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Travincal Weyr - A Diablo/Pern RP

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Travincal Weyr - A Diablo/Pern RP

Post by Jabberwo on Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:08 am

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The peaceful Pern of the past is no more.

The day the sky turned red and Thread did not fall heralded a change upon Pern. Something came through from Between, something tore through the veil of reality, and an evil spread across the lands. Creatures were corrupted, dragons and riders alike heard voices that were not their own inside their heads. Soon the whispers became madness. Weyrleaders and Weyrwomen lead crusades against one another. Dragon fought dragon, and as the shadow fell across the continent, it seemed that there would be no resistance, no guiding light to bring them from the dark.

In the skies above Tranvical Weyr, a pure light burst forth from the darkened clouds, and great beings clothed in silver armor descended. The corruption that touched at the corners of their borders, just beyond their Holds, ceased to go further. These beings called themselves the Archangels, and though the concept was entirely new to the citizens of Pern, they were hailed as saviors.

The few Archangels who had been able to come through Between explained to the citizens at Travincal Weyr that the continent was under siege from monsters known as the Prime Evils, and they would not stop until they had consumed Pern. Travincal Weyr would be the last bastion of the Light, and they would be the warriors to bring Pern back to glory.

But all is not well in the halls of Travincal. The touch of the Prime Evils reaches far, and who knows who will be the next to fall to their whispers?

Is this the age of Pern’s salvation? Or is it simply a prelude to its destruction?

Travincal Weyr is a crossover Pern/Diablo RPG. We accept everyone (familiar with Pern or Diablo or neither), as long as you are willing to play and enjoy themselves.

We offer
Two unique colors of dragon/wher/firelizard
A Weyr not lead by Golds or Bronzes
A 'corruption level' system
Friendly members
Friendly staff
Member and staff run plots
No sexuality or gender based impressions
Two locations to play: The Light of Travincal Weyr, or the Dark of the Tristram Encampment


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