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#108 - Warmonger

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#108 - Warmonger Empty #108 - Warmonger

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sun Jun 02, 2013 1:11 pm


Name: Warmonger
Aliases: Leader, Ruler, Commandant, Omniscient General

Sphere: The Great Undercroft and leading its armies.
Tier: Elite

#108 - Warmonger 4hpqxh

Abilities: The Warmonger is the greatest of the great. The best of the best. The leader of the leaders. In a past life, each Warmonger was a great military general of eons past where whole legions fell and bent to their will, conquerors such as Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great presumably somewhere amidst their number.

Warmongers themselves are generalised but their abilities are insanely versatile. Much like Belial they have a complex degree of ferrokinesis and can morph their weapons at will, but the forms they tend to take are that of a pair of twin longswords almost exclusively. The Warmonger wears a full suit of armour, similar to the Faceless Champion covering their face, and is utterly unmatched when it comes to man-on-man combat.

Tactically they can control entire armies without so much as blinking and apparently force an adversary to play INTO their combat gambits, always looking three moves ahead. It's almost impossible to outsmart a Warmonger; and this is why they're utterly unbeatable when it comes to man-on-man combat. That armour of their appears simple, but their ferrokinesis truly comes into it here when they are struck, and in the nick of the time alter the density of the projected impact spot so that the blow merely glances off.

Lowering the density between strikes to allow for greater attack speed is also a favourite of the Warmonger who utilise their ferrokinesis to the fullest of its potential, but as is it would only have a specific close-combat ability. Beelzebub has given Belial's troops in this instance a boon and a commonground by teaching their forebearers the intricacies of pyrokinesis, which they too use with absolute aplomb, able to conjure fireballs and fling them at will, superheat their blades to cut through normal steel like butter... with the ability to control both metal and flame the Warmongers truly live up to their name and prove to be a worthy combatant in the field.

Not only this but the aura of control and command they exert over an army typically makes them even more powerful. They can seemingly block attacks that they didn't even know were coming by calculating probability - the Omniscient Generals, they are sometimes called. A Warmonger is never put in charge of a battalion of less than one hundred single and individual troops, often never less than a few hundred for their scarcity which is one of their only drawbacks.

Finally, the Warmonger's most frightening ability is what is known as "Anima Vampirism". By killing an individual personally, the Warmonger does not so much assimilate their essence as convert and absorb it. But the Warmonger requires no sustenance, so it serves not to rejuvenate it, but instead to actually give it something of a "rush". The more a Warmonger kills, the faster and stronger it will strike, meaning that when on a rampage, uninterrupted, it will essentially get to a point that it becomes utterly unstoppable by all but the deadliest of forces. Similarly, a Warmonger's energy boost is proportionate to the power of an adversary felled - and sometimes it will strike out at its own remaining troops to buff itself.

The only three ways known to successfully fell a Warmonger are as follows. The first is to simply overwhelm it with so much force from so many angles that it quickly runs dry of last resorts, and that the density of its armour, modified or not, cannot withstand consistent omnipresent assault. This typically requires in excess of four highly-skilled people, or up to thirty less so. The second method is to outsmart it, which, again, one-on-one, hardly ever occurs naturally. The final method of felling a Warmonger is killing it when it doesn't expect it or cannot defend itself.

But good luck assassinating a Demon that does not sleep, does not eat, does not falter, simply sculpting its life into a daily twenty-four hour regime and routine of rigorous training, devoting its very existence to warfare. Some have even called it warfare incarnate.

If a Warmonger is after you, it will not stop. It will not falter. It will not fail. It will find you. And it will destroy you.

Miscellaneous Notes: - The greatest of the greatest.
- Can respond with superhuman speed and reflexes, able to deflect blows which others would not so much as be able to respond to in time.
- Can learn languages very swiftly - and apparently even faster from those it kills, in line with the energy boost anima vampirism.
- Typically default to Demonic.
- Whilst it does not absorb them, it enjoys - sadistically - mirroring and "copying" attack patterns from adversaries as something of either a game or a display that it can add that particular move to its bank of recalled tactics.
- Oh, also, has a flawless and impeccable memory, possibly eidetic.

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"Wipe the blood from your halo."

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