laws of the heavens universally; so why was there not one to exact and execute the judgment of this angelic justicar? Divine retribution; for whilst the Malakhim's ideology with Lucifer had not been correct, the true, sheer, burgeoning, blazing passion he displayed to carry out the will of what was right? God knew then that this was a soul who would march alone to Inferis, and, with all his will and might, slay the Archdemons and carve a bloody swathe through Hell to crush the fallen Light Bringer.

And so in this he gave the Malakhim - no, now the Archangel - a name.


The Vanguard is an Angelic titan of incredible proportions. Towering at almost eight feet tall, they bear a human visage; but everything about them otherwise is distinctly supernatural. Similar to most Angels, they possess wings; however theirs are joined and furrowed down the back by a system of metal joints that culminate in a visible "ring" suspended from the Vanguard's spine. This is a support framework which actually renders the bones of their wings reinforced by blessed metal, meaning that, not only are they exceptionally resilient, the fact that the metal is indeed engraved with holy charms means that the wings themselves are dangerous to typical Demons.

The Vanguard's primary aptitude is frontline combat. They utilise grand greatswords which are heavy enough that they can be used as a hulking blade, wide shield, and powerful hammer-type weapon all at once. The flat of the blade is resilient enough that it can deflect most blows and easily glance off typical gunshots, and the impressive strength with which the Vanguard can haul its heavy blade means that its physical assaults are unmatched by many. The Vanguards wear no armour over their chest, but their skin is naturally strengthened to be as resilient as a thin sheet of metal - whilst still penetrable, it gives them an advantage when closing in on enemies who prefer ranged combat.

Additionally, the Vanguard possesses armoured gauntlets, greaves, and boots, choosing to don a battle-kilt of sorts. This armour is all highly reinforced and can prove lethal should the Angel lose their typical weapon, prompting a slightly more brutal assault. The left-handed gauntlet is actually topped with a protruding blade large and wide enough to shear through most human-sized Demons with a single slash. The Vanguards hold a numbing sensation that most Angels don't possess and can shake off the most debilitating of wounds, and hold, similar to their progenitor, Akrasiel, a formidable drive and intensity when it comes to eliminating the Host's enemies without prejudice.

[ WALKING ARMOURY ] - Strapped to the nines, pretty much.
[ EXTREME PREJUDICE ] - Bears a specific passion towards his task of exacting divine retribution upon whoever he's called to, which gives him in turn a superior drive to most orthodox beings.
[ MARTIAL PROWESS ] - Highly skilled in close-quarters combat with his Longinus and indeed his own fists.
[ EMPOWERED GRASP ] - Incredible physical strength that allows Akrasiel to perform feats such as bending tempered steel with complete ease.
[ EMPYREAN MARKSMANSHIP ] - Surprisingly skilled with a weapon type most Angels consider unorthodox: modern-day style firearms. He can aim, cock, shoot, reload, pull off trickshots, and rain down an ungodly hailstorm from above. Particularly good with long-range strafing runs.
[ COSMIC ARTISAN ] - A master of all things space, Akrasiel's Gears all stem from the cosmos themselves.
[ ASTROLOGER ] - Knowledgeable when it comes to the skies and as such can tell his location with relative ease, as well as having a good internal clock.
[ DIVINE FLIGHT ] - Possesses wings and the angelic flight properties of most typical Angels.
[ DRIVEN IN ABSOLUTION ] - Emotion doesn't factor in: if Akrasiel's given a job, that's an absolute, he's a taskmaster - it just gets done, irrespective of the parameters.
[ UNRELENTING ] - Nothing short of death or unconsciousness will cause him to stop.
[ NECESSARY COLLATERAL ] - Almost dangerously utilitarian with battle tactics, believing that anything is adequate trade-off for a victory in the Angelic Host's long-term goal.
[ CELESTIAL GENERAL ] - Incredible tactician with a penchant for unrelenting direct-assault strikes.
[ WEAPONSMITH ] - Can summon disposable weapons - the Gladia axes - at will, and the others, if broken or lost, can be regenerated within a period of hours, the longest capping out at 24 for Longinus.
[ RETRIBUTIVE REGENERATION ] - Can, at will, like most higher supernatural beings, regenerate over a matter of moments from all but the most debilitating of wounds. Entire limbs will take a few hours if completely obliterated, but can be re-attached.

[ TELLTALE GAZE ] - His eyes are identical in both forms: so a relatively astute observer will be able to tell that the "Mortal" Form of Akrasiel is indeed hiding something...
[ DUTYBOUND ] - Absolutely cannot disobey the orders of his God, who uses his brother Michael as a proxy.
[ DEAD-SET ] - Once set on a target, will stop on nothing to achieve it.
[ HEADSTRONG ] - Often easily mislead due to his passion. A characteristic floor of many "driven" and more intense Angels.
[ LINE OF SIGHT ] - Gears are inaccurate unless Akrasiel can see the sky.
[ OUTDOORSMAN ] - All of his Gears relate to things that Akrasiel calls down from the sky: and thus cannot be used inside structurally sound buildings.
[ STOIC NEUTRALITY ] - Refrains from taking sides in human conflicts which is more often than not a weakness, and does not approve of allying with humanity.
[ WINGS OF A BUTTERFLY ] - Though Akrasiel's wings appear fluid and defensible, they can be shot through with ease.
[ CAUTERISATION ] - Cauterised wounds on Akrasiel's body take far longer to heal, similar to the Hydra. Though sealed, they will still regrow: a decapitation with a heated blade or a heat source applied moments after will kill him.
[ SPEAR OF GOD ] - The Longinus Redux is the source of his Gears: whilst unbreakable, he cannot summon his Gears without it. If lost, he cause it to reform and fashion a new one within 24 hours.

Akrasiel speaks (though not in great amount) his native tongue of Angelic (gainsboro), alongside fluent English (slaterblue), Demonic (darkorchid), and the-ever present Latin (olive).


> One of the most stoic and silent of the Archangels.
> Was the inspiration for Marvel's Ghost Rider.
> Has for over five billion of his six billion years alive served as a divine instrument of God's penance.




Lazarus Carter, Lucifer, Damon T. Ruger, Bastian van Staade, Dante Alencar and the Employer.

7 years.

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Re: Akrasiel, the Reckoner

Post by Alice the Chopper on Thu Jul 25, 2013 9:51 am


And then there was one.


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